Disabled Due to Epilepsy Or Other Seizure Disorders Requiring Disability Benefit Claim Help?

Disability insurance companies will often claim that epilepsy is not a condition that should result in a long term disability claim. However, the unpredictability of seizures makes it difficult for a person with epilepsy to work continuously in any occupation. If a claimant has not had a seizure in 30 days, carriers will often argue that they should be able to return to work. Disability insurance attorneys Dell & Schaefer have represented numerous long term disability claimants who have been unable to work as a result of epilepsy.

Not everyone suffering from epilepsy qualifies for long-term disability benefits. In order to determine the appropriate level of restrictions, each client’s medical records must be reviewed. Disability Attorneys at Dell & Schaefer have an extensive understanding of the significant restrictions and limitations a person suffering from epilepsy must cope with every day.

In order to sufficiently satisfy a disability carrier’s threshold of evidence we have worked closely with top physicians to obtain the necessary proof that a client is disabled by epilepsy. Contact us today for a free initial consultation. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your long-term disability claim.

Our Disability Claim Attorneys Understand Epilepsy Disability Claims

Epilepsy is a neurological condition that stems from electrical signals inside the brain that cause recurring seizures. Worldwide around 50 million people have epilepsy; more than 3 million of them live in the US. In other words, about one in every 100 people in the US – roughly one percent of the population – has experienced an unprovoked seizure or been diagnosed with epilepsy. However, a single occurrence of a seizure does not mean you have epilepsy. As a general rule, at least two unprovoked seizures are necessary to produce an epilepsy diagnosis.

In approximately half of all diagnosed cases, epilepsy has no identifiable cause. In the other fifty percent, the condition may be traced to one or more different factors. Certain types of epilepsy are categorized by the type of seizure the patient experiences and tend to run in families, indicating a genetic influence as the cause. However, genes can be only a part of the cause, perhaps making a person more susceptible to environmental conditions that trigger seizures.

In some cases, incidents of epilepsy only occur as a secondary effect of another event. Head trauma sustained in a traumatic injury, such as an automobile accident, can cause epilepsy. Medical events like strokes or heart attacks that result in damage to the brain can also cause epilepsy. Among older adults, dementia and stroke are leading causes of epilepsy. Diseases can cause epilepsy such as meningitis, AIDS and viral encephalitis as well.

How the Symptoms of Epilepsy Can Affect You

Epilepsy is caused by abnormal activity in brain cells, so seizures can have an impact on any process coordinated by your brain. A seizure can produce staring spells, temporary confusion, uncontrollable jerking movements of the arms and legs and a complete loss of consciousness. It is the long term side effects and restrictions caused by a seizure which prevent a claimant from returning to work. Most disability insurance companies ignore the cognitive limitation that can occur following a seizure.


There are many valuable sources of epilepsy information available. These resources can also be accessed via the internet:

There are numerous charities dedicated to epilepsy research, detection and treatment including:

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Comments (11)

  • I have a complicated case would like this addressed to Mr Dell or A WC attorney in Peoria or Phoenix AZ. I had a fall in 2016 5 or 6 am in the parking lot. No one was around to help. Our buildings are secured with cameras I had a hard time limping myself into the building. I had no idea how bad I was injured. My Manager Norma Rios was not in yet. I just had co workers looking at me asking me what happened? I had blood on my elbows, knees, my back, my head was hurting and other areas. Another Manager looked at me and she talked to someone above her so they could view the video footage of my fall.

    I was called to HR to fill out some forms and told to drive myself to Concentra Medical facility. Long story short, I have photos, Dr suggested I take time off, I said I have to work I have bills to pay. He suggested to take a few days gave me medication said I would be worse tomorrow. He wanted me to have PT, see him in 3 days. The pain was getting really bad ! Back, Neck, legs and throbbing migraines. After time passed going to the doctor workers comp gave me a hard time I was really busy. I worked 2 jobs I was getting worse especially migraines and my Manager was giving me a hard time about everything, she made me cry so many times because she was telling me I was doing bad in my calls. My Q&A’s were not passing I was forgetting things. I had to see my doctor about my migraine, so much stress, I hated coming to work. My boss again did not give me a review and keeps looking at me to see if I am playing around.

