1. Which state statutes apply: the state the insured resides in or the state where the disability policy was purchased?
  2. Do I have to sign the overly broad "AUTHORIZATION TO OBTAIN AND DISCLOSE INFORMATION" form from The Hartford LTD insurance company?
  3. My mother paid many years for a long-term care policy. When she had to be put in an assisted care facility, Prudential won't pay. Do you accept cases like this?
  4. I have submitted my application for long term disability to Mass Mutual and I want to know how long it should take them to make a decision?
  5. Why can Cigna get away with not paying me anything for my disability?
  6. Will Reliance Standard reduce my LTD payments due to my pension benefits or rental income?
  7. If I return to work only part time and decide I can't continue, will Lincoln Financial base my income on when I worked part time or full time?
  8. Do I have to be an active employee to apply for LTD?
  9. How Often Does Hartford Review My Disability Claim?
  10. Does Lincoln Financial apply offsets to all claimants equitably?
  11. Can Cigna refuse to give me a copy of my short term disability policy?
  12. Does payback to Lincoln Financial, once approved for SSDI, include the first year?
  13. Is LF's doctor, who never spoke with me or evaluated me, allowed to clear me for work?
  14. Who are the top companies you would recommend for a surgical specialist?
  15. Is child support arrears considered an income offset for Principal LTD?
  16. What can I do if Unum didn't pay for my injury?
  17. Can Prudential deny me if SSDI approves me?
  18. How do I ensure Standard makes a timely decision with regard to my claim?
  19. Is MetLife entitled to overpayment if they realized 15 years later?
  20. Can Unum threaten for fire me at the end of FMLA's 12 week time period? Can Unum deny my benefits if my company does not offer the work Unum thinks I'm eligible to do?
  21. I have Unum disability insurance and they are asking me to speak with them on the phone before I even submit my application. Do I need to speak with them?
  22. Do I have to sign and return MetLife's authorization to disclose my info in order to continue my claim?
  23. Is my plan governed by ERISA?
  24. Why can my employer hold my disability check after The Standard sends it to them? Can I file a grievance with them?
  25. Can LF discontinue my mental health benefits after 24 months?
  26. Can Aetna deny my application on the basis of pre-exisiting condition? Do they discriminate against the mentally ill?
  27. Do you work on a percentage, hourly, or lump sum basis? How much does hiring an attorney cost?
  28. Why did Principal not back me when Social Security did?
  29. How long does MetLife have to render a decision on my application for benefits?
  30. What is the difference between time period of the claim while approved and the time period of the claim while denied?
  31. Do you help with negotiating lump sum settlements of policies?
  32. I want to have a lawyer represent me with my application for disability benefits but I am wondering if this could be a disadvantage for me in getting approved?
  33. Is it too late to file a claim 8 years later?
  34. Why is Reliance Standard trying to recover payments I was awarded through another company?
  35. How does Prudential calculate attorney fees?
  36. Is the policy that was acquired by Hartford from Aetna still the same policy? Does Hartford have a right to recover over payments made by Aetna? 
  37. Will Principal harass me if I don't accept their buyout? And, is it standard for a buyout to be lower than the full benefit paid over time?
  38. Can I ask for another appeal?
  39. Do I have to provide additional proof of my disability that's specifically requested by Reliance Standard?
  40. Should I contact you before submitting my application for a private disability benefit?
  41. Can Lincoln Financial deny a total disability claim approved by a federal judge? Can I get a lump sum payout instead of fighting with them for the next 9 years?
  42. Is it possible to file for LTF for mental health (burn out) reasons?
  43. How Does Guardian Calcualutate my Long Term Disability Benefit?
  44. How long do I have to file my Guardian disability appeal?
  45. Do I have to tell Lincoln Financial that I was denied for SSDI?
  46. Can I sue my PRUDENTIAL LTD for the cost of hiring a disability attorney to get my benefits reinstated?
  47. I found out about my STD policy 120 days late. Can I do anything?
  48. Does my former employer owe me STD that he refused to pay earlier?
  49. Can MetLife cut my monthly benefits by my benefits received from social security?
  50. Will MetLife set me up on a payment plan if I have already spent my back pay from SSDI? Can they arrest me?
  51. Can I collect Social Security and Work Part-Time?
  52. Can MetLife remove my LTD claim from their web site?
  53. If MetLife denied my statement due to Crohn's Disease and then I get hurt for a completely different reason, can I still be covered?
  54. How large of a fee is your service?
  55. Can SunLife offset dependent social security benefits received on account of my wife's disability?
  56. What do I do if LF denied my claim because depression is "mild, not severe"?
  57. If the insurance company admits to wrongfully stopping payments, do they owe me for those years? What if social security back paid me?
  58. How long will it take for MetLife to approve my LTD claim?
  59. Are there successful arguments to appeal Northwestern Mutual’s offset of claimant’s LTB by the amount of SSD benefits awarded?
  60. Does my former employee owe me for the remaining weeks of my STD?
  61. Can I add a physical disability claim to my mental health one without seeing a doctor (hard to get an appointment with COVID)?
  62. Can Lincoln Financial hold back disability check equal to the amount of the 2020 stimulus check? 
  63. Has Hartford been known to pay off doctors? 
  64. I'm in jeopardy of losing everything because of MOO. Can you help?
  65. Can my Long Term Disability extension be declined because my Social Security Appeal’s Process is pending?
  66. Do I have to pay back my STD and LTD after being approved for Widows SSD?
  67. Do you handle CIGNA cases in Florida?
  68. Do I have legal recourse if Lincoln Financial mispoke to me about the status of my claim?
  69. Can I take action to start getting regular payments from Unum?
  70. Can a chiropractor fill out the APS for The Hartford LTD claim?
  71. Before I present my appeal, can I acquire exams and conduct an IME on my own (to avoid bribery/bias from Hartford)?
  72. Can Met Life legally require notes from therapy sessions?
  73. Do I need to be completely out of work to file for disability?
  74. Can I claim a permanent disability to avoid a surgery that requires several months of down time without promising results?
  75. Is it best to hire an attorney first and then file a complaint with Indiana Insurance License Board or do both? How long does it usually take to resolve a case like this?
  76. Can I get a lawyer to get the back pay Hartford still owes me?
  77. Can I fire Allsup and owe them nothing?
  78. How many IMEs can Hartford make you go through?
  79. Will telling MetLife my income make me ineligable for the premium waiver program?
  80. Why does Northwestern ask the questions they do in the "Request for Continuation of Disability Benefits" form?
  81. How can Cigna get away with not answering my calls?
  82. Do I still need to fill out Guardian claim forms if I am eligible for Presumptive Total Disability?
  83. What does Unum mean by "treatment provider"?
  84. Why is Unum requesting updates to my SSDI file? Will they use it against me? Also, do I have to meet with them in person?
  85. Do you handle closed cases only, or open ones as well?
  86. Can Principal's independent physician determine what I can and cannot do?
  87. Can MetLife determine that I am capable of earning over the % of my pre disability income required to receive LTD benefits?
  88. Can Hartford cut off my benefits after 24 months if I have both a mental condition both a mental and physical condition?
  89. Are there any circumstances in which I can appeal LTD after the number of days Aetna gives you to appeal?
  90. How do I access a copy of my STD policy with Reliance Standard?
  91. Is it possible to be approved for state disability but not by my insurance company?
  92. Would it be better to continue to receive benefits from Lincoln Financial or should I seek a buyout?
  93. Which Own Occupation insurance company has the best history of paying for legitimate disability claims?
  94. Does SunLife have a required time to make a decision? Can they request medical records that have nothing to do with my illness?
  95. Can I file an appeal after Met Life's 24 month limitation of payments if I am still in the discovery phrase of my disability?
  96. Can LFG continue claiming I have a pre-existing condition when my doctor says I don't?
  97. Can Aetna deny my claim due to a "war exclusion" on my policy?
  98. Since I live in an apartment, are the common lounge and meeting spaces considered in-home (for my interview)?
  99. Can I lose my Hartford benefits if I also receive an annuity payment?
  100. What kind of documents I should present to the Disability claim of Licoln financial so I can get paid for the days my company put me out of work?
  101. What do I do if Aetna claims they haven't received my medical info?
  102. Can MOO deny my claim on the basis of preexisting condition when my condition is not preexisting?
  103. How can Aetna say I am not disabled when clearly I am?
  104. My policy ends after age 65, but I'm not retiring until almost 2 years later. Can I challenge this?
  105. What should my next step be after Cigna tells me I am not entitled to my life insurance or waiver of premium?
  106. What is my "regular occupation" if I started my own business after resigning from my old job?
  107. Will Lincoln Financial deny my appeal because they have taken so long to form a decision?
  108. Can Lincoln deny me because of my prior cancer diagnosis?
  109. Does Lincoln Financial offer lump sum settlements?
  110. Is a normal pregnancy and childbrith covered as a Sickness if my elimination period is 90 days?
  111. Can Guardian make me file taxes on a non-taxable insurance?
  112. Can Prudential offset my SSDI payment from my LTD payments
  113. Can I deny an interview with Unum?
  114. Why does Hartford want my bank records?
  115. Is it safe to give MetLife access to my Social Security file?
  116. What happens if a policy doesn't mention something I believe I had and paid for (COLA)?
  117. If I'm not receiving the SSDI benefits for my children from Reliance Standard due to custody, should my SSDI benefits increase?
  118. Can The Hartford inclue my son's dependent benefits in my husbands backpay?
  119. Can SunLife deny me on the basis on a preexisting condition
  120. Am I able to work part time at a different job that is nothing like the one I was at when I was injured?
  121. Can I sue SunLife if I signed a Settlement & Release Agreement?
  122. Is there a limit on the number of times Cigna can send me a IME? Also, what is a fair percentage for a buy out?
  123. Is there any case law in which a state government employee LTD plan decided to drop the 24 month mental health limitation? Has there been any success against a state government and Standard using ADA Title I (employee) and 3 (insurance company) from a discrimination basis?
  124. Will receiving my disability retirement in a lump sum affect my payments?
  125. Does Guardian reduce the qualifying income when an STD becomes a LTD?
  126. What exactly does Northwestern mean by "not gainfully employed in any occupation"? 
  127. Where does PTSD fall in to my Guardian LTD?
  128. How can Standard deny my claim and expect me to work when I am disabled?
  129. What amount is CIGNA obligated to provided after dependent benefits end?
  130. Are you familiar with the difference between Berkshire’s Enhanced and Basic residual contract language and how material the language difference could be at claim time?
  131. What is your fee to cover my Hartford claim?
  132. Can I still get my short term disability benefits if I'm terminated?
  133. Can Hartford force me to return to work if I have been approved by SSDI?
  134. Could I sue MetLife 4 years after my denial?
  135. Can I sue SunLife for pain and suffering?
  136. Can MassMutual deny my claim based on a pre-existing condition?
  137. How can Reliance Standard not coordinate with both of my disability insurance policies?
  138. I'm waiting to hear back about my appeal. Should I hire an attorney?
  139. Can Metlife force me back to work part time if my doctors are saying NO?
  140. Is there a way I can get out of allowing Genex and Unum to contact SS?
  141. Can MetLife request a second IME if I already have one that agreed with my dr's?
  142. Why is NVM reviewing my claim when my condition hasn't changed? Is it strange that they requested an in-person review?
  143. Can Cigna refuse to start my payments again, claiming my case was closed?
  144. Is it reasonable for Unum to settle for 25% to avoid an ERISA case?
  145. Do I have to pay Principal back once I receive back pay from SSA?
  146. Is the 2nd appeal process worth it or a waste of my time?
  147. I filed an appeal and lost. Is it worth pursuing?
  148. Is it likely that I can prove discrimination of coverage for mental health defects?
  149. How do I show Unum a C-section has a standard 8 week (not 6 week) recovery?
  150. Can Guardian deny benefits after "own occupation" period?
  151. Is it true that Hartford cannot use my stepchildren's SSDI payments as an offset?
  152. Should I be worried that SunLife is trying to deny my claim by making it seem like I have a mental disorder? Can they deny my claim if I refuse to undergo this needless psychiatric assessment?
  153. Can MetLife request a printout of every payment from SSDI?
  154. Can Standard pull my Social Security benefits from my checking account without my written knowledge?
  155. Can I make a claim against Unum for not paying me for years?
  156. Would MetLife consider a buy out if my condition is idopathic and I have several years left on the disability I received through work?
  157. What kind of information to be used to support my Fibromyalgia claim when there are no tests/measurements to show how much pain and fatigue I am limited by?
  158. If SSA deems me to no longer be disabled, can Standard conduct a review?
  159. Does moving affect my disability case?
  160. Does MetLife have the right to seek repayment 20 years later?
  161. Can I use whichever SSDI attorney or I have to use GenX?
  162. Can I get a lump sum check from MOO?
  163. How does Lincoln Financial calculate their lump sum payouts? Is this an option I should even think about?
  164. How can I get Reliance Standard to pay me the full amount of my withheld SSDI benefits?
  165. Should the money I used to hire a lawyer be taxable? Am I allowed to contact Social Security directly or does the attorney have to contact them?
  166. Can MetLife use a pension from a previous employer (not the employer the DI policy is received from) as an offset to reduce my benefit?
  167. What is clinical review? And what are my chances of getting continual approval during the own occupation period?
  168. Can Principal take away my deceased husband's 3 month survivor benefit? They justified it saying he was eligible for SSDI when he didn't even apply
  169. Have you had any instances where, for example, Prudential requests another 45 days but you file suit because the only special circumstance is that they waited until closer to the 45 day deadline to start looking over an appeal?
  170. What do I do if my short term ran out and Cigna closed my case?
  171. Can MetLife decline my claim on the basis on a pre-existing condition? If they do, will I be in a mess with my employer?
  172. Who is responsible for providing a copy of my policy?
  173. Should I be able to restrict the release of medical records to under 24 months period?
  174. Are there things that can be done proactively to ensure that LFG's 2 year evaluation does not disqualify an insured? 
  175. Is 67 the maximum benefit period for my disability insurance policy?
  176. Will signing a separation aggreement affect my LTD payments from the carrier?
  177. Should I get an attorney if Hartford hasn't responded to my settlement demand?
  178. How long is the Elimination Period when switching from STD to LTD?
  179. Is 6 month reporting normal?
  180. What can I do to stop Aetna from harassing me and realize that not all disabilities are the same?
  181. Should I write an appeal letter? What should it include?
  182. How can I find out what Principal Life Group's definition of disabled is?
  183. What is the difference between long-term disability and life insurance disability? What can I do to make SunLife expedite my claim? Is it OK if I file for Social Security benefits while I am waiting?
  184. Can I sue for bad faith under ERISA?
  185. Since I've been denied SSD will MetLife cancel my benefits (even though dr says I can only work very limited hours)?
  186. I bought a policy that LFG says I was illegible for. They never told me or my employer this. Do I have a case?
  187. Does Lincoln have a right to repayment if I am approved for social security disability?
  188. Can Aetna deny my claim for STD due to pregnancy because it was preexisting?
  189. Can Prudential reduce DSSDI from my check even if my children are not living with me?
  190. Does Mutual of Omaha offer buyouts?
  191. Does the 180 day countdown (to appeal) start when they tell me I'll receive 24 month of benefits or when they actually cut me off?
  192. Is it legal for Principal to take away my benefits if my doctor says I cannot work?
  193. Can I sue Aetna for the pain and suffering they've caused me?
  194. Does Prudential offer lump sum buyouts? Can I move out of the country and work elsewhere and still receive payments?
  195. Can SunLife refuse to provide me with their review information? Is my claim worth appealing?
  196. Do you still handle UNUM denial after some LTD cases?
  197. My child is over 18 and directly received part of my payment from my SSD benefits, can Reliance Standard claim that as part of the overpayment?
  198. How does SunLife treat workmen comp?
  199. My company's disability plan was outsourced to Lincoln Financial, but shouldn't the FMLA process be the same as before?
  200. If my wife applies for early SSA retirement due to the fact that I am on SSDI, will the Standard offset my payments by her SSA amount?
  201. Should I hire a lawyer for my appeal?
  202. Is it legal for Prudential reps to call me from home with kids and people in the background to discuss my personal info?
  203. Am I being taxed for benefits they are not paying me? 
  204. Would I be entitled to a refund from Unum if I was denied and fired from my job?
  205. Is it bad practice for Unum to deny a claim because my wide was on disability prior to getting the life insurance policy? We've been paying on the policy for a year
  206. Why is Hartford asking me if I have a lawyer?
  207. Is Principal offering me life insurance at no cost to affect my LTD?
  208. Can I resubmit my case if my 6 month clause expired?
  209. How long is a reasonable time to ask for a buy out?
  210. If I get my LTD through Met Life and then get approved on my SSD 5 months later do I still have to pay met life back even thought I could not file for SSD for the 5 months by SS regulations? 
  211. Can Aetna exercise a 45 day extender to render a decision on my appeal?
  212. Can Principal deny me for something that has nothing to do with my preexisting condition?
  213. Is it a good idea to get a lump sum from Unum?
  214. Can Metlife stop paying my LTD? Woud I have any legal recourse?
  215. How long is the ERISA disability policy statue of limitatation?
  216. Can I re-establish my yearly option to upgrade Guardian disability insurance?
  217. Prudential's doctor said I wasn't disabled when several others said I was. Can they reuse this doctor to terminate me months later?
  218. Why did Cigna close my case without telling me?
  219. What should I do if my company can't accomade an option for me to work remotely?
  220. Can LFG refuse to send me a copy of my policy? What do I do if they deny on basis of pre-existing condition?
  221. Can Unum deny me on the basis of a preexisting condition?
  222. Are lottery benefits considered earned income?
  223. Why is Aetna taking so long to review my claim?
  224. Do I have to go back to work while waiting for SunLife's reply to my appeal? Can my employer terminate my employment while I am still waiting?
  225. With 20 years still left on my approval, can MetLife do a lump sum buyout?
  226. Can I work a minimum wage job and still receive my long-term benefits?
  227. Is it legal for MetLife to change the definition of disability?
  228. Is Aetna following me or is it SS?
  229. How likely is it that Guardian will agree to a payment plan for an overpayment of benefits? Will they demand the full amount be paid back immediately?
  230. Can I sue Prudential for ruining my life?
  231. Should I ask SSDI about Cigna's surveillance?
  232. Can Lincoln Financial offset my LTD benefits by not only my SS payments but my ex-wife's as well?
  233. How can Cigna claim I have a preexisting condition when they have all of my medical records?
  234. Does an in-home interview mean I will get denied?
  235. Do I have a case for STD? I was denied twice because a) I hadn't been a fulltime employee for 6 months and b) I had ben on FMLA since February.
  236. How can The Standard's doctors be justified in coming to a different opinion that my qualified doctor?
  237. Does Lincoln negotiate lump sum settlements?
  238. Could I get a buy out from Unum?
  239. Can Hartford tell my doctor I shouldn't be present when he fills out their paperwork?
  240. Can LFG force me to look for work since SSDI has approved me? Can they deny the benefits I have left to age 65?
  241. Can I refuse to sign NWM's authoritization form?
  242. My doctor won't fill out a capacity questionnaire, and Prudential won't accept my PT doing it. What can I do?
  243. Will my benefits be affected if I get married?
  244. How can UNUM’s dr.s make a judgement having never seeing me?
  245. What do I do if Aetna says I'm not enrolled in their disability policies?
  246. Is it legal and is there any way I can get lump sum settlement for my LTD policy?
  247. Can Sun Life discontinue my claim for not using the advocator group?
  248. Will MetLife consider my active duty military persion and my VA disability pension as offsets and deduct them from a pending award for group LTD policy?
  249. Does Guardian not have to pay long term diss if I receives social security diss?
  250. Is it uncommon for a carrier to treat TBI as a mental health condition?
  251. Why do allsups get paid more than an SSDI attorney?
  252. Will Hartford deny my benefits if I was denied for SSD? Also, if Hartford has to pay 2 years unless my husband can work a job similar to his old one, will they try to make him work a less demanding job and pay the difference or will he not work for 2 years?
  253. I can perform my job functions, but I can't get to work due to my disability. Can MetLife force me back to work?
  254. Why has Aetna denied my LTD claim I am objectively disabled?
  255. If I am approved for VA Disability compensation, will that amount be deducted from my short term payment amount?
  256. Why is MOO trying to switch my STD to LTD after only 6 months when my policy lasts for 24?
  257. Is it true that I can't go on STD again for the same reason as last time?
  258. Can I deny SunLife's request to have their doctor examine me?
  259. Can a Prudential doctor change my doctor's restrictions?
  260. Does Obama care apply to pre-existing conditions in disability insurance policies?
  261. Do you have an email for contacting Sunlife?
  262. Are there rights to punitive damages under ERISA?
  263. Can Aetna use supplemental insurance as an offset? Are they entitled to reimbursement should I be approved by social security diability?
  264. Is 1 year too late to add new disagnoses to my case? If it's not too late, would they be given the same amount of time payable as stated in my LTD paperwork?
  265. Who can I call if my Cigna Rep. won't answer?
  266. What does it mean if my Life Insurance has been terminated because they didn't receive sufficient medical information? Does this affect my LTD payments?
  267. It's been a year and Prudential hasn't asked for a review. What can I do to go him approved?
  268. What is the deadline to file an appeal with Cigna?
  269. Should I file an appeal if Guardian denied STD due to a preexisting condition that is not actually preexisting?
  270. If I drop the SSI Disability case, will Unum accept that I have been denied twice or will they make me pursue it? If I decide to cancel my Disability case will I be able to get on Medicare?
  271. Can Reliance Standard reduce my benefits due to income coming from worker's compensation?
  272. Can Reliance Standard offset a settlement against my disability benefits?
  273. Can Unum deduct any SSDI that my children receive?
  274. Will my benefits continue until age 65 if I'm not returning to work? Will this change if I'm granted permanent disability through social security? Will my benefits change if I am granted social security benefits?
  275. Should I hire a lawyer if Unum if demanding overpayment from SSD when we didn't want SSD in the first place?
  276. How long does it take after your court hearing date to hear something?
  277. Can the Standard claim I am only entitled to one independent review?
  278. How can I appeal Cigna's decision if there are no written communications explanation the reasons for claim termination?
  279. Can I reopen my short term that Unum denied?
  280. Why would Principal call about a procedure that has nothing to do with why I am receiving LTD benefits?
  281. Can Unum discontinue my benefits if I refuse to apply for RR benefits?
  282. What can I do if Unum will make me subject to a pre-exisitng confition review if I don't return to work when they want me to?
  283. What can I legally do if Aetna isn't paying me? I'm tired of the run around
  284. Is there a process for appeals not being responded to in the time given? Also, how do I access my records?
  285. Do you handle cases for Aetna employees in Georgia?
  286. Why would Hartford's clinical manager call me?
  287. Can Principal send their doctor to evaluate me?
  288. What can I do if Aetna keeps denying my claim?
  289. Does UNUM need to see an ever worsening series of physician reports to keep approving?
  290. What should I do if I'm not contacted once my 90 day waiting period ends?
  291. Do I have to report alternative sources of passive income to Reliance Standard?
  292. Can UNUM characterize my deceased husband's retirement income as overpayment to cut MY benefits?
  293. Reliance Standard recommended Advocator, do I have to pay their fee out of pocket?
  294. If Hartford denies your coverage, do they share their findings with SSD so they also may take your name off their rolls?
  295. Is it worth is to go to court over $2500?
  296. How long will it take Cigna to get back to me? Will my military retiree pay be held against my policy 60%? Will Cigna exploit the disparity in the medical community over my illness?
  297. Can I still fight UNUM for denying my STD and LTD?
  298. If I was approved for LTD through LFG but haven’t gotten a check yet, can I get a buyout to avoid drama with them?
  299. Will my LTD payments be offset by my ex husband's Railroad Retirement Tier 2 benefits?
  300. Why does my husband's Guardian policy not pay for elimination period while mine does?
  301. Can Principal request 10 years of my medical history and 5 years of tax information?
  302. If I have LTD through UNUM, can I move out of state? 
  303. Who is responsible for providing a copy of my policy? And do I have to give Guardian all of the back pay if approved for SSDI to offset payments already made?
  304. Am I responsible for the repayment of any applicable overpayent on account of SSDI for any period of time that Prudential does pay?
  305. Should I hire my own lawyer or use Guardian's advocator group?
  306. How frequently can MetLife request an IME?
  307. What is the appeal process? How can I get a copy of my policy?
  308. Unum's surveillance was wrong, but I got denied. What can I do?
  309. What is Hartford's typical M.O.?
  310. What should I do if Hartford changes their policy to terminate my LTD?
  311. Unum wants me to give them my SSA money for a month I didn’t receive it. Do I have recourse?
  312. Can MetLife reduce my husband's benefit if I am receiving benefits on my own award of SSDI?
  313. Was Unum right to stop my disability at age 65?
  314. Can Mutual of Omaha review my doctor records again because it's only been 1 year since my policy? Can they ask for my SS number and employer ID?
