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Does social security disability approve claims that are based on subjective medical conditions?

We see a lot in our claim denials of long term disability insurance claims that the claimants are denied only because they had subjective evidence of their disability and no objective evidence. Take for example somebody who has Fibromyalgia, which is a condition where there is really no objective evidence or tests that can show – hey, this person has fibromyalgia. Is there a similar type of high level denial of claims of people who have mainly subjective conditions versus objective conditions?

I think those conditions are very difficult for social security to evaluate. Someone with an objective condition is a lot easier, for example a person who is blind, it is very easy to tell a person whose vision is less than 20 to 100 which is one of the standards for social security. It is much more difficult for social security to determine the extent of what is called the nonexertional impairments such as fibromyalgia as to what you are describing and in my experience I have seen a high number of individuals come to me with nonexertional impairments such as fibromyalgia and depression.

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