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Can a disability attorney manage all aspects of my long-term disability insurance claim?

What amounts to a business decision for your disability insurance company is a life decision for you as a disability benefit recipient. Your disability insurance company views you as a piece of paper, some medical documents, a persistent headache, and a drain on their bottom line. Your monthly disability payment is your home, your groceries, your health care – your livelihood; and you don’t trust your disability insurance provider to make sure that your interests are being taken care off. Consequently, much of your precious time may be spent dealing with your disability insurance provider to make sure you receive your monthly disability payment.

By engaging a trustworthy, competent disability attorney to deal with your disability insurance carrier, you can easily relieve the stress of worrying that you will miss some important deadline, forget to fill out and mail some form, forget to remind your physician to document your medical condition correctly, answer those pesky insurance representative’s phone calls, have your privacy invaded, or any of the other tactics used by disability insurance carriers to take advantage of you and deny you your monthly disability payments.

Disability attorneys focus on disability claim handling

A disability attorney is your voice for dealing with the bureaucracy of your disability insurance carrier. Attorneys Dell & Schaefer stand by your side and assist you in every tiny detail of your disability claim. From filing your claim to appealing your claim, from making sure you aren’t bombarded by phone calls and letters to tracking down your missing payment and representing you should your disability dispute require you to file a lawsuit, disability attorneys are your safe harbor.

Represented by a disability attorney, you can relax knowing that your disability carrier will have to deal with your attorney as your spokesperson. Once you engage a disability attorney to handle your disability claim, your disability insurance carrier must communicate to you only through your disability lawyer, must gather information through your disability attorney and will not be allowed to communicate with your physicians directly, or with you directly, unless they speak with your legal representative first. In addition, your insurance carrier cannot ask you to provide any other information, documents, or fill out paperwork without notifying and seeking permission through your disability attorney.

A word from Gregory Dell about disability insurance claims

Disability Attorney Gregory Dell makes it a point to inform his clients that disability insurance carriers “are obviously in business to make money, and they don’t really want to pay claims because that is a losing proposition for them.” Dell, and his team of disability lawyers make it their job to constantly monitor their clients’ disability claims to make sure their clients’ disability claim information is prepared according to a respective carrier’s specifications; they make sure medical treatment is well documented, and they review any documentation that disability insurance carriers request, checking for accuracy and proper presentation so that their clients’ monthly benefit checks aren’t late or that a disability claim doesn’t get denied because of some administrative glitch.

The goal of any successful disability lawyer should be to form a relationship with their clients to see that their client receives fair treatment from disability insurance carriers. At Dell & Schaefer, our disability attorneys deal with the disability insurance carriers on a daily basis and are familiar with all of their tactics. Our law firm has represented thousands of disability benefits recipients nationwide and we handle cases throughout the country.

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