  315. Can SunLife legally make me pay more than the max representatives can hold?
  316. Why does Guardian frequently send me to a FCE, and why do they retain Genex?
  317. Are there rights to damages outside unpaid benefits? Whose responsibility is it to show proof of disability?
  318. Can I still make a claim STD through MOO if I'm getting paid for my time off of work?
  319. Can MetLife deduct money I withdraw from my IRA for additional income?
  320. What do I do if Aetna says they aren't receiving my medical records?
  321. Can MetLife deny my LTD claim in the final stage of getting approved?
  322. Should I let MetLife handle my SSI or should I sign up myself?
  323. Why is Lincoln Financial saying they are due my entire SS disability payment in order to decide what to pay me?
  324. Do I have to allow Unum access to my SSA file?
  325. Do I have any options to void an agreement I signed? Can Signa offset my SSDI benefits?
  326. How does Reliance Standard classify a stroke?
  327. Are my state based disability benefits subject to offset?
  328. Can I sue Cigna even if they do end up paying me?
  329. Do I have to sign Prudential's release?
  330. If I could draw my regular Social Security and dismiss SunLife, would I still owe them?
  331. Can Cigna deny me for not attending a visit with their doctor?
  332. How long can Mutual of Omaha wait to render a decision?
  333. Is there a time limit for Standard to render a decision?
  334. What should I do when my employer refuses to prove me short term or long term plan documents?
  335. My group LTD policy goes through payroll deduction, but my income does not fluctuate. How should I proceed?
  336. Should I be concerned about Unum denying my coverage after sending them extensive medical records?
  337. Can I move to the USA and still get my Standard Life disability payments?
  338. Can I file a state and/or federal complain against Unum for giving me the run around? If not, what's my best option?
  339. Can I advise Cigna to stop making payments if I intend to return to work?
  340. What should I do if Unum wants to cut my mental health benefits after 2 years?
  341. Is Principal entitled to seek payment of the portion of SSDI paid to my attorney? Will they stop paying me when I get my first Social Security check?
  342. How do I know what Cigna considers an earnings qualifier for an “any occupation” occupation?
  343. Can Cigna force me to use Advantage 2000?
  344. Do you have anyone you recommend in the UK?
  345. Can NWM rescind my policy because I forgot to disclose an illness I had 20 years ago? Do I have to sign their release to access everything about me?
  346. Do I have to return to work despite my issues if I can still appeal the denial?
  347. Will Prudential conduct a review of my claim after I've been denied by SSA?
  348. Can I sue Unum for emotional distress while my appeal plays out?
  349. Am I eligible for LTD without surgey? I just have medications and fatigue
  350. Can Cigna offset my SSDI benefits?
  351. Can I file another appeal 1 year later if I find new evidence?
  352. Can I still get compensation from Unum if my claim is not a disability claim?
  353. Should I contact Cigna to ask for something in writing to have it on record?
  354. Will Hartford accept my payment arrangment? Will this cancel my LTD benefits?
  355. Does purchasing coverage automatically entitle me to benefits?
  356. What is the next step after Unum denies my appeal? Do they usually settle with a lump sum or continue monthly payment?
  357. Is it normal for LFG to ask for excessive amounts of paperword and not grant me STD benefits for over a month?
  358. How do I get a copy of my IME report from Principal?
  359. Can Prudential reduce their burden in an ERISA LTD policy for the sale of private investments (stocks/shares etc.) that have nothing to do with employment or wages of any kind?
  360. Do I only get one appeal with Prudential? Do I have recourse for a STD denial?
  361. Who is responsible for giving me an accounting of the overpayment owned? Can I negotiate the amount of repayment?
  362. Are anxiety and depression considered disabilities? If so, what is the likelihood of winning a claim, and should I have an attorney handle it?
  363. Do I have to sign SunLife's Social Security Consent Form?
  364. How many extensions is Prudential allowed to request before they make a decision?
  365. How can Cigna use SSDI as an offset yet not accept me as disabled?
  366. Can I still get insurance benefits if Cigna denied my claim because I coouldn't give them the exact confirmation date of my pregnancy before the cutoff?
  367. What do I do if Cigna keeps denying my claim?
  368. Does Principal use private investigators to conduct surveillance as part of the review of my claim?
  369. What can I do if all of my appeals have been exhausted?
  370. What is the difference between having your case closed versus one that’s denied?
  371. If I attempt to return to work with restrictions due to injury and am still in pain, how do I handle my claim with Reliance Standard?
  372. Is Unum a third administrator for major companies?
  373. What should I do if Aetna denied my claim based on a social media post they saw?
  374. Can Mass Mutual deny my claim due to an issue not included in my physician's formal diagnosis?
  375. Is It common practice for Standard to not return my calls? Should I hire an attorney?
  376. Should I add my physical illnesses to my exsisting STD claim or file a new claim?
  377. Is it capricious if another person's medical information was included in my file and likely used in the determination denial? Would Cigna be liable for other other damages or does ERISA insulate them?
  378. Can I sue Mutual of Omaha?
  379. Can employer provided policies contain provisions that allow them to reduce the amount they have to pay based upon source of "other income"?
  380. Are retirement benefits from a previous employer considered a source of other income subject to offset?
  381. Will filing a lawsuit against Standard work in my favor?
  382. I want to sue Aetna for all that they have put me through. What are my options?
  383. Since I started receiving SSD before LTD started can they legally reduce my LTD?
  384. Should my wife attend Cigna's Rehabilitation evaluation?
  385. Aetna denied my claim because it was due to work related stress. Can I appeal?
  386. Why is Aetna requesting an IME? How should I handle it?
  387. Can Aetna request monthly information?
  388. Is it not my right to have a copy of my own medical records if I request it?
  389. Why can Cigna go against their rule that states if a claimant becomes totally disabled due to a pre-existing condition after the LTD policy with Cigna has been in force for 12 months, they will waive the pre-existing condition exclusion concerning payment of benefits?
  390. Is it true that Canadian insurance companies can't limit mental issues to 2 years?
  391. When a person is dealing with multiple insurers and needs monthly assistance, does your firm provide this service for a certain percentage of the monthly payment?
  392. Unum denied me on basis of preexisting condition and also didn't pay me for 2 years. Can I sue?
  393. Is Unum responsible for providing my claim file? How do I move the process along?
  394. What should I do if Prudential's denial letter has several mistakes in in?
  395. Can I suggest a buyout? Will that create a problem?
  396. Will receiving a settlement from a personal injury affect my monthly Unum Disability?
  397. I have been on LTD benefits for 3 years, but Cina wants an FCE. What should I expect? Do I hire a lawyer?
  398. Can I prevent Cigna from offsetting my benefits by the amount I receive from social security?
  399. Can you explain why NWM is still paying me while my claim is being reviewed? They said if they don't approve it, their accomodation payment is not owed back to them.
  400. Can I get a lump sum buyout? Should I hire an attorney?
  401. Can Aetna ask me for medical records I they are authorized to get them from my doctor? Why are they asking for records from years ago?
  402. What can I do to speed this process up?
  403. How will my social security benefits from retirement affect my LTD with Lincoln Financial?
  404. Can I appeal on the basis or parity? Also, what do I do if Cigna has not sent me a written explanation for my reduction in benefits?
  405. Can Reliance Standard use my son's benefits as offset after the initial offset for SSDI?
  406. Why is Hartford coming to my home, and can I request to meet somewhere else?
  407. Can Unum offset my benefits if I receive SSD?
  408. Can Cigna deny my claim even after approving the same one a year ago?
  409. Why is Hartford sending me an IME only 1 year into my LTD?
  410. Am I required to go to an IME that Lincoln Financial wants me to attend?
  411. Does MetLife need my social security medical records for my long term disability claim?
  412. Why is Cigna doing a "voluntary review" under a state of federal suit?
  413. How do I negotiate to keep some of Unum's SSDI back-pay checks?
  414. Why is Principal investigating my claim 9 years later?
  415. Cigna only sens me a monthly check for the amount offset and refuses to apply my full monthly benefit amount to my claim. How do I fix this? Also, how do I obtain a copy of my policy?
  416. Does UNUM ever deny extension of benefits due to pregnancy or on the other side would my pregnancy be considered a medical condition where they could potentially extend my benefits due to being pregnant?
  417. Should I hire an attorney now or wait until after my appeal is answered?
  418. Can Prudential discontinue benefits because my doctor hasn’t responded fast enough?
  419. Does Unum have a timeline of when they must approve or deny a STD claim? 
  420. Should I be entitled to more money from my survivor benefits through Reliance Standard?
  421. Will Unum stop my benefits if I fail to apply for SSDI benefits? Can I terminate my claim voluntarily?
  422. Does Berkshire offer lump sum buyouts of uncontested disability claims?
  423. Is it illegal for Unum to consider every source of income as income except Vetern's Affairs Benefit Compensation?
  424. My company sent me to a LCSW, but MetLife doesn't think she is a qualified practioner, so they won't look at the claim. What do I do?
  425. I was promised benefits until 66, but Hartford wants to cut them a year early? What do I do?
  426. Will I get denied due to fact I can’t afford my surgery until I get Medicare in a year?
  427. Is Unum allowed to request my entire SS file?
  428. Do I meet the criteria for claiming disability if I have MS?
  429. Am I still eligible for benefits if I resigned from my position without having filed a claim under the policy?
  430. Is it legal for Hartford to set up surveillance outside of my house?
  431. Can I file for SSDI while I'm awaiting an appeal?
  432. Can I still be able to file for short term disability benefits under my employer policy while receiving Social Security?
  433. What do I do if my income was reported incorrectly to Principal?
  434. Since Unum discontinued my benefits, and I was not receiving anything from them, am I still responsible to notify them about social security?
  435. Why can a doctor that I've only seen once decide I'm okay to work? What should I do if Aetna denies me again?
  436. Can MetLife request my tax information?
  437. When it comes to qualifying for long-term disability benefits from Sun Life, can you tell me is PTSD, short-term and long term memory loss considered a mental and physical disability with Sun Life? If I show SunLife proof that I can't work, do they have to continue my benefits?
  438. Can SunLife take 60 days to respond? Can they deny me even when my doctor says I cannot work?
  439. Is it normal for LFG to take nearly 3 months to process a claim?
  440. What do I do if my doctor has me on no limitations, allowing Principal to cut my benefits?
  441. If I don't return to work after I give birth, do I need to pay back any money to Unum (after my maternity leave)?
  442. Unum told me my benefits were their money after I spent it. Can they hold my LTD check and apply it to the balance I owe?
  443. Do I have to have any taxes taken out if I want a lump sum buyout or can I wait to tile taxes in April and pay them then?
  444. Do I need a lawyer to move Unum's decision process along?
  445. If Lincoln denies my appeal, what do I do next?
  446. Can I request a lump sum buyout from Unum ot do I have to wait until they offer it?
  447. What can I do if Unum repeatedly says they haven't received my documents?
  448. Why is Prudential requesting weekly updates?
  449. Will MetLife cancel my benefits if I accept Medicare?
  450. Have you successfully challenged Principal ignoring my physical health issues and only selecting depression so they only have to pay 2 years?
  451. What do I do if Lincoln doesn't think SSD is strong evidence of disability?
  452. if I file before my STD goes into effect, will LFG deny the claim?
  453. How should I best prepare for my 5-year review with Reliance Standard? Does "own" occupation turn into "any" occupation at this point?
  454. Can MetLife cancel a claim if you refuse to update it over the phone?
  455. Can UNUM refuse to add my son's SSDI benefit to my check when he stops receiving it?
  456. Is there anything I can do to receive STD benefits for my pregnancy before my 60 day LTD elimination period ends?
  457. Does being approved by Social Security guarantee that my private disability carrier will continue to pay benefits?
  458. How do I get a copy of my policy and old pay-stubs?
  459. Can The Standard require a POA or Conservatorship/Guardian paperwork before releasing my daughter's benefits?
  460. Why is my SSDI taxable income?
  461. Sun Life just decreased my payments because I am receiving x number of dollars from my medical pension. Can they do this?
  462. Can Unum deny my request to pay them back (overpayment) on a monthly basis?
  463. Do Unum benefits run for a lifetime?
  464. Can Unum deduct any SSDI I receive? If so, why?
  465. Does Prudential have to give me credit for attorney fees? Can they require me to pay them my COLA benefits?
  466. Should I hire an attorney for my appeal?
  467. What will Prudential do if I keep my lump sump payment?
  468. How can I get Reliance Standard to give me a decision on my STD application?
  469. Can Standard decide I am no longer disabled if my condition hasn't changed at all? How do I get a copy of my policy?
  470. What does rental income qualify as in regards to "extra income" and what financial records must I report to Reliance Standard?
  471. Why is CIGNA demanding that they be repaid every bit of long term disability payment because I was forced to retire early and took my pension?
  472. Can Hartford legally make me sign an Authoritization form to dislose all records of my private life?
  473. Does Reliance Standard consider buy-outs for own occupation claims?
  474. Can Standard legally follow someone and look through their personal stuff online?
  475. Is bipolar disorder considered a mental or physical condition subject to the 24 month term for mental health?
  476. Am I required to meet with Unum rep?
  477. Can the AGS help me regarding how Unum treated me?
  478. Can Standard recollect the fee awarded to my attorney? Can they recover benefits paid during a time they were also paying the claim?
  479. Can I file a harassment suit against Unum?
  480. Would you recommend Guardian or NWM for disability insurance for a Cardiologist?
  481. Is it legal for Cigna and my company to say they are still creating/writing my policy?
  482. You say that NML is one of the three most credible companies selling disability insurance. What are the other two?
  483. Is it worth fighting Cigna after they denied my claim?
  484. Can UNUM offset my daughter's Survival Benefits resulting from her dad's death?
  485. How do I convince MetLife that my condition is, indeed, severe?
  486. How can I find out how much overpayment Reliance Standard will be able to recover from me?
  487. Can Omaha say that I'm not an active employee because I work less than 30 hours per week?
  488. Can I obtain an LTD buyout from Metlife?
  489. Can The Standard threaten my credit?
  490. Should I tell Unum that I privately purchased their disability policy?
  491. Besides suing The Standard, what can I do to fight them?
  492. Can Prudential cancel or deny your claim if you are approved for social security disability benefits?
  493. Does Reliance Standard use my salary or real earnings to calculate my STD benefits?
  494. Why is MOO saying my husband does not have MS to receive LTD when they approved his STD because of MS? Should I hire an attorney?
  495. How often should I go to the doctor?
  496. Is it common practice for SunLife to threaten vocation review if I don't take their buy outs?
  497. Do I have to give Unum access to my tax file and what I receive from my church?
  498. Can I sell my LTD benefits with Metlife for a lump sum?
  499. How long will it take Unum to decide if my condition is mental or physical?
  500. Can MetLife reduce their payments to me if I file early for social security?
  501. What should I do If Aetna has been following me?
  502. Can Cigna cut off my mom's benefits after 2 years? Also, where can I get their guidelines?
  503. If you appeal when Unum denies you, do you still receive funds?
  504. Am I obligated to provide my Tax returns to Guardian for my LTD Disability?
  505. What do I do if LFG hasn't given me the money they owe me and won't let me speak to a supervisor?
  506. Can I still file an appeal if I missed a day?
  507. Can I access money from my 401k without Unum reducing my benefits?
  508. What percentage is usually offered for settlement?
  509. Can Cigna deny my appeal on such short notice?
  510. How can I get copies of my policies?
  511. Should I accept Unum's lump sum pay off on a lifetime policy? How do I determine if the offer is fair?
  512. What % offer (for a lump sum buyout) would you consider low, average, and high?
  513. I meet 20 of LFG's requirments for disability but was still denied. What do I do?
  514. What does Aetna mean when they say I must find a job that is at least 70% of my work pay? What should I do if I don't think I can work?
  515. Can MetLife end my beneifts without verifying my diagnosis (that is an exception to their 24 month clause)?
  516. Am I required to pay Prudential for the SSDI attorney fee I paid?
  517. Can Hartford spy on me again?
  518. Can Hartford count all the money my ex received from SST as income to me if I do not live with her?
  519. Is it legal for Cigna to requent my tax returns as a condition of profit or loss?
  520. If I drop SSDI, will Standard still offset the benefit?
  521. Is it normal for MetLife to take 130 days to respond to my appeal?
  522. If you are denied short term and long term through Hartford, how long does it take to file a lawsuit? 
  523. Could I sue Prudential for the money I paid to my attorney? I had to wipe my 401K, was almost evicted, etc
  524. Can I hold Unum accountable for terminating my benefits after 24 months if I was physically disabled – not mentally – first and foremost?
  525. Does anyone know for how long Hartford is paying LTD due to a major depression? 
  526. Can LFG deny my LTD coverage because it's "not portable" while STD is?
  527. Will moving to a different state disrupt my LTD? Am I eligible if I am not bedridden?
  528. Does Prudential LTD insurance have annual cost of living increases? 
  529. How long does it take for Hartford to gather paperwork regarding a settlement? Do they offer decent ones?
  530. Why isn't there a class action lawsuit against Hartford? Also, if you are denied short term disability and more evidence comes up, that supports original claim, can you submit it?
  531. Is is strange that LFG scheduled an IME without requesting medical records for the past 6 months?
  532. Can you provide legal support on a contingent basis?
  533. Can marriage affect my MetLife disability benefits?
  534. Can Reliance Standard offset my SSD benefits before I am approved for them?
  535. How do I proceed about Aetna STD and their denial of my claim considering my current diagnosis?
  536. Hartford investigator lied to the cops about following me. Is this legal?
  537. Will adding physical medicinal illnesses to my mental illness case hurt it or strengthen it?
  538. How do I find out the statute of limitations on my LTD claim?
  539. If UNUM chooses to discontinue benefits, how much notice is given to the insured?
  540. Why can't you sue 3rd party companies that assist Hartford in denying claims? Why can't you sue an MES doctor for medical mal-practice?
  541. Can Hartford force me to file for Social Security Disability? Can they hold my benefit checks if I don't?
  542. Can Standard cut off my benefits after 2 years if my primary condition is physical and not mental?
  543. What do I do if Cigna won't tell me which eye test they want? I only have unemployment benefits.
  544. What is the "rule of thumb" cost for an insurance company to defend against an ERISA lawsuit?
  545. Am I at risk of losing my Metlife benefits if I have a secondary mental illness (the primary disabling condition is physical)?
  546. Is the fact that MetLife limits mental nervous conditions to 24 months discriminatory?
  547. How can I get Metflie to send me a copy of my policy?
  548. What right does CIGNA have in contradicting my own medical doctors recommendation?
  549. Can I prevent Standard from cutting off my mental health benefits after 2 years?


  1. Steven Dell
  2. Stephen Jessup
  3. Rachel Alters
  4. Jay Symonds
  5. Gregory Dell
  6. Cesar Gavidia
  7. Alex Palamara


  1. Hartford Denies Disability Benefits To Home Depot Employee 3 Weeks Before Change of Disability Definition
  2. Lincoln overturned its previous denial of LTD benefits for Escalation Engineer
  3. JP Morgan Chase Financial Advisor With Cancer Wins Prudential Long Term Disability Appeal
  4. The Standard, Ameritas and Sun Life Agree to Pay Residual Disability Benefits to General Surgeon
  5. NY Life Disability Benefits Reinstated on Appeal Despite Independent Medical Examination
  6. Unum Approves LTD Benefits for Pharmacist with Eye Disorder
  7. Teacher's Disability Benefits Reinstated by MetLife
  8. Billing Manager With Back Disorder Wins Unum Long Term Disability Denial Appeal
  9. Prudential Fails to Pay Long Term Disability Benefits of Claimant Suffering from Addison’s Disease
  10. MetLife Denies Disability Benefits and Tells TFORCE Truck Driver Its Safe For Him to Drive
  11. Hartford Denies Long Term Disability Benefits After Paying for 22 Years
  12. Contracts Manager With Toxic Encephalopathy Wins MetLife Long Term Disability Denial Appeal
  13. Project Manager with Migraines Gets NY Life Disability Benefit Denial Reversed
  14. After Principal Denies Continued Disability Benefits, Attorney Alexander Palamara Gets Claim Reinstated for a Vienna Beef Employee
  15. After Two Appeals The Standard Insurance Approves Short & Long Term Disability Benefits for Nurse
  16. Aetna Overturns Denial of Long Term Disability Benefits for Quality Control Manager
  17. CIGNA Overturns a Waiver of Premium for Group Life Insurance Policy
  18. After Appeal, Lincoln Overturns Denial of LTD benefits for Trucking Supervisor
  19. Sun Life Overturns Its Previous Denial of LTD Benefits for Massachusetts Teacher
  20. CIGNA Overturned Their Denial of LTD Benefits for Nevada Healthcare Coordinator
  21. Unum Lifts Mental Health Limitation on Disability Claim
  22. Hartford Overturns Denial of Disability Benefits on Appeal
  23. CIGNA Denies Technology Manager under the Own Occupation Provision & Dell Disability Lawyers Wins Appeal
  24. Hartford Approves Disability Claim After Appeal Deadline
  25. Aetna Removes 24 Month Limitation for Mental Health Conditions
  26. Reliance Standard overturned its previous denial of long term disability benefits for Texas Retail Store Manager
  27. MetLife Approves Long Term Disability Claim For Executive Assistant with Neck Pain
  28. Dell Disability Lawyers Wins Short Term Disability Appeal Against Lincoln
  29. Liberty Mutual Approves Disability Benefits to Senior Vice President
  30. Successful Appeal Against Prudential Gets Breast Cancer Survivor Back on Claim for LTD Benefits
  31. Aetna Overturns Denial of LTD for Former Employee of The Home Depot
  32. Reliance Standard overturned LTD denial for Tennessee Technology Sales Consultant
  33. Prudential Overturns Disability Denial to Chiropractor
  34. Prudential Approves LTD Claim on Voluntary Appeal
  35. After Appeal Sun Life Finally Approves Disability Benefits for Data Engineer
  36. Sun Life overturned previous denial of LTD for California Diagnostics Manager
  37. Aetna Reinstates Benefits for Former SAP America Employee Suffering the Effects of a Head Injury
  38. CIGNA overturned previous denial of waiver of life insurance premiums
  39. Dell Disability Lawyers successfully appeal denial of benefits to claimant with CRPS/RSD
  40. LINA overturned its previous LTD denial for Medical Technologist
  41. MetLife Approves Disability Benefits to Dentist With De Quervain's
  42. Prudential Approves Disability Claim on Appeal
  43. Liberty Mutual Overturns Denial of Disability Benefits Following Submission of an ERISA Appeal
  44. Dell Disability Lawyers Refuses to Allow Prudential to Force Claimant Into Submission
  45. Northwestern Mutual Approves Claim For Disability Benefits
  46. Dell Disability Lawyers Successfully Appeals Denial Of Benefits To Former Trial Attorney
  47. Cigna Overturns Denial of LTD Benefits to Computer Systems Engineer after Appeal and Independent Medical Examination
  48. Hartford overturned its previous denial of LTD benefits for Illinois Account Representative
  49. Cigna Finally Approves Claim for LTD Benefits for Former Nurse Employed at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center
  50. Hartford overturned previous denial of long term disability benefits for New York Consultant
  51. Dell Disability Lawyers Successfully Appeals Denial of Benefits to Former Clinical Therapist
  52. Liberty Reinstates Long Term Disability Benefits for the Second Time
  53. Dell Disability Lawyers Successfully Appeals Metlife Denial of Benefits to Veteran
  54. Unum Approves Long Term Disability Application to a Program Manager
  55. Attorney Cesar Gavidia Successfully Reinstates CIGNA Benefits to a Senior Systems Engineer Suffering from Migraines
  56. Lincoln National Life Insurance Company overturned previous denial of long term disability benefits for Wyoming Professor
  57. Dell Disability Lawyers Administrative Appeal for Cafeteria Manager Forces Lincoln to Re-Approve Disability Claim
  58. Symetra Reinstates LTD Benefits for Former Vice President of Grady Management, Inc. who suffered from multiple Strokes
  59. Aetna overturned previous denial of long term disability benefits for Georgia Assistant
  60. Berkshire Approves Application for Disability Benefits to Sales Manager
  61. Cigna Overturns Denial of Long Term Disability Benefits
  62. Metlife Overturns Denial on Appeal by Dell Disability Lawyers
  63. CIGNA overturned previous denial of long term disability benefits for Massachusetts Senior Advisor
  64. After appeal filed by Attorney Jay Symonds, UNUM overturned previous denial of long term disability benefits for South Carolina Nurse
  65. Prudential overturned previous denial of long term disability benefits for Oregon Software Engineer
  66. CIGNA overturned previous denial of long term disability benefits for New Jersey Account Manager
  67. Cigna Overturns Denial of Long Term Disability Benefits On Appeal
  68. Standard Approves Disability Benefits to Attorney with Fibromyalgia
  69. Cigna Overturns Denial of LTD Benefits for Maintenance Supervisor Suffering from Serious Back Issues
  70. After appeal filed by Attorney Jay Symonds, Mutual of Omaha overturned previous denial of short term disability benefits for Maine Senior Software Engineer
  71. Prudential Decides to Terminate Long-term Disability Claim of Disabled Chevy Chase Bank Manager That It Had Paid for 11 Years, But It Overturns Decision After Dell Disability Lawyers' Appeal
  72. Prudential overturned previous denial of long term disability benefits for Connecticut Audit Manager
  73. Cigna approves disability benefits to Doctor with Ehlers-Danlos
  74. CIGNA overturned previous denial of long term disability benefits for Washington Crime Scene Photographer
  75. Prudential denial overturned on Appeal after Dell Disability Lawyers established that Medical Device Representative could not perform duties of any gainful occupation
  76. Cigna again reinstates claim of Archdiocese of Baltimore Registered Nurse thanks to Appeal by Dell Disability Lawyers
  77. Prudential overturned previous denial of long term disability benefits for Mississippi Nuclear Medicine Tech
  78. Cigna overturns decision to terminate benefits of Claimant suffering from Multiple Sclerosis
  79. Senior Global Tax Director for billion dollar worldwide industrial company is again receiving disability benefits from MetLife after Appeal by Attorney Alexander Palamara
  80. After Appeal filed by Attorney Alexander Palamara, Cigna overturns its previous denial of long term disability benefits for Retail Clerk suffering from Bipolar Disorder and Chronic Pain
  81. Principal reinstates benefits of Orthopedic Surgeon unable to work full-time after Attorney Rachel Alters submits Appeal
  82. Unum and Sun Life approve disability benefits to OB/GYN
  83. After appeal filed by Attorney Jay Symonds, Hartford overturned its second denial of long term disability benefits for Alabama CEO
  84. After appeal filed by Attorney Jay Symonds, Hartford overturned its previous denial of long term disability benefits for Tennessee Claims Supervisor
  85. Computer Programmer is back on claim receiving LTD Benefits after Attorney proves to Lincoln it acted wrongly
  86. Accountant who was previously on claim for 7 years gets LTD re-approved after Appeal to Lincoln Financial Group
  87. CIGNA overturned previous denial of both long term disability benefits for Massachusetts IT Procurement Specialist
  88. CIGNA overturned its previous denial of both short term and long term disability benefits for Michigan Senior Personal Banker
  89. LTD claim approved for a second time for an Insurance Sales Agent after Prudential denies claim based on self-reported physical capabilities
  90. After an appeal, a former Director of Information Security, gets disability benefits approved for mental health disorder. The fight for long term disability benefits for client’s physical limitations continues
  91. Lincoln Approves Disability Benefits Following Second Appeal
  92. Dell Disability Lawyers file Lawsuit in Federal Court against Aetna after it denied long-term disability benefits to former software Developer
  93. Reliance Standard overturns decision to deny long-term disability benefits to Paediatrician with Ovarian Cancer
  94. After Aetna denied Ms. Garner's long-term disability claim, Ms. Garner filed suit against Aetna, and the Court overturned Aetna's decision and ordered it to pay Ms. Garner's disability benefits
  95. Respiratory Therapist whose claim was denied without a proper review gets LTD claim approved after Appeal to CIGNA
  96. Reliance Standard reinstates disability benefits to Project Manager
  97. Cigna reinstates disability benefits to Project Manager on Appeal
  98. After appeal filed by Attorney Jay Symonds, Prudential overturned its previous denial of long term disability benefits for Pennsylvania Corporate Training Coordinator
  99. Trinity Health Care Registered Nurse wins Cigna long term disability Appeal
  100. Lincoln Financial denial of LTD benefits after paying for 9 years is reversed on Appeal
  101. Assurant overturned its previous denial of long term disability benefits for Maine Sales Consultant
  102. After appeal filed by Attorney Jay Symonds, Hartford overturned its previous denial of long term disability benefits for Kentucky District Sales Manager
  103. LTD claim approved by Lincoln for former Biomet, Inc. employee suffering from Meniere's Disease
  104. After appeal filed by Attorney Jay Symonds, NWM overturned its previous denial of long term disability benefits for California Customer Relations Supervisor
  105. Standard overturns decision to deny disabled Project Manager long-term disability insurance benefits after first Appeal
  106. Disabled Vessel Captain for Marine Services Corporation wins long-term disability Appeal with CIGNA
  107. After appeal filed by Attorney Jay Symonds, Sun Life overturned its previous denial of long term disability benefits for Florida ICU Nurse
  108. After it had previously overturned a denial after an initial Dell Disability Lawyers Appeal, Liberty denied our client's claim again. After a new appeal, Liberty has now agreed to reinstate our client yet again.
