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Ohio National Life Insurance Company denies claim after 7 years of disability payments

Is there a trend of disability insurance denials taking place at Ohio National? Attorneys Dell & Schaefer recently filed suit in the Federal District Court of Hawaii after our client was denied benefits after more than 10 years of payments. It is not common that a disability claimant is denied benefits after 10 years. In conducting nationwide research about other lawsuits against Ohio National Life, we came across another long term disability benefit denial lawsuit that was filed by an Oklahoma disability attorney. Attorneys Dell & Schaefer do not know this Oklahoma disability lawyer and are not affiliated with his law firm in any way.

The Facts of the Case Against The Ohio National Life Insurance Company

In the Oklahoma disability denial lawsuit, the Plaintiff is a resident of the State of Oklahoma. According to the Complaint, which is a public record, the claimant maintained a policy of disability insurance with Ohio National, who is licensed to sell insurance in the State of Oklahoma and whose principal place of business resides in Cincinnati, Ohio. On or about November 1, 2004, Plaintiff became disabled under the terms and the conditions of the disability insurance policy.

Denial of Ohio National Disability Benefits Claim

Ohio National paid certain disability benefits until January 4, 2011. On this date, almost 7 years latter, Ohio National terminated Plaintiff’s disability benefits. According to the lawsuit, the Plaintiff alleges that Ohio National failed to supply the Plaintiff with the items listed below:

  • Compliance with its obligation under the policy of disability insurance to pay the costs of the disability to the Plaintiff
  • Paying policy proceeds and terminating disability benefits, leading to a breach of the insurance contract

Plaintiff claims the following about Ohio National:

  • It acted in bad faith or violated its duty to act in good faith regarding the payment of policy proceeds to the Plaintiff
  • Has caused damage to the Plaintiff that is compensable under the law because of Ohio National’s breach of contract and its failure to act in good faith.
  • It was in gross violation of its obligation as an insurer and that it should be punished via an award of punitive damages to deter Ohio National and other insurance companies from committing such actions in the future.

Relief Desired By The Plaintiff In The Ohio National Lawsuit

Due to Ohio National’s actions, Plaintiff seeks following relief from the Court:

  • A judgment against Ohio National that forces it to pay actual damages of over $75,000
  • A judgment against Ohio National that forces it to pay punitive damages of over $75,000
  • Plaintiff’s costs
  • Plaintiff’s attorneys’ fees
  • Other just and proper judgment as dictated by the Court.

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