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How often does the Social Security Administration evalaute a claimant’s eligibility for SSDI benefits?

On long term disability claims, insurance companies, whether it’s on a private claim or on a group claim, they will require the claimant to turn in a form on a monthly basis and the doctor every two or three months just to make sure it’s going – because they are going to evaluate the claim on a month to month basis to determine the payment of benefits. When it comes to social security, does social security have a set way of evaluating the claim and periodically doing a review?

Well, social security may reevaluate the claim if they believe there is medical improvement or if the person is going back to work. Otherwise they may input into their system a review after a specific period of time, such as three to five to seven years.

So in social security, unlike in disability policies, it’s not a monthly requirement to report, so no one in social security has to fill out a form and return it to the government as opposed to disability where they have to turn it over to the insurance company.

That’s correct, I am not aware of the monthly requirement.

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