Lincoln Admits It Was Wrong To Deny Disability Insurance Claim

Our client was the director of Volunteer Services for a large healthcare system for many years who had received numerous accolades and awards during her tenure. She had every intention to continue down her chosen career path until her life was tragically turned upside down when she suffered a blow to her head that resulted in permanent Epileptic seizure activity, cognitive impairment, difficult speaking and extreme fatigue. Unable to perform the duties of her job she filed for disability benefits under her employer’s group disability insurance policy with Lincoln National Life Insurance Company. Initially, Lincoln had approved her claim for benefits based on the medical information it received that it determined was sufficient proof of disability. However, within a year of the initial award of benefits, Lincoln had a change of heart and determined that the medical evidence it had once deemed proof of disability was no longer supportive of our client’s inability to return to her former occupation. After receiving her denial letter, she contacted attorneys Dell and Schaefer and spoke with Attorney Stephen Jessup.

In the denial letter Lincoln argued that the basis of our client’s disability and the source of all of her symptoms were nothing more than a Vitamin B-12 deficiency. Lincoln went on to note that due to the fact her medical records indicated that the B-12 deficiency was resolved she no longer met the definition of disability. It was clear that Lincoln was cherry picking information from her medical records while disregarding information that supported her ongoing disability.

Attorney Jessup quickly obtained a copy of the claim file along with a copy of her complete medical records. Review of the information only made Attorney Jessup realize how ridiculous Lincoln’s denial of our client’s claim for benefits was as there was a plethora of information supporting disability from a physical and emotional standpoint. Attorney Jessup coordinated with her treatment providers to address Lincoln’s contention and to mount a comprehensive front to ensure our client’s claim had the best chance of being reinstated. Following the submission of the appeal, our client’s claim for benefits was reinstated well in advance of the 45 days allotted under the law to Lincoln to render a decision.

Has your insurance company ignored your medical history?

It is not uncommon for insurance companies to cherry pick information from medical records that is favorable to their position, all while ignoring the information that supports disability. If your disability insurance carrier has denied your claim or you feel that they are not properly reviewing and considering your medical conditions, please feel free to contact Attorneys Dell & Schaefer to discuss how we may be able to assist you.

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