  109. After appeal filed by Attorney Jay Symonds, Prudential overturned its previous denial of long term disability benefits for New York Financial Control Officer
  110. Another long term disability claim is reinstated after Disability Attorney Alexander Palamara successfully argues The Standard mishandled preexisting condition investigation
  111. Cigna approves disability benefits after two years of fighting
  112. United of Omaha overturns decision to deny benefits to disabled Quality Assurance Manager after Appeal discredits its medical review and vocational assessment
  113. Prudential Overturns Denial of Disabled Welding Foreman Suffering From a Blood Disorder to Only Claim His Disability is Psychosomatic and Limited to 24 Months of Payments
  114. Dell Disability Lawyers Appeal Team Lead by Attorney Cesar Gavidia Successfully Appeal CIGNA's Denial of Benefits to Disabled Lockheed Martin Tech Manager With Traumatic Brain Injury
  115. Standard Overturns Denial of Benefits to Shareholder of Major Law Firm
  116. Hartford Reinstates Disability Benefits to HR Manager
  117. Cigna Approves Disability Claim Following Multiple Denials
  118. Unum Overturns Original Decision to Deny Benefits to Disabled Account Manager Following Appeal Submitted by Dell Disability Lawyers Appeals Team
  119. After appeal filed by Attorney Jay Symonds, Lincoln National overturned its previous denial of long term disability benefits for Washington Sales Representative
  120. Lincoln Financial Reinstates Disability Benefits To School Teacher
  121. Another Palm Beach County Sheriff's Deputy's Long Term Disability Claim is Reinstated Following Appeal by Disability Attorney Alexander Palamara
  122. Team lead by Attorney Cesar Gavidia Forces Prudential to Overturn Long-term Disability Denial on Appeal for IT Support Technician Diagnosed with Cancer
  123. After appeal filed by Attorney Jay Symonds, CIGNA overturned its previous denial of short term disability benefits for New Jersey Project Manager
  124. Cigna Overturns Denial Following Dell Disability Lawyers Appeal
  125. Prudential Overturns Decision to Deny Long-term Disability Benefits to Former JP Morgan Chase Financial Advisor With Mandibular Cancer
  126. Disability Attorney Alex Palamara wins LTD Benefits for Police Officer Denied by Standard
  127. Long Term Disability Appeal Victory Against Cigna for Cardiac Cath Technician
  128. Cigna Approves Disability Benefits to International Sales Manager
  129. Liberty Mutual of NY Disability Benefit Denial Reversed After Two Denials In One Year
  130. Cigna reinstates long term disability claim after reviewing Dell Disability Lawyers appeal
  131. After appeal filed by Attorney Jay Symonds, UNUM overturned its previous denial of long term disability benefits for Colorado Plumber
  132. MetLife reverses decision to terminate LTD benefits after Dell Disability Lawyers files an appeal showing Metlife completely ignored physical conditions of claimant
  133. Disability Attorney Alexander Palamara Proves to Unum that Its Decision to Deny Benefits Was Wrong for Claimant Suffering from Heart Conditions
  134. Lincoln Overturns Denial of LTD Benefits After Two Appeals
  135. Cigna reinstates LTD claim after reviewing Dell Disability Lawyers appeal
  136. After appeal filed by Attorney Jay Symonds, Hartford overturned its previous denial of long term disability benefits for Alabama CEO
  137. After appeal filed by Attorney Jay Symonds, Mutual of Omaha overturned its previous denial of short term disability benefits for Colorado Senior Manager
  138. Standard Overturns Denial of Disability Insurance Benefits
  139. Dell Disability Lawyers Successfully Appeals Denial Of Benefits To Pre-School Teacher
  140. Dell Disability Lawyers Successfully Appeals Denial Of Benefits To Claimant With Trigeminal Neuralgia
  141. CIGNA Reinstates Benefits for Freight Company Truck Driver Following Successful Second Level Appeal
  142. Attorney Cesar Gavidia and Appeal Team at Dell Disability Lawyers Win Appeal Battle Against Unum to Reinstate Long-Term Disability Insurance Benefits to Disabled Software Engineer
  143. Aetna Reinstates Disability Insurance Benefits to Home Depot Manager
  144. Reliance Standard Reinstates Benefits for Former Employee of Parent Company, Delphi Financial, Following Successful Appeal
  145. Cigna Reinstates Long Disability Benefits to a Tugboat Captain
  146. Sun Life Approves Disability Benefits to Surgical Services Director
  147. Sedgwick Reinstates Long Term Disability Claim Following Appeal
  148. 67 Year Old Circuits Designer Reaches Settlement With Prudential After Filing Suit to Recover LTD Benefits Under ERISA LTD Insurance Plan
  149. Palm Beach County Sheriff's Deputy's Long Term Disability Claim Reinstated Following Appeal by Disability Attorney Alexander Palamara
  150. Fresenius Medical Care North America Employee Wins Disability Appeal With CIGNA
  151. Hartford has a Pattern of Conducting Surveillance on a Claimant's Birthday
  152. Dell Disability Lawyers Successfully Appeals Denial Of Benefits To Former Excel Energy Employee
  153. Mutual of Omaha Reinstates Benefits of Business Development Manager after Appealing the Termination of Her LTD Benefits
  154. Attorney Alex Palamara Helps Correction Officer to Win Cigna Disability Appeal
  155. Disability Benefits Reinstated: Dell Disability Lawyers Appeal Gets CIGNA to Admit its Decision to Deny was Wrong
  156. After Being Offered $20,908.56 in Back Benefits and Interest, Attorney Alex Palamara Helps Disabled Nurse Receive $450,213.86 plus $5,000/mo going forward Due to Regulatory Settlement Agreement
  157. Alex Palamara Wins Another Hartford Disability Appeal
  158. Dell Disability Lawyers Successfully Appeals Denial of Benefits to Former Director of a Multinational IT Consulting Company
  159. Cigna overturns Short Term Disability Denial and awards Long Term Disability Benefits
  160. Dell Disability Lawyers Successfully Appeals Denial of Benefits to IT Support Specialist
  161. Prudential Reinstates Disability Benefits To School Teacher
  162. Prudential Overturns Denial of Benefits on Appeal After Denying Claim On Basis That Insured Failed To Show Medically Supported Restrictions and Limitations
  163. Dell Disability Lawyers Successfully Appeals Denial of Benefits to Former Inventory Control Specialist
  164. Prudential Settles Breach of Contract Lawsuit Arising From Allegations That It Terminated the Claim of CPA Disabled Under AICPA Long-term Disability Insurance Policy
  165. Sun Life ignored its own medical expert's opinions supporting registered nurse's inability to work in a sedentary occupation due to severe rheumatoid arthritis
  166. MetLife agrees to overturn its denial of long term disability benefits for Florida Doctor after an ERISA appeal filed by Alex Palamara
  167. Hartford Overturns Denial of Long-term Disability Benefits For Disabled JP Morgan Chase Banker
  168. Attorney Cesar Gavidia successfully appeals Cigna claim denial after Cigna and its medical consultant deny claim alleging that restrictions were not medically supported by the medical records
  169. Dell Disability Lawyers Successfully Appeals Denial of Benefits to Fedex Employee
  170. Dell Disability Lawyers gets Cigna to Reinstate Long Term Disability Benefits for Former Maryland Teacher Suffering from Crohn's Disease
  171. MetLife Reinstates Disability Benefits to Attorney on Appeal
  172. Administrative Appeal by Dell Disability Lawyers forces Principal to Reinstate ERISA Long Term Disability Claim of Former Healthways, Inc. Employee
  173. Reliance Standard Overturns Denial of Benefits on Appeal After Claiming It Failed to Receive Medical Records
  174. After sending claimant to a psychiatric IME, Reliance Standard realizes its decision to deny benefits was incorrect
  175. Liberty Mutual Twice Denies and Approves Long-term Disability Benefits to IT Systems Analyst with Rheumatoid Arthritis
  176. Dell Disability Lawyers convinces Sun Life to Overturn Denial of Long Term Disability Benefits for a Person Suffering from Severe Cervical Disorders
  177. Hartford Agrees to Overturn its Previous Denial of Long Term Disability Benefits for an Employee of Adventist HealthCare who suffers from RSD/Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
  178. Florida Nurse wins long term disability benefits from UNUM after Disability Attorney Alex Palamara wins ERISA Appeal
  179. After Initially Being Denied Long Term Disability Benefits, Dell Disability Lawyers Gets Former Wal-Mart Employee on Claim with Liberty Mutual
  180. Dell Disability Lawyers Successfully Appeals Denial of Benefits to Quality Control Inspector
  181. Prudential Agrees to Reinstate Long Term Disability Benefits for an Employee of DRS Technologies who suffers from very severe back issues
  182. Standard Overturns Denial of Disability Benefits to Chiropractor
  183. Long Term Disability Benefits Reinstated: After Administrative Appeal filed by Dell Disability Lawyers, The Standard Overturns Decision To Deny Former Employee of T-Mobile USA
  184. Appeal filed by Dell Disability Lawyers proves to MetLife that former Morgan Stanley Employee Should Continue to Receive ERISA Long Term Disability Benefits
  185. Administrative Appeal by Dell Disability Lawyers Helps Disabled Man with Eye Disorders Get Approved for Short Term Disability Benefits with Hartford; Long Term Benefits Next
  186. Dell Disability Lawyers ERISA Administrative Appeal Successful: Claimant suffering from Sleep Disorders, Depression and Fibromyalgia Now Receiving Long Term Disability Benefits
  187. Aetna overturns decision to deny LTD benefits for claimant suffering from post-concussion syndrome and neurocognitive disorder
  188. Dell Disability Lawyers ERISA Administrative Appeal Proves to MetLife that Client is Still Disabled and Claim Not Subject to Certain Policy Limitations
  189. Mutual of Omaha Approves Dell Disability Lawyers Client for Short Term Disability Benefits After Administrative Appeal
  190. CIGNA overturns decision to terminate benefits of telephone sales representative with severe degenerative disc disease
  191. Prudential Overturns Another Long Term Disability Denial After Dell Disability Lawyers Appeal
  192. Dell Disability Lawyers successfully appeals denial of benefits to maintenance technician
  193. Cigna Overturns Denial of Benefits to Data Center Manager
  194. Prudential denies and settles long-term disability claim with CPA after CPA becomes totally disabled from chronic cervical neck pain and radiculopathy
  195. Surveillance Video and Independent Medical Examination (IME) Leads to Disability Insurer Terminating Disability Claim After Paying Partially Disabled Insurance Agents Claim For 21 Years
  196. Cigna Approves Any Occupation Disability Benefits After Two Appeals
  197. Prudential Overturns Denial for Dell Disability Lawyers Client Suffering With Serious Back Conditions
  198. After Long Fight for Short Term Disability Benefits, MetLife Has Now Approved Dell Disability Lawyers Client for Long Term Disability Benefits
  199. Dell Disability Lawyers Wins Disability Appeal against Cigna for Mortgage Banker
  200. Dell Disability Lawyers successfully appeal denial by Liberty Life
  201. Cigna Reinstates Long Term Disability Benefits to Medical Coder
  202. Cigna reverses its decision to terminate benefits of a claimant with Fibromyalgia, Cervical Spine Spondylosis and Depression
  203. Reliance Standard Admits They Were Wrong in Denying Long Term Disability Benefits
  204. Nearly Three Years Later, Sedgwick Finally Pays Walgreens' Pharmacist's STD and LTD Claim
  205. Unum Settles Lawsuit with Florida Chiropractor After Initially Denying Long-term Disability Claim
  206. Reliance Standard Overturns Its Decision to Deny; Dell Disability Lawyers Client Will Again Receive Long Term Disability Benefits
  207. Prudential overturns denial of Long Term Disability Benefits for Vietnam War Veteran after Lawyers from Dell Disability Lawyers file appeal
  208. Cigna reverses decision to terminate benefits of claimant suffering from end-stage Myasthenia Gravis
  209. Disability Attorney Cesar Gavidia Wins Hartford Disability Appeal For Target Employee With Rheumatoid Arthritis and Chronic Neck Pain
  210. Prudential Overturns Denial of Long Term Disability Benefits to College Professor
  211. Hartford Buys Out Disability Policy Following Appeal
  212. Dell Disability Lawyers Appeal Successful, Cigna reinstates Long Term Disability Benefits for Lockheed Martin Employee
  213. Cigna Reinstates Benefits to Software Engineer Suffering From Chronic Back Pain
  214. Lincoln Reversed Decision to Deny Benefits of Project Manager Suffering from Chronic Paroxysmal Hemicranial Cluster Headaches
  215. Liberty's Decides to Terminate Benefits to a Claimant with Multiple Sclerosis Based on 40 Minutes of Surveillance Video
  216. Benefits Reinstated: Dell Disability Lawyers Successfully Appeals Cigna's Decision to Deny Benefits for MetroPCS Wireless Employee with HIV
  217. MetLife Removes 24 Month Limitation for Mental Health Condition for Financial Advisor
  218. After Appeal by Dell Disability Lawyers, Cigna overturns its decision to deny Short Term Disability Benefits
  219. Principal Approves Long Term Disability Benefits for Surgeon
  220. Attorney Alex Palamara Wins Disability Appeal Against Cigna for Lockheed Martin Employee
  221. After Two Appeals, Cigna Finally Sees the Light and Pays Disability Benefits
  222. Sun Life Approves Claim for Long Term Disability Benefits
  223. Hartford Reversed Decision To Terminate Claimant's LTD Benefits After Submitting an Appeal
  224. Lincoln Financial Overturns Denial of ERISA Long Term Disability Claim for Dell Disability Lawyers Client, But There Is A Catch
  225. CIGNA Denies Long-term Disability Benefits to Customer Service Representative with Fibromyalgia
  226. Lincoln Admits It Was Wrong To Deny Disability Insurance Claim
  227. Lincoln Approves Disability Claim After Multiple Appeals
  228. Cigna Reverses Long Term Disability Denial And Admits Denying Benefits To Attorney Stricken With Parkinson's Was Wrong
  229. Hartford ERISA Disability Appeal Victory for a Jet Operator Suffering with Chronic Back Pain
  230. A Liberty Life Disability Benefit Denial is Reversed after ERISA Appeal filed by Attorney Alex Palamara of Dell Disability Lawyers
  231. Cigna Overturns Denial of LTD Disability Benefits to Off Shore Oil Rigger Suffering From Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  232. Mass Mutual Approves Long Term Disability Benefits For an Oncologist That Suffered Stroke
  233. Hartford Settles Disability Claim of 60 Year-Old Account Executive After Terminating LTD Benefits
  234. Sun Life Disability Claim Denial Reversed on Appeal for Funeral Home Director with Chronic Pain and Migraines
  235. Aetna Overturns Denial of Long Term Disability Benefits to Bank Manager with Multiple Sclerosis Following ERISA Appeal
  236. Cigna Overturns Decision to Deny Short Term Disability Benefits to Independent Living Coordinator Suffering from Chronic Pain, Lupus, Fibromyalgia and Connective Tissue Disorder
  237. Metlife Admits Decision To Deny Ltd Benefits To Claimant With Chronic Fatigue Due To Congestive Heart Failure Was Wrong
  238. Two Stroke Victims Win ERISA Appeals Against Prudential and Liberty Life
  239. Prudential Reinstates Long Term Disability Benefits on Appeal to Sales Manager Who Suffered Multiple Strokes
  240. AXA Equitable and DMS Approve LTD Benefits for Litigation Attorney with ADHD & Bi-Polar
  241. Dell Disability Lawyers obtains settlement award for OB/GYN with Unum individual disability policy
  242. Metlife Admits Decision to Deny LTD Benefits Based on Fibromyalgia Limitation Was Incorrect When Claimant's Primary Diagnosis Was Meniere's Disease
  243. Northwestern Mutual Reinstates Disability Benefits to Attorney Suffering From Gastrointestinal Problems
  244. Dell Disability Lawyers Prove to Prudential that Its Decision to Deny Benefits Was Wrong
  245. Mutual Of Omaha Overturns Denial of Short Term Disability Benefits for Software Developer With Chronic Back Pain
  246. Cigna Overturns Denial of Disability Insurance Benefits for IT Consultant Suffering from Physical and Mental Conditions
  247. Dell Disability Lawyers' Client Awarded ERISA Long Term Disability Benefits After ERISA Appeal Filed
  248. Alex Palamara's ERISA Disability Appeal Against Prudential Leads To Reinstatement of Benefits for Woman With Cerebral Aneurysm
  249. MetLife Overturns its Decision to Deny Long Term Disability Benefits After Receiving an ERISA Appeal from Dell Disability Lawyers
  250. Hartford Reinstates Long Term Disability Benefits on Appeal to Computer Systems Administrator Suffering with Chronic Back Pain
  251. Dell Disability Lawyers' Appeal Leads Prudential to Reinstate ERISA Long Term Disability Benefits
  252. Aetna Reinstates Short and Long Term Disability Benefits on Appeal to Warehouse Manager Suffering from Major Depression
  253. Mutual Of Omaha Overturns Denial of Short Term Disability Benefits for Software Developer
  254. Cigna Reverses Disability Denial And Admits Its Decision To Deny Benefits To Attorney Stricken With Parkinson's Was Wrong
  255. MetLife Long-Term Disability Denial Of Disabled Yamaha Motors Corporation Manager With Genetic Disorder Is Reversed Following ERISA Appeal
  256. Chiropractor Obtains Lump-Sum Disability Insurance Settlement Despite Wrong Date of Disability
  257. Reliance Standard Overturns Denial of LTD Disability Benefits to Timeshare Salesman
  258. MetLife Reinstates Benefits to Financial Advisor Suffering From Restless Leg Syndrome & Insomnia
  259. CIGNA Overturns Its Decision to Deny Continued Disability Benefits for Former Employee of Science Applications International Corporation
  260. Unum Approves Disability Benefits Beyond 24 Month Mental Health Limitation
  261. Hartford Admits Decision to Deny LTD Benefits to Claimant with Chronic Lyme Disease Was Wrong
  262. Aetna Denies Disability Benefits after 18 Months of Payment, but Dell Disability Lawyers wins ERISA Appeal
  263. Northwestern Mutual Approves Long Term Disability Insurance Benefits for Veterinarian
  264. Dell Disability Lawyers Win an ERISA Appeal Following Lincoln Financial Disability Denial
  265. Unum disability appeal results in settlement of Unum long term disability claim
  266. Reliance Standard reverses long term disability denial following appeal submitted by Dell Disability Lawyers
  267. Woman with multiple sclerosis files long term disability benefit denial lawsuit against Prudential
  268. Unum Pays One Million Dollars in Disability Benefits to Disabled Lawyer After Reviewing Disability Appeal Submitted By Dell Disability Lawyers
  269. Liberty Mutual Overturns Disability Denial to Truck Driver With Chronic Low Back Pain
  270. Lincoln Financial Reinstates Disability Benefits Following the Submission of an Appeal for an Attorney With Wrist Injuries
  271. UNUM Insurance Company reverses disability insurance denial for CFO/VP of Finance
  272. Liberty Mutual Overturns Disability Insurance Denial in Ten Days
  273. Prudential Overturns Disability Denial for Third Time to Insured with Cluster Headaches
  274. Prudential Awards Long Term Disability Benefits to Doctor Suffering From Parkinson's Disease
  275. AT&T Employee Dealing With Sedgwick Has Horrible Disability Benefit Claim Experience
  276. CIGNA denies benefits after paying for 10 years, but Disability Attorney Stephen Jessup wins benefits for 60 year old client with fibromyalgia
  277. Hartford reverses disability benefit denial after previously paying 62 year old sales rep for 6 years
  278. Standard reverses disability insurance denial for a disabled lawyer
  279. Disability lawyers win ERISA long term disability appeal against Hartford
  280. $79,000 in long term disability insurance benefits is recovered for disabled teacher
  281. MetLife approves disability insurance benefits for OB/GYN suffering from multiple orthopedic conditions
  282. Federal Insurance Company and former postal worker reach confidential settlement regarding lump-sum disability policy
  283. Unum issues disability insurance benefits to currency trader suffering from depression and chronic fatigue
  284. Berkshire and Liberty Mutual approve benefits to OB/GYN suffering from essential tremor
  285. CIGNA lump sum settlement buyout offer obtained for former salesman
  286. General Surgeon wins Long Term Disability Insurance Trial Against Unum
  287. Liberty Mutual reverses decision to terminate disability benefits
  288. Disability carrier denies disability benefits to chiropractor after paying for 8 years, yet Dell Disability Lawyers file lawsuit and obtain lump-sum buyout
  289. Podiatrist with median nerve injury files lawsuit and obtains lump-sum buyout of disability policy
  290. A general surgeon and his legal team at Dell Disability Lawyers win disability insurance jury trial against Unum
  291. Berkshire approves total disability benefits for litigation attorney following surgery to remove a cancerous tumor and multi-level fusion of cervical spine
  292. Reed group overturns its decision to terminate short term disability benefits to medical device sales representative and retired marine corp. officer suffering from post traumatic stress disorder
  293. Prudential reverses denial of long term disability benefits to engineering manager suffering from coronary artery disease
  294. Cameraman suffering from chronic knee problems receives long-term disability benefits from the Mutual of New York Life Insurance Company
  295. Lincoln Financial's denial of long-term disability benefits is reversed following appeal submitted by Dell Disability Lawyers
  296. Dell Disability Lawyers resolve lawsuit against Unum on behalf of ophthalmologist suffering from bi-lateral carpal tunnel syndrome
  297. Unum approves long-term disability benefits for a general surgeon diagnosed with cervical degenerative disc disease
  298. $800,000 lump-sum disability settlement for attorney with depression
  299. Confidential Disability Settlement for a Dentist After Insurance Companies Bad Faith is Exposed
  300. A former podiatrist and current national judo champion and marathon runner collects long-term disability benefits
  301. Aetna approves disability benefits for dentist following brain surgery to remove a tumor
  302. Aetna's denial of disability benefits to an OBGYN physician is reversed following an appeal submitted by Dell Disability Lawyers
  303. Dell Disability Lawyers prove dentist is totally disabled and not residually disabled
  304. Dell Disability Lawyers win long term disability insurance appeal against MetLife on behalf of engineer suffering from Parkinson's
  305. Dell Disability Lawyers win benefits for client under a catastrophic illness policy
  306. Dell Disability Lawyers win long-term disability trial against Prudential on behalf of time-share salesperson suffering from cervical disc disease
  307. Dell Disability Lawyers obtain lump sum buy-out of an Unum long term disability insurance policy for a drywall contractor
  308. AXA Equitable and Disability Management Services approves benefits for a chiropractor suffering from lumbar and cervical disc disease
  309. Berkshire Life Insurance Company approves long-term disability benefits for a dentist suffering from lumbar disc disease
  310. Chiropractor placed on claim despite an "any occupation" provision
  311. Chiropractor receives total disability benefits despite neck exclusion language in a Trustmark Insurance Company disability policy
  312. Cigna approves internal medicine doctor for long-term total disability benefits
  313. Cigna reinstates disability benefits for an accounting manager
  314. Dentist wins appeal and UNUM Provident pays disability benefits
  315. Dentist with hand tremor files suit and receives confidential settlement for past due and future long-term disability benefits
  316. Disability insurance carrier cuts veterinarian's benefits after paying for 9 years
  317. ENT doctor receives $225,000 and continues to work in his same occupation while collecting disability
  318. AXA Equitable pays total disability benefits to an attorney
  319. ERISA disablity insurance claim: pre-existing condition denial overturned for executive
  320. Executive assistant recieves confidential settlement from USAA Life for long-term disability policy
  321. Federal Express ("FEDEX") thought their disability insurance plan was governed by ERISA, but Dell Disability Lawyers and the US Southern District Court of Florida disagree
  322. Former government bond trader and 9-11 survivor receives more than one million dollars in long-term disability benefits
  323. Former options trader receives confidential long-term disability settlement 10 years after his original claim was denied
  324. Hartford agrees to lump-sum buyout of long-term disability policy for account executive
  325. Hartford and Unum approve long-term disability benefits for disabled radiologist
  326. Hartford approves long-term disability benefits for teaching assistant with multiple sclerosis
  327. Lincoln Financial approves long-term disability benefits for financial advisor injured in car accident
  328. Mass Mutual approves long-term disability benefits of $12,000 a month for a financial advisor suffering from musclar dystrohpy (FSHD)
  329. Mass Mutual attempts to deny disability benefits to OBGYN after ten years on claim
  330. MetLife approves long term disability benefits for senior sales manager in the medical supply industry
  331. Neurosurgeon awarded partial disability benefits
  332. Podiatrist receives lump-sum buyout at pre-suit mediation with long-term disability insurer
  333. Prudential pays computer system engineer's ERISA disability benefits after 3 unsuccessful appeals by the insured and his previous attorney
  334. Prudential reinstates long-term disability benefits to sales specialist following appeal filed by Dell Disability Lawyers
  335. Prudential reverses denial on second appeal & pays $175,000 in past due disability benefits to OBGYN
  336. Psychiatrist receives $340,000 long-term disability insurance buyout
  337. Real estate agent recieves lump sum settlement from Unum Provident after appeal is filed
  338. The Standard Insurance Company's denial of disability benefits is reversed on appeal
  339. Unum approves dentist for residual/partial long-term disability benefits
  340. Unum approves long-term disability benefits for a trial attorney suffering from diabetic neuropathy
  341. Unum approves opthamologist for long-term total disabilty benefits
  342. Unum challenges the long term disability claim of a blind salesman
  343. Unum Provident and Monarch Life Insurance Company pay total disability to dentist
  344. Unum Provident approves physiologist's claim for disability benefits
  345. Unum Provident pays advertising executive total disability benefits
  346. Unum Provident pays total disability benefits to a chiropractor with breast cancer
  347. Teacher suffering from Sjorgen's syndrome, fibromyalgia and other conditions receives lump-sum buyout following denial of long-term disability benefits
  348. Liberty Mutual reverses denial of short-term disability benefits and approves long-term disability benefits for advertising account manager
  349. Jefferson Pilot's denial of long-term disability benefits to a quality control manager is reversed


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  25. Billing Manager With Back Disorder Wins Unum Long Term Disability Denial Appeal
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  32. Amazon Operation Managers With Back Disorder Wins Hartford Disability Appeal
  33. JP Morgan Chase Banker with Back Disorder Wins Prudential Long Disability Benefit Appeal
  34. After Paying IT Professional for 5 Years The Standard Disability Benefit Denial is Reversed
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  552. Liberty Mutual Denial of Disability Benefits to Allstate Employee is Reversed
