Should I allow my disability insurance company to interview me in my home?

I am regularly asked with regards to field interviews in a long term disability insurance claim whether a claimant should allow a long term disability insurance field rep to come into their home and do a field interview.

In almost all of these field interviews the disability insurance company will request to do it at your home. I would tell you that you should absolutely not to do this interview at your home unless you have such a condition like you are bed ridden and you can’t get to another location.

If you are in that condition it is likely that they will never ask you for a field interview but if you are not in a bed ridden position which is the way most people are who are on disability, you should arrange to have your field interview done at another location such as an office or another remote location that has a more professional environment where these insurance companies can’t come into your home, see your family, see the way you live, see your cars, see all of your assets and then try to judge the book by its cover.

So, the bottom line is, don’t let the disability insurance companies into your home.

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  • Larry,

    You will need to notify your carrier as to where you would like to meet. Coffee shops or other public places are common meeting areas, though you can chose to have it where you would like. As a word of caution, typically when an insurance carrier is attempting to arrange an in person meeting after you have been on claim for a period of time the carrier might be investigating you claim for a potential denial. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your claim should you have any questions.

    Stephen JessupSep 26, 2014  #9

  • I got a letter from my disability carrier that they want to have a meeting with me either at my house or another location. As you mentioned in the video, I prefer to have this meeting other than my house. If another location, do I need to tell them where or will they usually arrange it for me? What are the other location(s) can you suggest other than attorney’s office to have this meeting? Thanks!

    LarrySep 25, 2014  #8

  • Jules,

    Video surveillance is typically conducted some time prior to the phone interview, and may have already occurred.

    Stephen JessupMay 7, 2014  #7

  • So do you think during this week he says someone will be calling me that they may due the video tapping then. Then he will be making the appointment? I know they are trying to get current papers from my Dr. and have threatened to cut me off so I called Dr. to make sure she sends those but again I can’t force her or hurry the process I’m just another patient they have to deal with. I’m going to hold out on the interview as long as I can and see if they send another check then do an interview that to me would tell me possibly that they may have not gotten video of me I would think why would they cont to pay rt!! I do have rsd/crps my symptoms change all the time but I know they get that 5 min footage where it looks like I’m fine rt from what I’m hearing.

    JulesMay 6, 2014  #6

  • Thank you.

    So are you telling me that they have video on me or when The Hartford contacted me when he said in approx. a week the person from their office will be contacting me for the interview, usually that’s when the video tapping could happen. Well I should mention for the last couple months we have not lived at the address stated and my sister in law has been going over there to do her laundry and she looks like me LOL and she lives next to my old house. I will mention I never gave them a picture of me but not to say they didn’t receive one from files of some sort from the two Dr.’s I attend, but again on there I look like a whole diffrent person.

    JulesMay 6, 2014  #5

  • Jules,

    You can certainly request to have the interview conducted at a neutral location outside of your home. Please be advised that Hartford typically performs video surveillance prior to an in person interview.

    Stephen JessupMay 4, 2014  #4

  • I have the Hartford top and was just contacted about a interview. The man said they will call me in a week to set something up he did say my house or else where. But the people who are actually going to do it have not contacted me as of yet. Do I have a choice? I’m reading all kinds of weird things I rather have it done else where!

    JulesMay 3, 2014  #3

  • Kelly,

    Please feel free to contact our office so we may discuss your questions in greater detail.

    Stephen JessupDec 8, 2013  #2

  • I have been collecting monthly from Hartford since March 2012. I just got a call from them and they state that I am at the 24 month status, meaning that the rules now will change for me, that I must prove that not only that I can’t do my job as an RN, but that I can’t do any work of any kind. My Doctors all 7 of them have already told me that it would be impossible for me to hold down any type of job. I have a rare auto-immune disease called Bechet’s, I have had a head bleed, Uveitis with decrease in my vision, and loss of peripheral vision, multiple skin grafts for unhealing wounds and this is ongoing and progressive. I also have been tested for cognitive issue’s twice, once at Rochester Mayo, and recently in my home town, this was extensive testing (6 hours+) done by a Neuro-Psychologist which has showed a decline and they have said that I am mildly cognitively impaired and in a year half they have seen a decline in cognition compared to the original tests.I have applied for SSA and have an Attorney handling that case but they don’t deal with Hartford.

    My questions are this:

    1) I am terrified after reading the comments that they will cut me off, using anything they can to show that I can work at any type of job. My medical records speak for themselves, but should I obtain an Attorney now, before the game playing starts, because it sounds as if this company can trap you, video tape you, interview you and find any reason to stop your benefits. I would like to be pro-active, but of course money is always an issue and it will be hard for me to pay another attorney.

    2) This was an ERISA policy so I am not sure who to contact about the rules under ERISA because I understand they are different from the rules that apply to those that bought the policy rather then it being a benefit from their employer?

    3) I and my Doctors have been bombarded with repetitive paperwork, and have been sending it in faithfully certified mail, but they demand that I go through tests that my Doctors feel are unnecessary and very expensive to me, I have complied thus far, but again I feel that they are making me go through things that are expensive and my Doctors have told me that they see this all the time, its part of the harassment tactics they use, can I refuse these tests that cost me money?

    4) If they just show up at my door do I have to let them in or what can I do or say, so they can’t try to entrap me and use something against me?

    Kelly L.Dec 7, 2013  #1

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