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Who are the largest private and group disability insurance companies?

Almost all of the disability insurance companies write private disability policies and write group disability policies. The biggest private disability insurers in the country are probably Unum Corporation, MetLife, as well as Mass Mutual, and Northwestern Mutual. These four are probably the biggest companies in the country.

The biggest group disability insurers in the country are Prudential Insurance Company, MetLife Insurance Company, CIGNA as well as Hartford Financial is also one of the big group disability insurers. And there’s been a lot of consolidation over the past 15 years of different disability insurance companies.

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I am 37 years old, and I have a LTD policy with American Fidelity Assurance through a school district where I teach. I noticed that they are not mentioned as one of the bigger insurance companies, correct? Are they ERISA? There is a pre-existing clause of 24 months. I have two autoimmune disease diagnoses that my rheumatologist dr says can qualify me for long term disability due to my difficulties, but I’m trying to hold out for those 24 months before considering filing. I changed school districts so had to change disability insurances as well, 1 1/2 yrs ago. Because I’ve only ever taught in public schools, I have no SS benefits and don’t have enough years with TRS (Texas Retirement) to qualify for that either. I made a claim to AFA already but it was for a hysterectomy and not related to my autoimmune diagnoses. Will having done that generally affect future claims? Also, I read on one of your responses that they generally do not offer lump sum payouts, correct? How does AFA fair with approving LTD claims for someone my age with SLE and RA since they are not one of the major disability companies?

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As you have many questions it would be best if you contacted our office to discuss how we may be able to assist you.

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