• Do disability insurance companies deny all claims for disability benefits?

Do disability insurance companies deny all claims for disability benefits?

Disability Insurance Attorney Gregory Dell discusses the popular question of whether disability insurance companies deny all claims for long term disability benefits.

Some people will come up to me and say, “I heard I would have to be paralyzed in order for a disability insurance company to pay benefits.” I think you may be surprised by my answer.

The answer to this question maybe surprising to some, but the answer is obviously no; they don’t deny all claims. However, from our experience in this office and from our experience of attending claims conferences and speaking to other disability claimants around the country, we find on average that the disability insurance carriers are approving about 60% of applications that they initially receive for a claim.

We also get asked from the disability applicants that we represent what percentage of the claims are approved, and we always tell clients that that’s really not a fair question for us to ask because from all the calls that we get, we only represent people that we really think are going to be approved for claim. So from our internal statistics, at least 95% of the people we represent get approved for claim once we assist them with their application. The other 5% that don’t get approved is usually because our client didn’t tell us something that we should have known in order to include in the application, or the client’s just not being truthful with us and they go out and they’re seen on video doing something that they told either us or they told their doctor they weren’t able to do.

So when you call us, if we review your claim and we think that’s it’s something that we can help you with and we accept your claim, there’s a good chance that the long-term disability insurance carrier is going to approve your claim. If you have questions about your disability claim, feel free to call us for a free consultation.

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