Unum Provident and Monarch Life Insurance Company pay total disability to dentist

Ever since our client was in junior high school, he had dreamed of being a dentist and opening his own dental practice. Through years of hard work and loyal dedication to the field of dentistry, he achieved this dream. Being one of only a small percentage to receive a Mastership from the Academy of General Dentistry, our client successfully maintained his own practice for several years. Unfortunately, in 2000, our client developed hand tremors in his right hand, which was his dominant hand. These tremors significantly affected his ability to practice certain forms of dentistry, and made it impossible to perform certain procedures. Eventually, due to his condition, our client was forced to sell his beloved practice in 2002 and subsequently left the field of dentistry.

While struggling with anxiety and depression brought on by his inability to work in the only profession he knew, our client came to our firm to aide him in filing for disability benefits under the terms of contracts with two separate carriers. After attending two separate field interviews with him, our firm was successfully able to have him placed on claim under both of his disability policies with separate carriers.