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Unum Denies Disability Benefits to 53 Year Old Woman After Paying for 16 years

Attorney Gregory DellAuthor: Attorney Gregory Dell

Unum is obviously scraping the bottom of the barrel and making attempts to reduce the number of claimants that are currently receiving long term disability benefits. We recently reviewed a Unum denial letter for a woman that has been deemed disabled by Unum since September 18, 1998. This woman was approved for social security disability benefits in 2000 and she has been receiving $488 a month from Unum. She is currently 53 years old. Her disabling medical conditions include Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), Pericarditis(cardiac), chronic headaches, joint pain, blurred vision, osteoarthritis, vertigo, and cognitive dysfunction.

Unum’s Method for Denial of Benefits

Her Unum disability policy defined disability as the inability to perform any gainful occupation and Unum previously agreed that between September 1998 and May 12, 2014 she has been unable to perform any occupation. Unum began to scrutinize her claim in early 2014 and relied upon the file review conducted by a family medicine doctor to deny the claim. The claimant was never examined. Unum cherry picked the medical records of the claimant and determined that she did not have restrictions or limitation that would prevent her from performing a sedentary job. Unum did a vocational review and said she could do a job earning $12.50 an hour.

A Classic Unum Claim Denial

This denial is a classic “bullshit” denial that we see on a daily basis from Unum. A claimant can never let their guard down when dealing with Unum or any other disability insurance company. No one should ever think that an approval means you will continue to get paid as these companies reevaluate the claimant’s eligibility on a monthly basis. A claimant must always continue to treat with their doctors and make sure that the doctor is documenting their medical chart appropriately. Our lawyers help hundreds of disability insurance claimants every year to do everything possible to protect their disability benefits. It is extremely sad that Unum would deny benefits to a chronically ill woman that is only receiving $488 monthly. Our law firm will do everything possible for this woman to secure long term disability benefits for her.

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