Liberty Mutual Overturns Disability Insurance Denial in Ten Days

After only being on claim for ten months, Liberty Mutual unexpectedly terminated the continued receipt of long term disability benefits of a former Auto Damage Insurance Appraiser for Allstate Insurance Company. Within days of receiving the denial letter from the insurance company, the denied disability claimant contacted Attorneys Dell and Schaefer to assist him in the filing of an administrative ERISA appeal against Liberty Mutual. Thanks to the efforts of disability attorney Alex Palamara, just a few months after being denied, our Client is back on claim and again receiving his disability benefits.

Liberty Mutual and Its Unexpected Disability Denial Without Examining the Claimant

Our client, a former Allstate Employer worked for years with varying levels of pain on daily basis as a result of neck, back, shoulder, headaches, heart disease, and sleep apnea. Our client’s medical history included multiple injections, x-rays, MRIs, and surgeries. After 8+ years of suffering, our client left work on December 20, 2010. After applying for and being approved for Long Term Disability benefits that began May 7, 2011, Liberty Mutual denied continued benefits effective March 6, 2012. To say this denial after only 10 months of benefits was unexpected would be an understatement.

Although many are unaware, disability insurance policies often change the definition of disability after a certain time period. For instance, in a typical long term disability policy, after 24 months of benefits the definition of disability will change from “being unable to perform the material and substantial duties of your own occupation” to “being unable to perform the duties of any occupation.” This change in definition is often the basis for the initial denial of disability benefits after an individual has been approved.

In the case at hand, Liberty did not wait until the change in definition of disability to deny this person’s claim. Relying on a review of an “independent” physician who never treated, evaluated or even met with the claimant, Liberty Mutual denied his claim after only 10 months.

Preparation and Expertise Improve Chances of Success

Within days of being contacted by the denied claimant, Attorneys Dell and Schaefer began vigorously working to overturn Liberty’s decision. After having a chance to assess the denial letter and claim file, our attorneys saw several inconsistencies and deficiencies in Liberty’s decision to deny continued benefits. These deficiencies along with updated medical testing and medical records allowed our firm to make strong arguments as to why our client deserved to have benefits reinstated.

Liberty Mutual Agreed with Our Arguments in the Administrative Appeal

Within 10 days of our filing of the administrative appeal Liberty Mutual had issued a check for our client for the past months they had refused to pay. Today our client is currently on claim and we continue to represent him on a daily basis so that Liberty will not attempt to unreasonably deny his benefits.

If you have recently been denied by Liberty Mutual or another long term disability carrier, or if you are in fear that a denial may be forthcoming, contact us for a free review of your disability insurance claim.

Questions About Hiring Us

Do you help Liberty Mutual claimants nationwide?

We represent Liberty Mutual clients nationwide and we encourage you to contact us for a FREE immediate phone consultation with one of our experienced disability insurance attorneys.

Can you help with a Liberty Mutual disability insurance policy?

Our disability insurance lawyers help policy holders seeking short or long term disability insurance benefits from Liberty Mutual. We have helped thousands of disability insurance claimants nationwide with monthly disability benefits. With more than 40 years of disability insurance experience we have helped individuals in almost every occupation and we are familiar with the disability income policies offered by Liberty Mutual.

How do you help Liberty Mutual claimants?

Our lawyers help individuals that have either purchased a Liberty Mutual long term disability insurance policy from an insurance company or obtained short or long term disability insurance coverage as a benefit from their employer.

Our experienced lawyers can assist with Liberty Mutual:

  • ERISA and Non-ERISA Appeals of Disability Benefit Denials
  • ERISA and Non-ERISA Disability Benefit Lawsuits
  • Applying For Short or Long Term Disability Benefits
  • Daily Handling & Management of Your Disability Claim
  • Disability Insurance Lump-Sum Buyout or Settlement Negotiations

Do you work in my state?

