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Continental Casualty denies sales manager’s claim for disability benefits due to untimely filing of application

A Sales Manager filed his long-term disability claim based on his rheumatoid arthritis with Continental Casualty 16 months after leaving his job. A U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that this claim was untimely, and therefore the insurer, Continental Casualty, would not have to pay the claim for rheumatoid arthritis.

After stopping work on September 7, 1999, the Sales Manager waited until January 2001 to file a claim with Continental Casualty under his company’s group long-term disability policy. Continental Casualty’s policy required that the claimant inform the insurer within 30 days after the loss had begun, and the Sales Manager had failed to provide an explanation as to why he waited so long to file his claim for disability based on rheumatoid arthritis.

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