• What is an Attending Physician Statement and how should it be completed?

What is an Attending Physician Statement and how should it be completed?

Attending Physician Statement (APS) is a form that every disability insurance company requires a disability claimant to complete on a routine basis during the pendency of a short or long term disability insurance claim. Doctors often rush through these forms which can be detrimental to a claimant. The doctor statement is drafted by the insurance company and unfortunately is designed to minimize the severity of a claimant’s limitations. The doctor form must be completed with specific detail or it will almost always result in a claim denial. Our lawyers work closely with a claimant’s doctor and the claimant to make sure that the Doctor completes the APS appropriately. In this video disability attorneys Gregory Dell and Cesar Gavidia discuss the APS and common issues that arise when completing the form. Our disability insurance lawyers have reviewed thousands of APS forms from every disability carrier and know exactly what information must be contained in the statement. Contact us to discuss how we can help you manage your disability benefit claim.

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  • Louis, yes, a Chiropractor can fill out an APS for a disability claim. That being said Hartford may try to minimize the chiropractor’s medical opinion as he/she is not a medical doctor.

    Stephen JessupFeb 4, 2020  #6

  • Can a chiropractor fill out the APS for The Hartford LTD claim?

    Louis S.Feb 4, 2020  #5

  • Kermetha: Unfortunately, we do not handle SSDI claims. I suggest you contact an SSDI attorney near you to dicsuss your situation. If you have a question regarding private disability insurance please contact our office to discuss the specific circumstances of your claim.

    Jay SymondsOct 30, 2019  #4

  • I have been denied SS for 9 years which has resulted in severe damage to my arm.

    I had surgery on my arm on 9/25/19 at Memorial Hermann Hospital TMC still home can’t work no income.

    Unspecified Osteroarthritis

    Kermetha H.Oct 30, 2019  #3

  • Lori, they provide limited space on their forms since it provides your doctor limited room in which to describe your disability and restrictions and limitations. Please contact our office to discuss your options with a disability insurance attorney.

    Cesar GavidiaJan 13, 2019  #2

  • The Attending Physician’s Statement seems to have VERY limited space within the form to properly list in detail the specific injury for sure. Is this document different than a Medical Questionnaire?

    When the company asks, “Is this patient competent to manage insurance benefits?” Is that a trick question?

    It seems that the burden to manage such paperwork, while having to watch out for their pitfalls and traps, would make anyone insane or have high anxiety at best. I am not joking. It seems they are setting up for a denial based on past documentation or “evidence”.

    The honest fact is that I my doctor, family, and myself spend hours on such documentation each year. It’s horrible.

    LoriJan 12, 2019  #1