Yes. We are a national disability insurance law firm that is available to represent you regardless of where you live in the United States. We have partner lawyers in every state and we have filed lawsuits in most federal courts nationwide. Our disability lawyers represent disability claimants at all stages of a claim for disability insurance benefits. There is nothing that our lawyers have not seen in the disability insurance world.

What are your fees?

Since we represent disability insurance claimants at different stages of a disability insurance claim we offer a variety of different fee options. We understand that claimants living on disability insurance benefits have a limited source of income; therefore we always try to work with the claimant to make our attorney fees as affordable as possible.

The three available fee options are a contingency fee agreement (no attorney fee or cost unless we make a recovery), hourly fee or fixed flat rate.

In every case we provide each client with a written fee agreement detailing the terms and conditions. We always offer a free initial phone consultation and we appreciate the opportunity to work with you in obtaining payment of your disability insurance benefits.

Do I have to come to your office to work with your law firm?

No. For purposes of efficiency and to reduce expenses for our clients we have found that 99% of our clients prefer to communicate via telephone, e-mail, fax, sessions, or Skype. If you prefer an initial in-person meeting please let us know. A disability company will never require you to come to their office and similarly we are set up so that we handle your entire claim without the need for you to come to our office.

How can I contact you?

When you call us during normal business hours you will immediately speak with a disability attorney. We can be reached at 800-682-8331 or by email. Lawyer and staff must return all client calls same day. Client emails are usually replied to within the same business day and seem to be the preferred and most efficient method of communication for most clients.

Dell & Schaefer Client Reviews   *****

Leza A.

Desperarate & feeling like I was on a raft floating farther… out to sea. By the time I was diagnosed (it was close to a year) with fibromyalgia. I was in so much pain “ALL” over my body, feeling desperate for relief of my pain and the feeling of foggy headed (foggy headed is one of the conditions of Fibro). I wasn’t getting better instead my pain was getting worse. I was thinking about my career that I worked so hard to get where I was. I more than missed and loved my career.

My husband used to say that I loved my career more than him (so wasn’t true) but, I would do things like cancel a trip (40th birthday trip) in order to get the job done at work/make it happen (New Home R/E Sales). My career was a “very” physical and also required to be mentally sharp at all times.

What I thought at the beginning of feeling ill was going to be out from work for maybe a few days to a week, didn’t happen. Then I got to the point of being out from work for a year and realizing this was going to be a challenging and long road. In dealing with the short/long term disability company was getting to the point I couldn’t handle it. So… I got on the computer when I had short breaks from being foggy minded (took weeks of searching). So the search for someone/company who could take the challenge to keep up with the demands of paper work from the disability company with my short/long term disability company and who was successful at fighting this kind of case and with my medical diagnoses of fibromyalgia (I had been denied after the first few months of short term disability). I found Dell & Schaefer Law Firm who had a successful out come with not only the disability company that I had but, also against working with a fibromyalgia case.

I am blessed to have come across Dell & Schaefer and then I was blessed to have/be working with Rachel Alters! I found it was/hasn’t been easy in any way to deal with a case of fibromyalgia but, I am so more than happy I have/am working with Dell & Schaefer “Rachel Alter”. If I was up to it (not with fibro) I would be dancing all night long celebrating (I loved to dance all the time before fibro)! The many… appeals, time and all the hard work it took, my/our case has been over turned! I was caught off guard when I received the call from Rachel Alter! When I answered it I was thinking we were needing more documentation or another specialists to state where I am with my illness but, I got the best news in years and I just started crying out of control with tears of happiness! Tears of happiness have not been a part of my life in many years. Yea!!!!!! FYI… This was a challenge for me to write due to not being able to sit or type due to my pain of fibromyalgia but, so worth sharing my experience with choosing Dell & Schaefer “Rachel Alter & Team” ! Again… I am so blessed to have contacted Dell & Schaefer!!! Thank You Dell & Schaefer “Rachel Alter & Team”… :-)

***** 5 stars based on 202 reviews

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