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Liberty Mutual reverses denial of short-term disability benefits and approves long-term disability benefits for advertising account manager

Attorney Cesar GavidiaAuthor: Attorney Cesar Gavidia

Our client was a top selling account manager in the advertising department of one of the country’s largest companies, in one of the company’s most demanding regional markets. Over the course of her career she exceeded sales quotas that were in the upper six figures, year in, year out.

In mid 2008, our client began suffering from severe anxiety and depression. Unable to handle the tremendous pressure and stress from her occupation, she made a claim for short-term disability benefits under her company’s salary continuation plan. Less than a month later Liberty Mutual denied her claim for disability benefits. It was around that time, our client relocated to be closer to family, and in the process of doing so learned of the law firm of Attorneys Dell and Schaefer. She contacted Dell and Schaefer to assist her in appealing her claim denial.

Review of Liberty Mutual’s denial letter made it clear to Dell and Schaefer what course of action needed to be taken to combat Liberty Mutual’s denial of disability benefits. The first course of action was to assist her in finding appropriate medical providers to treat with for her medical conditions. We explained to the client that medical support and documentation were going to be of the utmost importance in overturning Liberty Mutual’s denial of benefits. Corresponding with our client’s treating physicians, Dell and Schaefer was able to clarify and properly document the nature of our client’s disability in order to present the disability insurance carrier with evidence that our client could no longer perform her pre-disability occupation in light of her medical conditions.

An appeal for disability benefits was filed in February 2009, and approximately a month later Liberty Mutual overturned their initial denial of benefits. During the period of time it took to file the appeal, our client’s short-term disability period expired and her eligibility for long term disability benefits began. Dell and Schaefer continued to contact Liberty Mutual regarding long-term disability benefits during the time Liberty Mutual was making a determination for short term disability benefits.

Approximately two weeks after the favorable determination of short-term disability benefits, Liberty Mutual advised that based upon the appeal filed for short term disability benefits, long term disability benefits were approved as well. This claim was handled by Attorneys Stephen Jessup and Cesar Gavidia.

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