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When seeking assistance from a Texas disability insurance attorney it is important to consider how much experience your lawyer has in dealing with your specific disability insurance company. Every day we deal with every major disability company and we know every action that they will take. Texas is one of the few states that has attempted to level the playing field for disability insurance claimants by abolishing discretionary clauses in ERISA disability policies. Texas is a very fair state for disability claimants. Our lawyers have helped thousands of disabled individuals to recover disability benefits.

Texas Disability Insurance Lawsuit Case Summaries

In order to help you gain a further understanding of Texas disability insurance law our lawyers have provided some simple summaries of some Texas disability lawsuits. In addition we regularly update this page with recent court decisions, lawsuits and news regarding disability denials in Texas. We handle disability claims from the application stage through the litigation of a disability lawsuit. If you are looking for assistance for your disability insurance claim, then we always offer a free consultation to discuss your options.

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Federal Courts

Texas has four Federal District Courts, which are the Eastern, Northern, Southern and Western District of Texas Federal Courts.

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