  553. Hartford Insurance attempts to dismiss disability insurance lawsuit claiming Statute of Limitations
  554. Inexperienced ERISA disability attorney ordered to pay $4,000 to Prudential Insurance Company
  555. Prudential Disability Insurance Benefit Denial Not Subject to 24 Month Mental Nervous Limitation
  556. Union Central Insurance Disability Benefit Application, Appeal, Denial, Lawsuit, Claim
  557. Mutual of Omaha - Disability Insurance Benefit Denials, Appeals, Lawsuits & Claims
  558. Assurant or Union Security Disability Benefit Appeal, Denial. Lawsuit, and Claim
  559. AIG Disability Insurance Claim, Denial, Appeal and Lawsuit Information
  560. Disability Insurance Claim Tips For Disabling Back & Lumbar Pain
  561. Aetna Claim Denial Reversed After Aetna Disability Appeal Submission
  562. AXA Equitable Disability and DMS Disability Insurance Help From Lawyers
  563. If my social security disability claim was denied will my disability insurance claim be denied?
  564. Reliance Standard Disability Insurance Claim Denial ERISA Appeal Tips
  565. 3 Important Steps to Take Following a CIGNA / LINA Disability Denial
  566. Attorney Gregory Dell - A National Disability Insurance Attorney
  567. Hartford Disability Lawsuit and Appeal of A Disability Insurance Denial
  568. Attorneys Dell & Schaefer: Representing Disability Insurance Claimants Nationwide
  569. A disability insurance claim caused by a pain disorder is not a depression disability claim
  570. Unum Disability Denial & Appeal Tips
  571. Attorneys Dell & Schaefer's Commitment To Our Clients
  572. Disability Insurance Attorneys Dell & Schaefer, Helping The Disabled Since 1979
  573. Three Important Things to Consider When Applying for Disability Insurance Benefits
  574. Disability Attorney Gregory Dell Appears on the Ed Tyll Radio Show
  575. Aetna Disability Benefit Denial for Former Boeing Employee is Upheld by Appeal Court
  576. Cigna Disability Insurance Denial to Woman with Sjogren's Disease
  577. Aetna Disability Insurance Denial of a Boeing Employee Results in Bankruptcy
  578. MetLife Request for a Disability Insurance IME Exam Denied By California Judge
  579. Hartford Disability Benefit Denial - Three Important Tips From A Disability Attorney
  580. Important Steps to Take If Aetna Has Denied Your Disability Insurance Benefits
  581. What relationship does UNUM have with hired doctors in disability insurance claims?
  582. Hiring A California Disability Attorney For A Disability Insurance Claim or Denial is Important
  583. CIGNA Ordered To Pay Disability Insurance Benefits Beyond 24 Month Mental Nervous Limitation
  584. Principal Financial Group - Disability Insurance Claims, Denials & Lawsuits Help
  585. Resolved Disability Insurance Cases by Attorneys Dell & Schaefer
  586. Frequently Asked Questions About Disability Insurance Claims
  587. Things to Expect if Your Disability Insurance Claim was Denied and a Lawsuit Must be Filed
  588. Attorneys Dell & Schaefer: Legal Representation For Disability Insurance Claims
  589. Like Our Facebook Page and Lets Protect Your Disability Income Benefits
  590. SSDI Approval Does Not Mean LTD Disability Insurance Benefits Will Be Paid
  591. Liberty Mutual Relies On Video Surveillance to Deny Disability Benefits
  592. Hartford Has Some Sneaky Disability Claim Handling Practices
  593. Residual Disability Insurance Claims and Applying For Disability Benefits
  594. Accident vs. Sickness Provision in Disability Insurance Policy Requires Immediate Attention
  595. Sedgwick Ignores Medical Records and Denies Disability Benefits
  596. Disability Insurance Denial and ERISA Appeal Deadlines Prior to Lawsuit
  597. Top 5 Reasons for Disability Insurance Denial
  598. ERISA Disability Appeal - 5 Reasons You Should Have A Disability Attorney
  599. SunLife Insurance Company Lump-Sum Benefit Buyout Offers
  600. Is it safe for a disability claimant to be on Facebook or other social media?
  601. Illinois Mutual Disability Insurance Claim & Denial Attorneys
  602. Social Security Disability Offsets in Disability Insurance Claims
  603. Reliance Standard Life Insurance - Disability Benefit Claim Attorneys-Appeals, Lawsuits and Claims
  604. Lincoln Financial Group and Jefferson Pilot Corporation Disability Claims
  605. Ohio National Life Insurance Company - A Disability Attorney's View
  606. Sedgwick Disability Benefit Claims
  607. Aetna Disability Insurance Claims - A Disability Attorney's View
  608. Deposition of Insurance Co. Employee in a Disability Insurance Benefits Denial Lawsuit (Ep. 19)
  609. Disability Insurance Adjuster Meets With His Supervisor
  610. Mr. Disability: A Warning for Disability Insurance Claimants
  611. Who Makes The Final Decison To Approve Or Deny Disability Insurance Benefits? (Ep. 17)
  612. A Senator's View of ERISA Disability Insurance Claims (Ep. 20)
  613. Beware of Hired Gun Doctors in Disability Insurance Claims (Ep. 23)
  614. A Federal Judge's Perspective on ERISA Disability Insurance Claims (Ep. 21)
  615. Don't Handle Your Disability Insurance Claim Without An Attorney
  616. An ERISA Appeal for Disability Insurance Benefits Must Be Perfect
  617. Free Pain Journal Provided by Disability Insurance Attorneys Dell & Schaefer
  618. Should I Stop Paying My Disability Insurance Premiums Even Though My Claim Decision Is Pending?
  619. 10 Reasons ERISA is an Unfair Law for Disability Insurance Claimants (Ep. 15)
  620. How Can One Disability Company Approve My Claim But My Other Disability Company Has Denied My Claim?
  621. Lloyds of London Disability Insurance Claims
  622. Northwestern Mutual Insurance Disability Claims
  623. Do disability insurance companies deny all claims for disability benefits?
  624. Application Process for Short and Long Term Disability Insurance Benefits
  625. 10 Things To Expect When Your Disability Insurance Company Asks For An IME Exam (Ep. 16)
  626. Will the Disability Insurance Company Pay My Doctor to Complete an Attending Physician Statement?
  627. If I can not afford medical treatment can I still collect Disability Insurance Benefits?
  628. Do I have to sign the social security reimbursement agreement requested by the disability company?
  629. If I Am Approved for Social Security Benefits Does That Mean My Disability Claim Will Be Approved?
  630. How Does Workers Compensation Benefits Affect a Claimant's Disability Insurance Benefits?
  631. What is a Functional Capacity Exam (FCE) & Should I Go to an FCE?
  632. What Does Payment of Disability Benefits Under "Reservation of Rights" Mean?
  633. Can I Earn Money While I Collect Long Term Disability Benefits?
  634. What Are the Most Common Disabling Conditions for a Long Term Disability Claim?
  635. What Type of Doctor Should I Be Treating With in Order to Claim Disability Benefits?
  636. If I Am Physician Claiming Long Term Disability Can I Treat Myself?
  637. What Can I Do if the Disability Insurance Company is Delaying Disability Payments?
  638. Unum / Provident / Paul Revere Long & Short Term Disability Claims (Ep. 13)
  639. MetLife Disability Denial Reversed By Court For Unreasonable Claim Handling (Ep. 14)
  640. Do I Have to File an Appeal Before I Can File a Lawsuit?
  641. What should you do when the disability insurance company does not respond to your ERISA Appeal?
  642. Why Does the Disability Insurance Company Request My Tax Returns?
  643. Can My Disability Claim Be Denied if My Doctor Has Not Released Me to Return to Work?
  644. Can I receive disability benefits while my appeal or lawsuit is pending?
  645. How Long Will I Receive Disability Benefits Once My Disability Claim is Approved?
  646. Should I Return the "Medical Authorization Release" Form to the Disability Insurance Company?
  647. Can I Sue My Long Term Disabilty Insurance Company for Bad Faith or Punitive Damages?
  648. Why should I hire a disability attorney to submit my ERISA Appeal?
  649. How Do I Determine My Date of Disability for a Long Term Disability Insurance Claim?
  650. What Are Self Reported Condition Limitations in a Disability Insurance Policy?
  651. Can My Long Term Disability Claim Be Denied for a Pre Existing Condition?
  652. What Is a Residual Disability Income Claim?
  653. Can I Do Volunteer Work While I Am Collecting Disability Benefits?
  654. Am I Required to Have Surgery in Order to Collect Long Term Disability Benefits?
  655. How Often Is a Disability Claimant Expected to Treat With a Doctor?
  656. The 5 Most Common Reasons for a Disability Insurance Claim Denial
  657. Mass Mutual Financial Disability Insurance Claims (Ep. 11)
  658. Liberty Mutual Long Term & Short Term Disability Insurance Claims (Ep. 12, part 2)
  659. Liberty Mutual Long Term & Short Term Disability Insurance Claims (Ep. 12, part 1)
  660. Sun Life Financial Disability Insurance Claims (Ep. 10, part 2/2)
  661. Sun Life Financial Disability Insurance Claims (Ep. 10, part 1/2)
  662. Guardian & Berskhire Life Long Term Disabilit Insurance Claims (Ep. 9)
  663. MetLife Disability Insurance Company (Ep. 7, part 1/2)
  664. Prudential Long Term Disability Insurance Claims (Ep. 8, part 2/2)
  665. Prudential Disability Insurance Company (Ep. 8, part 1/2)
  666. MetLife Disability Insurance Company (Ep. 7, part 2/2)
  667. Never Speak to Disability Insurance Company Without an Attorney
  668. IME doctors MAY NOT be independent
  669. Beware of Outside IME Companies Hired by Disability Insurance Companies
  670. Disability Insurance Co. Interview Request FAQ #2
  671. Disability Insurance Company Interview Request FAQ #1
  672. Disability Insurance Independent Medical Exams (IME) FAQ #5
  673. Disability Insurance Independent Medical Exams (IME) FAQ #4
  674. Disability Insurance Independent Medical Exams (IME) FAQ #3
  675. Disability Insurance Independent Medical Exams (IME) FAQ #2
  676. Disability Insurance Independent Medical Exams (IME) FAQ #1
  677. IME Exams Requested By Disability Insurance Companies Can Be Dangerous (Ep. 4, part 2/2)
  678. IME Exam Requested By Disability Insurance Companies Can Be Dangerous (Ep. 4, part 1/2)
  679. Beware of Interview Request By Disability Insurance Companies (Ep. 3, part 2/2)
  680. Beware of Interview Request By Disability Insurance Companies (Ep. 3, part 1)
  681. CIGNA Long-Term Disability Insurance Company (Ep. 6, part 2/2)
  682. CIGNA Long-Term Disability Insurance Company (Ep. 6, part 1/2)
  683. Hartford Disability Insurance Company (Ep. 5, part 2/2)
  684. Speak With a Disability Insurance Attorney Before You File Your Claim
  685. How Important Is the Support of My Treating Physician?
  686. What Types of Medical Conditions Are Most Commonly Challenged by Disability Insurance Companies?
  687. What Is a Lump Sum Buyout?
  688. How Do Disability Insurance Companies Calculate Lump-Sum Buyouts?
  689. Why Consider a Lump-sum Buyout of Your Disability Insurance Policy?
  690. Is ERISA a Fair Law for Disability Claimants?
  691. How Does an Individual Disability Claim Differ From an ERISA Group Disability Claim?
  692. How Do I Know if My Disability Policy is Subject to ERISA?
  693. Why Was ERISA Created?
  694. Are There Any Penalties if a Disability Insurance Company Violates ERISA?
  695. Who Are the Largest Private and Group Disability Insurance Companies?
  696. Time to File an ERISA Disability Appeal?
  697. What is the "any occupation" definition of disability?
  698. What is an "Own Occupation" definition of disability?
  699. Does Having a Disability Insurance Attorney Raise a Red Flag?
  700. Why Is It Important to Have a Disability Attorney When Applying for Disability Insurance Benefits?
  701. Why Are Disability Insurance Policies Difficult to Understand?
  702. Hartford Disability Insurance Company (Ep. 5, part 1/2)
  703. Disability Insurance Companies Love Video Surveillance (Ep. 2, part 1)
  704. Disability Insurance Companies Love Video Surveillance (Ep. 2, part 3/3)
  705. Disability Insurance Companies Love Video Surveillance (Ep. 2, part 2/3)
  706. Lump-Sum Disability Policy Buyouts
  707. ERISA Lawsuits & Trials
  708. ERISA Disability Insurance Appeals
  709. Group / ERISA Claim Denial
  710. Individual Disability Claim Denial
  711. Disability Insurance Attorneys Can Keep The Insurance Companies Honest
  712. Applying For Disability Benefits: Individual or Group Disability Policy
  713. Applying For Disability Insurance Benefits
  714. Services Offered By Disability Insurance Attorneys Dell & Schaefer
  715. Cesar Gavidia -A Nationwide Disability Insurance Attorney
  716. The Importance Of A Disability Insurance Attorney
  717. The Importance Of A Disability Insurance Attorney
  718. SSDI Benefits versus Long Term Disability Insurance Benefits (Ep. 1)
  719. What Is the Appeal Process if My Social Security Disability Claim Has Been Denied?
  720. How long do I have to be disabled before I can file a claim for Social Security disability benefits?
  721. Does Social Security Always Deny Disability Claimants the First Time They Submit a Claim?
  722. Does Social Security Disability Approve Claims That Are Based on Subjective Medical Conditions?
  723. Should I Allow My Disability Insurance Company to Interview Me in My Home?
  724. Video Surveillance FAQ #1
  725. Video Surveillance FAQ #4
  726. Video Surveillance FAQ #5
  727. Video Surveillance FAQ #3
  728. Video Surveillance FAQ #2
  729. How Does The Social Security Administration Determine If a Person Is Eligible for Social Security?
  730. How Often Does the Social Security Administration Evaluate a Claimant's Eligibility?


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  1. Federal Court Overturns Aetna Denial Of Disability Benefits
  2. Court Finds Irregularities in Procter & Gamble Long Term Disability Benefit Denial
  3. Federal Judge Makes Companion Life Insurance Pay Long Term Disability Benefits
  4. NFL Disability Review Board Ignores Evidence of Disability and Appeal Court Reverses Lower Court Decision
  5. Judge Agrees that MetLife's Denial of Long Term Disability Benefits was Reasonable
  6. Can Standard Insurance Company’s Failure to Raise an Issue be Considered a Waiver?
  7. Court Ordered Aetna to Pay LTD Benefits to Computer Engineer
  8. California Federal Judge Orders Standard Insurance Company to Pay Disability Benefits to Teacher with Lyme Disease
  9. Court Orders Aetna to Pay LTD Benefits to Plaintiff Suffering from CFS
  10. Reliance Standard Wrongfully Denies Life Insurance Waiver of Premium and Must Pay $188,000
  11. Court Upholds Aetna’s Denial of LTD Benefits Under the “Any Occupation” Disability Definition
  12. A Judge’s 8 Reasons that Aetna Reasonably Denied Disability Benefits to Bank of America Employee
  13. Court Rules Plaintiff's Medical Records Was Replete With Evidence Supporting Claim of MS & Was Not A Pre-Existing Condition
  14. Court Rules That Aetna’s Failure To Consider Plaintiff’s Actual Job Duties Was Arbitrary And Capricious
  15. Court Rules That MetLife Improperly Limited Proof Of Claim To Only Objective Data
  16. Cigna Admits Error In Denying Disability Benefits
  17. Hartford Admits to Improper Offset, Agrees to Reimburse 10 Years of Wrongfully Withheld Money
  18. Was Eaton’s Denial of LTD Benefits for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Arbitrary and Capricious?
  19. Is Plaintiff Entitled to LTD Benefits When Unable to Work in Any Occupation?
  20. California Federal Court Overturns MetLife’s Denial of Disability Benefits
  21. Can Employer’s Transfer of Coverage Effect an Employee’s Disability Claim?
  22. Court Upholds Aetna’s Denial of Accidental Death Benefits Under Intoxication Exclusion
  23. Court Rules That MetLife Did Not Consider The Material Duties Of Claimants Occupation
  24. Court Upholds Sedgwick's Denial of Benefits for Claimant with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  25. Court Finds Video Surveillance Renders Claimant’s Self-Reporting Unreliable and Upholds Hartford’s Termination of LTD Benefits
  26. Court Upholds Reliance’s Denial of Disability Benefits to Riverboat Pilot
  27. Reliance Termination of Benefits Is Upheld When Evidence Was Conflicting
  28. 1st Circuit Affirms Holding That Claim Is Not Subject To Pre-Existing Condition Provision
  29. Appellate Court Agrees with Zurich Decision to Deny Accidental Death Benefits to Wife of Man with Cardiac Condition
  30. Mutual of Omaha Disability Denial Upheld by Appellate Court
  31. Court Rules Plaintiff Filed Lawsuit Before Trustmark Denied His Claim
  32. After paying for 13 years Unum Denies Disability Benefits to Woman with Lyme Disease and Endometriosis
  33. Inexperienced Lawyer Handles Unum Disability Lawsuit and Fails to Provide Evidence to Support Occupational Argument
  34. Can Sun Life deduct Veterans' Benefits from a monthly disability insurance benefit payment?
  35. Is De Novo Review Correct Standard When AIG Failed to Comply with ERISA Regulations in Terminating LTD Benefits?
  36. Did U.S. Life Breach its Contract When it Denied Total Disability Claim of ABA Policy Holder?
  37. MetLife Pre-Existing Condition Disability Benefit Denial for Back Injury Reversed
  38. Can Medical Records Created After the Eligibility Period Support a Claim for Disability Benefits?
  39. Does Policy Language of Actively at Work Include Saturday, Sunday and Holidays?
  40. Can UNUM Deny LTD Benefits When Plaintiff Proves Eligibility by a Preponderance of the Evidence?
  41. Reliance's Termination of Disability Benefits was Arbitrary and Capricious When it Discounted Supporting Medical Evidence Without Reason
