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Lincoln Financial

The Lincoln Financial Group became one of the larger disability insurance companies nationwide after they acquired the Jefferson Pilot Corporation in 2006.

From our experience we consider Lincoln to be relatively fair with most disability claims that they review. More than 98% of our Lincoln Disability clients have been paid disability benefits. Our disability lawyers have helped Lincoln claimants with the application for benefits, ERISA appeals, Lawsuit and lump sum buyouts of a Lincoln Policy.

Who is Lincoln National Corporation?

Lincoln Financial Group is actually the marketing name for the publicly traded parent company Lincoln National Corporation. All of the short term and long term disability policies are currently sold under the name of The Lincoln Financial Group. Lincoln National has over $162 billion dollars in assets under management.

Most Lincoln Financial Group Disability Denials Require The Filing Of An ERISA Appeal

“The medical documentation in your file does not support disability as defined by the policy”. This is, unfortunately, a sentence that thousands of Lincoln Financial claimants have been forced to deal with.

Most Lincoln disability policies require the filing of an Appeal within 180 days of the disability denial. Failure to file the appeal in a timely manner will forever bar any chance of recovering benefits. It is essential to submit as much additional medical and vocational support as possible with your appeal.

Our lawyers submit hundreds of appeals each year and we encourage you to discuss your Appeal options with us. You only get once chance to submit a great Appeal and you must be very methodical in the manner in which your Appeal is submitted.

ERISA is a complex and pro-insurance company law, but we will do everything possible to make Lincoln Financial pay your claim. To learn more about ERISA appeals and lawsuits we suggest you watch our videos on the ERISA appeal process.

We Want To Know What You Think About Lincoln Financial Group

We welcome you to post a comment, complaint or question about your disability claim experience with Lincoln Financial Group. Our lawyers will respond to your post.

We created this forum so that Lincoln Financial claimants have a forum to keep Lincoln honest and also to learn about the experiences of other claimants. The idea is that through an open sharing of information, we call all keep Lincoln from engaging in any bad faith or unreasonable conduct.

We Are Watching and Reporting on Lincoln Financial’s Every Move

In every case, we handle your claim as if we are preparing to go to battle. Most claims are resolved in a prompt and efficient manner. At anytime it is our obligation to stay up to date with all lawsuits and court decisions around the country regarding Lincoln Financial.

We welcome you to read the articles listed below which are summaries of lawsuits filed against Lincoln Financial, some of our resolved cases and court decisions. Each of the articles contain our legal commentary and tips which you may find helpful.

Contact us if we can assist you with your claim.

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  • I started my claim October 2022, I was going on short-term through Lincoln which is used through my company. The initial process for my claim was fine went well. My claim was approved and started day of my surgery which was November 2nd. Now the process on payment is ridiculous and very inconvenient. I was told in beginning I had 7 day grace period then I would receive my check on 23rd of November. Then I called numerous times spoke with numerous reps, and they all stated that my ongoing checks would coexist with my jobs payday.. so I then confirmEd my second payment would be December 2nd. And here I am currently still waiting for my payment and yet I still get the same thing from representative oh you should have got, oh it says you receive in evening, oh its been happening frequently but there is a delay.. now I had back surgery, my bills do not care on my health status. I’m currently behind in all my bills including RENT!!! after I rearranged my bills to the date the company said I would be getting my payment which was the 2nd December. And I still have not received!!!! This is very unexceptable and inconvenient!!!! I also left 2 reviews, 3 emails and nothing was addressed. Worst experience I ever had!!! Andbi pray I will never have to use them again after I recover from this!!!

    Erica A. Dec 5, 2022  #254

  • Par’Ris, I am sorry to hear how Lincoln is treating you. There are two things we could perhaps assist you with: 1. We offer monthly claim handling services where we take on your case and Lincoln has no contact with you; and 2. We could potentially assist you in getting a buyout of your claim where we help you negotiate a lump sum settlement and complete divorce from Lincoln. We are more than happy to speak with you concerning this and are always available for a free phone consultation.

    Alex Palamara Oct 27, 2022  #253

  • Lincoln financial is ruining my life and my families and doing it willingly, even after I’ve asked for another agent, bc the first one has broken so many ethical issues alone.

    Par'Ris Potts Oct 26, 2022  #252

  • Alison, I assume that LFG is aware of the SSDI award? Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to receive SSDI and still be denied under LFG’s “any occupation” review. The change in definition from “own” to “any” occupation is one of the most common times in a claim to be denied. When you receive the letter please contact our office so we can discuss your rights and options as they relate to appealing the denial.

    Stephen Jessup Sep 3, 2022  #251

  • I was recently awarded SSDI (June/2022) and LF just told me that I no longer meet THEIR definition of disability! They said they are sending me a letter with occupations they believe I can do. My LTD is now going to be terminated on 11/26/2022 as a result of this. What are my options to stop them? This is coincidentally right at the 2 year mark of my disability.

    Alison Aug 31, 2022  #250

  • Anna, we are sorry to hear of your short term disability denial. We are more than happy to review your disability claim to see if we can assist you in challenging that denial. You may be able to get back on claim especially due to the fact that you have restrictions that leave you unable to perform the duties of your own occupation. Please reach out to us at your convenience for a free consultation.

    Alex Palamara Jul 15, 2022  #249

  • They stopped my short-term disability and I am still under a doctor from back surgery so I had to ask my doctor to release me to go back to work and they caused me my job I was fired due to the restriction the doctor released me with.

    Anna Jul 14, 2022  #248

  • Katie, I’m sorry to hear that Lincoln financial is giving you so much trouble however this is typical. I am very happy that you have a good and competent attorney representing you and hopefully you will get the benefits that are owed to you. Unfortunately if you have a group policy there are no bad phase damages available to you. If this policy was born on your own yes you can go after the insurance company for bad faith and I hope that you do recover.

    Rachel Alters Jun 8, 2022  #247

  • I’m in the process of the 2nd appeal with LF. I have a great attorney. I’m just here to add to the stories & see if any are similar to mine. After numerous failed retina surgeries in 2018 and 2019, I had to have my left eye amputated. This left me with a rare neurological condition called Charles Bonnet Syndrome. It causes you to perpetually hallucinate. Sometimes these are patterns overlaying your vision, and sometimes they’re fully formed people or animals or scenery. This caused me two car accidents, & to stop working. I was a compliance officer/internal auditor, & I can’t handle computer screens for more than 30 minutes or so before letters start moving and changing colors. I have 3 neurologists, an ophthalmologist, my GP, & a retinal specialist all state the condition is functionally debilitating, incurable, & that I cannot do anything requiring visual acuity. In the first denial, they completely ignored all of that, and instead focused only on the migraines I get when hallucinations kick in. My attorney went after them for bad faith, & added more medical documentation backing up the CBS diagnosis. LF determined I was disabled from my own occupation, and paid me back pay for the last 4 months of the 24 month LTD period. In their decision, their own doctor stated he agreed with my medical records & I couldn’t do anything requiring visual acuity. They stated they were leaning towards denying that appeal based on an abilities form they sent my GP, which only asked physical limitation questions, & their occupational specialists, who conveniently ignored all documentation of visual impairment, only relying on that physical abilities form. Because of this, they determined I could do light work. My attorney then sent in an addendum from my GP, stating the same things my neurologists said, and pointing out she filled out their form, per their instructions, which included no questions on visual impairment, which was my chief complaint. Today I received notice the 1st appeal has been denied. Their own doctor has now contradicted his first assessment, & is saying because I have a right eye, I can work. The kicker is that their occupational assessment person gave a list of jobs almost identical to the one I had, which LF determined I was totally disabled from and couldn’t do. He also is now saying there’s no diagnostic tests supporting my disability. Mine is one that isn’t determined by diagnostic tests. It’s the eye version of phantom limb, but instead of feeling a missing eye, your brain sends you images to try to force sight from the missing eye. It’s diagnosed after eliminating all mental health conditions that can cause hallucinations, and by having a sudden loss of visit in either eye of 60% or more. I fail to understand how they can determine I qualified for LTD, but also say I can do jobs similar to the one they determined I couldn’t do. I also don’t understand how their own doctor initially states, “the medical documentation provided supports an optho-neurotically disability…” and that “the claimant cannot perform any tasks which require visual acuity,” yet now is saying because I have a right eye, I can do those jobs. They also determined I couldn’t do an independent review with a doctor from them because there were none in my area. Well, there are none because I’ve literally seen all the neurologists that deal with optical neurology issues in the area, and they’ve all come to the same conclusion. They based their 1st reason for suggesting denial (after I was awarded back pay for the 4 months they didn’t pay on the LTD claim) based solely on the abilities form they sent my GP asking about physical limitations, stating there was nothing on there about visual restrictions, yet when she added an addendum, their own people won’t accept that because she’s a GP. Now, their denial is solely based on having a right eye and the fact that it was a GP who added the addendum. My retinal specialist will be writing a letter stating that CBS, while stemming from the missing eye, and the hallucinations seeming to come from that side, does affect my entire visual field, thus rendering me totally disabled, unable to drive, or to work, because I pose a big level of risk for myself and others, and pose a high risk of making serious errors because I can’t see properly. This company just sucks, & it’s incredibly frustrating. Thankfully my mother is an attorney, my father-in-law is a retired attorney and former associate dean of VU law school before they closed their law program, and whom taught almost all the attorneys in my area, & my step father is an attorney. That has given me the advantage of hiring a reputable, experienced law firm and be able to get representation at a discount. My SS disability case looks good, and they expect me to win. We’re just hoping we don’t have to go to court & wait years for the LF claim to go through. Does all of this seem like their normal business practices? My attorney says they’ve had a lot of lawsuits against them for denials and bad faith decisions, and that they’re hoping I give up, or can’t keep up with the legal fees to keep going. I feel sick thinking of all those who don’t have such easy access to attorneys, or family who can help supplement their income until they’re awarded benefits. If I didn’t have the parents I do, I’d be living in a shelter. I strongly believe this company needs to be held to account for the games it obviously plays with the lives of human beings who are financially over a barrel (on top of dealing with physical and mental effects of an illness).
    There must be countless others who have given up and been put through deliberate profit driven hell. Absent punishment financially, this casual “cost of business” and “maximize shareholder profits” behavior will continue to be the norm.

    Katie Jun 7, 2022  #246

  • Bill: Most group disability policies have a Mental Health Limitation effectively capping liability for mental illness claims at 24 months. You should request a copy of the group policy and claim file from Lincoln, which you’re entitled to and review the provisions. If you still have questions or concerns I suggest you contact our office and speak with one of the attorneys to discuss in more detail your circumstances and your options.

    Jay Symonds May 27, 2022  #245

  • I worked for a company and had to stop working due to extreme stress due to a hostile work environment. I worked for the company for 4 years and then could not work due to job stress. I then suffered depression (50 years old and never had depression). I was out for ~15 months. I had been under FMLA for first 6 months. Liberty Mutual was the insurance carrier. I was paid both short term then long term disability. Then I went back to work. 13 months later I had a huge stress event and had to stop working again. However, it now wasn’t LIberty Mutual I dealt with, it was Lincoln Financial. Lincoln financial paid the short term and started paying long term. However, they stopped paying long-term because there was a clause that they only had to pay for a maximum of 2 years. So my job caused my stress/depression (again, I never had any depression for 50+ years) and made it so I couldn’t work and I lose out? Is there anything I can do?

    Bill D. May 26, 2022  #244

  • Why LFG keep asking for medical records.

    Maria May 23, 2022  #243

  • Claim denial failed to follow and ERISA requirements. No reasons for denial, no explanation of disagreeing with SSA, no discussion of decision, no description of review procedures, no I notification for lawsuits under ERISA 502. No plan provisions referenced. What can be done? The rules mean nothing if there is no enforcement

    Carol J Apr 29, 2022  #242

  • Is there any assistance for short term disability claims. This is my 12th week without benefits only to be told under medical and clinical review for approval each time I call. My claim will change to long term next week and I am financially sinking. Any advice be appreciated

    Lahoma Apr 7, 2022  #241

  • Paul, unfortunately, under employer provided policies there are provisions related to offsets for sources of Other Income. Both the California disability and Social Security disability would constitute other income subject to offset by Lincoln.

