Reliance Standard is ordered by Arizona Court to pay long-term disability benefits to technology consultant with fibromyalgia

After receiving disability benefits for more than 10 years, the Reliance Standard denied disability benefits. After a 4 year legal battle, the Arizona district court determined that Melisa Gemmel was disabled by fibromyalgia. Melissa Gemmel was employed at Systemhouse, Inc. and covered under her employer’s long-term disability plan, issued by Reliance Standard (NYSE:DFG). In 1989, it was discovered that Gemmel suffered from osteophytes in the neural canal at C5-6, a posterior osteophyte at C5-6, and a C7-T1 abnormality.

In January of 1989, Zsolt G. dePapp, M.D. – referred by Gemmel’s doctor – stated that with proper physical therapy, exercise and medication, Gemmel may become more functional again.  However, he didn’t think Gemmel realized how much her inner tensions affected her nervous system and muscles.  In October of 1993, a lumbar MRI revealed that Gemmal had a small focal disc herniation at L5-S1. In December of 1993, Gemmel applied for long-term disability benefits as a result of back pain, numbness in her leg, headaches, degenerative disc disease, fibromyalgia, pain and numbness, neck pain, swelling in her hands and fingers because of carpal tunnel in both wrists as well as loss of range of motion with her fingers and thumbs.

In February of 1994, Dr. Mitchell Freedman informed Reliance Standard that he believed Gemmel had connective tissue disease characterized by Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis and Sjorgren’s syndrome.  He also stated that she couldn’t work due to severe, chronic pain.  In March of 1994, Gemmel’s application for disability benefits was approved by Systemhouse.

In April of 1994, Dr. Robert A. Eisenberg conducted an independent medical examination on Gemmel on request from Systemhouse. He diagnosed her with Fibromyalgia, but was unable to judge whether she could work at that time. In June of 1994, LTD Claim Screening Review stated that Gemmel’s condition was radicular back pain, fibromyalgia, spondylosis and migraines. They determined that she did in fact suffer from a long-term disability.  Dr. Michael D. Gwinn, an independent medical examiner hired by Systemhouse in March of 1996 reported that Gemmel did suffer from chronic pain and that psychological pain may be a contributing factor.  He stated that because there were not enough objective findings, Gemmel should be able to perform regular sedentary work, even if she was in pain.

Dr. Hill, one of Gemmel’s medical professionals, (stated that, “in evaluating Ms. Gemmel’s on-going disability, there seems to be inordinate weight given to the fact that Ms. Gemmel felt well enough to play 9 holes of golf in August 95 — (my clinic note 8/18/95). It is the nature of fibromyalgia that there will be some very good days and some very bad days (unable to turn over in bed without pain); but lots of bad days where sitting behind the wheel for a 5 minute trip to the grocery store (sic) is too painful. However, Ms. Gemmel will have no predictable number of very good days in any given month. Obviously an individual can undertake no responsible work — no matter how physically undemanding it may be — if they cannot commit to working some definite number of hours each month. Employers with positions of low responsibility requiring little skill and training are usually not interested in developing individualized, flexible schedules. At this time I cannot recommend that Ms. Gemmel commit to even a flexible work schedule of any practical consequence.”

In June of 1996, Gemmel received social security disability benefits, and in September of the same year, Dr. Norman N. Kohn, another of Gemmel’s medical professionals, reported that “Gemmel appears totally incapacitated by her subjective complaints” and that psychological factors separate from her fibromyalgia are significant factors in her disability for work.

Reliance Standard contacted Dr. George M. Sandoz and Dr. Benjamin, who stated that they hadn’t seen Gemmel since September of 2000, but that she could stand, sit, walk or drive for three to five hours in an eight hour day.  They stated that she could not do any pushing or pulling but that she was capable of repetitive grasping and fine manipulation and that she could occasionally bend at the waist, reach above her shoulder, use foot controls and could frequently bend at the waist and squat at the knees.

As Gemmel was still receiving benefits in 2001, Reliance Standard sought a peer review on all medical records, and in April of 2001, Dr. William Scott Hauptman, a medical doctor hired by the insurance company, reviewed the records.  He concluded that,“ this lady certainly has a bizarre set of symptoms. I cannot say that all of her symptoms originate from the apparent degenerative disc with osteophyte formation at C5-6. She does not have any myelopathic signs.”

He further stated, she still has a lot of tension and stress. She now realizes the connection between her symptoms and the various stresses in her life. It is sort of remarkable that [*10] everything started with the death of her father a number of years ago and it was exacerbated by the death of her mother last year. She is also troubled by a younger brother who is constantly being arrested for DWI and requesting her financial assistance. She relates an episode of shaking following an argument with her daughter, and another bad day following her stint in front of her computer where her muscles in her neck and back were extremely tight.” Therefore the medical records document clearly and early on the significant contribution and connection of psychological stress and the patient’s symptoms”

On May 15, 2001 Gemmel was notified that her benefits would be terminated because there was not enough evidence to support benefits for total disability.  Gemmel appealed in July and benefits were reinstated while the case was being investigated.  In October of 2001, Dr. Coggins, a doctor of Gemmel’s, wrote a letter, stating, “The disc degeneration is real, the nerve root encroachment is real, and therefore, the subjective pain and dysfunction reported by the patient, both at the time and since, are believable and correspond with the pathology. No evidence of significant, nor lasting improvement has been demonstrated in my experience with the patient.”

In January and February 2002, Reliance Standard attempted to contact Gemmel in order to schedule an Independent Medical Examination (IME), but was unable to get in touch with her.  A letter was sent, which stated that Gemmel must comply within 30 days or lose her benefits.  Her benefits were terminated when she never replied, however, Gemmel appealed and agreed to an IME. In January of 2004, her benefits were reinstated on the condition that they were still under investigation.