  42. Court Orders Western & Southern Financial Group to Pay Short Term Disability Benefits
  43. Is Remand Required If Plaintiff Proves Disability by a Preponderance of the Evidence?
  44. Do Courts Require Objective Medical Tests to Support a Fibromyalgia Diagnosis?
  45. The Standard's Denial of LTD Benefits for Financial Planner Upheld by Ohio Court
  46. Can Unum Deny My LTD Benefits After Paying For 15 Years?
  47. Programmer Denied LTD Benefits by MetLife Upheld by Court
  48. Cigna Denial of LTD Benefits for Schlumberger Shop Manager Upheld
  49. Court Orders Liberty to Pay LTD Benefits to Plaintiff Who Proved She was Disabled
  50. Missouri Court Rules Cigna Wrongfully Terminated Disability Benefits
  51. Court Agrees with Sedgwick and Finds Plaintiff's ERISA Lawsuit is Time-Barred
  52. Missouri Court Orders Cigna to Pay LTD Benefits to Medical Sales Executive
  53. Court Holds Plaintiff's State Claims Preempted by ERISA and Dismissed Complaint
  54. MetLife's Denial of LTD Benefits Was Based on Substantial Evidence
  55. Court Rules Proper Standard of Review is Abuse of Discretion
  56. District Court Holds That Reliance Standard Did Not Properly Consider Whether Traveling Nurse Could Perform The Material Duties Of Her Regular Occupation
  57. Met-Life Denies Benefits when Claimant Fails to Present Evidence to Support His Claim
  58. Ohio National Sued for Not Paying Brokers Who Sold Annuities
  59. Court Finds Prudential Abused its Discretion in Denying LTD Benefits
  60. Court Denied American General's Motion for Partial Summary Judgment
  61. Court Orders Principal Life to Pay Long-Term Disability Benefits to Plaintiff
  62. Massachusetts court overturns Unum's decision to terminate disability benefits after paying for nearly ten years
  63. 8th Circuit Court of Appeal Overturns Award of LTD Benefits for Disabled Walmart Employee
  64. Court Rules Against Unum Holding Plaintiff's Plan is Exempt from ERISA Coverage
  65. If Your Long Term Disability Claim is Denied due to a Pre-Existing Condition, All May Not be Lost
  66. LTD Claimant's Failure to Submit Timely Appeal Was Fatal to His Disability Insurance Claim
  67. Prudential Wrongfully Relies on Neuropsychological Report to Deny LTD Benefits After 12 Years
  68. California Federal Court Orders Metropolitan Life Insurance Company to reinstate benefits to disabled analyst
  69. Court Upholds Standard's Termination of Long-Term Disability Benefits
  70. Appeals Court Upholds Hartford's Termination of Disability Benefits
  71. District Court Ordered to Evaluate Unum's Pre-Existing Condition Claim
  72. California Court Overturns Prudential Denial of LTD Benefits
  73. Cigna's Termination of Disability Benefits was Arbitrary and Capricious
  74. Court Rules for Paul Revere/UNUM and Holds Plaintiff is not Totally Disabled
  75. Court Finds Aetna Had No Credible Argument Whatsoever To Support Its Decision To Deny Benefits To Claimant With MS
  76. Court Remands to Sedgwick for Reevaluation of Its Denial of Claim for Disability Benefits
  77. Court Criticizes Lina For Failing to Perform Independent Examination
  78. Aetna Ordered by Federal Court to Reconsider the Claim of Amazon Employee Disabled Due to Urinary Incontinence
  79. Unum Motion to Deny Total Disability Benefits to OB/GYN Denied by Tennessee Judge
  80. Metlife Denial of Long Term Disability Benefits For Heart Disease Claimant is Reversed
  81. Indiana District Court criticizes Aetna for denying benefits to Amazon Employee
  82. California Court Reverses Sunlife Disability Denial for Woman with Fibromyalgia
  83. Lockheed Martin Systems Integration Analyst Wins Long-term Disability Lawsuit against CIGNA
  84. Social Security Approval Does Not Mean Disability Insurance Benefits Must be Approved
  85. Court Rules Against United of Omaha's Determination of Disability Date
  86. New Jersey Federal Court Rules Against Aetna and in Favor of Systems Analyst Disabled by Degenerative Joint Disease of the Lumbar Spine
  87. Unum Tells a Pharmacist On Narcotics That She Is Not Disabled and Denies Benefits
  88. Court Orders Principal Life to Reinstate Long Term Disability Benefits
  89. Court Remands Finding That Reliance Arbitrarily Denied Disability Benefits
  90. Colorado District Court overturns denial of benefits by Life Insurance Company of North America
  91. Hartford Disability Company Field Interview Request and Video Surveillance
  92. Hartford Long Term Disability Benefit Denial Reversed by Minnesota Federal Judge
  93. Principal Life Disability Denial of Truck Driver Reversed by Washington Federal Judge
  94. Liberty Wrongfully Denies Long Term Disability Benefit Depression Claim Based on Filed Review
  95. United of Omaha criticized for relying on in-house medical review and failing to obtain independent examinations
  96. California Court Rules Disability Claim Accrues When Disability Terminates
  97. First Unum Cannot Extend Disability Appeal Review Indefinitely
  98. Court overturns United of Omaha's termination of Plaintiff's benefits after performing an unfair "any occupation" review
  99. Registered Nurse Disabled By Plantar Fascitis Wins Long-term Disability Lawsuit Against United of Omaha After Judge Finds Evidence of "Cherry Picking"
  100. 9th Circuit Holds That Release In Plaintiff's Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Bars Subsequent ERISA Benefits Claim
  101. California Court Overturns Prudential Denial of Disability Benefits
  102. District Court Affords Greater Weight To SSDI Award Than Surveillance Footage
  103. 7th Circuit Recognizes Chronic Debilitating Effects Of Fibromyalgia
  104. Court Rejects Expanded Mental Illness Limitation to Coverage
  105. First Circuit Finds for Plaintiff and Awards Retroactive Mental Health Benefits
  106. Prudential Denies Long Term Disability Claim Due to Insurance Fraud
  107. Texas Court Dismisses ERISA Lawsuit due to Judicial Estoppel
  108. Oklahoma Court Remands to Give Plaintiff the Opportunity to Respond to Unum's Allegations
  109. Federal Court Reverses Unum's Denial of Long-Term Disability Benefits
  110. Federal District Court Overturns Hartford's Denial of Long Term Disability Benefits
  111. Michigan Court Finds Plaintiff Eligible for Long Term Disability Benefits
  112. Prudential Denial of Disability Benefits to Employee that Was Disabled While Working is Reversed
  113. Liberty Mutual Ignores SSDI Approval and Denies LTD Benefits Wrongfully
  114. Hartford Denial of Disability Benefits to Claimant with Fibromyalgia is Reversed!
  115. 9th Circuit Clarifies The Definition Of "Sedentary Work"
  116. MetLife Denies Third Claim for Disability Benefits After Approving Two Separate Prior Claims for Disability Benefits for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Sufferer
  117. Texas Judge Disagrees with Cigna and Applies Claimant Friendly Disability Standard of Review
  118. Michigan Court Reverses AT&T's Denial of Plaintiff’s Two Claims for Short Term Benefits
  119. Utah Judge Reverses MetLife's Denial of Mental Disability Long Term Benefits
  120. Florida Court Upholds Hancock's Termination of Long Term Care Benefits
  121. MetLife Loses Case Over Unfair Life Insurance Disbursement Practices
  122. Texas Judge Rules No New Medical Evidence Allowed Post ERISA Disability Appeal
  123. Court Orders United of Omaha to Pay Death Benefit, Attorney's Fees and Prejudgment Interest
  124. Court Finds Multiple Errors and Orders Aetna to Pay Claimant Long Term Disability Benefits
  125. Reliance's Delay in Denying Disability Claim May Affect Standard of Review
  126. Reliance Erred in Denying Disability Benefits When Physical Conditions Caused Disability
  127. Court Orders Metlife to Re-evaluate the Denial of Disability Benefits to Citibank Employee
  128. One Year Period to File Lawsuit Following Liberty Life Insurance Denial is Valid
  129. Liberty Life Has a Conflict of Interest and Court Orders Reinstatement of Long-Term Disability Benefits
  130. Standard Insurance Wins Appellate Remand for Claimant's Own Occupation Disability Determination
  131. Unum Denial of Disability to Claimant with Lyme Disease Remanded by Washington ERISA Judge
  132. MetLife Slammed by California Judge for Long Term Disability Denial
  133. Court Orders Sedgwick to Pay Disability Benefits to Claimant with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome Even though the Employer Offered Her Accommodations
  134. Texas Ban on MetLife's Discretionary Clause is Great for Long Term Disability Claimants
  135. California Court Agrees with MetLife's Denial of Dismemberment Claim
  136. New York Federal Court Orders Aetna to Pay Long Term Disability Benefits
  137. Unum Disability Claim Dismissed For Failure To File a Timely Claim
  138. Hartford Life Abused Its Discretion by Failing to Advise of Need for an FCE
  139. Michigan Court Remands Aetna to Reconsider Disability Benefit Denial
  140. Court Upholds Principal Life's Denial of Extended Disability Benefits
  141. Washington Court Finds Liberty Erred in Terminating Disability Benefits
  142. Court Agrees: Principal Life Correctly Terminated Disability Benefits
  143. Court Remands Sun Life to Consider Social Security's Decision to Award Plaintiff Disability Benefits
  144. Federal Court Orders Principal Life Insurance Company to Pay Disability Benefits
  145. Texas Court Orders Union Central to Provide Discovery to Plaintiff
  146. Claimant is Ordered to Pay Attorney Fees to Standard for Failing to Exhaust Her Administrative Remedies
  147. Court Orders Aetna to Pay Disability Benefits when Plaintiff was Found Capable of Working
  148. MetLife Disability Denial Upheld when Claimant Files Lawsuit Without ERISA Appeal
  149. Court Finds Sedgwick Wrong to Deny Benefits Without Considering Claimant's Actual Job Duties
  150. Ohio Court Allows Investigation Into Reliance Standard Conflict of Interest After Disability Denial
  151. Arkansas Court Reverses Liberty Life's Disability Denial for a Nurse
  152. Sappi Company's Difficult Definition of Disability is Not Illegal According to Minnesota Federal Court
  153. Washington Court Finds Omaha Wrongfully Relied on Video Surveillance to Deny Disability Benefits
  154. Can UNUM Be Sued for Defamation in a Disability Insurance Case?
  155. Massachusetts Court Reverses Liberty Disability Denial for Failure to Examine or Consider Subjective Pain
  156. Court Sides with PNC: A Claimant Must Provide Proof of How Condition is Disabling
  157. Sun Life's Video Surveillance Backfires & is Ordered to Pay Disability Benefits
  158. Court Allows Aetna to Use the Dictionary of Occupational Titles to Deny LTD Benefits
  159. Court Rules Aetna Erred in Denying Long term Disability Benefits
  160. Federal Court Agrees with Aetna's Termination of Disability Benefits
  161. Court Orders Aetna to Reconsider Termination of Disability Benefits Where Aetna Completely Ignored Treating Doctors Records and Recommendations
  162. When neither the Insurance Company nor the Claimant Can Produce the Original Disability Policy, the Burden is on the Plaintiff to Prove the Terms of His or Her Policy
  163. California Court Finds Anthem's Long Term Disability Denial Unreasonable
  164. Federal ERISA Lawsuit Filed Against Prudential After It Denies Long-term Disability Benefits to Insured With Parkinson's Disease
  165. Florida Court Holds Anthem Does Not Need to do Vocational Testing in Disability Denial
  166. Michigan Court Agrees With Anthem's Denial of Long Term Disability Benefits
  167. Anthem Disability Claim Denial Reversed by Nevada Court
  168. Oregon Court Orders Standard to Pay Plaintiff Prejudgment Interest
  169. Disability Denial Remanded to Anthem for Analysis of Claimant's Job Duties
  170. Federal Court Orders Anthem Life & Disability to Reinstate Improperly Terminated Long Term Disability Benefits to a Fibromyalgia Claimant
  171. Vermont Federal Court Makes ING / Reliastar Reevaluate its Denial of LTD Benefit Under Any Occupation Definition
  172. Lincoln Financial Beats to Their Own Drum With Long Term Disability Claims
  173. Federal ERISA Lawsuit Filed Against CIGNA Following Its Decision to Terminate the Long-term Disability Claim of an Insured Suffering from Severe and Chronic Lower Back Pain
  174. Accidental Death Benefit Denied By National Union Fire Insurance Due To Language of Policy Exclusion
  175. Unum Denies Disability Benefits to 53 Year Old Woman After Paying for 16 years
  176. GE Benefit Denial Overturned For Plaintiff with Permanent Loss of Function of His Foot
  177. Cigna's Disability Denial Of Woman With Chronic Pain and Depression Reversed And Not Subject to Mental Nervous Limitation
  178. Court Rules That Sun Life Did Not Properly Review a Mental Nervous Disability Claim
  179. Federal Appeal Court Upholds District Court Order to FedEx to Pay Long Term Total Disability Benefits to Its Employee
  180. WARNING: Lincoln Financial Disability Denial Requires Two ERISA Appeals before Filing Suit
  181. Federal Court Orders Aetna to Pay Long Term Disability Benefits to Their Own Employee
  182. Is Reliance Standard Wrongfully Offsetting Your Disability Insurance Benefit?
  183. MetLife Denial of Disability Benefits For Woman With Fibromyalgia Remanded By Massachusetts Federal Judge
  184. North Carolina Federal Appeals Court Dismisses Disability Lawsuit Against Prudential As Untimely
  185. California Federal Court Finds Coverage Provision in Aetna Long-term Disability Plan to Be Ambiguous
  186. Criminal-Act exclusion does not apply without sufficient causal nexus
  187. Beware: MetLife Disability Insurance Policy Only Provides Three Years to File An ERISA Lawsuit
  188. Court Remands Fibromyalgia Case for Further Consideration after Finding MetLife Failed to Consider FCE Report and Vocational Evaluation
  189. Federal Court Examines Vocational Reviews and ERISA Disability
  190. Court Awards Attorney's Fees After Disability Insurance Claim is Remanded Back to Sun Life
  191. United States District Judge Rules that Unum's Decision to Deny Continued LTD Benefits Was Wrong because It Failed to Consider Relevant Evidence
  192. Does ERISA require Plan Administrators to have my claim reviewed by an independent vocational expert?
  193. Statute of Limitations Provision In Disability Policy Enforceable under ERISA
  194. Northern District of Illinois determines the exception to The Standard's "limited conditions" provision does not apply when plaintiff failed to provide current positive MRI evidence of a herniated disc
  195. Disability plan administrator cannot use theoretical job as basis to deny claim
  196. Fibromyalgia Claimants are Finally Being Heard: California Court Rules that Prudential May Not Deny Claim Based on Lack of Objective Evidence of Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  197. 4 reasons that make a disability insurer's denial of benefits arbitrary and capricious
  198. Discretionary Clause in Boeing's Long-term Disability Plan Found to Be Legal, Despite California Statute Banning Discretionary Clauses
  199. Sedgwick Continues monitoring application for SSDI benefits even after terminating disability claim
  200. Eaton Corporation Employee Losses ERISA Disability Insurance Lawsuit as Court Says Ability to Perform Part-Time Works is Ability to Perform Any Occupation
  201. UNUM Sues Long Term Disability Claimant for Overpayment and Wins
  202. Are the opinions of your treating physician's entitled to more deference?
  203. $1,000,000 in Unum Disability Benefits for an Attorney, Blackmail, and Supreme Court Denies Cert!
  204. AIG Repeatedly Denies Disability Benefits to a Colorado Woman with Fibromyalgia After Change of Disability Definition
  205. Pennsylvania Court rules Unum did not abuse its discretion in denying LTD benefits to woman who claimed she could not work for her employer under her current supervisor
  206. Court Allows Additional Evidence at Trial in ERISA Disability Case
  207. Tennessee Court Rules That Hartford's Failure to Examine Patient Was An Abuse of Discretion and Overrules Disability Denial
  208. Claimant Wins Summary Judgment Motion against MetLife After Court Determined that MRI was Sufficient to Diagnose Radiculopathy
  209. Insurance policy intoxication exclusions are as ambiguous as they come
  210. Do Not Sleep on Your Rights to Disability Benefits
  211. Claimant Unsuccessful in Disability Insurance Lawsuit against Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company in a Louisiana Lawsuit
  212. California Court Rules That Hartford Acted Unreasonably and Reverses Disability Denial
  213. Unum Disability Denial For 24 Month Self Reported Pain Limitation Due to Migraines Upheld By Virginia Court
  214. Accountant Punished by SunLife for Working Part-Time During Tax Season
  215. Former Employee of Procter & Gamble Loses Federal ERISA Lawsuit
  216. Claimant with Fibromyalgia and CRPS wins minor victory when U.S. Court of Appeals Vacates Judgment and Remands Case back to Sun Life for Re-evaluation
  217. Claimant with Fibromyalgia and CRPS Battles Sunlife for 5 Years Seeking Disability Benefits
  218. Sun Life Terminates Benefits After 24 Months Based on Nine Days of Surveillance
  219. Mechanic Loses Claim For Benefits Against Reliance Standard After Employer Makes Oral Misrepresentations Concerning Disability Insurance Coverage
  220. California Federal Court Finds Man Disabled, Overturns Unum's Decision that denied Long Term Disability Benefits
  221. Is Cigna's Medical Director John M. Mendez Licensed to practice medicine?
  222. Court Finds Objective Evidence Alone, Without Supporting Subjective Evidence, Is Not Enough To Prove Disability, Rules in Favor of Hartford
  223. A Letter to Cigna CEO Following Denial of Disability Benefits to a Wheel Chair Bound Woman
  224. MetLife Improperly Applies Limitation For "Neuromusculoskeletal and Soft Tissue Disorder" to Long Term Disability Claim
  225. United of Omaha Life Insurance Co. Denial of Long Term Disability Benefits Reversed By Alabama Judge
  226. Court grants partial summary judgment in favor of Plaintiff, remanding claim back to Aetna to review records it failed to review during the appeals process
  227. Lawsuit Against IME Physician Alleging Fraudulent Misrepresentation By IME Physician Dismissed by US District Court
  228. Anesthesiologist Loses Disability Insurance Lawsuit Against Sun Life Assurance Company in Pennsylvania Federal Court
  229. Attorney sues Unum to recover benefits after Unum terminates disability claim after learning attorney committed fraud; Unum counterclaims for over $1 million in overpaid benefits
  230. Insured's Lawsuit Dismissed By Massachusetts Federal Court For Being Filed Too Late
  231. US Supreme Court to Hear Disability Insurance Case Against Hartford Insurance Company
  232. California Court holds that Hartford Abused Its Discretion in Denying employee LTD Benefits
  233. Pennsylvania Court Awards Long Term Disability Benefits To Claimant, Finds Aetna Abused Discretion By Failing To Consider Self-Reported Symptoms
  234. Credibility Judgments Without IME Lead to Remand Back to Libery Life for Full and Fair Review in Kentucky ERISA Disability Lawsuit
  235. Missouri Court Awards Full Disability Benefits in Mental Nervous Condition Case Against Hartford
  236. New York Court Recognizes Unum Insurance Company's History of Biased Claims Administration and Permits Discovery Into a Potential Conflict of Interest
  237. New York Judge's 168 Page Ruling Finds In Favor Of Hartford's LTD Benefit Denial In ERISA Lawsuit
  238. Alabama Court Refuses To Consider Additional Medical Evidence Submitted After Metlife's Denial Of Claimant's One Mandatory ERISA Disability Appeal
  239. Objective versus Subjective: Evidence Requirements in ERISA Disability Lawsuits
  240. Aetna Ordered to Produce Internal Statements of Policies, Procedures and Guideline Relative to Claimant's Long-Term Disability Claim
  241. Appellate Court Rules That Hartford’s Failure to Examine Patient Was An Abuse of Discretion and Overrules Disability Denial
  242. Beware of Unfavorable Language Limiting the Maximum Pay Period of Neuromuscular, Musculoskeletal or Soft tissue Disorder in MetLife Group Long-term Disability Policies
  243. Cigna Makes Disability Insurance Claim Claimant Live in Fear of Claim Denial
  244. CIGNA Reaches Regulatory Settlement Agreement with Massachusetts Prompting the Review of Disability Benefit Denials
  245. Cigna Long Term Disability Insurance Settlement Agreement Information
  246. Aetna and The Rawlings Company LLC Seek to Reduce Your Disability Benefit
  247. Northwestern Mutual Disability Claim Denial Reversed By Court
  248. To Remand or Not to Remand: One Court's Opinion on When to Remand a Claim for Long Term Disability Benefits under an ERISA Aetna Policy
  249. 3 Ways Hartford Wrongfully Denied Long Term Disability Insurance Benefits to Claimant with MS
  250. Mass Court Finds Johnson&Johnson Abused Its Discretion In Long Term Disability Claim
  251. Michigan Court Upholds Metlife Denial of Benefits as Claimant Failed to Prove Disability
  252. Hartford Prevails in ERISA Lawsuit Demonstrating ERISA Law can be Unfair for Claimants
  253. Sometimes a Unum disability denial is correct, even after 5 years of payments
  254. MetLife Ordered to Pay Disability Insurance Benefits to MetLife Employee with Lyme's Disease
  255. A Claimants View of a Standard Insurance Company Disability Benefit Claim
  256. Mutual of Omaha disability denial remanded for wrongful evaluation of occupation
  257. Failure to treat your medical condition can lead to termination of long term disability benefits
  258. Sun Life Disability Claim - Sun Life Ignores Medical Information
  259. Sedgwick and AT&T sued as a result of SSDI Overpayment
  260. MetLife disability insurance plan has terrible language, but it complies with ERISA
  261. Six year disability lawsuit against Sun Life: long term disability claimant wins benefits plus interest
  262. Failure to file a timely ERISA disability appeal can eliminate your right to file a disability lawsuit
  263. Court rules Cigna cannot use 24 month mental health limitation to deny disability benefits
  264. Disability benefit denial lawsuit against Liberty Life and HSBC can proceed
  265. Cigna disability video surveillance is common but hiding the results is not
  266. Cigna Exposes Disability Plan Administrator To $9,900 ERISA Penalty For Failure To Produce Plan Documents
  267. FedEx and Aetna Disability Benefit Claim Ruling is Great for Disabled FedEx Employees
  268. Court Rules That Walgreens Employee's Long Term Disability Claim Lawsuit Shall Not Be Dismissed
  269. Hartford Disability Lawsuit and Appeal of A Disability Insurance Denial
  270. Hartford abused its discretion by relying on video surveillance and ignoring medical evidence
  271. Dow Chemical Employees May Always Get A Fair Review of Disability Denial
  272. Lincoln National denies accidental death benefits after jet ski accident and Court agrees
  273. Unum Calculation Of Monthly Earnings Results In Loss Of $10,000 Monthly For Quadripeligic Disability Claimant
  274. Court Orders Hartford to Disclose Relationship with University Disability Consortium
  275. Aetna Disability Benefit Denial for Former Boeing Employee is Upheld by Appeal Court
  276. Federal Court Orders Unum to Release Documents Following Disability Insurance Denial
  277. Long Term Disability Insurer the Standard May Seek Recoupment for an SSDI Overpayment from a Claimant Who Declared Bankruptcy
  278. Ambiguous Disability Policy Language is Construed in Favor of Disability Claimant with Berkshire Life Policy
  279. Federal Court Upholds Unum Disability Benefit Denial
  280. Court Throws Out Disability Benefit Denial Based on Aetna's Internal Physicians' Review
  281. Florida Courts Have A Complicated Six Step Disability Insurance Denial Protocol
  282. Johnson&Johnson Employee with Depression Denied Disability Benefits After Definition Change
  283. Liberty Mutual Ordered to Pay Attorney Fees in Disability Denial Lawsuit
  284. MetLife Disability Denial of MetLife Employee Upheld by California Court
  285. Sedgwick Disability Denial of AT&T Employee Reversed Once Again
  286. Texas Court Upholds Prudential Disability Insurance Denial
  287. Texas Disability Insurance Attorney Regularly Fight ERISA Disability Denials
  288. Do I Qualify For Total Disability Insurance Benefits In Texas?
  289. Texas Disability Insurance Companies Can Be Subject to Bad Faith Claim
  290. Unum Disability Beneft Denial Overturned for Pre-textual Investigation
  291. "Any occupation" disability insurance claim discussed by a California Disability Lawyer
  292. A Successful California Disability Insurance Claim Does Not Require "Absolute Helplessness"
  293. Reliance Standard Disability Insurance Denial Upheld by California Court
  294. Fibromyalgia Claimant Wins MetLife Disability Insurance Lawsuit
  295. California Disability Insurance Attorneys Battle Discretionary Clauses Daily
  296. MetLife Disability Claim Limited to 24 Months of Benefits Results in ERISA Lawsuit
  297. Cigna Denies Disability Benefits, But Additional Information Could Have Resulted In A Victory
  298. California Court denies Plaintiff's Attempt to Introduce New Medical Information During ERISA Disability Lawsuit Against Hartford for Long Term Disability Benefits