    Stephen Jessup Jul 1, 2021  #240

  • Lincoln financial wants to claw back money from ssi and we had two employers so I got disability from both employers one used Lincoln one used Cal EDD for short term so we received both. Now Lincoln wants to lower there monthly pay by the amount of any disability payment we received.

    Paul F. Jul 1, 2021  #239

  • I have been out of work since 3/25/21. I had to jump thru hoops to get an extension from 4/28/21 to 6/13/21. I have had MRI, x rays which showed anuerysmal tumor on my fibula. I changed MD in May who ordered a bone scan which showed a fracture to my fibula. Medical record faxed this new information the last Friday of May. I called on May 31 or June 1 and was informed they received paperwork. I received a check that was 200. Less then it should have been. I called today and they stated they never received paperwork, though it was the paperwork from my new MD. This is the second time I have been shorted in my check.

    Wendy J. Jun 17, 2021  #238

  • Salyna, I am sorry to hear about your experience. I wish I could say it is an anomaly, but it is an all too common occurrence. Depending on if the claim was ever approved, and how long you have been back to work, most policies have what is known as a recurrent disability provision that allows you to go back out on disability without filing a claim. If your claim was not approved or you have been back to work beyond the designated period in the recurrent disability provision, then the only option would be to file a new claim. If you are looking to go back out on disability, then please feel free to contact our office to review your policy and discuss how we may be able to assist you in filing the application.

    Stephen Jessup Jun 9, 2021  #237

  • Lincoln Financial made my life a living hell. I went on medical leave from my job just to work for them basically. My mental health is worse than it was and I still do not know what is wrong with me physically. I was forced to return to work just to get paid. My finances are all messed up and I am still trying to get caught up on bills as well as focus on my health. It was definitely a let down when I thought medical leave was put in place to help people while out of work. I’ve wanted to throw in the towel a few times and currently thinking about an in patient treatment center.

    Salyna D. Jun 8, 2021  #236

  • Kara, it would depend on the language in the policy. There is even a chance you could transition into long term disability and continue to receive a portion of your monthly benefit as you attempt to work part time. This is typically covered under the “Work Incentive” provisions of the policy. In this scenario you would be doubly protected as you could ramp up to full time work again, or if the part time does not work out, transition your long term disability claim to a complete total disability. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your situation further.

    Stephen Jessup May 3, 2021  #235

  • I’m currently on short term disability and at the point I need to decide to try and go back which I don’t think I can. I have a long term disability policy with Lincoln Financial that’s 60-66% of my income. My question is, if I try to return only part time let’s say and if I can’t handle that either and go out in disability against, at that point would they base my income from my part time work or would it go back to then I was working full time?

    Kara May 2, 2021  #234

  • Bruce: Most group policies require payback for any month in which you received a full LTD benefit and then, subsequently, a retroactive SSDI payment. SSDI does not pay benefits for the first 5 months and most carries do not require repayment for any SSDI attorney fees you paid out from your retroactive award. Lincoln should send you an explanation of benefits detailing how they calculated the over payment amount. If the calculation seems incorrect for some reason I suggest you contact our office and speak with one of the attorneys to discuss in more detail your circumstances and your options.

    Jay Symonds Mar 28, 2021  #233

  • I have been on long term disability, since Aug 2019, which ends in October of 2021. I just got approved for SSDI, and received back pay totalling $39,000. When I first started getting LTD, we were told that payback to Lincoln, once approved for SSDI, excluded the first year. I have several friends who have verified they also we’re not required to payback the first year. I am now being told I owe Lincoln $40,000.

    Bruce S. Mar 28, 2021  #232

  • Barb, I am sorry to hear of the stress that LFG is putting you through. Thankfully, it sounds like the 3rd party evaluation came back supportive of your claim and hopefully your benefits will continue. Should LFG deny your claim, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Regarding your question about “malpractice” of that reviewing doctor, you will have to speak with a medical malpractice attorney. However, it does not seem likely to qualify for such.

    Alex Palamara Mar 5, 2021  #231

  • I currently have an open case with LFG. They are currently paying me for mental health leave. They had one of their doctors write a report about my ability to go back to work, stating my current psych doctor was not doing her job by making me go back to work, even though she clearly states I am not ready. The doctor, who never spoke with me in any way, wrote up an evaluation of my mental health and submitted it to them stating I am clear for work. They had a 3rd party evaluation of me with an in person psych interview, of which he agreed with my doctor that I am not ready to go back to work. One question I have is whether or not the doctor who wrote the report, and never actually spoke to or evaluated me, is even allowed to clear me for work or if that is malpractice, since he did not even do his due diligence to make sure to “do no harm” by trying to force me back into a work situation when I am not ready.

    Barb M. Mar 5, 2021  #230

  • Maci, unfortunately this is common behavior for Lincoln. Please contact our office at 888-729-3355 and ask to speak to an attorney who can assist you with your STD appeal. You have 180 days to appeal the decision.

    Rachel Alters Feb 8, 2021  #229

  • I have been on a short term disability since June of 2020. I was paid additional benefits through Lincoln Financial after SDI paid me. In august of 2020, Lincoln Financial sent an email stating they didn’t receive dr notes of my visits. I reached out to my doctor to see if they could send those notes to ensure benefits wouldn’t be denied. The doctor office sent over multiple faxes and emails and Lincoln claimed they weren’t receiving them. After speaking to Shawn Ransom at Lincoln, I explained that my case manager was very rude and wouldn’t return calls back. Shawn was helpful and said he would get another case manager to help me out.

    Doctor notes were resent from my Dr’s office and this time they said that the doctor notes weren’t legible and they asked the doctor if he could type up doctor notes. Doctor refused and said he has never been asked to type notes. Lincoln said I wouldn’t get paid benefits from August 2020 to current if he wasn’t able to type the notes. Received a call from new case manager Brittany, stating they denied the appeal because doctor never sent over legible notes. I am so unhappy and I have been behind on car payments, and other bills that are piling up. I requested another appeal and will wait to hear back from Lincoln. I have read Better Business Bureau complaints online, about how horrible Lincoln Financial has handled their short term disability claims and similar bad experiences with the doctor note situation. I am off work due to depression/stress and they haven’t helped one bit. I am looking into an attorney about this.

    Maci P. Feb 8, 2021  #228

  • Lincoln is giving a copy of my disability check from the after I’ve been terminated and if I receive other compensation at 60 percent and my checks before accident was 2400 to 3000 and Lincoln gives 342 as off set or 40 percent, is that correct? I feel like it’s 10 to 15 percent instead of 40.

    Little L. Jan 11, 2021  #227

  • Richard, have you filed an administrative appeal of the denial? Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your claim and denial in detail to determine how we may be able to assist you in appealing the denial.

    Stephen Jessup Dec 27, 2020  #226

  • My Doctor took me out of work starting October 12, 2020 due to GI illness. I am unable to work. Lincoln denied my disability claim.

    Richard F. Dec 26, 2020  #225

  • Brenda, was your long term disability denied or is it just pending at this point? Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your claim in greater detail.

    Stephen Jessup Sep 22, 2020  #224

  • I was approved for SSI disability but my short term has exhausted. I have long term plus disability but not approved I have renal failure and do 4 dyalisis treatments a day.

    Brenda G. Sep 22, 2020  #223

  • Cindy, unfortunately most group polices only cover mental nervous conditions for 24 months.

    Rachel Alters Sep 7, 2020  #222

  • I was on Ltd thru Lincoln, I was diagnosed with psychological problems, and was unable to continue working as a RN. At 24 months they are discontinuing my disability. They state it is only paid for 24 months. I remain under medical care because of suicidal ideations and adjustments in medications. According to my policy I should continue to receive benefits, but the claims adjuster denied it.

    Cindy H. Sep 7, 2020  #221

  • Rosalyn, please contact my office at 888 729-3355 and ask for Rachel Alters or email me at Rachel @diattorney.com.

    Rachel Alters Jul 30, 2020  #220

  • Need to speak to someone about my case please.

    Rosalyn L. Jul 30, 2020  #219

  • Sandra, I am sorry to hear of the issues that Lincoln is giving you. Unfortunately, while Lincoln has to take into account your approval of SSDI benefits by the SSA, they are not bound by that decision and they can make an independent decision. So yes, unfortunately, your fight with them will continue. It is important to always keep them well feed with additional “proof” of your claim. Proof is most often in the form of medical documentation, support from medical providers and updated testing. Regarding a lump sum settlement, it certainly sounds like you would be a candidate for such. We specialize in getting the most out of the insurance companies. Please contact us so that we can discuss this potential option with you.

    Alex Palamara Jul 9, 2020  #218

  • I am currently receiving LTD benefits, but I want to know why a federal judges decision for total disability isn’t accepted by Lincoln Financial. I have had 4 extensive back surgeries and I am fused from L1 to S1. I suffer from chronic crushing, fatiguing pain. I have a chronic pain doc, and yet every 2 to 3 months I’m looking at having my benefits challenged. What rights do I have? I am suppose to be able to have my SSDI supplemented until age 65, yet I’m only 56. Do I have to struggle with them and the uncertainty of continued benefit for the next 9 years? Would I be a candidate for a lump sum payout?

    Sandra D. Jul 9, 2020  #217

  • Thomas, you may have an obligation to inform them that you have been denied for SSDI. Please refer to your policy concerning your obligations regarding applying for SSDI benefits and the requirements of providing the disability insurer with the status of your SSDI claim.

    Cesar Gavidia Jun 8, 2020  #216

  • I’m receiving a long term disability with Lincoln Financial. They want me to file a social security ssi but my ssi 1st and 2nd appeal was denied. This June 29 they want me to submit the social security denial paper. I’m afraid to lose my Lincoln long term benefits. I have no lawyer. Lincoln hire a lawyer to help me with my ssi case. Lincoln hire a doctor to analyze my condition and doctor said there is no way I can be able to work. I ask for doctor report that I’m not able to work but the physician office they don’t want to give me that report because Lincoln hire them.

    Thomas F. Jun 8, 2020  #215

  • Brandy, I am sorry to hear of your issues. If Lincoln has denied your claim, an appeal will need to be filed. If you have not yet received a denial letter, then they are still evaluating your claim. If this is the case, you need to get as much proof as you can in to Lincoln so that they approve your claim. If they have denied your claim, please give us a call and fax/email us a copy of the denial letter. We always offer a free consultation.

    Alex Palamara May 24, 2020  #214

  • I am off work on work related stress. I have been waiting on Lincoln Financial for short term disability. They wont psy. What do I do?

    Brandy S. May 24, 2020  #213

  • Alvaro, we can gladly look into this issue for you. Please gather the disability policy and contact us for a free consultation. We will request a copy of the policy and any recent correspondence you have received from the insurance company.

    Alex Palamara May 8, 2020  #212

  • Lincoln financial insurance payed me around $60 a week, wich is about 6% of my salary, for my short term disability. I asked for documents showing how they came out with those figures, they said that the max is 60% and minimum is 10% and that I only qualify for the minimum. I read the policy and could not find any explanation.

    Alvaro D. May 8, 2020  #211

  • Anna, you will need to consult with your treating doctors and submit additional evidence of your medical condition. Take the denial letter to your physician and ask for assistance. You can also contact our office for a free consultation.

    Rachel Alters May 7, 2020  #210

  • Hi!
    My pregnancy related disability leave Was extended due to postpartum depression, EDD accepted that decision and I was receiving payments from it. However Lincoln Financial denied this by stating “ The medical documentation in your file does not support disability as defined by the policy”, commenting on depression be mild, not severe. What supporting documents I can submit in the appeal?
    Thank you

    Anna May 6, 2020  #209

  • Rebecca, if the carrier reversed the denial then yes they would pay the back pay owed. If there is an SSDI overpayment then it would likely be deducted from the back pay owed.

    Rachel Alters May 5, 2020  #208

  • If the insurance should have paid for an additional 2 years, but stopped resulting in the person losing car, home everything; then the insurance company admits they were wrong in stopping payment. Would that mean the company would owe the disabled person the years of non payment? Would the person be made to pay the insurance company back for the months they did pay if social security back paid the person? If the insurance company owed the person 2 additional years of payment, and was demanding a repayment of 1 year, what would be the settlement in the end?