    My doctor referred me to different specialist I kept paying $50 for ea appointment then meds, I was then ref to Dr Eric Foltz, Nurologist, He was not very friendly the staff would ask for payment, he would see me for 5 minutes if I needed him to fill out forms for disability docs He charged me $75 to $100 per visit. I told him he prescribed me a drug that caused me so much depression that I wanted to hurt myself my sisters continued to call his office and his staff kept hanging up on them. The pharmacy called my family doctor and he changed my meds.

    When I was tell Dr Foltz what happened and how his staff handled the calls he yelled at me, I rolled him do not raise your Boise at me ! I left . Next day I got a call from his office so to have a EEG performed. The lady said if it is clear you will not hear from us. If we see any problems we will call you. Next morning 7am I was at work and I received a call from the nurse that Dr Foltz needed to see me that morning. I went in and their findings was that I had epilepsy. I was shocked !! It happened from the fall . Plus all the other injuries my pain got worse I started having seizures at work. I can give you more info later my eyes and body are hurting.

    Denna H. Jan 6, 2022  #11

  • Shannon, I am sorry to hear of the stress and issues that you are going through. There is no line in the sand as to what is disabling and what is not. The key is to satisfy the definition of disability under your policies and you accomplish this with Proof. Proof is typically in the form of medical documentation and support from your treating providers. It sounds like you must establish care with a treating provider who can document your stress and other issues and who will be supportive and state that you should stop working due to your conditions.

    For a free consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Alex Palamara Jan 22, 2020  #10

  • I have epilepsy. My seizures are rare but are very severe. When I do have them and they are usually triggered by stress. The last seizure I had I lost my drivers license and it took me a few months to recover my memory enough that I could preform most of my work duties. I am currently very stressed due to my work environment and the fact that I cannot drive to or from work and cannot cover my On-Call duties. I am feeling the fog again and afraid that I might have another one soon. I have Short Term and Long term disability through my employer. Can I still qualify for Disability knowing the above circumstances?

    Shannon Jan 21, 2020  #9

  • Maranda, we do not handles SSDI claims, but we may be able to assist you in finding an SSDI attorney to assist you. Please feel free to contact our office.

    Stephen Jessup Jun 30, 2017  #8

  • I have had seizures for about 2 years now. I am diagnosed as having epilepsy. I am currently getting long term disability from my employer. I have applied for ssi and have been denied 2 times and then the lawyers I had quit working my case. Now I have no ideal what way to go. Pls pls help.

    Maranda F. Jun 28, 2017  #7

  • Maurice, you would need to consult with an employment/labor attorney as it relates to your employer’s actions. If you have an issue with your short term disability claim we would be able to discuss that with you.

    Stephen Jessup Apr 26, 2017  #6

  • Ok, so read the previous comments and I have short term disability through my employer who just fired me for my condition even thought I’m on med and doctors are writing me an all clear to return to work on a set date. I wanna know how wrong my employer’s are for firing for my epilepsy with my rights being covered by the ADA.

    Maurice C. Apr 24, 2017  #5

  • Timothy, do you have short and/or long term disability benefits through your employer? If so, and your condition is preventing you from performing your work duties you could consider filing a claim for benefits.

    Stephen Jessup Apr 7, 2017  #4

  • I currently hold a job but I was diagnosed with epilepsy at 15. I will be 41 this year and worry about my condition. Seizures I have had are Grand Mal. I have never checked into aid for my disability. As has been somewhat controlled. But do wonder if there is aid for me.

    Timothy M. Apr 6, 2017  #3

  • Fernando,

    Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions regarding a disability insurance claim.

    Stephen Jessup Sep 7, 2014  #2

  • Please contact us as soon as possible, client has history of seizures for the past 2 years, hypertension,chronic anxiety, and chronic kidney failure on a level 3 to 4, dialysis in near future.

    Fernando Cital Sep 6, 2014  #1

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