  299. Boeing Employee Suffering From Severe Chronic Back Pain Sues Aetna For Denial Of ERISA Benefits
  300. Sedgwick And AT&T Disability Denial Scheme Exposed In ERISA Lawsuit
  301. Unum Disability Denial With Medical Record Review Only
  302. Sun Life Pays Disability Benefits For Three Years To A Claimant Who Wasn't Actually Covered Under A Sun Life Policy
  303. Another Cigna Hired Gun Doctor To Be Exposed!
  304. California Federal Court Finds That MetLife Abused Its Discretion And Awards Financial Analyst Long-Term Disability Benefits
  305. Unum Sued By An Ophthalmologist And A BJC Healthcare Employee Who Both Were Denied Disability Benefits
  306. Misrepresentation By Claimant Results in Unum Disability Claim Denial
  307. Aetna Is Sued For Failure To Pay ERISA Benefits To Boeing Employee For Injuries Sustained In A Shooting
  308. Pennsylvania Pharmacy Owner Learns The Hard Way That Accuracy Is Everything When Applying for Disability Insurance Benefits
  309. New York Federal Court Denies MetLife's Motion To Dismiss Lyme Disease Victim's Petition For Disability Benefits
  310. A Claimant's View of a Prudential Disability Benefit Denial
  311. Eastman Chemical Company Employee Loses Lawsuit Against MetLife for Disability Benefits
  312. Bon Secours Employee Wins Lawsuit Against Unum who had Denied Him Disability Benefits
  313. Kentucky Woman Wins Lawsuit Against Mutual Of Omaha Insurance
  314. Prudential Claimants Unsuccessful At Challenging The Offsetting Of Dependents' SSDI Benefit Award
  315. Minnesota Disability Claimant Filed Suit Against Employer Over Terminated Disability Benefits
  316. Court Finds MetLife Has No Right To Request An IME After Unnecessary Delay
  317. Court Takes Sun Life To Task For Denial Of Disability And Life Insurance Benefits Of Man With Brain Tumor
  318. Sedgwick Terminates PNC Compliance Specialist's Long Term Disability Benefits
  319. CIGNA Disability Claim Denial: A Claimant's View
  320. American Red Cross Worker Sues Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company For Wrongful Termination of Long Term Disability Benefits
  321. North Carolina Court Determines That Sedgwick Abused Their Discretion And Wrongfully Denied Disability Benefits For BellSouth Employee
  322. Total Knee Replacement, Yet Sedgwick Still Denies AT&T Employee's Disability Claim
  323. Are Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) Providers Really "Independent"?
  324. Unum Tries To Hide Fact That Its "Independent" Medical Advisors Are Actually Employees Of Unum
  325. DRS Technologies Employee Sues Prudential For The Wrongful Termination Of Long-Term Disability Benefits
  326. Court Compels Metlife To Reconsider Its Decision To Terminate Claimant's Long-Term Disability Benefits
  327. KeyCorp District Manager Sues The Prudential Insurance Company Of America For Improper Termination Of Long-Term Disability Benefits
  328. Pennsylvania Court Awards STD Benefits And $27,000 In Attorneys' Fees To Phlebotomist
  329. Toyota Quality Assurance Monitor Sues Life Insurance Company Of North America For Denial Of Long-Term Disability Benefits
  330. Microsoft Employee Sues Prudential For Wrongful Denial Of Long-Term Disability Benefits
  331. Illinois Insurance Law Gives Claimant A Fighting Chance Against Disability Insurance Company
  332. Asurion Employee Files Lawsuit Against Life Insurance Company Of North America For Wrongful Termination Of Long-Term Disability Benefits
  333. Court Orders Life Insurance Company Of North America To Pay Claimant Long-Term Disability Benefits
  334. Clopay Corporation Customer Service Representative Sues Prudential For The Wrongful Denial Of Long-Term Disability Benefits
  335. Kirk & Blum/CECO Environmental Employee Files Lawsuit Against Lincoln Financial Group For Wrongful Termination Of Long-Term Disability Benefits
  336. Hartford Disability Denial of Insurance Agent with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue is Reversed
  337. Employees of Staples & Nortel Networks among Four Plaintiffs To Sue Prudential For Wrongful Denial Of Long-Term Disability Benefits
  338. Aetna Disability Denial of Marriott Employee Upheld by Louisiana Federal Judge
  339. Medical Doctor Suffering From Disabling Chronic Conditions Sues AXA Equitable For Wrongful Denial Of Disability Benefits
  340. Lincoln Financial Disability Denial: Determining a Date of Disability is Critical
  341. Liberty Mutual Disability Denial Of Wachovia Employee Upheld By Appellate Court
  342. 56-Year-Old Disabled District Manager Of Dollar Financial Group Sues Aetna For Denial Of Disability Benefits
  343. Hartford Interview Request Is A Trap Used To Support A Disability Denial
  344. Assistant Vice President of Meadowbrook Insurance Group files a lawsuit against CIGNA for denied disability benefits claim
  345. Weston Engineering employee sues AETNA Life Insurance Company for denied disability benefits
  346. Sedgwick continues to deny disability benefits to AT&T employee
  347. Long time Bank of America employee sues AETNA for denial of disability benefits
  348. CIGNA faces a lawsuit by American Homecare Supply Respiratory therapist for termination of disability benefits
  349. Tempur employee suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome sues Union Central Life for denial of disability benefits
  350. Wells Fargo disability claimants in Alabama and Florida file lawsuits against Liberty Life Assurance Company of Boston for unpaid long term disability benefits
  351. Texas claimant takes Reliastar to task for denied disability benefits
  352. Duke University Doctor sues UNUM Life Insurance Company for long term disability benefits
  353. California Consultant sues Northwestern Life Insurance Company for unpaid disability benefits
  354. At least five lawsuits were recently filed in Florida District Courts against Prudential for non-payment of disability benefits to deserving claimants
  355. Electrical assembly worker for Northrop Grumman files a complaint against UNUM for denial of long term disability benefits
  356. CIGNA under fire in Minnesota Federal Court for termination of claimant's disability benefits
  357. Question writer for Jeopardy/Sony Pictures files suit against Prudential
  358. New Jersey claimant files suit against New York Life, Unum and Paul Revere for miscalculated disability benefits
  359. New Jersey BankUnited employee files suit against Lincoln National
  360. Office Depot employee files suit against employer and Aetna for unpaid disability benefits
  361. Dental surgeon sues Paul Revere Life Insurance Company for wrongful denial of long-term disability benefits
  362. Bank of America, Boeing, and Cytec Industries employees file lawsuits against Aetna Life Insurance Company over disability benefits
  363. Northwestern Mutual sued by shareholder attorney for underpaying and denying long-term disability benefits
  364. CIGNA has three new lawsuits to deal with for unpaid disability benefits
  365. Employees of Wells Fargo, Heinz, and Otis Elevator sue Liberty Life for denial of ERISA benefits
  366. Registered nurse at Temple University Hospital denied disability benefits, sues Cigna
  367. Aetna sued by Bank of America and Huhtamaki employees for failing to provide ERISA benefits
  368. Disabled attorney forced to sue UNUM for her disability benefits
  369. 5 disability lawsuits recently filed against UNUM in TN, OH, MO, and MI
  370. Liberty Life faces disability benefit lawsuits in Florida and Maryland for denying disability benefits
  371. CIGNA/LINA sued by Lockheed Martin employee for unpaid disability benefits
  372. Radio personality files lawsuit against UNUM to recover disability benefits
  373. Liberty Mutual must consider disability appeal submitted 2.5 years after denial
  374. CIGNA denies disability claim and gets sued by neurologist
  375. Microsoft employee denied disability benefits by Prudential
  376. Five lawsuits recently filed in Florida Courts against Prudential for non-payment of disability benefits to deserving claimants
  377. General surgeon files lawsuit against Provident Life and UNUM for disability benefits award
  378. Two Yellow Book employees sue Liberty Life Assurance Company of Boston for failing to pay ERISA disability benefits
  379. Social Security Disability Benefits Approval the First Time
  380. Microsoft employee forced to sue Prudential for denial of ERISA disability benefits
  381. Wyeth Pharmaceutical/Pfizer Senior Attorney suffering from disability sues Ohio National Life Insurance Company for denial of disability benefits
  382. Panasonic and Microsoft employees sue Prudential in Tennessee and Indiana for denying their disability claims
  383. Employees of Boeing and Bank of America sue Aetna for denying disability benefits under ERISA regulations
  384. Disabled Georgia man sues Boston Mutual for denial of disability benefits
  385. After being denied disability benefits, Rabbi suffering from bipolar disorder sues CIGNA
  386. Jury orders Unum Provident to pay lifetime long term disability insurance benefits to physician
  387. Prudential denies disability benefits to KPMG employee suffering from "sick sinus" syndrome
  388. Liberty Life Assurance Company of Boston sued under ERISA in three different cases for denial to pay disability benefits
  389. UnitedHealth Group, Inc. Recruiting Manager suffering from depression and anxiety denied benefits
  390. Standard Motor Products Employee file an ERISA Lawsuit against Prudential Insurance for denied disability benefits
  391. Ohio National Life Insurance Company denies claim after 7 years of disability payments
  392. Ladenburg Thalmann Branch Manager suffering from injured back sues CIGNA for denial of disability benefits
  393. Disability attorney and client suffering from fibromyalgia and hypertension sue UNUM for unpaid long term disability benefits
  394. Nestle Waters employee sues Assurant for denial of disability benefits under ERISA
  395. Prudential Insurance Company of America recently sued three times under ERISA for denying disability benefits
  396. Delta Air Lines Customer Service employee files lawsuit against Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc. for denial of disability benefits
  397. Life Insurance Company of North America sued under ERISA in three different cases for denial to pay disability benefits
  398. TRW Automotive Holdings Corporation financial analyst suffering from Type II diabetes and heart condition sues Prudential
  399. Disabled South Carolina doctor sues Berkshire Life for disability benefits
  400. Steel fabricator suffering from disability wins lawsuit against Lincoln National
  401. Two Comcast employees and a registered nurse file three ERISA lawsuits against Liberty Life Insurance in Pennsylvania for denial of disability benefits
  402. Wisconsin disability attorney and client sue Prudential Life Insurance for its "baseless" denial of ERISA disability benefits
  403. Disability attorney sues Aetna for failure to pay short term disability benefits to Huhtamaki Americas employee
  404. Shaw Industries Group employee suffering with fibromyalgia and lupus sues Unum Life Insurance Company for denial of disability benefits
  405. 12 years of disability payments paid, but CIGNA suddenly determines claimant can perform sedentary job
  406. CIGNA pays disability benefits for 10 years, offers a lump sum buyout and then denies disability claim
  407. Medical Secretary suffering from "failed back syndrome" and leukemia sues The Standard Insurance Company for disability benefit denial
  408. Medical Doctor sues Guardian / Berkshire for $1.2 million dollars following denial of disability insurance benefits
  409. Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit ruled Unum is prevented from using Self-Reported Symptoms Limitation Clause to discontinue long term disability benefits payments for woman with fibromyalgia
  410. Prudential denies disability benefits despite FCE Exam stating former Data Distributor Inc. employee with heart condition cannot perform sedentary occupation
  411. Group Health Plan Inc's Actuary sues Reliastar and ING Disability Claims Management Services for recovery of disability benefits under The Ramsey Health Care Services Short Term Disability Plan
  412. CIGNA denies disability insurance benefits to Engineering Manager with Stage 4 cancer
  413. Registered nurse & her California disability lawyer sue Unum for failure to pay disability benefits
  414. Massachusetts Disability Attorney filed lawsuit against Aetna on behalf of Biogen Idec, Inc's IT Technical Ops Lead for denial long term disability benefits
  415. Law office bookkeeper with lupus and fibromyalgia denied disability benefits by Unum in Indiana
  416. Jean Pentecost and her Montana disability lawyer file a complaint against CIGNA
  417. What is Liberty Life Assurance Company of Boston trying to hide in denial of disability benefits?
  418. A phlebotomist employed by Quest Diagnostics and diagnosed with RSD sues Aetna for denial of long term disability insurance benefits
  419. CIGNA entitled to recover social security disability benefit overpayment
  420. Cigna denies Herff Jones Inc. employee disability benefits after she is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis
  421. Bridgestone employee sues Liberty Life Assurance Company of Boston for long term disability benefits
  422. Oregon Judge orders Standard Insurance Company to pay disability insurance benefits beyond the 24 month mental disorder limitation
  423. California Judge grants disability claimant's request to investigate Hartford Life And Accident Insurance Company's relationship with hired doctors
  424. Life Insurance Company Of North America denies disability benefits and battles claimant for 4.5 years in Federal Court
  425. Standard Insurance Company's attempt to dismiss disability insurance lawsuit is denied in-part by Florida Federal Judge
  426. California Court orders CIGNA to disclose amount paid to MES Solutions for medical reviews
  427. Federal Judge orders Sedgwick Claims Management to pay disability benefits to PNC Financial Services Group, Inc's Collection/Recovery Team Manager
  428. Appellate Court denies Liberty Mutual's attempt to recover $163,661.57 in disability benefits paid to disability claimant and business owner
  429. Hartford Life And Accident Insurance Company denies disability benefits and prevails in lawsuit filed by operator for Mohawk Inc.
  430. California disability attorney sues Standard Insurance Company for denial of long term disability benefits payments to paraplegic
  431. Tenet Healthcare Corporation employee sues UNUM under ERISA for wrongfully denying disability benefits by disregarding attending physician's medical opinion
  432. Disabled IKA Works, Inc. employee sues the Prudential Insurance Company of America to compel payment of disability benefits under an ERISA plan
  433. Appellate Court upholds Prudential's decision denying disability benefits to insured when he refused to attend an IME Exam
  434. Arkansas disability attorney filed lawsuit against SunLife on behalf of disabled Buford Media Group, LLC's Office Manager for denial of disability benefits
  435. Disabled project manager filed lawsuit against Unum for refusal to pay disability benefits
  436. Unum sued for claiming social security child benefits as part of the reimbursement for overpayment of long term disability benefits
  437. New Jersey disability attorney filed lawsuit against Prudential Insurance Company of America to compel payment of long term disability benefits to disabled client
  438. Disabled engineer from Philips Electronics North America sue Sedgwick Claims Management Services Inc. for denial of long term benefits claim
  439. Office medical specialist suffering with fibromyalgia and CFS hires Arizona Disability Attorney to sue CIGNA for denial of disability benefits
  440. CIGNA Group Insurance and Subsidiaries sued in Alabama, New York and Michigan for allegedly acting arbitrarily and capriciously in denying claims for long term disability benefits
  441. Xerox employee is denied her long term disability benefits and sues Sedgwick and Xerox
  442. Sun Life is sued for disability benefits in two separate cases for arbitrary and capricious denial of disability claims
  443. Insurance sales agent files a disability insurance denial lawsuit against Liberty Life Assurance Company of Boston
  444. 30 year veteran employee of 3M Company sues company and Sedgwick Insurance for disability benefit denial
  445. Sunlife denies disability benefits to Wise Foods employee disabled by cancer and shoulder surgeries
  446. Court stops UNUM from denying disability benefits based on the plan's "Self-Reported Symptoms Limitation"
  447. Prudential terminates disability benefits of traumatic brain injury claimant in a case of mistaken identity
  448. Cigna denies disability benefits to former Healthsouth Corporation nurse after paying for 11 years
  449. Former Charles Schwab Corporation employee sues Liberty Life Assurance Company of Boston for denial of long term disability benefits
  450. Disabled Unisys network design engineer sue Aetna Life Insurance Company seeking payment of long term disability benefits
  451. Fifth Circuit Court Of Appeal denied Estate Of Pepsiamericas, Inc.'s employee motion to recover accidental death and dismemberment benefits from group disability insurance plan issued by Unum
  452. Unum claims no object evidence exist and denies disability benefits to St. Anthony Central Hospital nurse suffering from fibromyalgia
  453. AT&T employee with back injury sues Sedgwick for denial of short term disability benefits
  454. Disabled interventional radiologist with sleep apnea and cardiac limitations sues Unum and Hartford for denial of long-term disability benefits payments
  455. Disabled employee of University Of California Davis diagnosed with fibromyalgia sues Liberty Mutual for denial of disability benefits and seeks punitive damages
  456. Northwestern Mutual denies partial disability benefits to trial attorney resulting in lawsuit for violations of Washington Insurance Fair Conduct Act
  457. Dearborn faces disability denial lawsuit from disabled account clerk of Katz Insurance Group diagnosed with PTSD
  458. Washington disability attorney filed lawsuit against the Hartford Insurance Company for denial of long term disability benefits to mentally disabled woman
  459. UNUM denies disability insurance benefits to disabled nurse with fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis
  460. A former HCBS sales manager diagnosed with lyme disease sues UNUM for disability claim denial
  461. Anesthesiologist files lawsuit against Paul Revere alleging wrongful deduction of social security retirement benefits
  462. Podiatrist sues Northwestern Mutual seeking disability insurance benefits and bad faith damages
  463. Missouri disability lawyer files ERISA lawsuit against Lincoln National Life Insurance Company for denying LTD benefits
  464. Former Zurich Insurance employee diagnosed with Crohn's disease sues Liberty Life for denial of disability benefits
  465. Prudential Insurance sued by disabled HNI Corporation employee for denial of disability insurance benefits after 7 years
  466. Nevada disability lawyer and COX Enterprises Inc's customer service rep sue AETNA for denial of disability benefits
  467. CIGNA denies disability benefits yet social security disability benefits are approved
  468. Guardian Life Insurance seeks overpayment of disability benefits for child social security disability benefits awarded to disabled claimant's daughter
  469. Sun Life denies disability insurance benefits to Alabama man with heart problems
  470. Georgia disability lawyer sues Aetna for terminating disability benefits to Georgia woman with rectal cancer
  471. Aetna denies disability benefits and claims physical therapist with back disorder can perform "reasonable occupation"
  472. Aetna fails to review Bank Of America employee's ERISA disability benefit appeal timely resulting in lawsuit by an Illinois disability lawyer
  473. City University Of Medicine & Bioscience former employee disabled by back disorder sues Reliance Standard for denial of disability benefits
  474. Former Aegon USA employee suffering with multiple sclerosis sues CIGNA for denial of disability insurance benefits
  475. Former security guard of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia alleges CIGNA Insurance engaged in fraudulent and malicious disability claims practices
  476. Pizzeria owner suffering from Celiac disease filed lawsuit against Berkshire for breach of contract in refusing to pay disability benefits
  477. 20 years of receiving disability insurance benefits and CIGNA denies woman's benefits three separate times
  478. UNUM sued by California Disability Lawyer after denial of benefits for a school custodian
  479. Washington attorney sues CIGNA for denying disability benefits during any occupation stage and seeking to collect SSDI overpayment
  480. Prudential Insurance pays disability benefits for 12 years to former Prudential employee then denies claim
  481. Wisconsin man sues Liberty Life for termination of disability insurance benefits
  482. Former Aetna employee sues Aetna for denial of short-term disability benefits
  483. Unum sued for denying disability benefits to Florida woman with fibromyalgia, neuropathy, and hepatitis
  484. Insurance company relies on manipulative video surveillance techinique to challenge disabiling condition
  485. Florida lawsuit filed against UNUM by disabled woman for failure to pay disability benefits and to clarify plan's benefits
  486. Epileptic auto technician sues Lincoln National (formerly Jefferson Pilot Financial Insurance Company) for denial of disability benefits
  487. UNUM sued by resident of Carroll County, Arkansas for denying disability benefits under ERISA plan
  488. Provident sued for denying lifetime disability benefits to former attorney
  489. If You Can Afford It, Then You Should Only Buy An Individual Disability Insurance Policy
  490. Did UNUM insurance disability claims examiner understand physician's job duties?
  491. Reliance Standard sued by occupational therapist for denial of disability insurance benefits
  492. Liberty Mutual denies disability benefits for depression despite two hospitalizations by claimant
  493. Prudential sued for denial of disability benefits to former U.S. FoodService Inc. sales analyst with back disorder
  494. UNUM sued by Ohio disability attorney for failure to pay disability insurance benefits to ex-nurse restricted to using a cane or motorized scooter to get around
  495. A Federal Judge's perspective on ERISA disability insurance claims
  496. South Carolina disability attorneys sue Liberty Mutual three times in one week for denial of disability insurance benefits
  497. AETNA sued for failure to pay out disability benefits to ex senior nurse suffering from disabling mental conditions
  498. AETNA ordered by West Virginia Federal Judge to reevaluate denial of disability benefits to Bristol-Myers Squibb Manager
  499. A Senator's view of ERISA disability insurance claims
  500. SunLife & Aetna sued for denial of disability benefits
  501. Federal Judge orders Union Security (Assurant) to re-evaluate disability denial due to failure to consider risk of substance abuse relapse as disabling condition
  502. Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada sued by gunshot victim for failure to pay long term disability benefits
  503. Reliance Standard and Lincoln National attempt to avoid payment of disability benefits by ignoring claimant's application
  504. UNUM employee deposition in a disability insurance claim denial lawsuit
  505. Prudential sued for denying claim for disability benefits to disabled individual suffering from chronic back and leg pain
  506. Court of Appeals denies appeal for Business Executive claiming disability benefits due to lower back injury against Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
  507. CUNA Mutual terminates disability benefits to woman suffering from depression and lyme disease
  508. Deposition of medical consultant hired by MetLife for a disability insurance claim
  509. New York Court upholds Hartford Insurance Company's denial of disability benefits but denies $86,000 overpayment claim
  510. Who makes the final decision to approve or deny disability insurance benefits?
  511. Lincoln Nebraska man suffering from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome sues UNUM when he is denied disability benefits
  512. LINA and CIGNA need to listen to the Federal Courts and stop denying disability insurance claims for people disabled by fibromyalgia
  513. Sun Life deducts veteran disability benefits from claimant's monthly long term disability check
  514. Pennsylvania class action disability insurance suit against Reassure and Swiss Re dismissed due to lack of subject matter jurisdiction
  515. Disability benefits lawsuit against Fortis Benefits Insurance Company dismissed by West Virginia Federal Court
  516. Federal Court provides 5 reasons CIGNA wrongfully denied disability benefits to man suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome
  517. CIGNA/LINA sued for denying waiver of life insurance premium to caretaker of disabled and mentally challenged adults
  518. Liberty Mutual sued in Tampa Federal Court for denying long term disability insurance benefits
  519. Disability lawsuit against MetLife alleges insurance company refuses to pay disabled claimant
  520. Doctor files a disability insurance lawsuit against Guardian Life Insurance
  521. Federal lawsuit against Hartford Insurance alleges company refuses to pay disabled Patriot Act analyst
  522. Life Insurance Company of North America, part of CIGNA Corporation, sued for refusing disability insurance benefits for mentally ill teacher
  523. Hartford Financial's mental nervous disorder limitation clause in disability insurance policy held ambiguous
  524. Michigan Court determines Sedgwick wrongly terminated woman's disability benefits and awards Michigan disability attorney his fees
  525. Disability insurance benefits lawsuit against Prudential Insurance Company is dismissed by Pennsylvania Judge
  526. Disability insurance claimant's allegation of bad faith against Unum Provident is disallowed due to ERISA regulations
  527. UNUM class action filed by New York disability insurance attorneys is dismissed by Federal Judge
  528. Sun Life Insurance Co. wrongfully denies disability insurance benefits following disability claimant's failure to respond timely
  529. CIGNA destroys copy of accidental disability insurance policy but claimant is able to prove existence of policy and obtain benefits
  530. Principal Life denies disability benefits to a physician and then seeks attorney fees after physician's disability denial is affirmed by Texas Judge
  531. Pennsylvania Court rules that CIGNA disability insurance policy allows for offset of lost wages from auto insurance policy
  532. Liberty Mutual ordered to pay interest & attorney fees following disability insurance claim denial
  533. Missouri Court reverses Prudential Insurance Company's wrongful denial of disability insurance benefits for former pharmacy technician
  534. CIGNA / LINA wrongfully relies upon surveillance video to deny long term disability insurance benefits
  535. ReliaStar reduces monthly disability insurance benefits to veteran due to VA benefits
  536. Cytec Industries and Broadspire Services discontinue disability insurance benefits for army veteran suffering from PTSD
  537. Guardian disability insurance denial is upheld by Ohio Federal Court & Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals
  538. North Carolina disability attorney is unsuccessful in obtaining disability insurance benefits for former TYCO employee
  539. Reliance Standard terminates long-term disability benefits after receiving the results of an IME and FCE
  540. MetLife disability denial reversed by court for unreasonable claim handling
  541. Broadspire Services terminate long-term disability benefits after paying for 8 years
  542. Companion Life wrongfully relies on 22 minutes of video surveillance to deny disability insurance benefits
  543. Unum / Provident / Paul Revere Long & Short Term Disability Claims
  544. MetLife denies benefits to stockbroker disabled by depression, yet Pennsylvania Federal Judge awards disability benefits
  545. Pennsylvania Federal Judge orders Prudential to pay disability benefits to woman diagnosed with RSD
  546. Liberty Mutual Long Term Disability Insurance Claims
  547. American United Life Insurance disability denial reversed for woman with fibromyalgia, depression and migraines
  548. Aetna refuses video recording of IME and threatens to deny disability benefits unless claimant agrees to sign IME doctor's authorization form
  549. Prudential ordered by Michigan Court to reconsider long term disability insurance denial
  550. Sun Life disability insurance benefit denial is reversed after 8 years
  551. Sun Life Financial Disability Insurance Claims
  552. Disability lawsuit filed against The Standard Insurance Company for denial of disability benefits to man suffering with hepatitis C
  553. Prudential wrongfully denies disability insurance benefits to man with fibromyalgia
  554. Prudential Disability Claim Denial is Reversed For Relying on Paper Medical Review to Deny Benefits
  555. Hartford Denies Disability Benefits and Then Has Claimants Lawsuit Dismissed for Failure to Submit Appeal
  556. Metlife Wrongfully Denies Disability Benefits to Walgreens Manager with Knee Injury
  557. Louisiana Disability Attorney Attempts to Reverse a Hartford ERISA Denial for CVS Manager
  558. Disability Claimant's Inability to Pass Employer's Mandatory Drug Test Policy Due to Pain Medications Results in Award of Disability Benefits