    Rebecca S. May 5, 2020  #207

  • Michael, they should not be able to do this however they may consider the check to be “other income” under the policy. I would contact them and fight that determination as this is supposed to be additional income form the government to help during this time of need.

    Rachel Alters Apr 4, 2020  #206

  • Can Lincoln Financial hold back disability check equal to the amount of the 2020 stimulus check? If so, why?

    Michael P. Apr 4, 2020  #205

  • Are bonuses added to my monthly sga? Thanks.

    Erik J. Mar 24, 2020  #204

  • I went in for sinus issues and constant sinus infections. Due to concerns for healing, upper respiratory infections, growing concerns about what is now the covid-19. My doctors signed all the paperwork, but Lincoln Financial not only said the injury did not support the claim in their eyes, but also resulted in pressure on me and my doctor to return to work amid a pandemic. After waiting months to hear my claim was denied, I’m now behind on bills and payments. Further, I was kept out because the source of the infections was from work. As a result if their “findings”, the claim was denied.

    David M. Mar 17, 2020  #203

  • Wanda, I am deeply sorry to hear of your loss. We can only imagine what you have been going through and we are sorry to hear how Lincoln has treated you. We are more than happy to review any and all documentation to assess whether we can assist you with your last appeal. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for a free consultation.

    Alex Palamara Mar 5, 2020  #202

  • My daughter worked for Barneys of New York and enrolled into Lincoln Financial Group LFG Critical Care plan through her employer. She died waiting for her claim. Her sister and we her parents (are retired) but utilize our saving to take care of her when she could no longer work full time, part time and not at all. She filed a claim with all of the required paperwork in April of 2019 prior to her transition. LFG asked for more paperwork, then more paperwork. They closed the case when I had sent everything they asked for. To get them to reopen the case I had to resend the same paperwork they already recd. Then they denied the claim, I filed an appeal they denied the appeal. Each time they had a new justification for their denial. I am filing a final appeal but realize they have no intention of paying my daughter’s claim. They received her premiums through payroll for three years but had no intention of ever paying for her critical care.

    I agree with the many other claimants LFG should be investigated by the Federal government for its practices and malfeasance. Terrible, unethical company. They are legitimized thieves and crooks. Their policies are written to ensure that LFG is protected from paying any claims. Their INCONTESTABILITY statement and their responsibility to their claimants means nothing. Please read your entire small print numerous page individual policy contract because deep in its content buried is a statement to justify them not paying your claim. Do Not use this company. My daughter died waiting for their claim and we are indebted for her care but I will continue to use every resource I can find to ensure that LFG is exposed for their unethical practices.

    Wanda F. Mar 5, 2020  #201

  • Duane, there would be no actual legal recourse if they misspoke. A letter would be required to formalize an approval or denial. What is the alleged status of your claim? Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your claim in detail.

    Stephen Jessup Feb 5, 2020  #200

  • Hello,

    I have an open claim with Lincoln Financial. Today I caught wind that they have mispoke to me about the status of my claim. The adjuster refuses or return my calls. What recourse do I have – I need my disability.


    Duane Feb 5, 2020  #199

  • C.R., you appear to have a very complicated and complex medical situation as well as difficult claims history. I suggest you contact our office and speak with one of the attorneys to discuss the specific questions you have regarding your situation.

    Jay Symonds Jan 28, 2020  #198

  • I’ve been out of work since 8/13/18. I was on bereavement dealing with a traumatic death. I had medical issues before but work always interfered and didn’t get time to really take care of myself. Just got by Although was warned by doctors it could be detrimental putting things off. I have since suffered from PTSD and severe depression after the unexplained death. I use to be the sceptic thinking those were fake bit I assure the panic attacks and all are not. At times they are debilitating. I’ve avoided the discussion because I’m a private person but this thing with Lincoln has forced me to have to share very private medical trying to find anyone to help. Since 8/13/18 I have fallen many times sending me to a new spiral of injury and depression along with continued trauma trying to discover what happened. Add in estate lawsuits etc. Emotionally and mentally drained as well as physically limited and Financially drained. Struggling to pick and choose what doctor to see and figure out how to pay. I’ve lost all hope.

    I contacted tons of attorneys during the 180 timeline unable to find anyone to help. At almost the end of 180 found an attorney who stated did LTD. I paid him a retainer but since I’ve still had to spend all the money for records and do all the work it seems. I’m broke. Barely hanging on. Got my review and was denied and have until 2/4 to get additional records (within the 21 days) given to my attorney. I’m scraping money to get records to send him but have no confidence he is doing anything. I feel I’ve made a mess of my life because I didn’t take care of myself. I’m about to be 45 and my body feels like I’m 90. I have fibermyalgia, neuropathy, lymphedema, diabetes, had numerous surgery since 8/13/18. 3 vein surgery before discovering leg pain and swelling was lymphedema. Mytrovalve prolapse, sinus surgery to remove cyst in my sinus cavity affecting vision and other severe sinus issues, polyps, implant into my nose along with sinuses scraped. Have vertigo, migraines and continual sinus issues still affecting my eyesight. I’ve had galbladder removed.

    Suppose to have epidermal for neck and back trauma but due to recent fall and broken foot had to delay those. I have severe sleep apnea and still discovering issues trying too narrow down and get to a more functional state. Severe allergies. Also new doctor has identified I may actually have rhemetoid at their. Oh I forgot the torn rotator cuff and carpal tunnel. I’m sure there are things I forgot. Oh yeah severe memory issues and suppose to be sent to be tested for possible early dementia. ADHD. Anyways I’m sure others I still forgot. Lincoln Financial stated even with all that I’m able to perform my job duties full time. Not sure how there are times I can’t even get out of bed. I have therapy 2 days a week for back. Another for lymphedema. And another for torn rotator cuff. I’m in a doctor appt of some kind seems every day of the week and some 3 a day. Testing and follow etc. Speaking of irregular pap smears and mamograms. Going regular for those every few months to monitor cysts. I’m at the end of my rope. Lincoln has humiliated me and drained me financially physiological and emotional. I’m so down I’ll never get back up. Just ready for some help that will never come.

    C. R. Jan 28, 2020  #197

  • Arnold, I am sorry to see how Lincoln has handled your claim and that they cut you off with no warning. It sounds like you have been through a lot medically and it sounds like this was an incorrect denial. We are more than happy to review the denial letters and speak with you at a time convenient for you. We can go over the next steps available. Please contact us as soon as possible at 954-620-8300.

    Alex Palamara Jan 18, 2020  #196

  • First of all I will start with my reason for being on disability, I have multiple degenerative discs in my back along with spinal stenosis plus other problems with my back, I have had this condition for 25 plus years. In 2010 and I found that I also have small fiber peripheral neuropathy, and I found out I also have had this for many years but all that time I thought the pain was coming from my back issues. As a result, my health started declining but in 2011 it came to a point I could not keep working on a full time basis because it became difficult to sit and stand for long period of times, so with much prayer, thought and discussion with my wife and family I applied for disability in July of 2011 at the age of 51. I did not take going on disability lightly as I had a good job making good money for my area and to go on to disability meant I had to leave that and cash in my retirement just to pay off bills so I wouldn’t lose my house. With that being said, in 2011 Lincoln approved my STD almost immediately and approximately six months later in January when the STD expired my LTD took over.

    In June of 2012 my SSD was approved and the benefit from Lincoln was reduced to the difference of my income and what I am getting from SSD as it was supposed to do. So, two years go by and in 2014 Lincoln asked for updated medical records to show that I was still disabled. I provided it to them and my benefit was continued without any issues. I haven’t really heard anything from them or had any problems with them to amount to anything since 2014 until September of 2019, even then they never contacted me to let me know my benefits had been cancelled. On September 16th, 2019 I received a partial payment from Lincoln which was deposited directly into my account as usual, I called them to see what it was for because I normally receive payment from them on the 4th of each month and at that time I was informed that my benefits had been cancelled because I was able to return to work.

    They informed me I could submit more info and that they would review it to see if I could be reinstated. I sent them more documents from my doctors stating that I still couldn’t work and also sent them medical test results showing I still have neuropathy. Two days before Christmas they informed me that my appeal was denied and that my benefits would still be discontinued. That is where I am at to this point as I have not been able to find a lawyer locally that is willing to take on my case. Any advice or help you could give would be much appreciated.

    Arnold D. Jan 17, 2020  #195

  • Alicia, it certainly sounds like Lincoln is trying its hardest to set you up for a claim denial. Over the past year we have seen from Lincoln a previously unprecedented increase in poor claims handling as you have experienced and claim denials. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your situation in greater detail.

    Stephen Jessup Sep 25, 2019  #194

  • Truly not happy with Lincoln Financial I recently relocated from Michigan to Georgia and during the process I had a terrible flare up with my Fibromyalgia in the worse way. Non stop pain that leave me not able move, walk or stand at times. I was taking off work as of August 31 not to mention I haven’t been paid since then. My claims adjuster by the name of Rebecca B is not so pleasant when talking with her. The first lie my initial conversation with her was that they were going to request my medical records. I spoke with my physician several times and it took them 2 weeks to request medical records. They also request each item individually so they can slow the process of concluding the claim. As of Monday is when they received my medical records but according to Rebecca she received them today. She must not read much because I verified that my records were in fact received on Monday 09/23/19 because I was on the line with the medical record company as they faxed them and then spoke with Lincoln Financial customer service who confirmed receipt.

    I left two messages for her and I also email my employer to let them know how terrible Lincoln Financial are. I was on the phone constantly to make sure they get all my paperwork. Finally that is done. Here comes the extra mess so I spoke with Rebecca on 09/25/19 and she told me that pain doesn’t stop you from working and that it will take up 10 business days for me to get an answer about my short term disability because the clinical staff and management must review. When I say that truly don’t care how your bills get paid they don’t. So needless to say the wait time continues as of 09/25/19.

    Alicia R. Sep 25, 2019  #193

  • Elizabeth, Lincoln financial will evaluate your disability claim according to the terms of your disability policy and the standard may differ from the standard employed by your state. It is possible to be approved for state disability and not by your insurance company.

    Victor Peña Feb 22, 2019  #192

  • In California I’m allowed pregnancy disability leave 4 weeks prior to delivery date even for a normal pregnancy. So if the state considers me disabled at that time, can Lincoln Financial Group still deny me disability pay before delivering and saying I have no condition that makes me disabled or unable to work?

    Elizabeth Feb 22, 2019  #191

  • Tammie, you should review your policy language to see how pre-existing condition is defined but it is common for insurance companies to provide a very broad definition making them difficult to get around.

    Victor Peña Feb 2, 2019  #190

  • I need help badly. The company I worked for first lied and said I was laid of to try and get my claim rejected. I had to appeal that then the next step was that it was pre-existing and requested medical records that did have DX of OV which is why I was using it for a Knee replacement. I then had me appeal that denial and had my PCP review and provide his medial opinion to only deny that stating that it was still pre-existing even though he concluded that it could be a world of things. I have everything and just got a definite DX for neck problems which is one of the reasons I was seen previously by an old PCP. How can they pin hole me into a DX when no medical doctor did?

    Tammie E. Feb 1, 2019  #189

  • Thomas, unfortunately this run around form Lincoln is typical. Hopefully you do not have a pre-existing condition as defined under your policy as they may invalidate your coverage for your disability. Please let us know if Lincoln denies your STD claim. If they do you can contact our office for a free consultation.

    Rachel Alters Nov 8, 2018  #188

  • In May 2018 I had my first episode of what I thought was vertigo, kept me in bed for four days, and then it just disappeared. In June I had another episode of what I thought was vertigo which lasted almost 5 days. July 2018 I had a severe attack of vertigo the morning I was leaving for vacation to Florida, I still went I just couldn’t do any driving the five hour ride there was I had a severe vertigo the morning I was leaving for vacation, I still went I just couldn’t do any driving the five hour ride there was Excruciating. I spent the entire five days in my hotel room in the bed because I was so incapacitated. The day after I returned home from Florida all of my symptoms disappear.

