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Does Lupus Require You to File a Disability Insurance Claim with Lawyer Help?

Most disability insurance companies will challenge a lupus claim for either short or long term disability benefits on the basis that there is no objective evidence to support the restrictions and limitations associated with the disease. In order to combat this argument, it is important for individuals with lupus to appropriately document their daily struggles. Treating with a doctor that truly understands Lupus is essential to recovering benefits. Our disability insurance attorneys recommend individuals maintain a pain and functional limitation diary, as well as consulting with a supportive treating physician who is skilled at appropriately documenting the condition. Our lawyers will provide you and your treating doctor(s) with the information necessary to prove your claim. It is our job to put you in the best position to collect benefits if you are unable to work.

Each person with lupus suffers differently. Since it is an autoimmune disorder, it is suggested that disability claimants avoid any environment that may expose them to infectious people. As a result, individuals with lupus who attempt to continue employment could potentially relapse and be unable to work in any sheltered job environment with reasonable continuity. Our firm helps individuals who have been wrongfully denied their lupus disability claim or need assistance filling out an initial disability application. We handle ERISA appeals, lawsuits and applications for benefits. Let’s discuss how we can assist you.

How the Symptoms of Lupus Can Cause Your Disability

Signs and symptoms associated with the four recognized types of lupus may come on suddenly or develop slowly, be mild or severe and temporary or permanent. Additionally, the signs and symptoms of lupus that an individual experiences will depend on which body systems are being affected by the disease.

Common lupus signs and symptoms may include:

There are several treatment options that can help individuals with lupus when the signs and symptoms are moderate or mild. When dealing with the fluctuating nature of a disease like lupus, individuals may find it more beneficial to seek the disability benefits they deserve. In a free consultation, our firm can explain your rights and provide answers regarding your eligibility for lupus disability benefits.

Our Experience with Lupus Disability Claims

If you need to apply for lupus disability, we want to assist. Our firm has helped other individuals with lupus secure beneficial results for their disability claim.

Teacher Suffering from Sjorgen’s Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Other Conditions Receives Lump-Sum Buyout Following Denial of Long-Term Disability Benefits

From gathering the proper documentation and important testimonies to litigating a denied claim in state or federal court, contact our disability insurance lawyers about your legal options.


You can learn more and access many valuable sources about lupus on the following sites:

Numerous charities are also dedicated to supporting individuals with lupus by spreading awareness and funding beneficial research projects:

The information on the site is updated with any information regarding changes and new lupus disability laws that could possibly affect you. Continue to return to our site for updates.

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  • Jennifer, if you are missing work frequently and find that you are not capable of performing the material duties of your occupation to due lupus and/or any other conditions you have then pursuing Short-term disability and the Long-term disability may be an option. You should speak with your treating physician and explain the problems you are having at work and see if they would support and recommend that you stop working before you do anything.

    Cesar Gavidia Sep 11, 2022  #6

  • I was diagnosed with lupus two years ago. I am 46 and miss work frequently due to pain or fatique or a flare. I am also being treated for depression and anxiety. I really don’t think I will be able to continue working for much longer. Should I apply for short term disability through my employer or ssdi.

    Jennifer Sep 10, 2022  #5

  • Angela, if he has an employer provided disability policy we can review same to determine how we can assist him. If he does not have an employer provided disability policy the only other form of common disability income is SSDI – but given his age he almost certainly would not qualify as he does have enough work credits.

    Stephen Jessup Dec 15, 2017  #4

  • Hello. My name is Angela, this is concerning my oldest son, he’s 21. He got diagnosed with lupus some months back, he’s having a very difficult time, they started him on plaqunil but they immediately stopped it saying he has something rare in his body that’s rejecting it. They still are looking for a right lupus medicine. He’s on prednisone 20 mg, he’s been hospitalized twice his joints be swollen. Having a hard time walking he also has seizures, fibromyalgia, Chronic migraines, while fighting pain and staying awake. The doctors currently haven’t released him for work and his job is still holding on, but at the same time wanting to know can he and when will he be able to come back. Truthfully the doctors don’t think he’s able to work. How can I get him started on disability without being denied, do I need a lawyer?

    Angela Dec 14, 2017  #3

  • Robin, if you have a copy of your employer’s policy please feel free to contact our office to discuss your rights and options under same.

    Stephen Jessup Jun 21, 2016  #2

  • I have been diagnosed with lupus for about a year now. I started with plaquenil then methotrexate then azathioprine then cellcept. I ended up with aseptic meningitis in january then ischemic colitis in march being hospitalized both times. I am now starting benlysta infusions cause the oral medications are not working. I have slowly been using all my sick days. I have three left. Living sick day to sick day. I get fatigued. I have to pull over my car between patients and sleep on the side of the road. I am at the point where full time employment may not be continued. I have long term disability insurance through work but I’m not sure how to make the transition.

    robin Jun 16, 2016  #1

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Kenan A. (New Jersey)

I was at a dead end with my disability claim. Cigna, after paying for a while discontinued it. I tried another lawyer, it was again denied. I was about to give up, unable to continue my Field Engineering job with medical problems and two special need children at home, not knowing what to do next.

A Friend recommended Dell & Schaefer and I called them. They responded quickly and went in to action. Five months later my disability claim was approved and one less thing to worry about in my life.

They are straight forward, there are no surprises as far as their fees and they communicate with you, explain everything to you along the way.

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