  559. Does Fibromyalgia Have a Credibility Problem in Disability Insurance Claims?
  560. Hartford misleads disability insurance claimant's doctor which results in benefit denial
  561. First Unum terminates long-term disability benefits after 4 years of paying and SSDI approval
  562. Reliance Standard limits disability insurance benefits to 24 months for mental nervous disorder, despite claimant's diagnosis of multiple sclerosis
  563. Kentucky Court reverses CIGNA's denial of disability insurance benefits to tradesworker
  564. Prudential denies long term disability benefits and then objects to releasing information during litigation
  565. Standard denies disability insurance benefits to woman with brain hemorrhage and headaches
  566. Own Occupation to Any Occupation definition change leads CIGNA to deny disability insurance benefits
  567. Court reverses CIGNA disability denial for man with knee disorder
  568. Can CIGNA approve disability benefits but deny life insurance waiver of premium?
  569. CIGNA's wrongful termination of disability waiver of life insurance premium reversed by court
  570. CIGNA can not raise new arguments for disability insurance claim denial at the trial level
  571. Guardian & Berskhire Life long term disability insurance claims
  572. Disability company ignores evidence of disabling back pain and Federal Court reverses disability benefit denial
  573. Seven pieces of medical evidence and disability company still denies claim for lack of "objective evidence"
  574. Court reverses MetLife's denial of long term disability benefits for graphic designer suffering with fibromyalgia
  575. New York Court orders CIGNA to pay over $100,000 in attorney fees following long term disability denial
  576. CIGNA long term disability denial is reversed by New York Federal Judge
  577. CIGNA terminates disability insurance benefits as claimant's back condition gets worse
  578. Prudential Disability Insurance Company
  579. Disability insurance claimants may be entitled to interest if benefits are wrongfully denied
  580. Dell Disability Lawyers hope Governor Schwarzenegger will sign bill banning discretionary clauses in long term disability policies
  581. Beware of unreasonable Prudential Disability Insurance lump sum buyout offer
  582. ERISA Pre-emption: When does ERISA apply to a short term disability insurance plan?
  583. MetLife Disability Insurance Company - Handling of Long Term Disability Insurance Claims
  584. Lloyd's of London ordered to pay over 6 million dollars to long term disability claimant
  585. Hartford scrutinizes long term disability benefit claim after 13 years of continuous disability payments
  586. Lawyers Discuss CIGNA Disability Insurance Company
  587. Liberty Mutual is sued for denial of long term disability benefits to woman suffering with fibromyalgia
  588. Missouri District court must reconsider Dearborn's LTD denial under a de novo standard
  589. Dearborn National/Dearborn Group denies long term disability benefits to woman with fibromyalgia and CFS
  590. Liberty Mutual and Wachovia interpret migraine headaches to be psychiatric and not disabling (Part I)
  591. Appellate Court finds Wachovia and Liberty Mutual's review of objective evidence of disabling migraine headaches was unreasonable (Part II)
  592. Lawyers Discuss Hartford Disability Insurance Company Claim Handling
  593. Court agrees with Unum's denial of long term disability benefits to man suffering with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis (Part II)
  594. Unum relies on independent medical exam as basis for denying long-term disability benefits (Part I)
  595. Over $500,000 of disability insurance benefits will be paid to disabled store manager following MetLife's wrongful denial (Part II)
  596. MetLife denies long term disability benefits to sears store manager with heart disease and knee problems (Part I)
  597. Liberty Life Assurance ordered to pay long term disability benefits but not attorney fees
  598. Liberty Mutual's denial of LTD benefits to woman with back disorder is reversed by Minnesota Court and affirmed by Appellate Court
  599. Unum has no right to recover $207,894.88 overpayment of long term disability benefits to attorney
  600. Hartford uses video surveillance to deny disability benefits after paying for 10 years
  601. MetLife denies LTD disability benefits to multiple sclerosis woman alleging a 3 year Statue of Limitation in Washington
  602. MetLife denies chronic fatigue syndrome long term disability claim
  603. New York court rules that MetLife abused discretion when it denied chronic fatigue claim (Part II)
  604. Disability attorney wins claim for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome client against Unum Provident (Part II)
  605. Unum Provident denies short-term disability claim to woman with chronic fatigue syndrome (Part I)
  606. Unum Provident terminates disability benefits to woman with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) (Part I)
  607. Arizona Court rules Provident wrongfully terminated disability benefits to insurance manager with CFS (Part II)
  608. Harvard University ordered to pay $53,817.50 in attorney fees to disability insurance claimant
  609. Disability battle against Verizon and Broadspire long-term disability plan lingers in courts for years
  610. Broadspire ordered to pay disability insurance benefits but not attorney fees
  611. Aetna denial of long-term disability benefits for chronic fatigue syndrome upheld by Court
  612. Court orders Citigroup and MetLife to answer discovery request exposing conflict of interest in long-term disability benefit denial
  613. HM Life and Broadspire wrongfully deny disability insurance benefits to a receptionist and 9th Circuit Court of Appeals reverses claim denial
  614. ERISA disability claimants can receive attorney fees with "some degree of success"
  615. Boston Mutual can not recover $163,000 overpayment to long-term disability claimant (Part II)
  616. Was Boston Mutual's decision to terminate long-term disability insurance correct? (Part I)
  617. FedEx employee disability plan wrongfully denies LTD benefits without proving job exists for man to fill
  618. Hartford pays disability benefits for 12 years and then uses video surveillance to deny benefits
  619. Are attorney fees payable in long term disability insurance cases governed by ERISA?
  620. MetLife denies long-term disability benefits to a consultant after approving them
  621. MetLife ordered to reverse denial of long-term disability insurance benefits
  622. Unum denies disability benefits to a Minnesota legal secretary with pre-existing condition
  623. Life Insurance Company of North America (CIGNA) ordered to supply information to disability insurance attorneys
  624. LINA (CIGNA) denies long-term disability benefits to yellowbook Account Executive
  625. Life Insurance Company Of North America (CIGNA) wrongfully denies disability benefits to a Kentucky repairman
  626. Did LINA wrongfully deny disability payments to claimant with multiple sclerosis? (Part II)
  627. CIGNA (LINA) terminates disability payments to woman with multiple sclerosis
  628. California lawmakers want to assist disability insurance claimants
  629. Unum attempts to hide California disability insurance attorney's attempt to obtain Unum employee reviews
  630. Man with fibromyalgia faces Prudential Insurance in appeals court (Part II)
  631. Prudential denies disability benefits to man with fibromyalgia after paying benefits for 10 years
  632. Court Orders UNUM to pay over one million dollars in attorney fees for long-term disability denial
  633. Liberty Mutual wins long-term disability case because of video surveillance - how District and Appeals Courts drew conclusions (Part II)
  634. Liberty Mutual wins long-term disability case because of video surveillance - backdrop for an unsuccessful LTD claim (Part 1)
  635. Will Life Insurance Company of America have to pay long-term disability benefits?
  636. Reliance Standard long-term disability benefits decision affirmed by Circuit Court
  637. Discovery requests in ERISA disability cases are found to be limited
  638. MetLife must reconsider denial of benefits for former MetLife employee
  639. Unum's denial of disability claim is upheld after court finds claimant failed to respond in a timely manner
  640. Postal worker loses long-term disability claim against Hartford Insurance
  641. Hewlett Packard's denial of disability benefits is upheld by appeals court
  642. Long-term disability claim against Provident almost lost because of untimely appeals
  643. MetLife abused its discretion when it terminated long-term disability benefits
  644. MetLife terminates long-term disability benefits to woman with fibromyalagia
  645. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals validates MetLife's accidental death and dismemberment denial
  646. Unum's claim handling exposes them to a multi-million dollar bad faith disability lawsuit
  647. Dell Disability Lawyers file class action law suit against Prudential
  648. Standard Insurance denies disability claim to a wheelchair bound woman
  649. Accidental death & disability dismemberment; AIG reversed by Colorado Court
  650. US court of appeals upholds denial of disability benefits by MetLife
  651. Harvard University ordered by Massachusetts federal court to pay long-term disability benefits to a former employee
  652. Standard Insurance Company's denial of long-term disability benefits to an attorney is reversed by federal court
  653. Tribal court retains jurisdiction for tribal member's disability insurance lawsuit against Assurant and Union Security
  654. Unum's denial of disability benefits to a registered nurse ("RN") and trial court victory is reversed by the appellate court
  655. Reliance Standard makes disability claimant take them to court twice in 5 years
  656. Pennsylvania Federal Court denies Unum's attempts to dismiss a physician's bad faith disability lawsuit
  657. MetLife's denial of short-term disability benefits found arbitrary and capricious
  658. Cigna failed to follow proper claim denial procedure, nurse's right to pursue disability law suit under ERISA supported by district court
  659. Prudential's failure to provide documents weighs in long term disability claimant's favor
  660. Hartford wins long-term disability case based on pre-existing condition defense
  661. The Standard Insurance Company loses their battle to enforce discretionary clauses in long-term disability policies
  662. An undiagnosed pre-existing condition will not result in denial of long-term disability benefits
  663. Reliance Standard is ordered by Arizona Court to pay long-term disability benefits to technology consultant with fibromyalgia
  664. Hartford wins long-term disability case, court rules that claimant failed to exhaust administrative remedies
  665. Hartford's unreasonable denial of disability benefits to a hospital employee is reversed by Texas Court
  666. Director disabled by heart disease takes Prudential to Illinois Court after denial of long-term disability benefits
  667. Northwestern Mutual rescinds disability policy after claimant paid premiums for 15 years
  668. Missouri Court denies MetLife's motion to dismiss long-term disability claim for failure to exhaust administrative remedies
  669. Federal judge orders Sun Life to re-evaluate long-term disability benefit denial
  670. MetLife denies physician's long-term disability claim as a result of late application filing
  671. Court orders Prudential to re-evaluate long-term disability claim of engineer suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia
  672. Court upholds Standard Insurance Company's denial of disability benefits, despite claimant's approval of social security disability benefits
  673. Federal judge reverses MetLife's denial of long-term disability benefits to a senior project manager suffering from back pain
  674. Jefferson Pilot ordered to pay disability benefits to clinical director suffering from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and depression
  675. CIGNA ordered to pay disability benefits to hr administrator diagnosed fibromyalgia
  676. Prudential fails to recognize pain caused by fibromyalgia as a long term disability
  677. Unum's disability claims handling tactics are exposed in New York Federal Court
  678. MetLife's denial of disability benefits can not be challenged due to claimant's statute of limitation non-compliance
  679. CIGNA / LINA fined $600,000 and required to reconsider prior disability denials
  680. Hartford is ordered to pay long-term disability benefits to a telecommunications manager
  681. Liberty Mutual's denial of disability benefits to a bank employee is reversed
  682. Metlife's wrongful denial of long-term disability benefits to a Wells Fargo employee is reversed
  683. The Standard Disability Insurance Company loses motion to prevent Dell Disability Lawyers from deposing six of the Standard's employees
  684. Broadspire and Aetna deny long-term disability benefits to manager suffering from fibromyalgia, arthritis and cervical disc disease
  685. Prudential denies long-term disability benefits to a college professor, but the California District Court reverses the claim denial
  686. Dell Disability Lawyers's client takes her case to trial against Prudential in Hawaii District Court
  687. Judge orders Prudential to pay account manager $90,416 in long-term disability benefits
  688. Nurse anesthetist denied long-term disability benefits for drug addiction by Continental casualty loses at trial and on appeal
  689. CIGNA's attempt to limit claimant to a maximum of 2 years of long-term disability benefits limitation for an organic brain disorder such as bi-polar is reversed by the District Court
  690. Unum Provident's appeal of long-term disability benefits awarded to a New York tax attorney is denied
  691. Prudential denies long-term disability benefits to a breast cancer survivor and Dell Disability Lawyers file appeal challenging denial
  692. Former financial trader files lawsuit against Connecticut General Life Insurance (MetLife) seeking lifetime long-term disability benefits
  693. National Life (UNUM) agrees to pay long-term disability benefits to a chiropractor following a skiing accident
  694. Unum found guilty of social security disability fraud by a federal jury
  695. Health insurer accused of overcharging millions
  696. MetLife releases priveleged documents prior to entry of ruling by court
  697. Court reverses Prudential's decision to deny long-term disability benefits to computer software engineer
  698. Nurse wins opportunity for reassessment of claim with Liberty Life for long-term disability benefits based on her fibromyalgia
  699. ERISA policy holders have very few legal remedies
  700. US supreme court attempts to clarify the standard of review in denial of long term disability benefits
  701. Government asks Supreme Court to broaden remedies under ERISA
  702. Cigna ordered to re-review denial of long-term disability benefits for Senior Vice President at Salomon Smith Barney
  703. Unum Group Corp. to pay $676 million in extra benefits to claimants
  704. Court to hear case that could help workers claim benefits
  705. Disability insurers are overloading social security by making insured's file false claims
  706. Reliance Standard denies Diversified's Director of National Account Sales long-term disability benefits despite long history or cardiac problems
  707. Court upholds Hartford's denial of long-term disability benefits to a quality technical specialist suffering from cervical disc herniations and vertigo
  708. Prudential and Reassure reconsider the occupation of insured at the time he claims disability
  709. Prudential's denial of disability benefits to a computer programmer is reversed by the appellate court
  710. Prudential's denial of disability benefits to a salesperson is reversed
  711. Standard's decision to deny doctor's disability benefits due to the 24-month mental/nervous limitation upheld
  712. Systems support specialist wins disability benefits case against Coca-Cola and Broadspire
  713. Dentist sues disability insurance carrier, third party administrator and allegedly independent medical examiner as a result of their conspiracy and bad faith actions to wrongfully deny disability benefits
  714. Prudential's summary judgment ruling is reversed twice by the 7th Circuit US Court of Appeals
  715. Aetna's denial of disability benefits for human resource generalist is upheld after claimant's definition of disability changes from "own occupation" to "any occupation"
  716. Salesman's disability benefits are denied by Hartford due to claimant's failure to communicate with Hartford
  717. Truck driver denied disability benefits for chronic fatigue syndrome by Aetna
  718. Dentist wins right to apply stricter standard of review in her case against Hartford for a claim for long-term disability benefits
  719. Hartford's decision to deny long-term disability benefits to a plant operator is upheld
  720. Prudential Insurance Company's denial of short-term disability benefits to attorney is reversed
  721. Federal judge OKs class action status for suit against Unum Group
  722. Continental Casualty denies sales manager's claim for disability benefits due to untimely filing of application
  723. Court holds that decedent did not intentionally misrepresent a prior medical condition in his application for life insurance benefits
  724. Hartford relies on video surveillance of the insured to deny disability benefits
  725. Metlife's denial of disability benefits to an event coordinator is upheld
  726. Diagnosis of insured's medical condition after termination of employment does not preclude disability claim
  727. Unum ordered to pay disability benefits to attorney suffering from sick building syndrome
  728. Federal judge reverses MetLife's denial of disability benefits
  729. Prudential's motion to dismiss claimant's disability benefits is denied
  730. Court upheld Standard's decision to deny disability benefits
  731. Insured denied benefits by Unum due to failure to receive "appropriate care"
  732. Prudential breaches disability contract and jury awards claimant $15.2 million in damages
  733. Disability policy covering only employers not subject to ERISA jurisdiction
  734. Broadspire's attempt to deny disability benefits after paying for 10 years is denied
  735. MetLife ordered to pay disability benefits beyond 24 months for a claimant with both mental and physical disabilities
  736. Federal Court rules that degenerative arthritis of claimant's knee was a "sickness" and not caused by an "injury"
  737. MetLife's attempts to stop paying total disability benefits after paying claimant for 10 years is denied
  738. Hartford ordered to re-evaluate denial of disability benefits
  739. Hartford ordered to pay disability benefits
  740. U.S. judge orders Broadspire to reinstate a former bank employee's disability benefits
  741. California Federal Court rejects Prudential's attempt to limit claim
  742. Can disability insurer force doctor to have surgery?
  743. Disability income often require attorney expertise
  744. Affidavit from former Unum Provident employee
  745. Continental Insurance Company ordered to pay long-term disability benefits to bank employee
  746. CIGNA can not change ERISA standard of review
  747. ERISA disability benefits denied by Lumbermens Mutual casualty due to lack of objective evidence
  748. A classic Unum Provident denial
  749. What is Complete Disablity?
  750. California disability policyholders seek class action against Unum Provident
  751. Physician who cannot perform one material and substantial duty of his occupation is totally disabled
  752. UnumProvident continues DI settlement talks with California
  753. Unum settles allegations of wrongful claims handling
  754. Hartford's refusal to provide entire claim file did not prejudice claimant's ability to dispute her denial of disability benefits
  755. What you should look for in a denial letter: disability insurance company's inadequate denial letter causes court to reinstates insured's disability benefits
  756. Hartford's Life Insurance companies reliance on surveillance video to terminate benefits was appropriate
  757. Medical opinion by treating physician unreliable and unsupported by objective test
  758. Objective medical evidence of fibromyalgia may not always be required to prove total disability
  759. UNUM ordered to pay disability benefits to legal secretary
  760. Kemper National fails to perform an independent medical exam and is ordered by the court to pay long-term disability benefits to a registered nurse
  761. ERISA Plaintiff granted disability benefits from Prudential for depression and anxiety
  762. Dentist awarded $1.21 Million for past and future benefits and bad faith damages
  763. UNUM's decision to deny disability benefits on the basis of a pre-existing condition for primary lateral sclerosis is reversed on appeal
  764. Hartford attempts to deny store clerk's claim for disability benefits on the basis of a pre-existing multiple sclerosis condition


  1. Prudential terminated my LTD, so now I have no income
  2. Lincoln Financial made my life a living hell
  3. They demanded an overpayment, stopped my claim, and lied about it
  4. Sun Life is a real pain
  5. I feel like Unum is giving me the runaround!
  6. Payment delays!
  7. Cigna (NYL) denied my claim
  8. Hold up on payments!!!
  9. Paid Family Leave
  10. They should all rot in hell
  11. They will constantly come up with anything to delay paying you
  12. Don't count on Cigna!!! You will be very disappointed!!!
  13. They will do anything to avoid paying
  14. Lincoln Financials wants to claw back my money
  15. Cigna denied my disability claim because they didn't read the "continued on next page"
  16. Cigna denied my STD claim
  17. This is the second time I've been shorted in my check
  18. Your decision making process is absurd!
  19. Everytime SunLife receives my information they ask for another 7 to 10 business days
  20. Lincoiln Financial denied my STD claim because one doctor didn't send them my medical information.
  21. My husband has 2-5 yrs to live, yet MetLife has been giving him the run around
  22. Reliance Standard denied my LTD benefits because COVID-19 limited my ability to provide proof of continued disability.
  23. Lincoln cancelled my benefits because my doctor's notes were handwritten
  24. Inappropriate conduct!! Rude, discriminatory, etc
  25. Lincoln denied my disability claim even though Dr said I couldn't work
  26. Haven't been paid since MetLife denied my appeal months ago
  27. I have lost everything due to non payment of my claim.
  28. Metlife closed my STD claim amid several injuries
  29. Lincoln doesn't think renal failute and 4 dyalisis treatments per day are enough to be. Disabled
  30. Prudential cancelled my policy amid COVID crisis
  31. Cigna denied me and I had no other choice but to go back to work when I wasn't ready
  32. Metlife's COLA recalculation cut my payments with no explanation why
  33. Unum terminated my benefits with no warning
  34. I've been trying to care care of my Unum benefits for over a year. They’ve been so rude
  35. Cigna claiming they never got the forms I sent them
  36. Sorry, Principal. My residual and renewal commissions aren't "earned"
  37. I was sold a policy that I cannot use and no one will show me the policy
  38. SunLife said if I don't apply for SSI they will lower my payments
  39. I don't understand SunLife's overpayment letter
  40. Reliance Standard cut off my LTD benefits claiming I'm fit enough to work even though I'm more sick than before.
  41. I've paid for STD for 20+ years. Now, I'm actually sick and can't get paid
  42. Reliance Standard notified me that my benefits were being stopped with no warning or reason.
  43. MetLife stopping my benefit plan. I'm still disabled
  44. Unum thought I was fine to work. I wasn't
  45. Aetna STD has been a nightmare since the beginning
  46. My doctor signed paperwork and they still denied my pregnancy claim
  47. They promised me min 10% of my salary and max 60%. I got 6%
  48. Hartford never paid me
  49. Guardian not being flexible during Covid
  50. Hartford rep felt so guilty over how the company treated me that she quit
  51. Prudential verbally approved my claim and then sent me a denial letter
  52. Guardian thinks people with lupus miraculously recover
  53. Hartford ajuster won't return my calls. I might have to move back to California
  54. Lincoln Financial pressured me to return to work amid the pandemic
  55. MetLife forgot that women can't lift 20 pounds while pregnant
  56. Aetna leaves me at risk of losing my job and without compension
  57. Do not use this terrible, unethical company. My daughted died waiting for their claim.
  58. I was receiving LTD from Reliance Standard due to breast cancer until they suddenly denied me my benefits.
  59. Hartford keeps saying they haven’t gotten my paperwork
  60. MetLife received all my medical records but still denied my claim
  61. I'm going bankrupt after Hartford rejected all my medical tests/records
  62. Hartford has denying claims down to an artform
  63. SunLife screwed me one week after a C-section
  64. Hartford Insurance Company is a bunch of unpassionate people
  65. I'm using my off time off when it should be under my Cigna short term disability
  66. Unum has made me feel like a criminal
  67. My fiance wants to lie to his doctor so he can go back to work because we can't live off of SunLife
  68. SunLife took away my husband's VA Disability payment
  69. So appalled and frustrated with how Cigna is allowed to get away with this!
  70. Sent 122 pages of paperwork, but MetLife still need more info
  71. LFG made me lose all hope
  72. Lack of respect, consideration, compassion and professionalism
  73. Why are they handling it this way?
  74. 2 days before Christmas, LFG told me my benefits would be discontinued. They didn't contact me before and never told me why
  75. Get your own medical records, mail them certified mail, and pay for the copies so they don’t deny you on their time frame limits!!
