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Why do disability insurance companies conduct secretive video surveillance?

  • Video Surveillance FAQ #2

Let’s talk a little bit about why they are doing this video surveillance. Obviously they are not looking to see if you are doing criminal activities. The reason they are looking to doing this video surveillance is to see whether you are doing anything that is inconsistent with what you are telling the disability insurance company that you are not able to do. So, let’s start by actually quoting a line from a recent federal court case that our law firm was handling in which the defense attorney submitted a brief. And in this particular brief, in which they had denied benefits, disability benefits for the client, they said – “The real story is told by the surveillance video which shows the claimant engaged in a variety of activities wildly inconsistent with the claim restrictions and limitations.” So what what are these disability insurance companies really looking for when they hire these outside companies to go out and do a disability video surveillance?

Basically they are only trying to find a way to deny their claim, some type of proof in their eyes they can show to justify to a court if it comes down to that. We are right in doing this, they have been telling this all along, we found they were doing contrary to what they were saying. So there’s never a good intention behind it whatsoever. This whole idea of being inconsistent with what they are allegedly holding out to the insurance company, it’s wish-wash. It’s maybe physical evidence, you can watch it but you don’t get a whole picture. You may get snippets of 6 minutes here and there or a whole hour’s worth of what’s done over the course of a whole week but they will try to hand their head on that to deny the claim and maybe they will send it over to one of their doctors who is going to review it and will say – “based on what she’s held out, based on what I’m seeing here, I don’t think she is incapable of doing her job or doing some form of work or whatever the case may be.”

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Can a long term disability company offset my childrens’ benefit from social security? I just got awarded social security disability and my long term disability insurance will offset my benefit amount from SSDI. But SSDI told me that I can also get benefits for my children, called dependant care or child benefits, from social security paid directly to them. It is their income, but can long term offset that, as well even though it’s not my income?

Attorney Greg Dell:


The short answer is yes, but please check out the following Frequently Answered Question: Can a disability insurance company claim an overpayment for social security disability benefits payable to a child as result of the parent’s disability?


I am really tired of struggling to keep my Waiver of Premium for Life Insurance with Cigna due to all the required doctor visits etc. to verify my diability. Is there a buyout option for this type of coverage due to a poor working relationship?


If you are on L.T.D. and receiving Social Security with family benefits, 2 daughters and grossing more than the L.T.D pays, when the daughters become to old to receive any more Social Security, is your L.T.D. benefits figured on your newly adjusted monthly Social Security amount?

Attorney Greg Dell:


Buyouts on Waiver of Premium are rare and usually the offers are for pennies on the dollar. You should do what you need to in order to keep the waiver as once you have a disability it is difficult to get life insurance from any company.

Attorney Greg Dell:


Yes, Once your daughter(s) are no longer eligible for SSDI, then the disability carrier will pay you the amount that is not longer sent to your daughter(s).

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