Neurosurgeon awarded partial disability benefits

Our attorneys were able to quickly procure total disability benefits for our client, a neurosurgeon, following his back surgery. Eventually, our client was able to return to practice part time, and thus, we advised both insurance carriers that this doctor now qualified for partial disability benefits, as he could not perform the duties of a neurosurgeon for the amount of time and to the extent that he did prior to his back surgery.

The response by both UNUM Provident and Berkshire Life was to request an inordinate amount of information and documentation regarding this doctor’s pre and post disability duties and earnings. While we made every attempt to comply with the relevant requests, the insurance companies continued to ask for even more information and refused to make a determination under the pretense that the claim was still under review.

Rather then subject our client to months of review and no benefits, we were able to get him a lump sum payout equal to six months of total disability benefits while UNUM and Berkshire reviewed the claim. Within that six-month period, our client was deemed partially disabled. He continues to work in a reduced capacity and now receives a monthly benefit. As is the case with all our clients, we remain available to this doctor should a problem arise in the future.