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Does having a disability insurance attorney raise a red flag?

I regularly get asked by claimants: well, does it raise some kind of a red flag, the fact that I have an attorney? And my response to all of these potential clients is that the disability insurance company has attorneys advising them and so you’re able to as well.

The other thing is that, you may not look at your policy like this; you’re seeking hundreds of thousands of dollars through your insurance policy, if you now have a disability that’s going to prevent you from being able to do the duties of your occupation. It’s no different than if you were going to go buy a house that was several hundred thousands of dollars and not have a real estate attorney look over your contract for you.

Your disability policy is a contract and if a disability carrier doesn’t pay you, they’re in breach of that contract. Unless you are trained in understanding all the terms and conditions of your disability policy, you should have an attorney who can explain to you every single one of those terms.

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If I am considering a lumpsum buyout, how much do I have to pay for attorney fees for negotiation? How much can I expect to pay the attorney if case is successful? Your reply is appreciated. Thanks.

Attorney Greg Dell:

Sandra, lump sum buyouts are handled by our disability attorneys for a flat fee and there is never a fee unless a recovery is made. The amount of fee is fixed based upon the amount of the recovery obtained.


I have been on employer-purchased short term disability with Unum for three weeks. I also have a Unum long term plan I have owned for over 25 years, that has a one month exclusion clause. I am thinking about filing on that policy as it looks like I will be off work for at least another month.

Should I tell my HR dept I own a personal Long term policy with the one month exclusion. Should I tell my current Unum case worker I have the personally purchased Unum policy?

I just has some surgery that will lay me up for at least one more month, and I also have a separate health issue that will require a follow up CT scan, (Pannicultis Mesenteritis). If I am lucky I might be back at work in few weeks, but only God knows…

Attorney Greg Dell:


There is no harm in telling Unum or HR about the private disability policy you own. There may be a setoff provision in your disability policy which may offset payments from one of the policies.

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