• Do I Have to Quit My Job Before Applying for Disability?

Do I Have to Quit My Job Before Applying for Disability?

The term “disabled” is generally seen as synonymous with “unable to work.” But do you really need to quit your job before you apply for long term disability insurance benefits? Because many long term disability policies are provided through an employer, quitting your job could mean losing your coverage entirely. Learn more about how your employment status could impact your claim for disability benefits and how a disability insurance attorney can help.

How Getting Laid Off Could Affect Your Disability Insurance Claim Approval

In the legal field, there are fairly few hard-and-fast rules – everything from the interpretation of a contract provision to which court is the proper venue can seem like a question up for debate. But when it comes to disability claims, there are two things it’s crucial to keep in mind:

If you quit your job, you’re likely to lose your disability insurance coverage. And if you’re laid off or furloughed, you may also lose your disability insurance coverage – but if you’ve already documented that you have an injury that limits your ability to work, you may still be able to make a disability insurance claim under the long term disability policy. You may want to consult a disability insurance attorney early in the process to see when it makes sense to submit a disability claim and how to appeal a potential denial of coverage.

Your HR Department Is Required By Law To Provide A Copy of Your Disability Insurance Policy

In some cases, especially if you have a large employer, you may be able to access a copy of your disability carrier’s insurance policy online. But if you can’t find it, your employer’s human resources (HR) department is required by law to provide you with a copy of your disability insurance  policy upon request. Federal and state laws prohibit employers from retaliating against an employee on the basis of their disability (including a suspicion that the employee is about to seek disability insurance benefits) – but if you’re worried about tipping your hand, you can easily tell the HR representative that your financial advisor, insurance agent, or estate lawyer instructed you to get copies of all your insurance policies, including life, health, and dental.

Never Quit Work Before Filing For Disability Income Benefits

We’ll say it again: never quit your job before you file for long term disability benefits. Voluntarily quitting employment (even if quitting may seem involuntary because of the effects of your disability) denies you many of the legal and financial protections you’d enjoy if you were laid off or furloughed.

For questions about how to apply for disability income benefits, contact Dell & Schaefer today. Our network of experienced disability insurance attorneys practice in every state, and we can provide you with a free initial consultation to discuss the merits of your disability insurance claim.

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  • I am being laid off effective May 13 and I will lose my disability policy through work. I was injured about 13 years in a motorcycle accident and have a failed back fusion and have been fighting degenerative disk disease and chronic pain for these years with a severe increase in pain, movement, and quality of life this past year after 3 falls, medications, and reduced activities leads me to believe it is time to apply for disability.

    Karla Apr 15, 2022  #4

  • Kendra: I assume you are referring to applying for long-term disability since you are already on short-term disability. If the same carrier has both for your employer, they should/will transition you internally without the need for you to specifically and separately apply when you reach the maximum benefit period for the STD coverage.

    Jay Symonds Apr 25, 2021  #3

  • I am on short term disability right now, had hip surgery. I also have multiple sclerosis and I work hospital to go up and down halls and can no longer do it. Wondering if I should apply now for disability? And if there is someone to help fill out paperwork.

    Kendra Apr 24, 2021  #2

  • Hello! Recently I left my job because of anxiety (due to Covid) and / also I am taking care of my parents. Both of these reasons prevented me to meet the qualifications for my job. I have been researching, I found that these two situations are grounds for disability and / or FMLA. Question is: My last day of work is Oct 16th, what options are available for me to get support (for this today) through my last employer? With both situations, documentation to validate both are present.

    Richard M. Dec 18, 2020  #1

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