Unum approves long-term disability benefits for a general surgeon diagnosed with cervical degenerative disc disease

Our client, a general surgeon for 25 years, was forced to stop performing surgery due to chronic degenerative cervical disc disease. Fortunately, our client had purchased a long-term disability policy from Paul Revere Insurance Company (acquired by Unum), during the early years of his career. The Unum long-term disability policy provides a monthly disability benefit in excess of $12,000 in the event our client is unable to perform the substantial and material duties of his occupation.

Disability insurance attorneys Dell & Schaefer were retained in order to advise our client of his contractual rights to long-term disability benefits and to assist with the submission of his application for benefits. Through a coordinated effort led by Attorney Gregory Dell, our client’s physicians, employer, and accountant provided all of the information necessary to submit the application for long-term disability benefits. Once the application was submitted, Unum requested to speak with our client, and that conference was attended by Attorney Gregory Dell and his client.

Within 30 days of submitting the application for long-term disability benefits our client’s claim for long-term disability benefits was approved.┬áDell & Schaefer was able to assist our client in obtaining a quick approval for long- term disability benefits, as Dell & Schaefer has submitted disability applications on behalf of hundreds of disability claimants. Attorneys Dell & Schaefer continues to handle our client’s long-term disability claim on a monthly basis and Unum is required to direct all communications directly to our office.

Attorney Gregory Dell stated, “It is important to anticipate and be prepared to submit every relevant document the disability carrier may request, otherwise a claimant’s application process can take six months to a year to obtain a claim decision. After deposing the claim representatives and reviewing the internal claims handling manuals of every major long-term disability insurance company, my team of lawyers has a great understanding of exactly what the disability insurance companies need to see in order to approve a claim.”

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  • Terri,

    What is the status of your LTD claim? Please feel free to contact our office to discuss the transition from STD to LTD.

    Stephen JessupMay 6, 2015  #4

  • I am currently out on disability because of a diagnosis of degenerative disc disease. As a special education teacher, I am unable to perform the physical requirements of the job without extreme pain. I have successfully received short term disability from unum but am being told the transition to long term is questionable and I probably don’t qualify. I am stuck with no income. Can’t go back to work without doctor consent & doctor says I can’t go back right now. I am extremely stressed & am having some serious bouts of depression.

    Terri MillerMay 5, 2015  #3

  • Russell,

    If you are unable to work due to the pain and have a short and/or long term disability insurance policy you may want to explore filing benefits under same. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss how we can help you apply for benefits.

    Stephen JessupApr 14, 2015  #2

  • I’ve had three surgeries and the last surgery was to correct a previous surgery which left me with a 26 millimeter hematoma at the surgery site My back hurts all the time and my left side is developing symptoms. I was told I have degenerative disc disease. I’m working in pain.

    Russell HarrisApr 13, 2015  #1

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