Cameraman suffering from chronic knee problems receives long-term disability benefits from the Mutual of New York Life Insurance Company

After several month of attempting to handle his long-term disability claims on his own, our client contacted Attorneys Dell & Schaefer. Mutual of New York Life Insurance Company claimed to be conducting an evaluation of his claim, but had not yet paid any benefits. Disability Management Services (“DMS”), a third party administrator, was retained by Mutual Life to administer and process our client’s claim for disability benefits.

Our client’s disability policy contained a residual disability definition which provided benefits if he had a 25% loss of income and unable to perform one or more of his material duties. As a professional cameraman and business owner, he had to carry heavy cameras when on photo shoots and move around with these cameras constantly. Having suffered a knee injury, he now had to hire outside cameramen to perform the filming. Thus, he was unable to perform all the substantial and material duties of his occupation, and was suffering a loss of income due to his increased cameraman expenses.

After retaining Dell & Schaefer, Attorneys Gregory Dell and Robert Kerr worked diligently with the client, his personal attorney, and his accountants to properly document the client’s financial losses as a result of his disabling condition. This work involved months of careful documentation of the client’s earnings and repeated contact with the insurance company to ensure they had everything needed to evaluate the disability claim.

After providing the requested documentation on multiple occasions, Mutual Life appeared unable to make a decision, despite a clear loss of income in the years following his knee injury. Just prior to the filing of a lawsuit, Mutual Life approved our client’s claim for long-term disability benefits.

Dell & Schaefer continues to monitor our client’s claim to ensure Mutual Life has all the documentation it needs and that the proper amount of benefits are paid to the client every month.

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