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Do I have to attend an IME exam requested by my disability insurance company?

  • Disability Insurance Independent Medical Exams (IME) FAQ #1

When you get one of these independent medical exam notices or letters from a disability carrier, does that mean you have to go to this exam or can you say – no, I really don’t want to go?

It’s not advisable to refuse to go to an independent medical examination in most cases and the reason is because often times in most policies attending an independent medical examination at the request of an insurance company in fact is a conditioned proceeding, meaning that is it your obligation according to the terms of the policy to go to the independent medical exam. Does it mean you have to go on that specific day that’s being requested? If you have a doctor’s appointment that day or you have something else going on, often times, the insurance companies are more than willing to accommodate you and schedule it on a day that you are available to go or even in some cases provide you with transportation there.

I think we have all read cases where claimant decided he did not want to go and the case went to a lawsuit and did not even make it to a jury or a judge because the judge said – I am dismissing the case because you did not show up for your independent medical exam, right? So it is super important that a person does go to this independent medical exam.

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