    Three weeks later I had another massive attack of vertigo, so my partner called a friend in the medical field and get me into see the best ENT in the city we live in, he immediately ruled out Virgo, and started talking to me about Ménière’s disease, and set me up for some testing that was gonna be in two weeks because I had to be symptom-free in order to get accurate test results. So the tests were done and I was diagnosed with Ménière’s left ear and partial right ear, the testing was done on September 11, from that day until today which is November 6, 2018 I have had four severe bouts of vertigo with the rest of the time having not spinning but dizziness, Massive headaches, fullness in my head and ears, ringing in my ears sometimes so bad that I yelled out in pain, I have a very unsteady walk and have to hold onto things.

    I have had two incidences while driving so I have stopped driving. Insurance company Lincoln financial what is the people, my workload me out on FMLA for 12 weeks that’s the max my paperwork linking was faxed to them 9/14/18. All of the paperwork was filled out by me, by my HR, and also my ENT specialists. October 2 of 2018 I received mine denial letter saying that I was not approved for benefits because it had not been one year since I took the long and short term disability at work then I received another letter stating that no premiums have been paid for me from my company, but I had my paystub‘s to prove that I was paying in. I immediately called my HR explain to her what was going on and she mediately got in touch with Lincoln and got everything straightened out as far as me having the insurance. In the meantime we are several weeks into this and I have called my claims representative for the column claims examiner at least 10 times and she had never read tear and one of my calls.

    On October 3 I get a letter from Lincoln stating that the policy issued to my company has a 3/12 pre-existing clause, do you want to investigate my medical records from 10/01/17 to 1/1/18, still never a call from Lincoln or my claims representative just the letters coming in the mail, so I guess treating medical professionals to fill out the form they had to fill out. I filled out my portion which consisted of two doctors to pharmacies and my insurance companies, from October 3 to october 28th, I’ve placed 15 calls to my claims representative and left messages with my clean number, my name in my phone number not once did I receive a call back from her, then I got smart and I called customer service and I started talking to the nice guy and he could see a little bit on his computer what my claims representative was adding to my file and what he could tell me was one of the doctors and my treating medical Professionals list had not returned any information from my medical records. So I called my doctors office and I speak to the woman in charge of medical records and she said she never received anything from Lincoln so in the meantime I go on link in website and I print out the form I faxed it to this doctors office, and the more I sat here and said d professional’s list had not returned any information for my medical records, so I called my doctors office and I speak to the woman in charge of medical records and she said she never received anything from Lincoln so in the meantime I go on link in website and I print out the form I fax it to this doctors office, and the more I sat here and stued about not getting any information from Lincoln I call customer service back and I get a different person this time and I start talking to them. I managed to get the name of the short term claims manager and her phone number, she’s in a different state mind you then my claims Examiner, I explain to her what’s going on with great frustrating. I explained to her that I had already had the doctors office fill out the form and it should’ve been faxed, she asked for the phone number for the doctors office and she was actually going to physically speak to the records person and get the information so she can get my clean moving. I explained to her how many times I’ve called my claims representative and never received a call back, I asked her if she knew what Ménière’s disease was ? and what he did to people ? And she told me know that she was not familiar with them, so I asked her if I could explain it to her a little bit and she listen to everything I had to say for 35 minutes, that I believe was on september 25th and September 26 guess who I get a call from, you guessed it my claims representative. She informed me that she had the medical records from the doctor that was missing, and she would examine them before the end of the week was out and I would have an answer whether I was approved or denied. I tried to be nice to this woman and talk to her, she did not want to hear a thing I have to say, so for the next few days I kept going out to customer portal know information pending pending pending.

    So on October I believe 25th I called the customer Service number and I put my identification number in and it immediately tells me that there’s a check on the way that was mailed on September 25 ( mind you I filled out the direct deposit forms that they have sent me) so I try and call the claims examiner, never heard back from her. The next morning I get up and I call the short term manager, back very nice young lady asked her to explain to me why I was getting a check for a week in two days and nothing else was approved, she explained to me that the information that the claims examiner was waiting for her wouldn’t get to her desk for 48 hours from the mail room so I said OK, I will wait till Tuesday you let her know I’m calling and she better answer me, will that Tuesday came and I called got the voicemail never received a call back I called customer service and the young lady at customer service tells me what I can see that there’s been a check direct deposited for four weeks back and pay, OK I hang up sitting here looking at the calendar scratching my head my phone Rings and it’s Lincolns one 800 number so I answered it and it’s my claims examiner and she tells me that my short term disability has been approved but only until December 21 because I had sent them the information about an appointment I have on December 20 to go see another specialist in Baton Rouge who will do six more tests. At that point it’ll put me believe 15 weeks into disability my benefits package says I have 24 weeks, my appointment on December 20 is only for testing I have to go back January 3 of 2019. Do you have my consultation with the doctor and look at my test results, which I already know they’re going to come back with Ménière’s in both ears and when I explain to him that this is an every day occurrence all day long, he’s most likely going to put me or kick me out of work.

    At that point my FMLA will be Expired, and my employer will most likely cut me loose I do believe I already in my Lincoln policy that if I am terminated while still under doctors care for disability short and long-term will continue, i’ve already spoken to is your security disability lawyer and he explained to me that I would have to start my long-term disability and depending on how long it was would depend on when we could apply for Social Security disability, try to get information from linking is just impossible I have had to do my own legwork print out all the forms and I’m going to need for my next doctor visit to turn into Lincoln to continue my disability, but I can tell you right now they’re going to give me trouble, and if you are a Ménière’s sufferer do you know the aggravation and stress just intensifies the symptoms.

    I may just have you guys get involved depending on the cost, or even just one letter to them letting them know that you’re backing me I will be contacting you very shortly, oh and all those weeks I had a wait for my back pain I almost lost my car, was almost evicted, I had a borrow $5000 from my brother-in-law to pay my bills and buy some food, maybe you guys or just what I need.

    Thomas B. Nov 7, 2018  #187

  • I have been receiving disability benefits from Liberty Life for years, after winning a court case. Of course that business has been bought by LFG.

    I am now shopping for life insurance, and LFG seems to have the best rates. Should I avoid buying a life insurance policy from them?

    David Oct 29, 2018  #186

  • Marla, the carrier is entitled to deny coverage based on their assessment of your medical underwriting. Although in some cases the carrier may simply exclude coverage for a specific condition (e.g., history of cancer) and provide coverage for any other subsequently disabling condition, some do deny coverage entirely.

    Jay Symonds Aug 28, 2018  #185

  • I applied for short term disability insurance with my employer who uses Lincoln Financial about a month ago during our open enrollment period. I believe I was denied because of my prior cancer diagnosis, I had leukemia that was diagnosed in July 2011 and received a stem cell transplant in October 2011, I have been in remission since then. I have also tried to apply for the STD a couple years ago, but I figured I was denied because it had only been 5 years since my cancer diagnosis. I thought maybe since it was 7 years since my cancer diagnosis I may get approved. I have a surgery coming up in 2 weeks and now I will not get short term disability, and will have to use up all my PTO which is only about 2 weeks worth and will need to be off work for 6-8 weeks. Can they deny me because of my prior cancer diagnosis?

    Marla Aug 27, 2018  #184

  • Karen, please contact our office and ask to speak with a long-term disability insurance attorney in order to properly address your question.

    Cesar Gavidia Aug 25, 2018  #183

  • Since 2013 my husband has had a couple claims with lincoln. Now after 2 denials of std and then approval to lincoln drahging feet have said they are changing his date of disability to 2013 and recalculating his “PARTIAL PAYMENTS VS PAYMENTS MADE” as well as the date of definition would change not to mention all the REASONS this is NEGATIVE FOR ME it appears that now that I am from any occupation they are doing this to avoid that. Is this legal?

    Karen Aug 24, 2018  #182

  • Ryan, I am sorry to hear you are having trouble with Lincoln. This is typical. If you would like a free consultation with a lawyer you can call my office and ask for Rachel Alters.

    Rachel Alters Aug 20, 2018  #181

  • I’ve Gotten Nothin’ But The Run Around For Over A Month From Them. Every Week They’re Requesting Additional Paperwork, Delaying My Claim. The Customer Service Reps Are Robots Reading Scripts And Have No Desire To Help. A Horrible Company When You’re In A Bind And Off Work! I’m Just Screwed And Without Pay!

    This Is Beyond Frustrating And Stressful!

    Ryan Aug 20, 2018  #180

  • Karen, this sounds like a potentially complicated situation. Every claim is different and determinations are based on the specific facts and circumstances of the claim as well as the policy terms and provisions. I suggest you contact our office and speak with one of the attorneys to address your specific questions regarding your husband’s situation.

    Jay Symonds Aug 19, 2018  #179

  • My husband fought through appeals and finally won last appeal of short term disability after a year. Although long term to merge together he took about 4 months to calculate pay. He now says that they are changing the date of disability to 2013. He had a claim in between as well. It’s been since March for him to calculate that which now there is an error. Can they really change this to then reduce what he was already paid and take about a year of payments that he would have left? He was also making about 4-5.00 less an hour? They say they are INVESTIGATING as well to see about own occupation from the back date as well. This cant be legal right?

    Karen Aug 18, 2018  #178

  • Bob, I am sorry to hear of all your issues with Lincoln. If you would like a free consultation to review your claim for potential assistance with your lawsuit, please do not hesitate contact our firm.

    Alex Palamara May 9, 2018  #177

  • Lincoln Financial Group follows no rules or policies. They have denied me 3 times so far and each time the reason they say is why is disproven. First they tried to call it pre-existing and proven it was not. Then tried to say that my condition was caused by prior medical treatment, proven it was not. Then denied due to previous treatment for a different medical condition showed I had this problem as well at that time, proven it was not. Latest is that say that I can do a totally different type of job with my degree and I have an own occupation policy. I am now proceeding with the long process of litigation.

    Bob May 8, 2018  #176

  • D – it is not unusual for the carrier to claim it did not receive documentation that was submitted to stall the claim. You definitely took the right steps to protect yourself by submitting your paperwork with tracking confirmation and you should continue to do so with all future submissions.

    Jay Symonds Feb 16, 2018  #175

  • I am have recently submitted an accident claim to Lincoln Financial. Two months after submission of hospital notes doctors notes with personal and naturally HIPPA confidential information I was sent a letter stating the claim would be denied if I did not provide the requested information. After contesting thier assertion I never sent the documents I provided proof of delivery by U.S. Postal tracking and the claim it must have gotten lost. How does that happen? I’m definately becoming concerned.

    D Feb 15, 2018  #174

  • Ugh, still dealing with the thieves, otherwise known as The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company. 4½ years after filing a disability claim, they have “offered” to settle for $0.10 on the dollar. Why are these insurance companies allowed to sell a policy that claims to pay a monthly amount if you become unable to work, when they never do? We need a class action suit.

    Lesson learned, disability insurance is a complete waste of money. Companies like The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company are unethical in their practices and they have successfully lobbied congress to favor their unethical practices.

    If you have a current policy, I urge you to look into your carrier to see if they have a history, like Lincoln, of bullying those of us who file a claim. The tactic seems to be to wear you down until you just settle for pennies out of desperation. If we did not plan ahead, pay off our home and cars, and carry zero credit card debt, we’d have been left homeless.

    Since we can get by on what we already have, I see no reason to settle for less than the coverage we paid for.

    Lew H. Nov 18, 2017  #173

  • Javier, please feel free to contact our office to discuss your wife’s claim. The law provides an insurance company a set amount of time to render a decision on a claim and they are very much nearing the end as it relates to your wife’s.

    Stephen Jessup Nov 14, 2017  #172

  • We have dealt with Lincoln Financial for nearly two months to no success. They haven’t paid my wifes disability claim, we are in financial stress. It’s very unfortunate. We reached out to our disability manager who was not on vacation previous to when we filed the claim, never emails or calls back, and returned on the 7th of Nov. We never received a response, called back and were told we were missing ‘additional documentation’ at which point we submitted it, and STILL no response. We’re behind on bills, worried, and just trying to work through this hasn’t been easy.

