• How to Prevent Standard Insurance Company from Denying Disability Benefits

How to Prevent Standard Insurance Company from Denying Disability Benefits

If you have an individual or group long term disability policy with Standard, you may assume that accessing these disability insurance benefits will be as easy as filling out the claim form and providing a release for your medical records. But regardless of which insurance carrier holds your policy, the disability process is rarely so simple. The below tips and guidance can help you avoid problems with your Standard long term disability insurance claim.

Strong and detailed documentation of your symptoms, restrictions, and limitations must be in your medical records

For many disability claimants, visits to the doctors or specialists can seem fruitless – especially when you’re dealing with a chronic condition that isn’t going to be “cured,” only managed over time. But in the disability claims context, it’s crucial to visit the doctor on a regular basis, as this is the only way to generate the up-to-date medical records you’ll need to prove that you’re entitled to long term disability benefits. Your claim is only as strong as it appears on paper, and if your medical records from the months or years preceding your claim for benefits are sparse or non-existent, Standard may deny your disability insurance claim for lack of evidence.

Keeping a pain or symptom journal and sharing the data with your doctors is very helpful

You can supplement these medical records with other contemporaneous records, like a daily pain journal, photographs, or a symptom journal. Providing this information to your doctor can ensure that your medical records are as complete as possible.

The Attending Physician statement requested by Standard does not usually provide sufficient space for your doctor to properly document your restrictions and limitations

Another crucial component of your disability insurance claim is the attending physician’s statement. This is essentially a narrative statement that informs Standard about the extent of your disability, the limitations you’re dealing with, and what types of activities you can or can’t perform. Standard will take this information, along with your medical records, claim forms, and internally-generated documents, and determine whether you’ve proven your entitlement to disability benefits.

This means that an incomplete or cursory attending physician’s statement could cause your disability insurance claim to be rejected. But doctors are busy, and many can feel frustrated or stymied by the amount of paperwork that comes with assisting in a long term disability claim. This is where your attorney comes in. At Dell & Schaefer, we handle every aspect of the disability claims process and can assist in preparing the claim forms, physician’s statements, and other documents that Standard will consider when approving or denying a claim for benefits. What’s more, our experienced attorneys have dealt with Standard hundreds of times before and know how their processes work, what they’re looking for, and what you’ll need to provide to receive your claim approval letter.

Always be honest about your activities and don’t exaggerate your symptoms

The quickest way to have your claim for disability insurance benefits denied (or to have your benefits terminated after approval) is to be caught exaggerating your symptoms. Standard consistently monitors its claimants through video surveillance and social media monitoring, and stretching the truth is unlikely to go unnoticed.

Always be cautious with social media posting and know that you, your family, and friends’ social media profiles will constantly be checked by Standard

With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, much of Standard’s typical video surveillance has given way to social media surveillance. But Standard doesn’t just watch the claimant’s profile; it also may monitor the profiles of other household members, close friends, and family members. This means that tagged pictures, check-ins, and other posts that may not appear on your timeline can still be used against you. This is yet another reason it’s crucial not to exaggerate your symptoms or limitations, as your friends’ and family members’ social media profiles may show the truth.

If you’re considering applying for benefits, wish to appeal Standard’s denial of disability benefits, or just want more information about your disability insurance benefit claim options, the experienced disability insurance attorneys at Dell & Schaefer can help. Give us a call to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with a member of our legal team.

Questions About Hiring Us

Do you work in my state?

Yes. We are a national disability insurance law firm that is available to represent you regardless of where you live in the United States. We have partner lawyers in every state and we have filed lawsuits in most federal courts nationwide. Our disability lawyers represent disability claimants at all stages of a claim for disability insurance benefits. There is nothing that our lawyers have not seen in the disability insurance world.

What are your fees?

Since we represent disability insurance claimants at different stages of a disability insurance claim we offer a variety of different fee options. We understand that claimants living on disability insurance benefits have a limited source of income; therefore we always try to work with the claimant to make our attorney fees as affordable as possible.

The three available fee options are a contingency fee agreement (no attorney fee or cost unless we make a recovery), hourly fee or fixed flat rate.

In every case we provide each client with a written fee agreement detailing the terms and conditions. We always offer a free initial phone consultation and we appreciate the opportunity to work with you in obtaining payment of your disability insurance benefits.

Do I have to come to your office to work with your law firm?

No. For purposes of efficiency and to reduce expenses for our clients we have found that 99% of our clients prefer to communicate via telephone, e-mail, fax, GoToMeeting.com sessions, or Skype. If you prefer an initial in-person meeting please let us know. A disability company will never require you to come to their office and similarly we are set up so that we handle your entire claim without the need for you to come to our office.

How can I contact you?

When you call us during normal business hours you will immediately speak with a disability attorney. We can be reached at 800-682-8331 or by email. Lawyer and staff must return all client calls same day. Client emails are usually replied to within the same business day and seem to be the preferred and most efficient method of communication for most clients.

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