Prudential Awards Long Term Disability Benefits to Doctor Suffering From Parkinson’s Disease

Our client, a respected physician specializing in oncology, has battled Progressive Parkinson’s Disease for many years in an effort to continue to pursue his life’s work and passion. However, as the years passed and his symptoms worsened he faced the reality that his own medical condition was impacting his ability to properly care for the people whose trust was bestowed upon him. Following several hospitalizations he made the difficult decision that his medical condition had progressed to the point that he would no longer be able to practice medicine. Driven by his compassion and professional duty to his patients, he filed for short term disability benefits.

While on Short Term Disability, facing uncertainty as to the course of his medical condition and the financial well being of his family, he contacted Attorneys Dell and Schaefer to assist him in filing for his long term disability benefits with Prudential Insurance Company. Attorney Stephen Jessup worked with the client to compile all necessary information required by Prudential; reached out to all of our client’s treating physicians to have records compiled and forms completed; and helped prepare an extensive application packet. “We really wanted to make sure that our client’s physicians properly documented the restrictions and limitations”. Within two weeks of filing the application for disability benefits, Prudential advised that based upon the information presented in the application, our client’s claim for long term disability benefits was being approved. We continue to represent this physician on a daily basis so that Prudential will not attempt to unreasonable deny his benefits.

Filing for disability benefits is never an easy decision. Dealing with the uncertainty of not only a debilitating medical condition, but also the prospect that an insurance company may not award benefits can be extremely stressful. Each policy, insurance company and claim for benefits is unique and it is important to know your rights and what to expect from the disability application process. The application process can be complicated and we always recommend that you have a plan. Check out or free videos discussing the application process. Contact us for a free review of your disability insurance policy.

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