    Javier H. Nov 13, 2017  #171

  • Karen, I assume that they have denied your claim? If so, what is the status of your appeal? Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your claim in detail and to best advise you what your options are at this point.

    Stephen Jessup Oct 24, 2017  #170

  • Norma, Lincoln typically requires two levels of appeal per their policies. With respect to which party is to be sued under a STD claim we would need to see the policy itself to determine how it is funded/underwritten. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss Lincoln’s denial and how we may be able to assist you.

    Stephen Jessup Oct 24, 2017  #169

  • Lincoln financial is the most corrupt group of individuals there is. I have been unable to perform my job due to nerve damage. They had a neurologist who hasn’t seen me give them an opinion. I asked them if I could go see him as a patient and they said no. All they want to do is keep their money that was paid to them by all their clients. ALL THEY DO IS STEAL YOUR MONEY

    Karen Oct 20, 2017  #168

  • LFG has been nothing but a headache since I filed a claim 7/13/2017, they used a nurse to deny my claim and when I appealed it they drug it out until mid October and denied it again. I was told by my boss at work to go home and file for STD, so I did and then when LFG decided I was going on a year of personal leave I was told to quit my job because they wouldn’t hold it for me. Who do I sue, the insurance company or the employer or both?

    Norma P. Oct 18, 2017  #167

  • I found dealing with Lincoln Financial Group to be a nightmare. My last day of work was 7/12/17, I filed for STD on 7/13/17 and had to fight with them for a month. They didn’t bother to tell me until mid August that the ROI I faxed wasn’t readable so I could send them a new one, then they told me they needed my records from my doctors, what had the been doing for a month? Then they would only cover me for 12 weeks in total even though my doctor wanted me out for 24weeks. In the meantime my parents paid my rent and fed me, I lost my cell phone when I couldn’t pay it, next thing is going to be my car payment. I am going to have to sue them or starve while living in my car. And on top of that they were telling my boss one thing and me another. Terrible service, sloppy work and really bad customer service.

    Norma P. Aug 18, 2017  #166

  • Lincoln Financial has tried 3 different ways to deny my claim. First pre existing, then treatment caused my disability and now that their doctor says I am not disabled.

    This company is a bunch of thieves.

    Brian Aug 14, 2017  #165

  • Patricia, we represent insureds throughout the country. Lincoln requires two levels of appeal before a lawsuit can be filed. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss the denial of your claim and to determine how we can assist you in appealing and/or litigating same.

    Stephen Jessup Jul 12, 2017  #164

  • Lincoln financial is not a good company. Please people don’t take insurance out with this company. It doesn’t pay , when you are out of work. They own me a lot of money.

    Patricia T. Jul 11, 2017  #163

  • Lincoln financial denied my claim. They didn’t even denied my short. I had filed long term, by the time I got a answer about the short. I live in lower Alabama, do you have an attorney in my area? I filed last year and still fighting this company. I haven’t worked and I paid my insurance. The people are not very nice. Please if you can help. My family is in financial need of my benefits. I hate this company, they don’t want to pay anyone, I saw a lot of bad reviews. Can anyone help me sue this company?

    Patricia T. Jul 11, 2017  #162

  • Please can anyone help me Lincoln financial denied my claim. This company isn’t very nice. They are not very nice.

    Patricia T. Jul 11, 2017  #161

  • Lincoln financial has denied my claim, even lie to me about doctor statements. I was talked down on, by people at this company. They said I can go back to my job, even thou doctor still has me off work, my job said I quit when I turn in long from paper. I paid my insurance, this was last year. I wrote a letter to have it appealed. They are still denying my claim. I have not work in a year, no money. I need a attorney to help me get my claim. They own me over a year of benefits. I had short and long term, plus life with this company. They are not very nice. I have no money to pay, but if there was some one who could fight this and get paid at the winning end. It would be a blessing. Thank you.

    Patricia T. Jul 11, 2017  #160

  • Cindy, please feel free to contact our office to discuss your pending claim with Lincoln.

    Stephen Jessup Apr 25, 2017  #159

  • My name is Cindy and I work for the city of California City City Hall in California. February 1st I filed a disability short-term claim with Lincoln Financial, at this point April 20th 2017 they have not approved my disability. I am under the care of a psychiatrist for insomnia PTSD brain fog paranoia stomach aches body aches and pains forgetfulness period I’m still waiting for Lincoln to approve my claim. Thanks.

    Cindy Apr 20, 2017  #158

  • Linsey, as disability benefits are determined on a month to month basis an insurance company is allowed to review your claim each month. It is not common for an insurance company to approve a claim through an own occupation period regardless of the medical condition. Although the reviews are certainly annoying, there is really little that can be done to prevent an insurance company from conducting them.

    Stephen Jessup Apr 20, 2017  #157

  • I have an own occupation period of 5 years. I have MS, injuries to my spine and a ankle crush accident which required 2 surgeries. Basically I’m a mess.

    I am completely unable to work my past job, (which by the way I lost this job), not to mention any other job at this point. My claim is constantly in pending status. It is now under clinical review. I’ve been on LTD for about 15 months.

    What are my chances of getting continual approval during the own occupation period. What documents would I need to submit to keep benefits going. I have a lawyer, but he seems a little “non-aggressive” He seems to never push LFG for approval like I, myself would and have since the claim was opened. I didn’t take on this lawyer until I was on LTD about 8 months, (Almost a year including STD). I’m not sure what I’m asking exactly but I guess I am tired of Lincoln constantly putting me in pending every month and why they keep doing it. Will they ever just leave it in pay status for at least a few months after documentation is received.

    I want to call them myself and push them for answers but I suppose I can’t because I now have a lawyer and he seems to be a little nonchalant. Am I wasting my time with this lawyer or is it usual to be so cool during a very crucial time in a claim?

    What is clinical review and what more do I need to do or give them to ensure the clinical review goes in my favor. My lawyer doesn’t seem to be giving me much to go on as far as how to ensure approval. Advice to a claimant is key for the claimant to pursue aggressively and ensure the documents are giving the insurance what they need to approve. I am an aggressive claimant and I need an aggressive lawyer. Whatever it takes to get approved, just tell me and I’ll make sure I get it, period. That’s how I work.

    All I get from my lawyer is maybe’s and hope so’s. For instance, he will say, “I was hoping the last documentation would have worked but maybe they will agree after your office notes are recieved”. It’s clear my documentation shows I can’t work my own occupation so let’s go, get on them and prove it! I feel like a sitting duck each month.


    Linsey Apr 19, 2017  #156

  • Glen, the SSNRA (67 is the current max) is typically the maximum benefit period under any disability insurance policy. You would need to review your policy to make sure that is the maximum period.

    Stephen Jessup Mar 14, 2017  #155

  • I am 67, my ltd is running out with Lincoln financial after 2 years. I was told at beginning that I would be reviewed at the end for possible extension. Now they say because of my age and be declared totally disabled that this is all I can receive. Was I lied to and do I have options with them?

    Glen M. Mar 14, 2017  #154

  • RPO, I am sorry to hear about the difficulties you are having with Lincoln. Unfortunately, there are no claims for bad faith under ERISA. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your wife’s claim further.

    Stephen Jessup Feb 27, 2017  #153

  • I can only start with WOW! My wife developed Pancreatic Cancer July 2015. After having the Whipple Surgery, and 6 months of Chemo, her first scan on June 2016 was clear. That day Lincoln stopped her LTD payments. WE have submitted medical documents, her doctor has stated that she can not return to work from complications of the Whipple operation. They have denied our appeal, and now we are on the last 30 days of of their extension on our 2nd appeal. This is a ERISA claim, can we sue for bad faith?

    Really pissed off! Feb 26, 2017  #152

  • BJ, as it relates to the policy language and strict construction of same there may not be an argument, but you may have something to pursue against your employer. I would recommend you consult with an employment attorney to determine if you have any recourse against the employer.

    Stephen Jessup Feb 17, 2017  #151

  • Hi! I started purchasing STD insurance through LFG over a year ago because we were planning on getting pregnant. The benefits were described to me over the phone through an external company called Explain My Benefits, so I never received anything in writing, but verbally agreed to purchase the plan over the phone in October of 2015. I had the baby in December of 2016, contacted my employer for procedure to file the claim as well as other pertinent info regarding the insurance policy.

    After all the paperwork was filed, LFG sent me a letter of denial stating that I did not meet the work requirements of 30 hours a week (I work 19.4 hours as a part time employee). I contacted my employer to ask how I could have purchased a plan I was initially ineligible for and they stated LFG never communicated this to them. LFG then stated that my employer chose this plan for their employees with the 30 hour a week requirement. I also contacted Explain My Benefits an they stated my employer had the control of sending over a list of eligible employees for certain benefits.

    Again I never received anything in writing about this benefit plan, but did research online for the employer’s benefits package. No where does is state that there is a 30 hour a week work requirement. I researched Lincoln’s website and no where does it state this either.

    My employer now says that they did everything they could to try and retrieve my funds (now on maternity leave until August my family counted on this money) and LFG agreed to refund my premium (which is a measly $150 compared to $1,500 expected).

    Do I have a case here? If the employee document online with effective date October1, 2016 for 2016-17 school year does not state there is a work hour requirement and I paid into this plan, am I owed the funds? Who is at fault? Obviously I don’t want to attack my employer (for fear of getting fired/contract terminated) but I feel the money should be paid to me.

    Please help!



    BJ Feb 14, 2017  #150

  • Shannon, if they paid you a benefit during the period of time that SSA is sending a back benefit check for your SSDI, then yes, it would be an offset under the policy and Lincoln would have a right to repayment.

    Stephen Jessup Feb 9, 2017  #149

  • I got told that once I am approved for social security disability I won’t get the back pay Lincoln financial will. Can they do that?

    Shannon Feb 6, 2017  #148

  • I have been approved for a STD claim for issues and complications in pregnancy prior to delivery. In the documentation LFG provides, they clearly state benefits will be issued every other week. Currently, this is not the case. I have received a payment on 12/21/2016 and just recently 1/13/207. My COI states I am to receive benefits at a certain per month, and I have not received this amount. I have also had my claim go back to pending status, as they expect to return to work without having delivered my child or changed in diagnosis. This is so incredibly frustrating in so many ways. Why are we allowing such nonsense to occur in this Nation? Trying to have a benefits administrator contact you apparently requires an act of congress.

    A Long Jan 13, 2017  #147

  • After giving birth and suffering from postpartum depression, and unable to return to work after my 8 weeks recovery time this horrible company denied my claim. After submitting 2 medical reports along with paperwork from my Dr. stating for me not to return to work for 2 weeks. The claims rep I spoke with stated I need additional information to explain how severe my PPD was. If these unedcationed claims rep knew anything they would know PPD can manifest differently in each individual. I am unsure if I needed to be going through postpartum psychosis and one step away from harming myself and or infant. Worse experience ever

    Jaye Oct 22, 2016  #146

  • N.A., please contact our office to discuss your claim. Is Lincoln still reviewing your claim, or has a formal denial been issued?

    Stephen Jessup Sep 16, 2016  #145

  • I was admitted to the hospital unconscious and in a coma for several months, I was first denied my LTD benefits until my children on my behalf submitted all medical records. I have now been off work for two years. Lincoln first requested an abilities form from my doctor, my medical insurer d does not provided abilities forms. They gave me a letter to submit to Lincoln. They did not accept that, they insisted on an abilities form or they would close my claim. I begged my Neurologist to fill out the form. He did, now they requested I attend an FCExam thru a company called ECM these people harassed me with phone calls at least 6 times a day until I agreed to an appointment time. I was told d by Lincoln if I did n o t attend the appointment my claim would be closed. I have not been paid since May 2016it is now Sept. Well I went to my exam the PT kept insisting it was a Workman Comp Exam, which it was not, also this company is shady!!! I asked for a business card and license number of the PT he had neither No name badge either I looked up the Calif. Law for Physical Therapists and this is against the law!!!!! I can not stand or sit for l o Nguyen periods due to nerve damage the PT insisted that I do not sit!!!! Also he did. It have an office it was a rental office in a large businesses complex. I feel like I have been scammed!!!!! BEWARE!!!!!!!

