• If I'm fired from my job can I still file for LTD insurance benefits?

Prudential Denial of Disability Benefits to Employee that Was Disabled While Working is Reversed

Long-term disability attorneys Cesar Gavidia and Gregory Dell discuss a recent case against Prudential Insurance Company in which long term disability benefits were denied because the claimant claimed LTD benefits after he was terminated by his employer. This is a very specific fact pattern in this case, but it worked out well for the claimant. People seeking disability must always be careful if they are terminated prior to stopping work, then their disability benefits usually end on the day of termination.

In this recent video we discuss filing for disability insurance benefits after a claimant has been terminated. It is always best to file for disability prior to termination, but it is not impossible to make a claim after termination. Contact any of our disability insurance lawyers if you have questions about your disability claim. We help disability claimants nationwide.

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