What should I be aware of if I am buying a disability insurance policy?

It is important to take into consideration that every disability income policy may have different features.

10 things you should be aware of if you're buying a disability insurance policy

The following checklist will help you compare your current policies or one you may be considering:

  1. How is disability defined? Inability to perform your own job? Inability to perform any job?
  2. Does the policy cover accidents? Illness? Injuries?
  3. Are benefits available for total disability? For partial disability? For residual disability? Only after total disability?
  4. Are full benefits paid, whether or not you are able to work for loss of sight? Speech? Hearing? Use of Limbs?
  5. The maximum benefit will replace what percentage of income?
  6. Is the policy non-cancelable, guaranteed renewable, or conditionally renewable?
  7. How long must I be disabled before premiums are waived?
  8. How long will you continue to receive benefits after you are disabled?
  9. How many days must you be disabled before you can receive benefits?
  10. Does the policy offer an inflation adjustment feature? If so, what is the percentage rate of increase? Is there a maximum?

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  • E,

    No. Your entitlement to benefits under the policy will always go back to the date of disability. If you were covered under the policy at that time you went on disability (which you were given the fact they have been paying you) and you are still on disability at the date of termination of employment your rights under the policy will not be terminated if/when your employment ends.

    Stephen Jessup Mar 10, 2015  #7

  • Since long term disability benefits can last years, do approved claims continue to be paid if the employer lays you off or terminates you at some point during the disability?

    E Mar 9, 2015  #6

  • Thanks. It was just a hypothetical.

    Joe Aug 18, 2014  #5

  • Joe,

    It really is a case by case analysis, and without knowledge of the specific facts it would be extremely difficult to provide any opinion as to the likelihood of a problem.

    Stephen Jessup Aug 15, 2014  #4

  • I see… but from reading through your site, it seems that the insurance company will do almost anything to deny a claim. So someone forgets to tell tham they had a skin biopsy 10 years ago that was negative… Has a stroke and makes a claim only to be denied because of that omission… does that happen? Or, does the omission have to be “material” to the claim – say, omission of treatment for high blood pressure by someone who has a stroke?

    Joe Aug 14, 2014  #3

  • Joe,

    The provision you reference has to do with misrepresentations made in an application to secure coverage. However, it should be noted that if an insurance company deems that a misrepresentation made on an application to secure benefits is material or fraudulent they will seek to rescind the policy. It is incredibly important to be as thorough as possible when completing an application to purchase a disability policy.

    Stephen Jessup Aug 13, 2014  #2

  • My policy makes reference to an initial 24 month period after which they will not use an error in the application to deny benefits… or something to that effect. What is that all about?

    Joe Aug 12, 2014  #1

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Most likely… if you are reading this now… you are searching for ‘The Right Disability Attorney’! Realizing that no professional, including Greg Dell, can make everyone happy, the attorneys at Dell attempt to. They are still representing my best interests and have literally collected every dime I am entitled to under policy. Insurance companies know that Greg Dell’s firm is large enough to have assets sufficient to fight if necessary. They won’t ‘roll over’ because they don’t have the money to stay in the ring. Your insurance company, I assure you, know who ‘Greg Dell’ is. After they receive that 1st letter from Mr. Dell, putting them on notice that they are no longer to contact you, (that ALL correspondence goes through him)… I assure you their ‘method of operation’ changes gears. Please listen to me.

It has been my experience that once you call your insurance carrier and tell them you are even ‘thinking about’ filing a claim – their ‘helping hands’ attitude changes immediately. You are no longer an asset… you have now become a ‘liability’. Your insurance carrier knows that they will never make another dime from you. From now on you will only cost them money… perhaps for the rest of your life. It’s just business folks… we try to mitigate liabilities. If they can find a way to stall, question and deny… most likely they will.

Understand that insurance companies make money three ways:

1. Collecting premiums.

2. Investing revenues.

3. Denying claims.

They have already collected your premiums and will now determine if they can justify denying your claim… they simply will.


If you are a professional and find yourself in the unfortunate position of filing a disability claim – I admonish you to not try this on your own!


Your decision is whether to hire a “disability claims consultant” or an “attorney” which specializes in professional disability claims. You’d be wise to decide upon the later. The reason being an attorney has “power” and “authority” and actually “represents you”. He/she has authority (power of attorney) to actually communicate with your insurance company and do “Whatever It Takes”. A disability claims consultant does exactly that… they “consult” with “you” (not the insurance company) and make recommendations… they tell you what to say and do.

Mr. Dell notified my insurance company that my claim was legitimate and justified and that they were simply going to pay my claim. 5 years later I have received every single payment, in full and on time!

If you have not decided yet… please listen to me. You are about to step on the field of battle with Goliath. You must never forget that these insurance people are good… very good. They know what they are doing. All day long claims adjusters look for ways to deny claims. They know all the tricks. Unless you are King David… you are going to need much more than a rock.

In conclusion consider this… right now you are not looking for a friend. You need someone who knows what they are doing… and does it exceptionally well. Do yourself a favor and call Greg… call him right now. I assure you… you’ll sleep much better tonight!

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