    N.A. Sep 15, 2016  #144

  • NA, typically they provide more notice than a week. If you cannot get an witness by that point we would still advise you to attend as failure to do so would give Lincoln a easy basis for denial.

    Stephen Jessup Aug 25, 2016  #143

  • They are forcing a FCE on me with one week notice. Refuse to reschedule so Vatican have a witness present. Say they will close myclaim

    N.A. Aug 23, 2016  #142

  • Nancy, please feel free to contact our office to discuss your claim further. ERISA provides an insurance carrier a finite amount of time to conduct its review of an application for benefits.

    Stephen Jessup Aug 22, 2016  #141

  • This is the worse, most incompetent company I have ever dealt with. I have a condition, that if I fall, it could cause my death. I can no longer walk without the aid of a walker or cane. I have to spend most of the time sitting with my leg propped up. I can’t walk long distances, I can’t stoop, stand too long, sit too long without elevating my leg and so on.

    This condition continues to worsen and because of this, my doctor has taken me off work. It’s called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (brittle bone disease) and there is NO cure, No treatment, No testing to do, it is basically living in a bubble as you age.

    Lincoln drug their heals for 3 months, then told me another 30 days. After the 30 days, they said they didn’t get the information from my doctor. The thing is, they called my doctor on Friday, which it is on my records, my doctors office is closed on Fridays. The doctor called the following Monday morning, not long after the doctor got in the office and had a chance to listen to the message, and were told my case had already been closed. The doctor asked them how they could close it without giving him the time to respond. They told him he should have been in the office to take their call. Excuse me???? I guess the doctor can’t take a day off and needs to be there 7 days a week 24 hours a day to wait for their call.

    The letter they sent me, was totally opposite of what they told me. They said my claim was denied because the doctor never called them back and the letter would contain appeal information. The guy I talked to was rude and said I needed to suck it up and get another job because there was nothing wrong with me.

    Said he was sending the denial letter. The letter I got says they need another 30 days. But the website, and the claims officer I talked to say it was denied. Now they won’t send me information on how to file an appeal. I’ve made 2 requests, but no response. I also left a message for the department director and still nothing.

    I really don’t know how these people can sleep at night knowing they are screwing people over.

    Nancy A. Aug 18, 2016  #140

  • Pamela, please contact our office to discuss your appeal. The PCP should not be completing forms if he is not a current treating provider, and Lincoln knows better than to imply he has to as he initially completed the forms.

    Stephen Jessup Jul 27, 2016  #139

  • I have been on STD that progressed to LTD since April 27, 2014 with Lincoln Financial via my employer Moses Cone Hospital. It initially was denied off and on due to wrong dates and information done by PCP, after all that was straightened out they have paid pretty regularly with occasional calls and requests for medical records. Then in December 2015 they required another attending physician statement be done by the same incompetent PCP.. NOT any of my treating doctors. At first he refused to do it because he said he was not a specialist who understood or actually treated my illness. He wrote on the form “unable to complete” and sent it in. I had to go back to him and tell him he was required to complete the form because I initially went to him as my PCP in April 2014 and even though he was not any of my treating specialists he had to do the form. He was irate, sat across the room from me and never did any type of assessment. He said he would obtain some records from one of my neurologist and use their information to complete the form. He wrote that I had no illness, no disability, and no restrictions and was being treated for neuropathy by several other specialists. They also required and FCE be done. LFG continued to pay my claims until April 2016. They called and then sent a letter that I was being paid my benefits until July 2016 and was then released to work on August 1, 2016 based on the attending phycisian statement by my PCP in Dec. 2015. This coincidental date is also the same date the extension of my benefits starts. I want to file an appeal but have NO IDEA what I am doing.

    Pamela Jul 22, 2016  #138

  • Frank, the duty to provide an employee benefit plan typically falls on your Employer, so they would be responsible for providing a copy of the company coverage. You can formally request it from your employer and when doing so indicate that you are making the request pursuant to Section 1332 of ERISA. Unfortunately, pre-existing condition limitations are very common in disability insurance products and are legally enforceable. That being said, it does not mean the application of the provision by Lincoln is necessarily correct. We would need to see a copy of the denial letter to assess what recourse you may have.

    Stephen Jessup Jul 12, 2016  #137

  • I am really at a loss here and I don’t know how to handle this. I purchased Health Insurance through my employer which began on February 1st 2016. When I purchased the policy I was given the option of adding short term disability through Lincoln Financial. Since I suffer from depression in which I am currently taking medication and have had times where it became severe and I missed work, I thought this would be a wise addition. They Immediately began deducting 15.00 per week from my paycheck for the coverage. In April of this year after refilling my prescription through a visit with a phychiatrist I called and emailed my HR manager and told him I never received my disability policy from Lincoln Financial. I have the email correspondence saved. I was told that they don’t actually issue a policy but he confirmed I had the coverage. I found that odd so I tracked down Lincoln’s phone number to ask them where my policy was and they also stated they don’t don’t send out policies. Is this legal? I alway get a policy when I buy Insurance.
    Just a few weeks back in June I had a mental breakdown. I immediately went back to my psychiatrist who thought some time off from work would be a good idea. I wasn’t going to do this until I remembered I had the short term disability policy which I purchased from work. The Doctor filled out his paperwork and my Employer complied filling out their portion of the paperwork and submitting it to Lincoln within 24 hours to Lincoln. I assumed all was good. Yesterday, I received a phone call from Lincoln telling me they would be sending me paperwork asking for additional info. I asked the rep several questions regarding my claim to make sure all was good. She told me they were looking for additional medical records and I asked why? She told me they do not cover pre existing conditions and they wanted to know when I began on medication for depression. To make a longer story short she told me my claim would not be eligible since I was on medication for depression before the policy started.
    Do I have any recourse? I am now sitting home more depressed then ever. How can both my employer and Lincoln deny me a copy of my policy when requested? I can’t just go back to work now that the short term disability was requested.

    Frank Jul 7, 2016  #136

  • Tina, a claim decision should have been made by now. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your situation in greater detail.

    Stephen Jessup Jun 21, 2016  #135

  • I have been going back and forth with Lincoln since August 2015 but technically I stopped being paid by my employer since february 2016 which is when the claim would kick in. It seems I have been given the run around over and over. I am being told they are waiting for their physican to confirm his remarks as they did not understand them. How long does this whole process take because it seems they keep putting me in circles. My social security disability was done faster than this. How much does a lawyer cost to help with this?

    Tina P. Jun 17, 2016  #134

  • Kim, that is incredibly unfortunate- did the doctor give a reason for the change of heart?

    Stephen Jessup May 5, 2016  #133

  • Hi Tatyana, my friend filled out a fillable Lincoln GLC-01544 example using this http://goo.gl/GxMKMB.

    shey samson May 4, 2016  #132

  • This is not his original doctor. We relocated 3 yrs ago and this doctor said he was able to treat my husband’s condition. He has all my husband’s records from previous doctors. He seemed furious when we told him what Lincoln had done, and said he would back my husband 100%. The day before my husband was supposed to pick up the filled out paper from the doctor, he called and said he wasn’t qualified to fill it out.

    Kim May 3, 2016  #131

  • Kim, why the sudden change in position by the doctor? That will unfortunately hamper the chances of success on appeal. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your husband’s claim in greater detail and to see how we may be able to assist you.

    Stephen Jessup May 3, 2016  #130

  • Anna, legally they have to provide you with a written letter of denial detailing the reason for their denial and advising you of your legal rights to appeal. When you receive the letter please feel free to contact our office to discuss the appeal process and how we may be able to assist your husband.

    Stephen Jessup May 3, 2016  #129

  • Tatyana, if it is an employer provided policy your best bet is to contact your HR department as your employer is responsible under the law to provide you with a copy upon request.

    Stephen Jessup May 3, 2016  #128

  • My husband has been on SSD for 2.5 years. When he became totally disabled, he was approved for SS and Lincoln disability right away. Well, a week ago Lincoln called and said his disability has been terminated. Apparently someone from Lincoln called his doctor and the doctor told them the meds were helping to control his pain. Lincoln thinks that is good enough to stop benefits. We wrote the letter for the appeal, and now his doctor says he is not qualified to fill out the disability paperwork Lincoln sent. I don’t know what to do now. This has been his doctor for the past 2 years! I’ve read a lot about Lincoln and see they do this quite a lot. I’m pretty sure we are going to have to get a lawyer. How do we go about getting the paperwork filled out to send for the appeal?

    Kim May 2, 2016  #127

  • My husband filed a STD claim for Anxiety we were told it was approved end a deposit would be made a few days later. When we did not receive a payment I called in a dn was advised it was going to be deposited that Friday that Friday came 2nd passed. We called back moday to be advised it was pulled to be reviewed and has now been denied as they feel he is not completely disabled and can still do his job duties. He drives a concrete mixer for a living he is on medication that states DO NOT OPERATE HEAVY MACHINERY. Maybe if we lived in Lincoln it would be another story. Can they legally tell us its approved then deny it?

    Anna Apr 30, 2016  #126

  • Creative suggestions ! I am thankful for the points . Does someone know where I could possibly obtain a blank Lincoln GLC-01544 version to work with ?

    TATYANA I. Apr 29, 2016  #125

  • Ralph, Lincoln does negotiate lump sum settlements of claims on a limited basis, and depending on claims history. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss in greater detail.

    Stephen Jessup Apr 28, 2016  #124

  • I have a LTD policy with Lincoln Financial. It pays me about $2,700 per month. The policy says it will pay me until i am 66 and 10 months old. I was wondering if they would offer a single pay buyout (my understanding is the amount would be 70%-80% of the sum of my monthly payments to age 66 and 10 months $324,000)? Do you know if they have done this before? Is it worth asking for? I know how they are, so i hesitate to call them?

    Ralph Apr 26, 2016  #123

  • Deb, if the policy requires you to attempt Vocational Rehabilitation and you refuse then your claim could be denied. Other than that nuance Lincoln cannot force you to look for work. That being said, although receipt of SSDI is evidence of disability, it and of itself is not a guarantee that Lincoln will not deny your benefits at some time in the future if it determines you no longer meet the definition of disability. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact our office to discuss.

    Stephen Jessup Apr 5, 2016  #122

  • I have been on ltd from Lincoln financial since 1/1/15 and have had 4 total knee replacements in a year. I just received approval for Ssdi and paperwork from Lincoln to see if I can do another job other than my previous . Can they force me to look for work now that ssdi has approved me and can they deny my benefits I have left to age 65?

    Deb Apr 2, 2016  #121

  • Marilyn, under a Liberty Mutual disability policy, Liberty would have paid you a monthly benefit up to age 65 (depending on any limitation language in the policy) less the amount that SSDI pays you. However, the largest concern is the fact you did not appeal the denial of benefits within 180 days, which could preclude you from pursuing any legal recourse. You can attempt to ask Liberty to provide you an appeal, but since it appears a couple years have passed since the denial they may not accept an appeal.

    Stephen Jessup Apr 1, 2016  #120

  • I have been drawing SSDI since 3/14. I filled out a claim before I was approved for SSDI but was denied by Liberty Mutual. Around the same time I got approved for SSDI so I didn’t pursue Liberty Mutual past my 180 days because I didn’t think I could draw from both. I found out earlier this year that I could draw till 65 yrs old. Can someone please help with this issue?

    Marilyn F. Mar 30, 2016  #119

  • Darlynne,

    Arguably, Lincoln would have 45 days from receipt of the form to complete its review as any time periods could be tolled pending receipt of the information. I recommend you make a written request for an update on your claim and why there is a delay in rendering a decision.