In January of 2004, an IME was done by Dr. Karen Lunda, who reported that “Gemmel exhibited greater spontaneous cervical and trunk rotation and cervical flexion range of motion than what she demonstrated actively during the physical exam and some of the ranges increased despite reports of increased pain.”

She also stated “The client did not exhibit any specific pain [*23] behaviors. As noted previously, the client ambulates with a deviated gait pattern. This varied during the testing. At times the client favored the left lower extremity a lot, at times a little and at other times not at all.

Despite reporting increases in pain and/or numbness the client did not present to be in any physical distress and there were minimal objective signs and symptoms to substantiate the pain complaints during functional testing. Except for the standing and walking tests, there was not a change in the manner in which the client performed the activity, a change in body mechanics, muscle recruitment, change in the soft tissue etc.”

Dr. Lunda reported that Gemmel was able to perform sedentary work, but that self-pacing should be allowed.  In 2004, based upon Dr. Lunda’s IME report, Reliance Standard denied Mrs. Gemmel disability benefits after paying benefits since March 1994. Gemmel was left with no alternative and filed a lawsuit against Systemhouse in  the United States District Court for the District of Arizona.  The judge heard all of the evidence after and determined that Mrs. Gemmel was disabled.  Reliance Standard was ordered to pay all past due benefits and reinstate disability benefits.  After 14 years of battling Reliance Standard hopefully they will accept that Mrs. Gemmel is disabled and continue to pay her long-term disability benefits.

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Reliance Standard cut off my LTD benefits claiming I'm fit enough to work even though I'm more sick than before.

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Reliance Standard

Reliance Standard notified me that my benefits were being stopped with no warning or reason.

Reviewed by Deborah S. on June 5th 2020   Verified Policyholder
Horrible company! Phoned me on June 4th to let me know that I would no longer be receiving benefits as of June 3rd. Just like that! No questions asked and no info given!
Sent on June 5th 2020 by Attorney Gregory Dell

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Reliance Standard

I was receiving LTD from Reliance Standard due to breast cancer until they suddenly denied me my benefits.

Reviewed by Mary Anne B. on March 3rd 2020   Verified Policyholder
I was diagnosed stage 2 breast cancer June 2015 and went out on std with Reliance. Within 4 months following my status changed to stage 4 with Mets to my spine. STD conver... read more >
Sent on March 3rd 2020 by Attorney Stephen Jessup

Mary Anne, your recourse would be to go through the administrative appeal process and if that is denied to file lawsuit. Please contact our office to discuss the denial... read more >

Reliance Standard

Reliance Standard never answers or returns my calls, has not provided me my benefits, and falsely claims I never provided necessary paperwork.

Reviewed by Chrystall on July 5th 2017   Verified Policyholder
I have been on STDI since April 28th, 2017 and I have only received what they say is a “courtesy payment” because they know the hardship which I am facing. I call mult... read more >
Sent on July 5th 2017 by Attorney Stephen Jessup

Chrystall, please feel free to contact our office to discuss your claim. Needless to say, the carrier is well beyond the typical timeframe to render a decision on a STD... read more >

Reliance Standard

Reliance Standard is unreasonably prolonging the transition from STD to LTD for my boyfriend.

Reviewed by Wendy on April 4th 2017   Verified Policyholder
In August 2016 my boyfriend was placed on disability by his family physician. A short background, he is a type I Diabetic since age 4 and had to have multiple lumbar back ... read more >
Sent on April 4th 2017 by Attorney Stephen Jessup

Wendy, please contact our office to discuss the claim further. Decisions on long term disability claim applications should only take about 45-60 days. If the claim is d... read more >

Reliance Standard

The appeals process with Reliance Standard is very frustrating. I'm not sure how to get an answer from them.

Reviewed by Rachel on October 23rd 2016   Verified Policyholder
I started with Reliance Standard when i had surgery 4/13, complications in surgery caused my recover last longer and brought my Lupus out of remission. I stayed on STD wit... read more >
Sent on October 23rd 2016 by Attorney Stephen Jessup

Rachel, if your claim was denied and your appeal already submitted there may be little that can be done until such time that RSL renders a decision on your appeal, whic... read more >

Reliance Standard

Reliance Standard is trying to reduce my LTD benefits because of once-a-month work in the military reserve.

Reviewed by Drake on May 23rd 2016   Verified Policyholder
I have had LTD with Reliance Standard since 2006. I had to jump through all the required social security applications until I was lucky approved after 2 denials by an Admi... read more >
Sent on May 23rd 2016 by Attorney Stephen Jessup

Drake, please feel free to contact our office to discuss. Have they sent any correspondence regarding same?

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Q: Do I have to provide additional proof of my disability that's specifically requested by Reliance Standard?

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A: Fred, I am sorry to hear all that you have been through medically and in dealing with Reliance Standard. Unfor... Read More >

Q: How do I access a copy of my STD policy with Reliance Standard?

Answered on March 26th 2019 by Attorney Alex Palamara
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Q: If I'm not receiving the SSDI benefits for my children from Reliance Standard due to custody, should my SSDI benefits increase?

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Q: How can Reliance Standard not coordinate with both of my disability insurance policies?

Answered on December 13th 2017 by Attorney Stephen Jessup
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Q: How can I get Reliance Standard to pay me the full amount of my withheld SSDI benefits?

Answered on April 25th 2017 by Attorney Stephen Jessup
A: Ej, typically RSL will only withhold funds if SSDI has not been applied for. My recommendation at this point w... Read More >

Q: My child is over 18 and directly received part of my payment from my SSD benefits, can Reliance Standard claim that as part of the overpayment?

Answered on November 21st 2016 by Attorney Stephen Jessup
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