Lincoln Financial approves long-term disability benefits for financial advisor injured in car accident

Our client was a successful, independent financial advisor who owned her own business. On December 21, 2008, while stopped at a red light, her car was struck from the rear by a cement mixer. Within days of the accident she was beginning to experience pain in her neck and lower back. MRI reports indicated multiple herniations of her cervical and lumbar spine. Unable to return to her office for little more than an hour at a time, her fear of losing all she had worked for became an unfortunate reality. Due to her inability to continue working, she decided to make a claim for disability benefits under her long term disability policy. Three months after her accident, she contacted Dell and Schaefer to assist her in the preparation of her claim for long-term disability benefits.

Attorneys Gregory Dell and Stephen Jessup worked closely with our client to ensure that her doctors appropriately documented her restrictions and limitations. After a thorough review of her medical records and obtaining a firm understanding of her occupation as a financial analyst and business owner, Dell and Schaefer filed her application for benefits in early May of 2009. Dell and Schaefer argued that despite the fact she attempted to return to work during the four months following her auto accident, that she was totally disabled from performing the material and substantial duties of her occupation as of date of her accident. Lincoln Financial made additional requests for information and further inquiries from our client, which were anticipated by Dell and Schaefer, and met with prompt and consistent responses. In response to the application for disability benefits and additional information in support of disability submitted by Dell and Schaefer, Lincoln Financial approved our client’s claim for long term disability benefits back to the date of the car accident. The claim for long-term disability benefits was approved within 30 days.

Attorneys Dell and Schaefer continues to handle our client’s claim with Lincoln Financial on a monthly basis. All communications from Lincoln Financial are sent directly to our office and Lincoln Financial is prohibited from having any direct communication with our client. Attorneys Dell & Schaefer represents claimants nationwide in all aspects of a long-term disability claim, which includes everything from the application process through litigation of any disability claim denials.