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What Can A Claimant Expect With A Lincoln Financial Group Disability Claim?

Lincoln Financial group is one of the larger disability insurance companies. In this video disability insurance attorneys Gregory Dell and Stephen Jessup provide a lawyer’s perspective on handling a Lincoln Financial disability insurance claim.

We discuss common trends that we see when helping claimants to recover disability benefits from Lincoln Financial. We have helped hundreds of Lincoln Financial disability claimants. Contact us to discuss your Lincoln disability claim.

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I’m on LTD though Lincoln what happens if I go back to work for say a month or so, then go back to work. I would drop Lincoln’s LTD with my return to work form. THEN get SSDI a few months later (they do allow you to try) SSDI would see a failed attempt because I’m in too much pain, but would Lincoln still get my SSDI payments? if I dropped them when I turned in my return to work form?
Thank you!

Attorney Stephen Jessup:

Krissy, you would still be legally responsible to repay any overpayment for any overlaping period of time between SSDI and LTD. Whether or not Lincoln would be aware of receipt of SSDI is another question.


Does Lincoln Financial now that it bought Liberty Mutuals Disability business, offer lump sum settlements? I have read some carriers do not offer lump sum settlements and was curious to know if Lincoln does.
Thank you.

Attorney Cesar Gavidia:

Jenn, yes, Lincoln offers buyout. Please contact our office and ask to speak with a disability insurance attorney regarding the potential of obtaining a buyout of your Lincoln claim.


I’ve been out of work since Oct 28, I tested positive for marijuana use but I got little amount in me that if I apply for a job right now in our company they will hire me with me pee test. The EAP company morneu shepell finally gave me a phone number to call for counseling almost a month from the 28th. I talked to the counselor 11th of Dec and she doesn’t think I have a substance abuse problem at all. What kind of documents I should present to the Disability claim of Licoln financial so I can get paid for the days my company put me out of work?

Attorney Jay Symonds:

Dianna: You should contact Lincoln Financial and notify them that you would like to file a claim. They will send you a claim packet, which will begin the claims process.


I was granted SSDi 1200 a month plus 600 for dependant. I received $980 for 24 months from lincoln. My total was $ 25,000 and lincoln wants overpayment of $17000. They say I don’t qualify for minimum monthly benefit. What is this?

Attorney Rachel Alters:

Vona, some policies allow for a minimum monthly benefit when your offsets are greater than your monthly benefit. Usually they are $100 a month. Did they say why you didn’t qualify for it?

J. Abraham:

Hello. I am currently on STD with Lincoln. My employer has fired them, however unfortunately for me I am one of the last employees on this policy. They expect me to do their job and get all my records, even though I have given numerous authorizations as well as access to my medical portal. They also take several days to answer any questions. Now they are saying they do not have enough records and may not approve my LTD. This stress is exasperating my condition and I am very concerned. I have responsibilities… a mortgage, doctor bills, car payments and 3 young children! What can I do?

Attorney Rachel Alters:

J. Abraham, it sounds like you need representation. I would be happy to give you a free consultation. I will email you. Rachel Alters.

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