• Unum / Provident / Paul Revere Long & Short Term Disability Claims (Ep. 13)

Unum / Provident / Paul Revere Long & Short Term Disability Claims

In this episode disability insurance attorneys Gregory Dell, Stephen Jessup and Cesar Gavidia of Attorneys Dell & Schaefer discuss Unum and their handling of long term disability insurance claims. Unum has taken over all disability polices sold by Paul Revere, Provident, Unum Provident, and Colonial Life. Unum is the world’s largest provider of disability insurance company and this video is short summary of the company and their disability claim handling tactics.

Unum is a multi billion dollar company with 10,000 employees that has a long history of selling and administering disability insurance claims. In this video we discuss the Unum Claim Reassessment which resulted in a $15 million dollar fine and the payment of over $600 million in disability benefits for claims that were wrongfully denied. Additionally our disability lawyers discuss some lawsuits around country against Unum, Unum’s unreasonable conduct as discussed by different courts, Unum’s reliance on objective evidence in order to prove disability, Unum’s handling of both individual and group (ERISA) disability claims, and Unum Bad Faith lawsuits.

Despite Unum’s attempts to change their notorious disability claim handling, we continue to see unreasonable claim handling actions by Unum. Our law firm has represented hundreds of Unum disability claimants and we are familar with all of Unums’ method of operation.

Please note: Disability insurance attorney Gregory Michael Dell created Disability Insurance Law TV in order to educate long term disability claimants about common issues related to long term disability insurance claims. New episodes are filmed on regular basis. Our disability videos are for informational purposes only and they are not legal advice.