    Stephen Jessup Jan 18, 2016  #118

  • I am an ER Nurse, mostly healthy and active. During 2015 I developed progressive loss of range of motion in my right hip which interfered with my ability to perform many activities of daily living, and was beginning to affect my ability to walk. I consulted with an orthopedic surgeon, who ordered physical therapy and an MRI. I did not improve with the physical therapy, and the MRI showed extensive deterioration of the cartilage in the hip socket, and severe bone spurs which impinged the movement of the femoral head in the socket. We agreed that a hip replacement was the only option for restoring my mobility. The doctor wanted to do surgery the following week, but I talked to our HR, and she said I should wait until after my hire date anniversary of 10/20/15, so I would qualify for FMLA. Surgery was scheduled for 11/2/15, and I completed all of my FMLA paperwork with an expected return to work date of 1/28/16, and submitted my claim to Lincoln Financial for STD through HR 2 weeks prior to the surgery. I received a call on my cell phone from a Lincoln representative while I was in the hospital post op who said she had sent out a form for me to complete regarding treating medical professionals in 2014. I never did receive that form. She told me that STD would not begin until after the 15 day waiting period, and would be 60% of my base pay, which things I knew from my benefit package from employee orientation. I had about two weeks of paid time off to use up so I got a normal paycheck via direct deposit on 11/5/2015, and a slightly smaller check on 11/19/15, and I assumed that I would get a disability payment sometime around the beginning of December, since I wasn’t quite sure how this disability thing worked. When I had not received any payment, or anything in writing at all from Lincoln by 12/10/15, I called their 800 number, and was on hold for over 45 minutes, until I reached someone who told me my claim was “under investigation” and had no further info. I contacted my HR rep the next day, who called her contact number at Lincoln, and after being on hold for 40 minutes, she was told that my claim had been closed because I had never sent in the form regarding treating professionals, and that they were investigating my claim as a pre-existing condition, since my effective date was 12/1/14 (not my anniversary as I thought) so they had to do a “look back” for three months prior. My HR rep had the LFG rep email her the form, which I completed and she emailed it back with a copy to my email, along with his confirmation that he had received the form. I filled out the form completely with my primary care provider, pharmacy, etc. My only existing health conditions are being post menopausal due to hysterectomy for which I take estrogen replacement, and generalized arthritis in multiple joints (including both hips) for which I take over the counter naproxen and the occasional tramadol.

    Since then, I have called LFG weekly, I get a different person every time, they always seem confused when they look at my information, regarding dates, and the end answer is always “they are still investigating your claim.” I have made notes of all my calls. I finally received the one and only correspondence in writing, which was a letter apologizing for not having sent out the missing letter and form due to a “mailing and printing error” and including a letter dated October 28, 2015 and the aforementioned medical professionals form. The letter has the effective dates wrong, using 1/1/2014, example “Since you stopped working within 12 months of your 1/1/2014 effective date, we must gather medical records from all of your treating doctors, pharmacies, clinics and hospitals during the pre-existing period prior to benefit consideration.”

    I have since returned to full duty at work on 1/8/16. My doctor released me back to work early since I progressing more rapidly than the usual course, due to good physical condition and compliance with all pre and post op treatment and therapy. I will get a normal paycheck again on 1/22/16, but in the meantime, I went a month and a half with no income at all. I have spoken with several of my coworkers at the hospital who have had similar experiences. What recourse do I have at this point with LFG? And is it time for me to seek legal assistance?

    Darlynne D. Jan 15, 2016  #117

  • Anne,

    Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your husband’s claim.

    Stephen Jessup Jan 8, 2016  #116

  • My husband dehydrated at work and fell. We were denied Workman’s Comp. because HR person put us on Short-Term disability and allowed us to keep our insurance with the company as long as we paid our portion. We did not appeal Workman’s Comp because of the insurance. When it came time to transition into long-term disability with Lincoln Financial, we continually sent documentation–some of which I paid for and made the records people fax while I was on the phone. They continually said they did not receive the information. They have given us until 1-31 to get the info to them. We have had the info sent numerous times out our cost. They are so incompetent. I wish I could pay a lawyer to write a letter to them just to get their act together! My husband hasn’t had a check since December 8, and his company fired him effective January 1. He is cognitively impaired, has traumatic brain injury, and post-concussion syndrome. The neurologist said he will never get better. Ugh! We want our money, not the run around!

    Anne Jan 7, 2016  #115

  • Shawn,

    Unfortunately, under ERISA there are no rights to punitive damages.

    Stephen Jessup Jan 5, 2016  #114

  • I’m still waiting for Lincoln Financial to pay my short term disability claim. They say it’s going to be here tomorrow (but I’ve heard that before). Because they haven’t paid my claims in a timely fashion, my bank account has been overdrawn from automatic payments taken out–something that wouldn’t have happened if they’d paid my claims. Also, my doctors noted in one of their follow-ups (that I faxed to them) that this delay in payment and subsequent stress is complicating my condition quite a bit, making my recovery take longer. Is there punitive options that can be filed against this company to recover fees and interest on unpaid bills AND for added pain and suffering due to their delay tactics?

    Shawn Jan 4, 2016  #113

  • Staci,

    We would need to see a copy of the policy as well as the any correspondence LFG has sent you regarding the overpayment. Please contact our office with same so we can discuss the issue with you further.

    Stephen Jessup Dec 27, 2015  #112

  • Good Evening,

    I was just told by LFG that they are reducing my monthly benefit, because they discovered during an audit that they calculated it incorrectly.

    Per the Claim Rep, the initial calculation was based on the Policy language, which states the monthly benefit should be based upon the employee’s base salary + the average of the last 3 years of bonuses at 60%.

    However, my former employer failed to pay the premium on the bonuses and LFG failed to require them to do so.

    Therefore she said I could only be paid based upon my base salary. In addition to my monthly payment being reduced, they are telling me it’s my responsibility to pay them back for the overpayment of $5,300.00.

    Please advise if they can reduce my monthly payment and/or hold me responsible for paying back the overpayment.

    I think it is in bad faith for me to be penalized for the failure of both parties to handle the premium aspects correctly.

    Thank you!


    Staci H.

    Staci H. Dec 26, 2015  #111

  • Joan,

    If your brother’s policy is governed by ERISA the Department of Insurance may not have a say in any denial as ERISA trumps state law remedies. Meaning the only remedies available to your brother would be those available under ERISA. Please feel free to have your brother contact our office to discuss his claim in greater detail.

    Stephen Jessup Sep 25, 2015  #110

  • My brother has been disabled twice for the same mental illness. The first time Lincoln Financial paid his claim without any problems (2013). This time he was disabled at his job for the same mental illness and he was denied. We appealed it and was denied again. I filed a complaint on his behalf with the Department of Insurance for the State of California. They still stand that they are denying short term disability for my brother. We have a chance to file a final appeal by 3/2016.

    It is frustrating how difficult they are being as opposed to the last time where they just sent a check after my father and I helped fill out all the paperwork on my brother’s behalf because he was in the hospital.

    I plan to file the final appeal on my brother’s behalf and if that doesn’t work I will go back to the Department of Insurance and ask for a independent medical review.

    Joan C Sep 24, 2015  #109

  • TJR,

    There is an exception to ERISA as it relates to Government Employees. That being said, if the policy still contains a 180 day appeal deadline you would still have to abide by same. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss the denial of your claim in greater detail.

    Stephen Jessup Aug 22, 2015  #108

  • I was a county prosecutor diagnosed with scleroderma in 2007. I did not have a positive blood tests (50% of people with Scleroderma do not test positive), but had all of the symptoms. I continued to work. In 2011, I began to work part-time and could nor work after May, 2014. I have muscle pains, joint aches and all of the underlying diseases that go with scleroderma except for the skin thickening. My organs have thickened instead. I have low mobility in my esophagus and colon and have had surgeries to try to repair this. BTW, I lost 50 lbs. as well. I refused to take pain medication and handle legal system matters (note my entire job deals with legal matters). When I could no longer continue this and had additional chronic problems. I had to stop working. Lincoln Financial gave us a hard time before approval because I didn’t go on part-time disability or FMLA beforehand (an elected official is not eligible for those programs because we continue to get paid during periods of disability). In September, 2014 I was approved, then denied and then approved. They paid me for one month and then stopped. I resigned from my position in January as I didn’t believe it was appropriate for me to be getting paid while not able to provide services. They began paying in January. In Feb., I was notified that I had been approved for social security benefits. Since Lincoln Financial wanted their “Setoff” back. I did not receive payments for May – Aug. This would have been the first month of regular payments. Instead, they cut me off saying that my case had been reviewed and that I do not meet the definition of Total Disability. Really? I know that I have 179 days remaining to appeal. I noticed your comment about ERISA possibly not applied to government workers. can you expand on that? Based on the posts here it looks like I have a battle ahead.

    TJR Aug 21, 2015  #107

  • Karen,

    Please feel free to contact our office and discuss how we may be able to assist you in securing a buyout with Lincoln.

    Stephen Jessup Aug 3, 2015  #106

  • I have been on LTD for two years with Lincoln. How difficult is it to get a payoff. My policy goes until I am 65 and I will be 49 next month. Tired of the hoops I continue to jump through to keep the payments coming. I have been approved for SSDI without question.


    Karen Aug 2, 2015  #105

  • Patrick,

    Lincoln will most likely not negotiate any type of buyout till you have been on claim for 2 years and have all sources of other income in place (specifically Social Security).

    Stephen Jessup Aug 1, 2015  #104

  • I was wondering if I was approved for Longterm disability through Lincoln financial but haven’t got check yet because I’m still getting workman comp can I get a buyout to keep from going through a lot of drama with them

    R Patrick Jul 31, 2015  #103

  • Frank,

    Lincoln has a finite number days under the law to render a decision on your claim. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss in greater detail.

    Stephen Jessup Jun 9, 2015  #102

  • I called Lincoln and ask what is taking so long to get approved or disapproved… Lincoln said that I was never loaded and they are working on this claim… I don’t understand and wonder what is happening? I did take 26 wks of std… and have paperwork stated that my company did enrolled me in Lincoln? Thanks for any information. Frank

    frank mcdaniel Jun 8, 2015  #101

  • Frank,

    You will need to obtain a copy of your policy to determine the actual benefit period. Most policies drastically limit the time of payments after the age of 70.

    Stephen Jessup May 31, 2015  #100

  • I was told by Lincoln that since I am 73 years old that they will only pay long term disiablity for 12 months. I thought they would have to pay for two years. I also used all my 26 weeks of std and my doctor sez that due to my condition that I would never be able to return to work. I feel that this is age discrimination… I would like to know what you think… thanks Frank m

    frank mcdaniel May 30, 2015  #99

  • FK McDaniel,

    Most policy indicate Social Security Retirement as a source of other income applicable for offset under the policy.

    Stephen Jessup May 29, 2015  #98

  • I have filed a Ltd with Lincoln. I am 73 years old and I have been on social security retirement. Not disaability since 2006 my retirement checks total 1706 monthly. Are they allowed to deduct this amount from disability… which would mostly deplete all monthly payments. I am waiting for a approved, or disapproved statement… your advice would be helpful. Thanks.

    fk mcdaniel May 28, 2015  #97

  • Frank,

    Unfortunately, it is the standard by which most insurance companies work and is the reason why 24 month limitations for certain pain conditions are common in policies. Although the reviews conducted by insurance carriers seem insufficient at best- courts have held over and over the independent file reviews are often more than sufficient a review. If you are having problems with your disability claim please feel free to contact our office to discuss in further detail.

    Stephen Jessup May 22, 2015  #96

  • Is it possible for chronic pain patients, fibromyalgia patients, and intractable pain patients to band together and file a class action suit against Lincoln Life. Personally I think this company and many others approach all chronic pain patients as fakes. They go by paper reviews only. No exam, they make little or no attempt to contact you Dr’s, they do not even follow their own guidelines.

    Frank G May 21, 2015  #95

  • Nicole,

    Unfortunately, state based disability benefits are sources of other income subject to offset under a disability insurance policy. I highly recommend you request in writing a full accounting of the figures that Lincoln is using to calculate the overpayment.

    Stephen Jessup May 21, 2015  #94

  • Word,

    What you said is very true. The insurance industry will do whatever it takes to find a way to terminate benefits especially knowing that they will be afforded great protection under ERISA.

    Stephen Jessup May 21, 2015  #93

  • Nicole,

    Unfortunately, state based disability benefits are sources of other income subject to offset under a disability insurance policy. I highly recommend you request in writing a full accounting of the figures that Lincoln is using to calculate the overpayment.

