• SSDI Benefits versus Long Term Disability Insurance Benefits (Ep. 1)

SSDI benefits versus long-term disability insurance benefits

In this episode we invited social security disability attorney Scott Bugay to discuss social security disability income claims. On a weekly basis we receive numerous phone calls from disability insurance claimants around the country that have questions related to social security disability income benefits (SSDI). Most group long term disability policies governed by ERISA require a disability claimant to apply for SSDI.

During this episode Scott answers the most common SSDI questions related to LTD claims, SSDI overpayments, the SSDI claim process, and we discuss the differences between an SSDI definition of disability versus a disability insurance policy definition of disability.

While our firm will assist our clients with the application process for SSDI benefits, we do not handle SSDI claim denials. Our firm focuses exclusively on the representation of individuals that have disability insurance claims with disability insurance companies.

Have you dealt with a disability insurance company? Share your experiences in the comments!

Comments (6)

  • Chuck,

    If you have been working for your employer for less than a year, and you have had your condition prior to employment, chances are that your claim will be barred under the LTD plan as pre-existing. I would suggest you secure copies of your policies to ascertain same. With respect to SSDI benefits, you will need to consult with a Social Security attorney in order to best ascertain your chances for receiving same.

    Stephen Jessup Feb 20, 2014  #6

  • Have had RSD for 13 years since age 13. Have worked at various places after treatments made the pain bearable; Latest employer (since July 2013) was made aware of my condition and limitations it might place on me but hired me (as exempt) and I signed up for Group Disability (STD and LTD) as well as health insurance through work after the coverage from my parents ran out when I turned 26 in the fall. I’ve told employer that pain is affecting my concentration but now, employer is saying that I should be looking for something else because they may have to let me go due to my low productivity.

    Should I try to make a claim through STD and LTD or should I just let them let me go and file SSI?

    Given the level of my pain, I doubt I’ll be able to get another job.

    Should I seek legal advice to help me make the best decision?

    Chuck B. Feb 19, 2014  #5

  • Mary,

    We would advise you not to complete this form unless the disability policy requires you to do so. The insurance company should not have access to your bank account.

    Gregory Dell Apr 19, 2013  #4

  • I am currently receiving long term disability through my job; I have applied and been denied by SSDI and I am currently in appeal status.

    My SSDI company, Allsup, has sent me a form to allow for automatic bank deduction by my long term insurance company if I receive back payment from SSDI. Should I fill this form out?

    Mary Apr 18, 2013  #3

  • David,

    They are unfortunately entitled to obtain your social security information.

    Gregory Dell Mar 22, 2013  #2

  • Unum is my LTD for many years. I did not give them my lump payment from SSDI and they are subtracting the sum from the minimum monthly payment they would pay me of $199.00. After 3.5 years we are getting close to paying the $13,000 over payment off by the $199.00, monthly. Now Unum wants me to give SS info to them. If not, can they cancel my policy and keep my SS payments until overpayment is paid off?

    David P. Mar 21, 2013  #1

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John M.

I have been a client of Stephen Jessup since early last year and have to say he’s an amazing attorney whose direct approach and attention to detail are second to none. My case presents a difficult challenge in that we have to manage my LTD policy, workers compensation, and SSDI all together. Attorney Jessup has been able to guide me through all the intricacies of all three and has gone out of his way to do so, even in dealing with workers compensation and SSDI, although he is not required to do so. He doesn’t embellish or overstate what he can do for you. I have never had an email go unanswered or an attorney conference call cancelled. His compassion and understanding about your situation and condition are genuine. He listens to all your concerns and never will respond with empty rhetoric or lip service. And let’s not forget Anneli De Cardenas, who is definitely a big part of Dell & Schaefer. She has been terrific to deal with and has been very empathetic regarding my case.

Dealing with the insurance company by yourself is not only stressful but also not recommended; since Dell & Schaefer have started managing my LTD policy, I have felt a tremendous sense of relief because they are always on the ball and I trust that they are handling it effectively. I have the utmost gratitude to Stephen Jessup and Dell & Schafer for everything they have done for my case.

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