Unum Provident pays total disability benefits to a chiropractor with breast cancer

Our client, a chiropractor, suffered from post-mastectomy related struggles, upper neck and back pain, as well as chronic pain in her hands, fingers, thumbs, and wrists caused by Osteoporosis and Arthritis. This pain made working on patients impossible, as bending and twisting caused severe mid back pain which would radiate through her mid-sternum area. Furthermore, upon her attempt to adjust patients, our client would experience stiffness in her fingers, and upon her attempt to grasp, she would experience swelling in her wrist area. She would experience all encompassing fatigue and weakness due to the effects of breast cancer, post-mastectomy and medications.

Based on our firm’s assistance to our client throughout the application process, she was able to receive total disability benefits. Furthermore, our firm continues to help our client monitor her claim and supplement the carrier with any additional relevant information for both her individual disability income claim and her business overhead expense disability claim.