• Prudential and Liberty Life Reverse Disability Benefit Denial for Two Stroke Victims

Two Stroke Victims Win ERISA Appeals Against Prudential and Liberty Life

Disability Attorney Alex Palamara recently won two ERISA appeals for two different clients that had been denied long term disability benefits after suffering strokes. Both clients contacted Dell & Schaefer after their benefits had been denied. Alex Palamara worked very closely with our clients and the treating physicians in order to prepare a very comprehensive ERISA appeal.

The first client was a Branch Manager for Kelley Services who became disabled after she suffered a stroke. Her disability insurance company, Prudential, reinstated her disability benefits promptly after receiving the Administrative Appeal, and reimbursed all back benefits she was owed. His client remains on claim and Alex monitors the claim on a monthly basis.

The second client was an Engineer with United Technologies who also suffered a stroke. His disability benefits were discontinued by Liberty Life after they determined he was able to return to work. Dell & Schaefer again filed a strong Administrative Appeal, leaving Liberty Life no choice but to reinstate the client’s disability benefits. If you suffered a stroke, or any other disabling illness, and your claim for disability benefits has been denied, please feel free to contact any of our disability attorneys for a free consultation to discuss your disability insurance claim.

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