Real estate agent recieves lump sum settlement from Unum Provident after appeal is filed

After UNUM Provident denied a real estate agent’s third claim for income policy replacement benefits, she hired Dell & Schaefer to help her secure the benefits to which she was entitled under the terms of her income replacement policy.

For a number of years prior to her filing this particular claim for benefits, our client received benefits from UNUM Provident for two accidents. Initially she was unable to work due to the injuries sustained in a slip and fall accident. Income replacement benefits were issued for a few years. Almost immediately after her return to work, our client was injured in an automobile accident, and thus, could not sell real estate and/or earn her previous level of income. Once again benefits were issued until she was able to actively engage in real estate sales.

Unfortunately, after her physical injuries from the automobile accident resolved, she once again became unable to earn money selling real estate. This time, however, the cause of her disability was a number of mental disorders, including depression and anxiety. Despite medical evidence clearly showing that these conditions were unrelated to either the slip and fall or the automobile accident, UNUM denied her claim stating that, under her policy, they were not obligated to pay benefits for a concurrent disability that is related to a previous claim.

Our attorneys filed a lengthy appeal and attached medical records, financial information and other supporting documents in support of our position. Additionally, an attorney was present during all telephone conversations and interviews between our client and UNUM as well as during the interview of her treating psychiatrist.

Based on the information and arguments presented to UNUM Provident by Dell & Schaefer, UNUM agreed to settle our client’s claims for the monies due and owing to her from the date of her disability to the time she was able to fully return to work as a real estate agent.

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