What are the differences between an individual disability insurance policy and an ERISA / Group disability policy?

Attorneys Dell & Schaefer represent clients that have either individual or group (ERISA) disability policies.

Differences between an individual disability insurance policy and an ERISA / Group disability policyMost group disability policies (also known as ERISA policies) are governed by a very complex federal statute called the Employees Retirement Income Securities Act (“ERISA”). An individual usually has a disability policy governed by ERISA, if they received the disability policy as an employee benefit from an employer. All long-term disability plans provided by state and government employers are exempt from ERISA. Also long-term disability group disability plans offered by trade organizations are generally not governed by ERISA. All policies purchased directly by an individual directly from an insurance agent are exempt from ERISA. Group disability policies are issued to an employer and the employees are plan participants of the disability policy sold to their employer. A group long-term disability policy is commonly referred to a long-term disability plan.

ERISA / Group Policies are different from Individual Policies in several significant ways

With an individual disability policy if your insurance carrier denies your claim, you usually have the right to file suit and begin to gather your evidence. However, with most group policies you must submit an appeal, within a specified time period (usually 180 days from date of denial), directly to the disability insurance company prior to filing suit. This requires gathering all of the evidence that would be helpful at trial and submitting it with your letter of appeal. In order to present our client’s case in a light most favorable to the insured, we work very closely with our clients and their treating physicians, to insure that the ERISA disability appeals are submitted with an overwhelming amount of information and detail. A well documented appeal is essential in order to have a chance of winning.

There are significant differences between a lawsuit filed pursuant to an ERISA long-term disability plan versus an individual disability income policy. Unlike a lawsuit filed for failure to pay disability benefits pursuant to the terms of an individual disability policy, an ERISA claimant is not entitled to a jury trial. An ERISA disability lawsuit will be resolved by a Judge and in most cases the decision is made via the filing of a summary judgment motion. In an individual disability lawsuit a claimant is almost always entitled to a jury trial.

It is difficult in most federal circuits to receive an award of attorney fees for the prevailing party in an ERISA disability case. With individual disability policies an award of attorney fees is generally determined based upon the law of the state in which the disability policy was originally delivered. There are several states that do not allow attorney fee awards in a long-term disability lawsuit.

ERISA regulations do not allow any claims for bad faith or punitive damages for an insurance company’s wrongful denial of long-term disability benefits. Essentially, if a disability insurance company loses at an ERISA trial their only exposure is payment of past due benefits and possibly interest and attorney fees. It is a misfortune of justice and pro-insurance company law that there are no legal tools such as bad faith or punitive damages available to punish insurance companies for their denial of ERISA governed long-term disability insurance claims. There are certain ERISA regulations that provide for civil fines or penalties due to an employer or insurers failure to provide plan documents or comply with certain ERISA reporting requirements; however these penalties are inconsequential for most large disability insurance companies. Depending upon the law in the applicable jurisdiction, an individual may have a right to bring a bad faith lawsuit.

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I worked extremely hard on Wall Street for over twenty years – spending almost seventeen years at one of the biggest and most reputable firms – where in the 360 annual reviews I was consistently within the top five percent of performers. I suffered an injury while at work and had to undergo spine surgery and take medical leave to recuperate which lasted almost six months. However, that surgery didn’t do what we all expected and as time went by I got worse. The pain was too much, I was hardly able to walk, work, commute, sleep or anything. I had to be constantly drugged, having involuntary leg spasms at night that are extremely painful. Three top US Doctors agreed the only way to help me was for me to undergo an anterior and posterior spine fusion. This meant a very long and risky surgery and we didn’t know how long I would be unable to work. At that moment – I was laid off from my job.

After the 2nd surgery and until today, I continued to suffer from lots of pain, lack of mobility, depression, anxiety, inability to care for myself or my family, the painful leg spams continued and I realized my life had changed for the worse. I applied for disability insurance from my LTD carrier – this is the insurance I had been paying out of pocket for about sixteen years just in case I ever needed it. Despite all the Doctor’s reports, all the pain and suffering, the disability, medication and symptoms I have, the fact that my family has to do many things for me including help me bathe and dress and despite the fact that I’m going to need a third surgery pretty soon, the LTD carrier denied my claim. I contacted the law firm of Dell & Schaefer after conducting some research on great law firms in the US.

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