Standard Motor Products Employee file an ERISA Lawsuit against Prudential Insurance for denied disability benefits

Claiming ERISA (Employee Retirement Insurance Security Act) violations, Jacqueline Musgrove and her Kansas disability attorney filed a lawsuit against Prudential Insurance Company of America on July 1, 2011 for her long term disability benefits. As an assembler of electronic automotive parts, Musgrove worked for Standard Motor Products from September 28, 1988 until March 22, 2010. In March 2010, Musgrove was no longer able to perform her job duties due to “chronic lower back and left lower extremity pain.”

Events Leading Up to the Filing of Suit Against Prudential

With medical records in hand verifying her condition, Musgrove applied for her employee disability benefits per her company’s Prudential insurance plan and was approved for short term disability benefits through April 18, 2010. Musgrove sought to continue her benefits as she was still unable to work, but Prudential denied her continuing short term benefits and long term benefits as well. On appeal by Musgrove, Prudential upheld the original decision and Musgrove moved forward with a lawsuit that she and her Kansas disability attorney filed in July 2011. In their ERISA lawsuit, Musgrove and her disability attorney allege that Prudential “wrongfully refused payment [of] long-term disability benefits to which [Musgrove] was, and continues to be entitled,” and claim that the insurer’s denial of Musgrove’s disability benefits is “unreasonable, arbitrary and capricious, and contrary to the terms of the plan.”

Musgrove and Her Disability Attorney Head to Court to Plead the Case

Musgrove complied with all the requirements to receive her benefits, made proper demand, exhausted all administrative appeal options Prudential offered, and has been forced to file a lawsuit to get the disability benefit payments she is rightfully entitled to. Consequently, in their suit, Musgrove and her  disability attorney ask the Court to order Prudential to:

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