Northwestern Mutual Approves Long Term Disability Insurance Benefits for Veterinarian

Our client was a long time Emergency Room Veterinarian whose job was far from what most envision when thinking of a Veterinarian. Unlike your local veterinarian, his job required that he be able to drive long distances, encompassing several states to provide ER services at various facilities. Long hours with no pre-set idea of how a work day would unravel were the norm. Granted some nights could be relatively quiet and benign, but others would be a barrage of action and surgeries to care for animals. Needless to say, he not only loved his job, but the animals and families that he served. It was this love that compelled him to continue to work despite the fact he was in severe pain and discomfort as a result of chronic venous insufficiency of his legs.

Northwestern Application For Long Term Disability Benefits

When our client first contacted Attorneys Dell and Schaefer to explore filing his application for long term disability benefits he was unsure as to what to expect with the process, as well as what the terms of his private individual disability policy actually meant. Was his claim a partial disability or a total disability? Had too much time passed since he stopped working for him to apply for benefits? Like many people considering filing for disability insurance benefits, especially medical professionals, our client had never imagined a day would come that he would have to stop working due to an illness. And like most he thought that he might still be able to return to work on a full time basis. Only with the passage of time away from the ER did he realize his condition was going to prevent him from managing the long distance driving and the long nights on his feet performing surgery.

Faced with the reality that a medical condition is preventing one from pursuing their life’s work, it is quite common that the last thing one can focus on is preparing and organizing all of the information that is going to be required by the disability insurance company in order to evaluate a claim for benefits. From the beginning Attorney Stephen Jessup discussed with our client what to expect in the application process and identified all of the factors that would be considered by Northwestern Mutual when evaluating the claim. From there they set in motion a plan in which to gather and organize information in order to properly present the claim to Northwestern Mutual.

Preparation is Essential in Securing Long Term Disability Benefits

The review of a claim for long term disability benefits by an insurance company is seldom a quick process. However, experience in representing hundreds of disability claimants helped Attorney Jessup in preparing the most effective application packet to Northwestern, which also included providing information that he knew would be required by Northwestern in advance of any request for same. In doing so, valuable time was saved and facilitated the review of the claim being completed in a timely manner. Prior to Northwestern Mutual rendering its final decision to approve total disability benefits, a telephonic field interview occurred. As expected, much of the information discussed in the field interview was the same information that Attorney Jessup had indicated to our client would be areas of questioning by Northwestern Mutual. Prepared for what to expect, our client was able to fully answer all the questions posed by Northwestern Mutual. Based on the totality of the circumstances, Northwestern Mutual fully approved our clients claim for long term disability benefits, forwarded all benefits owed and placed his premiums on waiver.

Long Term Disability Application Legal Assistance Is Important

An application for long term disability benefits is one of the most critical documents in an insured’s claim. The application sets the tone and the course of an entire claim. Before filing for benefits it is important to consult with an attorney so you better understand what your rights are under your policy. Many claimants have found our videos on the application process as a helpful informational tool. Our legal fees are reasonable and flexible. Contact Attorneys Dell and Schaefer for a free consultation to discuss how we may be able to assist you in preparing an application for long term disability benefits.

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