  76. I have 11 conditions, and Hartford is going to cut me off
  77. Standard is one of, if not the worse, company in the industry now
  78. Cigna only paying me my earned income instead of base income
  79. I have been severely harmed by Lincoln Financial. Action must be taken against them.
  80. MetLife wants to end my benefits at age 62
  81. Standard is one of, if not the worse, company in the industry Standard hasn't approved or denied my claim in over a year. They keep promising to look at it 'next week'
  82. Filling out MetLife's detailed application could make me ineligable to premium waiver program
  83. Northwestern thinks I can walk even though my left leg is paralyzed
  84. Hartford dragging their feed on my STD
  85. Hartford is a joke. Their favorite word is "denied'
  86. I waited 5 weeks just to be told I can't receive benefits
  87. Over a year passed with zero notification from Hartford
  88. Unum keeps prolonging the process to approve my LTD benefits
  89. Cigna denied my claim after agreeing that I am functionally impaired
  90. This experience with the Hartford is one of the worst things I’ve ever had to deal with
  91. Aetna puts their clients through hell with their games
  92. Cigna used another person's medical info to deny my claim and ignored my doctors
  93. Cigna cut back my payments because I had a pension
  94. Cigna cares more about their shareholds than you
  95. I'm dreading and fearing this mess
  96. This company needs to be sued for their unethical practices!
  97. Cigna thinks they know how I feel inside my head
  98. Principal will do anything not to pay
  99. Lincoln Financial does nothing but give you hoops to jump through.
  100. MetLife is unresponsive to my emails but expects me to respond to theirs
  101. Cigna denied and said they needed more medical info … wow
  102. If Metlife is using ridiculous stall tactics over $12.00, I can't imagine what they do over full price
  103. I've gotten nothing but the run around for over a month. Beyond frustrating and stressful!
  104. I feel that I was robbed
  105. Northwestern is the Quiet Company that silently screws its policy holders but is too big to fail
  106. Lincoln Financial incorrectly cut my check and then unjustly denied my LTD claim.
  107. I only needed Unum once and to no aviail. I got denied
  108. Cigna forces people to not follow their physician's orders
  109. Lincoln Financial Group follows no rules or policies.
  110. Lincoln Financial continuously offsets my son's LTD benefits. It is upending his already difficult life.
  111. Hartford is the worst Insurance company I have ever dealt with
  112. Unum has no sympathy for disabled people!!
  113. Dealing with Unum made me depressed and want to give up
  114. I don't know what to do because they keep telling me different things. It’s ridiculous
  115. I don't understand how a company so big can be so hard to deal with
  116. MetLife cut me off from my job COLD
  117. I couldn't force Unim to pay up because they strategically kept me in limbo, never denying my claim
  118. Everyone gets paid but the one person who needs it most
  119. LFG claimed my documents got lost – even when I sent them proof of delivery by U.S. Postal tracking
  120. Never received a single payment from Unum
  121. I want to sue Cigna
  122. It's been over 3 months, and I've only received one payment from Aetna
  123. This company makes the process impossible. They're terrible
  124. Beyond stress after MetLife denied my STD claim
  125. Lincoln Financial is taking months to provide me with my benefit checks. I'm unsure where to go from here.
  126. I keep getting the run around
  127. Principal is absolutely ridiculous. I'm in financial harship after not receibing my full pay from work and exhausting my long term sick
  128. Just got denied. Don't know what to do next.
  129. The Standard will threaten to withhold your pay until you sign every document that they send you. The worst part is when they consider back payment for SSDI benefits
  130. It would cost me more to fight Prudential than to let them get away with their games
  131. This fraudulent company is such a joke
  132. I have given Cigna all that they request. Now it seems like they are giving me the run-around.
  133. MetLife decided I was no longer disabled 6 weeks into my 13 week plan
  134. Lesson learned, disability insurance is a complete waste of money
  135. I do not understand how a “medical review team” who has never laid eyes on my wife can say she is able to return to work when her doctors who see her on a regular basis have documented that she can't
  136. We have dealt with Lincoln Financial for nearly two months to no success
  137. Lincoln Financial approved my claim after I was denied WC, but now they won't pay me.
  138. Cigna took a snipped of my medical record and ran with it. They didn't care tham my CHILD had just been killed.
  139. All Lincoln Financial does is STEAL YOUR MONEY
  140. I pay them for my service. And they treat me like this. Shame on them.
  141. LFG has been nothing but a headache
  142. Thank you so very much for your website, and for educating the public about this ugly, evil corporation.
  143. Stress over Guardian caused my heart attack
  144. Standard's sudden denial was inexplicable
  145. Cigna thought I wasn't physically impaired when I was on BED REST
  146. Aetna people are thieves, crooks and liars.
  147. I got nowhere trying to play Cigna's appeal games. Thank You, Dell & Schaeffer for resolving my case!!
  148. This company is a bunch of thieves.
  149. I promptly sent my overpayments to Lincoln Financial, but now I haven't heard from them in months.
  150. Cigna promised me 60% of my income and gave me nothing
  151. Cigna has not paid me a dime in months
  152. Standard has keep me jumping through hoops for years
  153. delaying a decision forcing me to keep paying them premiums for a policy I believe they never had any intention of paying.
  154. Cigna expects me to do a range of motion tests when every time I try to move I want to cry
  155. Please, don’t take insurance out with this company.
  156. Reliance Standard never answers or returns my calls, has not provided me my benefits, and falsely claims I never provided necessary paperwork.
  157. Prudential told me I would have a decision today, and now the need another week. Guess what, I'm still broke
  158. Hartford denied me after their "doctor" thought I was fine after 15 years of payments
  159. I'm unable to return to work because Lincoln Financial won't track my calls after claiming I never called them.
  160. The IRS should know that Guardian refuses to send my W-2 form
  161. My knees have gotten so bad that I just had knee replacement. Meanwhile I've been waiting to receive my benefits from Lincoln Financial, and my case worker is no help.
  162. Unum is in the business of denying claims and maximizing profits – with no paper trail to prove their criminal operations because they don't answer calls or emaisl
  163. Even my employer doesn’t understand why Cigna denied my claim. I don't know what to do
  164. Unum's "experts" contradicted what my Umichigan doctors say
  165. Cigna is not there in time of need Had to go back to work with no surgery and a ruined credit score
  166. Still waiting for LFG to approve my claim
  167. Hartford told me TODAY my benefits are stopped effective TODAY
  168. Aetna is definitely committing a crime and they need to be stopped.
  169. I hate Aetna
  170. Prudential is the most dishonest and immoral company ever!
  171. Reliance Standard is unreasonably prolonging the transition from STD to LTD for my boyfriend.
  172. Aetna denied me and then I got fired from my job
  173. I am sick and tired of getting ignored
  174. Guardian cancelled my husband's claim without checking his medical records. Do better. We have children to feed and bills to pay.
  175. Principal owes me 60k
  176. Cigna says I am well and able to work. I wish my brain and body got their memo.
  177. Cigna thinks it's ok to mess with my life
  178. My experiecne with Cigna has been a complete headache
  179. Hartford terminated my benefits after they sent my forms to the wrong address
  180. Lincoln Financial denied my benefits because they claim I can work a desk job, even though that is the very job I had to leave previously.
  181. Mental health LTD should be covered under the Mental Health Parity Act
  183. I am so stressed out I can’t sleep at night. 
  184. MetLife is a joke
  185. Guardian has built-in denial for self-employed individuals
  186. I tried working a small job my friends offered me, and instead of offsetting my benefits Lincoln Financial is terminating them.
  187. Sun Life doesn't tell you about their STD criteria, not do they let you know when your claim is denied
  188. Why are we allowing LFG to get away with such nonsense??
  189. I am so tired of dealing with Aetna
  190. Unum denied reinstating my disability payments after I was diagnosed with arthritis
  191. I am about to lose my money to these thieves
  192. Aetna denied my appeal and now I'm out of money
  193. These people/company are horrible. No one should suffer from their greed
  194. Guardian has the least helpful folks I have ever met
  195. What a pathetic company
  196. SunLife said my condition is more mental than physical (it's not) and said I've have to take a lump sum
  197. Got the run around for 9 months. My quality of life is gona
  198. Cigna is denying my wife's benefits even though she is unable to go back to nursing or make 80% of her income.
  199. Aetna is a bunch of hypocrites and your typical slimy, rip off, no pay insurance company.
  200. I have lost my car, credit, and family
  201. MetLife's games have made me lose the car
  202. I haven't received a single check my Sun Life
  203. Unum denied our claim because of "lack of diagnosis" leaving us bankrupt. Sorry, Unum, but some conditions don't have a diagnosis yet.
  204. The appeals process with Reliance Standard is very frustrating. I'm not sure how to get an answer from them.
  205. Worst experience ever
  206. Prudential has caused so much stress on me sometimes I just breakout crying.
  207. I will be LITERALLY living in my car if Aetna persists with their games
  208. Unum denied my claim for not returning to work after 3 days when they had already approved 3 weeks
  209. Cigna denied my claim because they thought there wasn't enough evidence. I haven't had a life in months
  210. I lost everything when Principal terminated my benefits without calling or emailing me
  211. This is definately a company thats in it for the bucks!! I hope bad karma catches up to them
  212. Cigna denied my LTD claim after my serious car wreck
  213. Aetna has been giving me the run around and denied my claim
  214. Aetna is a horrible company to work for
  215. I feel like I have been scammed!! BEWARE
  216. My Dr. never gave Cigna my medical records, so I lost my car
  217. MetLife hiring a pi to follow me + denying my claims heightens my anxiety
  218. I feel as if my husband was robbed by Aetna
  219. Hartford's lack of help has left me struggling to pay my bills
  220. I've been fighting SunLife for STD for 2 months and I've only received one week of payment
  221. MetLife refused to pay me for 8 weeks
  222. Lincoln denied my claim because my doctor wasn't in the office – on his day off!!! – to answer their call
  223. SunLife took 4 months after I declined their lump sum to deny me
  225. Aetna is a crooked company
  226. I am in need of help in handling my appeal with Lincoln Financial.
  227. LFG made my PCP – who said he was not qualified – complete my forms
  228. Aetna ignored my very detailed medical information and denied my claim
  229. I'm fed up with this insurance company
  230. They don’t return your calls. And when they do they try to trick you into making a false statement.
  231. If you work for a company who offers Guardian, tell them NO and get a non ERISA provider. Guardian lied about my options and then tried to tell me I'm not disabled
  232. I don't understand why Unum terminated my benefits
  233. Hartford denied my appeal even after Dr. said I couldn't work and after I qualified for govt disability
  234. Hartford changed criteria of how they determine I'm disabled
  235. Verizon won't let me back to work due to confusion over Met Life doctors
  236. They are playing games
  237. I've sent Aetna every single piece of paperwork that I have but they keep asking for more, refusing to listen to me
  238. Rather than helping customers with their claims, Aetna finds ways to deny them
  239. I cant but feel I am being starved out and given the runaround.
  240. Prudentials overpayment paperwork makes no sense and they are trying to get my kids involved in my claim
  241. Aetna sucks!!
  242. Lincoln Financial is trying to pay for only a fraction of the time I'm supposed to be out of work, and requests more records in order to extend the coverage.
  243. Met Life has the power to ruin your career
  244. This company is purposely denying claims
  245. I feel stuck
  246. Not sure if it’s worth fighting these corporate vultures
  247. Worst experience ever!!
  248. Reliance Standard is trying to reduce my LTD benefits because of once-a-month work in the military reserve.
  249. MetLife drags claims out because people become tired and give up. I will fight them.
  250. I have NO money coming in. I'm so frustrated I could cry.
  251. Met-Life lied to my face. They know I don't have the money for these constant visits, but they don't care
  252. SunLife's behavior is outlandish and criminal to say the very least
  253. At some point, SunLife needs to be held accountable for their tactics against people without the means to fight back
  254. I hope I never have to deal with these people in life!!! They lie as easy as they breathe not to pay off claims.
  255. Prudential is the worst insurance company I've had to deal with
  256. Different Unum representatives told me my claim was both approved and denied?!
  257. My doctor of 2 years changed his mind abt my disability after speaking with Lincoln Financial…
  258. Principal owes me 4k
  259. SunLife repeatedly claims they have not received my faxes
  260. Lincoln Financial keeps denying my LTD claim even though multiple doctors say I can't work.
  261. Lincoln Financial found a doctor purely to contradict my husband's doctor's orders.
  262. Even though my spinal illness is very well-documented, Reliance Standard has yet to transfer me to LTD.
  264. Lincoln Financial denied my LTD claim, but I didn't appeal it within 180 days. Looking to potentially appeal now.
  265. Lincoln Financial doesn't want to know the truth about your disability, they just want to find ways to say you're not disabled.
  266. Cigna is the worst insurance company I have ever had to deal with.
  267. Yet another person screwed by Guardian's corporate greed
  268. ARE THEY CRAZY?!?!?
  269. Is this fair?? I'm owed for each time Metlife denied my claims, as well as wrongful termination.
  270. I can't get someone to be honest with me from MetLife.
  271. I've never worked with people that are so obviously stalling before. Bunch of crooks
  272. My husband's STD claim is close to switching over to LTD. We want to know more about the process, but Lincoln Financial won't provide any information.
  273. Aetna makes me bug my physician to sent stuff he already sent
  274. Reliance Standard pays measly benefits at the cost of constant requests for paperwork.
  275. Unum demanded to see all information on my checking account to monitor if I'm getting extra income. Seems illegal to me
  276. UNUM has been stailling by saying they're waiting on medical records. Same old tactics
  277. SunLife's hipster with zero medical experience thought he knew more than my doctor
  279. I am sick of dealing with them!!! They are crooks!!!
  280. Reliance Standard is attempting to doctor shop and send me to an unqualified specialist.
  281. Stay away from buying any Long Term Disability from Aetna
  282. We want our money, not the run around!
  283. I’m sure Cigna's shareholders made a nice profit while my life was flushed into a 10 year nightmare that will never end.
  284. Aetnas thinks they can get away with not paying you for weeks on end
  285. This company is awful
  286. They are liars, spies, and theives.
  287. Hartford basically told us that we were out of luck
  288. Reliance Standard is inconsistent with their payments.
  289. I am beyond unhappy with Cigna
  290. Cigna closed my case because they didn't have my info; yes they did. I'm not waiting for a review
  291. We have sent over all of the medical records Lincoln Financial has requested, yet they keep saying they haven't gotten any of it from my sister's doctors.
  292. Never in my life have I been treated with such disrespect
  293. 2 ways Principal harms disabled employees
  294. Is it worth keeping up with all of the paperwork when Reliance Standard is only giving me $100 a month?
  295. Hartford is a company of thieves. They should be ashamed of how many people they've caused hardships
  296. I think what Cigna did is illegal
  297. Principal nurses try to override my doctor
  298. My STD claim with Lincoln Financial has been in medical review for a long time. I'm beginning to get worried.
  299. I hate these people
  300. Standard Insurance Company is NOT here to help employees
  301. Met Life insensitively thinks "everyone has back pain"
  302. This is criminal.
  303. They cut my husband off without telling him. I can't believe our government allows this company to continue with their fraud
  304. Lincoln Financial won't provide me with any updates or information regarding extending my claim.
  305. This company needs to be put in their place. Even my doctors are upset with their harassing nature
  306. Cigna will claim you have a pre-existing condition to deny your claims
  307. Cigna scammed me
  308. I need a lawyer against Aetna. I am so stressed out!
  309. SunLife cut me off even though I was stage 4 cancer. BEWARE
  310. MetLife claims my doctor didn't send them the needed info. I watched him do it.
  311. I don't understand how Aetna can do this. I'm scared!!!
  312. Aetna denied my premium waiver despite being diagnosed with Phenochromocytoma and having tumors
  314. The Standard thought my condition was preexisting and denied me
  315. Aetna won my case by saying I had a pre-existing condition when I didn't
  316. My bank is overdrawn, I ruined my credit, I am accumulating late fees… thanks Cigna
  317. Unum is a big joke. They're dragging their feet to avoid paying me
  318. LFG paid my brother's claim in 2013, but they are refusing now – for the same condition
  319. This has been a very long and hard road
  320. I feel like my hands are tied with MetLife
  321. My experience with Guardian/Berkshire was appalling and ridiculous
  322. I need help in appealing my claim with Lincoln Financial.
  323. This is the worst ran company for people in need I have ever seen.
  324. I was left with no choice but to return to work
  325. I want to sue this company for all the stress they've caused me
  326. Reliance Standard unfairly denied my LTD claim due to a pre-existing condition.
  327. Hartford's doctor was a joke. I think they're trying to cancel my benefits.
  328. Unum denied my claim over nonsense. They lack respect
  329. Hartford has brought me so much stress
  330. Sun Life’s reputation of delay of claim processing is inexcusable and one of the worst in this industry
  331. Seeking relief against Reliance Standard through the Insurance Fair Conduct Act.
  332. I don’t know if I'm more upset about being denied or being denied without being told
  333. I take 9+ prescriptions every day but Cigna still denied me
  334. Major financial suffering because Reliance Standard wrongfully denied my disability benefits.
  335. My work place has put me in a tough spot with Lincoln Financial.
  336. My partner and I have been continuously harrassed by Reliance Standard for paperwork, and now want to pursue a lump sum for undue stress.
  337. Hartford takes advantage of disabled people. My experience has been exhausting.
  338. Lincoln Financial disregarded my wife's dopctor's diagnosis and denied her STD claim.
  339. I am so tired of fighting for the benefits that I deserve based on the policy I paid for.
  340. I would encourage anyone who has problems with Mutual of Omaha or United of Omaha to immediately contact an attorney.
  341. There's what I learned:
  342. Reliance Standard has yet to give me the correct benefit amount, even after pointing it out to them myself.
  343. This is a very deceptive company…
  344. Reliance Standard is trying to claim SSDI payments we never received as offset for my husband's LTD benefits.
  345. Prudential continually harasses me and my family
  346. I feel that this is age discrimination
  347. Despite overwhelming evidence to support my husband's claim, Lincoln Finacnial keeps prolonging a decision on his appeal.
  348. My doctor checked the wrong box, so Aetna denied me and refuses to listen
  349. Chronic pain patients should file a class action stuit against LFG
  350. Need advice on how to best deal with Reliance standard.
  351. At this point, Aetna is questioning my disability
  352. Unum's stalling will force me to either sell the house or the car
  353. If I am unable to pay the full lump sum of overpayment to Prudential, can they just with hold my LTD checks till it is paid off?
  354. LFG is nothing but a scam ripping people off. Flush your money
  355. Aetna seems to be crying for a class action suit. Make sure I’m on the list! 
  356. I call every day and am met with rude workers who do not care about you in the least. Horrible company.
  357. My claim was handled so unprofessionally – almost no written communication from NW Mutual
  358. I would not trust MassMutual in any service they offer 
  359. Battle with MetLife is like battle with cancer
  360. Reliance Standard refuses to give my recently deceased aunt's life insurance benefits to my family .
  361. I am tired of waiting on Met Life
  362. My disability monthly payments have been unlawfully cut off
  363. I can’t understand why I am being penalized for their incompetence
  364. Reliance Standard is insitent upon holding up my benefit checks.
  365. NWM refused to have a hematologist review my claim since my "numbers are currently normal." They ignored my primary concern of relapsing
  366. This process has been so difficult that I couldn’t focus on getting better
  367. This is the worst!!
  368. Reliance Standard offset SSDI benefits I never received, and now won't give them to me due to initial refusal.
  369. Unum has been consistently lying to me. At least I'm not the only one.
  370. Prudential claims I owe them money when I don't
  371. LFG holding "dependent allowance" out of my checks when I don't have any dependents
  372. Reliance Standard is unbearable!
  373. Retain legal counsel before applying a band-aid to MetLife's wounds
  374. I went from being on top with my career, having all material needs met to losing everything because I’ve gone the last 7 months with no income
  375. Even though I have enough medical evidence to prove my disability, Lincoln Financial keeps denying my claim.
  376. Met Life, being clean shaven doesn't mean I'm not depressed
  377. I don't trust Cigna
  378. I'm just tired of all this harassment
  379. MOO attempted to strong arms me with collection tactics. Now, they're stalling
  380. Thanks to Prudential, my family will be living under a bridge soon
  381. Aerna has denied my claim 4 times
  382. Hopefully something can be done to stop Hartford's greedy claims!
  383. MOO stopped my husband's benefits before telling him. They handled his claim terribly
  384. After two successful approvals of my STD claim, Lincoln Financial suddenly denied my STD claiming I had no certified medical condition.
  385. The financial stress that Cigna puts on people should be against the law
  386. As disabled persons we need someone fighting for us against corporate and government greed.
  387. Interacting with Lincoln Financial has gone well so far, looking for advice on how to improve my chances of being approved for LTD.
  388. Prudential knowingly asked me to attempt to break the law
  389. I am so angry that Prudential can get away with this
  390. I was harassed while working for Aetna
  391. Unum stopped my disability benefits at age 65 after telling me they would never stop
  392. Dealing with Lincoln Financial was a struggle, and they cut me off even though I have a proven disability.
  393. LFG cherry picks whatever information benefits their needs to deny my claim
  394. I suddenly stopped receiving my STD benefits from Lincoln Financial because my therapist could not give them sufficeint information.
  395. My specialist took me out of work, but Lincoln Financial denied my claim on the grounds of not seeking consultation, which was never part of the original claim.
  396. Cigna gets away with age discrimination on a routine basis
  397. Aetna is shady
  398. Cigna paid me, denied me, then demanded overpayment, and then refused to conver mental health
  399. Principal told me not to appeal
  400. Lincoln Financial denied my daughter's claim on the basis of repeated calls to the doctor's office, when in reality they had never contacted them.
  401. The stuff UNUM made up about me is unbelievable
  402. I’m very disappointed with Aetna!
  403. Through fraudulent practices both of my appeals were denied!
  404. Sun Life should have to pay dearly for their screw up
  405. I've never seen such poor communication and such a slow process
  406. Cigna left me with no income; no one is gonna hire me
  407. I think Hartford scheduled a docotors appointment for me (without telling me). Weird??
  408. I need help on an appeal against Prudential
  409. My husband's claim with Reliance Standard was denied because his employer never mentioned the financial eligibility requirements for the policy.
  410. Aetna really left me in a terrible bind.
  411. Do not use Aetna! They ruined my life
  412. Reliance Standard continues to harrass me about denying my benefits, even though I'm clearly unable to return to work.
  413. Cigna dropped me as soon as Social Security was approved. I am not giving up.
  414. What LFG is doing can't be legal
  415. My coverage got denied after meeting with Unum's doctor
  416. I am physically not able to work, but Hartford wants me to
  417. Standard based their denial on a confition that I do not have
  418. $7k and 3 months later and Guardian is still "working on it" and asking me to "be patient"
  419. No matter how I send my medical records, Reliance Standard consistently claims to have never received them.
  420. Standard made my leave a living hell
  421. What can I do if Unum has declined my clain twice?
  422. Guardian dropped me and now, no one will hire me
  423. Unum claimed I was self-insured when I wasn't
  424. Cigna made my anxiety 10x worse
  425. SunLife said they were too busy to talk and then tweeted my daughter in law
  426. I know Standard's denial letter is coming
  427. Stanfrod declined my MS claim
  428. I can't do anything, but Cigna says I can work and they are denying me what I paid for for several years.
  429. Unum should be ashamed of the lies they put in my denial letter
  430. Aetna denied my claim, so I can't afford my medical treatments or house bills
  431. What Cigna does to us is horrible
  432. This company’s behavior is despicable and, frankly, cruel.
  433. Met Life is legalized extortion
  434. I asked LFG head of appeals if he'd ever Googled the company and seen the pages upon pages of their shady practices. He changed the subject
  435. Cigna said if I had gotten a knee replacement I would have been eligible for benefits. Sorry Cigna, my knee had to wait when I was in the hospital 4 times for my bipolar disorder
  436. LFG nurses can question the decisions of my neurosurgeon. What a joke
  437. Principal’s short term disability insurance is all lies. They will deny your claim any way they can
  438. Cigna denied me one week before heart surgery
  439. SunLife knows people are going to be disgusted and just give up
  440. I have a chronic illness that will never get better, yet Standard thinks I can work
  441. All I need is unpaid leave for about 50 hours not 12 entire weeks. Worst customer service in history of time.
  442. Doctors intimidated by plethora of Guardian paperwork
  443. I feel very much in the dark & filled with stress & anxiety
  444. When you talk to Guardian agent, you feel like your talking to a corpse
  445. Why do they want me to give extra info on a condition that will never get better? It feels like bullying
  446. I'm dealing with a battle with cancer. Add a legal battle with Lincoln Financial
  447. Reliance Standard says that I owe them $8,000 in offsets from benefits I never claimed/recieved.
  448. Do not truest these crooks!
  449. Reliance Standard is trying to claim I owe an offset of nearly double what I actually was awarded.
  450. Cigna thinks my Parkinsons got better. It's a progressive debilitating disease.
  451. Having difficulty seeking a lump sum buyout of my LTD with Lincoln Financial.
  452. I can’t see how a company can legally do this
  453. They suck!
  454. Thanks for nothing, Aetna!!!
  455. Why do I pay to have such misery in dealing with a company??
  456. I can not stand their horrible business practices. Cigna is a bunch of mean jerks that reduce their liabilities by any means.
  457. Aetna cut off my benefits 5 days early
  458. I don’t think it is right for Cigna to require you to apply for SSDI and even assist with the process and then after approval from SSDI drop you
  459. Aetna kept getting a 45 day extension to review my appeal. They are incompetent!
  460. Stress over Cigna is making me so much worse!!
  461. Unum refuses to approve my STD
  462. The system Aetna has in place is very BROKEN.
  463. I was receiving STD and LTD from Reliance Standard without a problem until they suddenly denied my benefits without warning.
  464. I was approved unpaid medical leave by Wells Fargo, but was denied LTD after Lincoln Financial mis-represented and misquoted my doctor.
  465. I can't get in touch with Cigna
  466. RUN WHILE YOU CAN! I was scammed.
  467. I was denied LTD coverage by Reliance Standard because my cancer was deemed a pre-existing condition.
  468. This is a horrible place to work for.
  469. Hartford gives my son $59 a month even though his treatment is almost $10k per month
  470. I can't handle the constant harrassment from Lincoln Financial for my medical information.