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  • Linda A.  It was an excellent experience working with Stephen Jessup, Esq. and Vanessa Arriaga, paralegal, on my appeal claim! They are a great team and did an... › continue
  • Christopher G.  I am very pleased with the job done by Dell & Schaefer. From start to finish the team that worked with me was very thorough, professional and... › continue
  • Demetric W.  Before I called Dell & Schaefer I called several law firms in my area and to my disappointment, I was unable to find a local attorney who I felt... › continue

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Helping the Disabled Since 1979

us-map-smallOur nationwide disability insurance attorneys have represented thousands of disabled claimants with their claims for either short term disability, long term disability, or long-term care benefits against every major disability insurance company.

Our disability lawyers represent claimants nationwide and we file more than 99% of our disability lawsuits in Federal Courts located throughout the country.

Download our free ebook Whatever It Takes to learn more about disability insurance claims.

We offer flexible attorney fee options and are committed to providing outstanding service to each client. Regular communication with our clients and enforcing timely payment of disability benefits is our priority.

We Have Earned A National Reputation

Our law firm has a national reputation in the field of disability insurance law and we have received the highest level of recognition from the nation’s leading legal peer review services.


We are authors of a chapter on disability insurance law in a Westlaw Insurance Law Text Book and we are routinely invited as disability experts to lecture on the topic of disability insurance claims. We have appeared on numerous national radio shows, published numerous disability articles and often relied upon by national media outlets to provide commentary on disability insurance issues.

We are the creators of Disability Law TV and have produced over 175 disability insurance claim videos which can be viewed throughout our website and on YouTube.

We invite you to learn more about us and we look forward to the opportunity to assist you in navigating through the various issues that need to be considered when selecting a disability attorney to handle a claim for disability insurance benefits.

Our Services

We represent claimants at all stages of a claim for disability income benefits, which includes the disability application process, monthly claim handling, denial of disability benefits, ERISA appeals, lawsuits to recover disability benefits and lump sum policy buyouts for individuals that are currently being paid disability income benefits. We always offer a free consultation.

Why Do You Need A Disability Attorney?

lawyers-groupDisability income policies are drafted with ambiguous and confusing contractual terms. This provides disability insurance companies with multiple reasons for delaying and denying disability income benefits.

Many years of handling complex disability insurance issues against every major disability insurance company has given us the unique knowledge, litigation skills and trial strategies necessary to help our clients obtain disability benefits and monetary damages for wrongful disability income claim denials.

Nationwide Representation

As a nationwide disability insurance law firm we have represented thousands of disability claimants throughout the country. We invite you to learn more about disability insurance claims in your state.

Two Disability Attorneys For Your Case

On every case we handle we believe in a team approach, which means that your case will be assigned to two long term disability attorneys and a paralegal. Long-term disability cases are challenging, and we believe it is important for your case to have input from multiple Dell & Schaefer disability lawyers.

Extensive Disability Law Resource

Throughout our website you will find an overwhelming amount of helpful information about disability insurance claims. On our Free Disability Information page you can review a detailed description of the extensive disability resources that we offer. We track every disability insurance company on a daily basis in order to keep up with their latest tactics and lawsuits around the country.

We have designed our site to be interactive so that disability claimants can either post comments about their disability insurance experience or ask general questions about disability insurance claims. Our disability lawyers respond on a daily basis to most comments.

The Frequently Asked Questions and Disabling Conditions sections of our site offer some of our most popular content.

Disability Insurance Videos

On a regular basis we film and add new videos related to long term disability insurance claims. Throughout our website you will find custom videos about our disability claim legal services, frequently asked questions, specific disability insurance companies, and disability company claims handling practices such as video surveillance, IME exams, and claimant interview request.

Disability Insurance Law TV is a video series dedicated to discussing all issues related to disability insurance claims.

Free Legal Consultation Request

We encourage you to contact us if you are considering applying for disability income benefits, have been denied total or partial disability benefits, or are interested in approaching your insurance carrier about a lump-sum buy-out of your disability income policy.