• Important Steps to Take for an ERISA Disability Benefit Appeal

What are the important steps to take when filing an ERISA disability denial appeal?

In this video about ERISA disability appeals, disability insurance lawyers Gregory Dell and Rachel Alters discuss some of the most important steps that should be taken in order for a claimant to have the best opportunity to win disability benefits. The video has been produced for educational purposes and you should contact us to discuss the specifics of your disability denial. While a claimant is not required to hire a lawyer for an ERISA appeal, our video addresses the multiple reasons why it so important for a claimant to have guidance when trying to take on a disability insurance company. Time is of the essence in an ERISA appeal and the appeal must be completed in a strategic matter in order for a claimant to win. Our disability insurance attorneys help claimants nationwide and we are available to take immediate action on your claim denial. Do not delay if your claim has been denied and take immediate action.

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  • Anon,

    With respect to ERISA disability policies I have only seen a shortened period to file an appeal (less than 180 days) during a second voluntary or mandatory appeal.

    Stephen JessupMar 19, 2015  #2

  • So I appreciate all the info you provide to insureds. Thank you very, very, very much with your site’s helpful information, I hope that I am managing my claim well enough to avoid a denial. I have been on claim since 2001 and my policy copy that I obtained then, and read now, clearly says to file an appeal within 60 days. 60 days seems a terribly short time period given all the needed time it seems I may need, if needed, with your help, to craft a successful appeal.

    Would you comment on something I read elsewhere, that the time frame to appeal older (pre 2002) Erisa policies is limited to 60 days and 180 days if the disability arose after?

    AnonMar 18, 2015  #1