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Do You Know The Job Requirements To Be A Lincoln Financial Disability Claim Specialist?

As a disability lawyer that has handled thousands of disability insurance claims I often wonder about the qualifications and experience of the disability company employee that is making the decision to approve or deny my client’s claim. During our routine activities of watching The Lincoln Financial Group, I came across an internet job posting for an “Associate LTD Benefit Specialist” at Lincoln Financial in Atlanta, Georgia.The qualifications and requirements for the Lincoln benefit Specialist position are also listed at the end of this article.

Non-Physical Aspects of a Job Are Usually Ignored by Most Disability Insurance Companies

In reviewing the qualifications necessary to be a Lincoln Financial LTD Benefit Specialist it is important to pay close attention to the non-physical aspects of the job such as “regular and predictable attendance“, “strict attention to detail“, and”problem solve“.

While the job as a Disability Benefits Analyst would be classified as “sedentary” by the Department of Labor standards, the job description does not state that you can perform the job so long as you can lift up to 10 pounds and sit for at least 6 hours a day. The job obviously requires the ability to think clearly and work without limitations. How could a person that is experiencing pain and discomfort possibly perform their job on a daily basis and commit to a daily schedule? Yet, in most Lincoln Financial denials of claimants with a sedentary occupation, it is rare that Lincoln will consider the non-physical aspects of a job.

Unfortunately, Lincoln Financial Benefit Specialists often fail to realize that it is often the pain and inability to focus that is limiting the claimant and not the physical aspects of their job. There is no test in the world that can verify a person’s level of pain and unfortunately disability insurance companies take advantage of this fact of life.

The point of this article is that in order to win your disability benefits, it is imperative that you make the disability insurance company understand why you cannot perform your job or any possible job as result of your disability.

Lincoln Financial LTD Benefit Specialist Job Duties And Qualifications

The important job duties of the Associate LTD Benefit Specialist are listed as follows:

  • College degree or equivalent work experience is required.
  • One to two years of disability claims experience is preferred, or demonstrated proficiency in current job.
  • Able to read and correctly interpret a Long Term Disability contract is mandatory.
  • Medical terminology is necessary.
  • Completion of Group AHIP, LOMA, ICA and other industry courses are desirable.
  • Strong math skills are mandatory.
  • Able to use logic, accuracy and strict attention to detail is mandatory.
  • Excellent analytical, problem solving and communication skills are required.
  • Regular and predictable attendance is required.
  • Must be able to interpret contract provisions, vocational and medical information independently.
  • Must be able to problem solve independently.
  • Can effectively explain complex claim situations.
  • Must be able to interpret contract provisions and medical records independently.
  • Must be decisive and action oriented with claims direction.
  • Possesses effective communication skills to interact with claimants, policyholders, attorneys, physicians and brokers directly.
  • Provides mentoring in technical skills to STD Benefit Specialists.
  • May act as a resource to our Legal department as it relates to compliance, legislative, legal and regulatory issues.
  • Demonstrates positive leadership ability and a high level of self-leadership.
  • Actively leads by example and by coaching, giving feedback, mentoring and improving quality of LTD claim practices.
  • Ability to work on complex projects at the discretion of the Supervisor, Disability Claims

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