    Stephen Jessup May 14, 2015  #92

  • I recently returned to work from a planned surgery (foot reconstruction). Lincoln paid my short-term disability benefits without any hassle at first, until 2 months into my disability period, they called to notify me that they “overlooked” the fact that I lived and worked in the state of CA, and had been overpaying me and would cease all payments from that point and that I would owe them for the overage. This caused financial hardship since filing with the state was a long process and I ended up 6 weeks without pay and almost lost my house. I filed a claim through the state (after Lincoln has originally advised me that I wouldn’t need to do) and was lucky enough after an appeals motion to obtain all the state benefits I was entitled to. Now Lincoln is asking I reimburse them for the overage that they paid me, which I intend to do, however the estimates they are providing me are outrageous. They’ve provided me three separate estimates ranging from $3k – $7k, and each time they come up with a new number their estimate they use different calculations and use numbers seemingly from thin air. I’ve been working with a third party company to investigate the “mistake” that Lincoln made, but so far nothing has been resolved to determine the accurate amount I own in arrears.

    Nicole May 13, 2015  #91

  • Word,

    What you said is very true. The insurance industry will do whatever it takes to find a way to terminate benefits especially knowing that they will be afforded great protection under ERISA.

    Stephen Jessup May 13, 2015  #90

  • Mark – I think you can file a second appeal. You MUST use an attorney. When LFG used a nurse to flat out lie about my doctor told her, my lawyer sent me to a series of specialists who knew what they were doing and documented everything about my condition. We won the appeal, but I was out of pocket over $20,000 – apparently with no way to get that money back. But at least I got my payments restarted! It was a really scary time and it left me with a bunch of credit card debt.

    Lucy – Find a lawyer NOW to help you navigate this minefield. I was lucky enough to find one who was kind enough to let me email in questions. It paid off, because LFG did try to cut me off, just as you described your fear, and the lawyer got my business. I think this happens often enough that it’s good business practice for them to be advising people to help avoid being cut off, because the percentage of people who DO end up getting cut off is so high. It takes a special kind of lawyer to get into the area of the law. You are helping VERY sick people, and you are taking their cases on contingency. That means if they lose they don’t get paid. It seems most of these cases are SO egregious, that getting the denial reversed can be done if you have a good lawyer. There are some people who are trying to cheat the system and they make it worse for those genuinely disabled. When they make you fill out paperwork saying, for example, how far you can walk, or how much weight you can lift, you darn well better be honest. I know I have been followed and videotaped. If you are one of the lucky few who have good days, you better not be lifting your lawnmower into the back of your pickup truck like the guy I saw on TV on 20/20. It was a story about a guy who makes his living following people around “catching them” doing something you told your insurer you cannot do. Even though that guy had back pain and was on disability, lifting that lawnmower cost him his benefits – and gave the creep with the camera a big paycheck!

    Word From the Now Wiser May 12, 2015  #89

  • I have filed a bad faith claim against lincoln life. I have been lied to and they ignored their own procedures. They even followed and recorded me when I traveled to my vacation property over a 1000 miles away but their spies had nothing to report. The Dr that disabled me has known me for 20 years. The policy is over 20 years old. SSI approved me in 3 weeks. Only reason I did that was they questioned if I could not work why didn’t I file for SSI.. My answer was because I paid premiums for 20+ years. After approved by SSI they said they had a Different Definition. What a bunch of cheats.

    Frank G May 4, 2015  #88

  • Mark,

    Please feel free to contact out office to discuss your claim in detail.

    Stephen Jessup Apr 23, 2015  #87

  • I personally think anyone paying for LFG SHOULD flush your money. I worked for a utility for 16.5 yrs. When I came down with several health issues, that put me on disability LFG caused alot of problems.changed my case workers every 2 weeks. My doctor has me on 100% disability for the rest of my life. LFG’s nurse overrode my doctors which I’ve never met Mary to let her check me out, I don’t see by law how a nurse can out rule a doctor. A cording to my last letter from Lfg. It also Stated my employer said I was able to do my job but a funny thing they didn’t like me missing 2-5 days a week. When I was 35 yrs of age my employer had disability papers filled out for me, told me to take them home and copy them in my hand writing, but at the time I still felt like I could work a few years longer, and I did 10 years to be exact. The superintendent at the utility I worked for in sevier co. plays golf with the agent that handles Lfg here. So this tells me by the letter I got from LFG had politics played in my account, don’t think a nurse can shoot down 3 doctors but politics sure can. After filing an appeal and getting turned down Lfg said I owed them 66000 plus back pay. Well the ones in office got what they wanted, I had to file bankruptcy right then, and never been charged a late payment in my life.

    When I first filed the superintendent ask me to take a letter to my primary doctor to see what he said about what Lfg said about his notes and papers he keeps on file about me, they said they were not lagit. After he received that paper, he cleaned house, management and all. I don’t know if my problem had anything to do with it but I’m sure if Lfg needed paperwork they got it. Seems as though they want you to go crazy trying to provide the same paper work 15 times. Why do they change your representative every 2 weeks, (strange).

    Also within the first few months they dropped my life insurance polices. How could they do that when I was excepted short term disability. It doesn’t matter what you do when politics are played. If you went in to talk to the management about it, soon as they thought you were gone, they would get in company vehicles and run to Lyle Overbay house for a meeting about it. Lyle is the agent for Lfg here in sevier co. By right I think they should pay what I had to file bankruptcy on to clear my good name. So EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ THIS CAUSE LFG IS NOTHING BUT A SCAM RIPPING PEOPLE OFF. I WENT AS FAR TO ASK MY SUPERINTENDENT IF I SHOULD GET A LAWYER WHEN I FIRST HAD TO FILE THROUGH LFG. Rick patted me on the back and said no. Its all a money getter, if 3 doctors say you are disabled and they can’t except that fact it’s a scam.

    I would like for a lawyer to look over my story, I have all paper work to back my story. If a lawyer thinks I have a case I sure would like to hear from them, Thank You for your time.

    Mark sutton Apr 22, 2015  #86

  • Lucy,

    These are all topics discussed throughout our website and would refer you to the various portions to get a better understanding of what to expect. If you would like assistance in filing your claim, please feel free to contact our office.

    Stephen Jessup Apr 11, 2015  #85

  • I am a policy holder of LFG for both a STD and LTD plus life ins. The policy is “own occupation” for the first 2 years I’m pretty sure and pays 60%. I have a chronic lung disease of which there is no cure. I have exhausted the 1 yr waiting period and all pre existing conditions are covered. Pays until retirement age. Offset by SSDI and retirement.

    Reading these posts has scared the heck out of me.

    No one will tell me Exactly how my income will be determined at the time of my declared disability.

    If I am declared disabled by my dr and my employer will not allow me to operate the equipment I am federally licensed to operate for a living, due to my health condition what is going to happen. What happens after the 2 years own occupation? If I can’t go back to my job and have no college degree and income of 100k, can they make me get a lesser job? If so, am I still guaranteed the 60% the policy said it pays till retirement? I will likely be on oxygen.

    I’m very concerned, can you answer some of my concerns and lend me some good advice.


    Lucy Apr 10, 2015  #84

  • Shannae,

    Under ERISA, Lincoln should be communicating all aspects of your claim with you via letter and at the very least by phone. I would strongly recommend you demand an update and status as to your concerns in writing. They will be forced to respond in writing. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your situation in greater detail.

    Stephen Jessup Mar 27, 2015  #83

  • I sent all of the documents while I was sick in the hospital. After not hearing anything from Lincoln Group my HR Rep at my job called and was told it was being processed. A few more days passed and no word. I called as was told by a customer service rep they did not have me on file. She then took my info and said they would need the documents sent from my employer again. I told her my employer already sent them and was told it was being processed. After a few calls back and forth between my employer and Lincoln Group, I found out Lincoln Group had my file under the wrong SSN and myself and my employer had been communicating with someone with the same name but in two different departments. Once that was figured out then I was told Lincoln needed my contact info which made no sense because it was provided by my employer and on the paperwork. I provided it anyway and was told I would have a decision in a day or two. That did not happen so I talked to the person who was handling my claim directly thinking she would have an answer. Instead she proceeded to ask me questions about my illness, meds and treatments. I did not understand why I wasn’t contacted earlier to gather the information. She then said it would take another day or two for a decision. This process did not take 3-5 days as stated. It took about three weeks and I have been out of work for a month. After getting frustrated, I called to speak with a supervisor. She then reached out to the person handling my claim and I was told they were approving me for about six weeks. I never received a phone call, a letter or an email regarding the approval. I was then told I would receive payment into my account within a day or two which sounds all too familiar. I’ve been told a day or two which seems to turn into weeks. The website says payment should be received the next business day after approval but of course the money is not in my account. Meanwhile I have shut off notices and need food in my house. This process has been so difficult that I couldn’t focus on getting better. I spent more time on the phone trying to get everything straightened out. First employees should be careful about putting in the correct info. Having me under the wrong SSN caused issues and there needs to be better communication within departments. One department said they had all of my documents while customer service would continuously tell me information was missing. Now what? I’m still waiting for some type of written confirmation that I’ve been approved and to receive payment.

    Shannae Mar 26, 2015  #82

  • Mary,

    I assume you have made them aware of this fact? If not, do so immediately as they obviously have incorrect information regarding any potential offset. I would recommend you also document same in writing as it will force Lincoln to issue a written response.

    Stephen Jessup Mar 17, 2015  #81

  • Lincoln Financial has been really good with my payment throughout my time away from work, until I was approved for social security disability. Now they are holding something called dependent allowance out of my checks, first withholds from my $800 payment was $27.66 and the second one was $387.24. The funny thing is I don’t have any dependents, it’s just me and my husband and he is already on social security disability.

    Mary Mar 16, 2015  #80

  • Karen,

    Lincoln is not well known for offering buyouts on policies. Any inclination on their part would most certainly require that your claim be approved into the any occupation period. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss any questions you may have.

    Stephen Jessup Mar 16, 2015  #79

  • I would just like to say I have had Lincoln Financial for a STD claim 5 years ago for a hip replacement and now for 2 years for LTD. My payments have never been delayed or late. Customer service or my rep has always been very helpful. I received a call shortly after going on LTD to tell me I also qualified for extended life insurance benefits that are paid on my behalf. My LTD amount was decreased when I received my original SSDI amount but has not gone down since and was not affected by my pension payment. They worked with me to payoff the overpayment from SSDI and allowed me to pay over a year. I am coming up on my 2 year any work evaluation. I am hoping after that they will consider a payoff. Not sure if they approach me or if I approach them. I did pay for my own policy through a union, but I can’t believe that would be the difference in my experience.

    Karen N. Mar 15, 2015  #78

  • John,

    Did Lincoln issue a formal denial letter requiring an appeal, or are they continuing to review the claim? Please feel free to contact us with a copy of the last correspondence you received to discuss how we may be able to assist you.

    Stephen Jessup Feb 4, 2015  #77

  • Reply to “MB”:

    I am a disabled primary-care physician, not a lawyer or spine specialist, but the symptoms you are experiencing do sound disabling to me. I have a different condition, but similar in the sense that it was slowly progressive and I worried about being terminated for reduced productivity and losing my employer-supplied disability coverage.

    Based on my experience, you have come to a good law firm. I retained my Dell attorney on an hourly basis, and his excellent advice has more than paid for itself. He did a great job of educating my employer’s human resources department on how to work with a professional employee who is heading for long-term disability, and why the company should offer employees the choice of taxable versus non-taxable benefits. Amazingly, he actually helped them set up that capability. He also counselled me on the importance of explaining how the symptoms of my condition prevented me from performing the necessary duties of my profession, rather than just answering the general questions on the application form, which often lack relevance to one’s specific occupation. I also interacted proactively with my Lincoln claim investigator, supplying the information and detailed medical and income records I kept over the years. In the end, I did receive very fair treatment by Lincoln, who awarded me 6 months of back-pay due to reduced income caused by my worsening disabilities, and they have fulfilled their commitment to pay my claim for full disability for nearly two years now in a satisfactory manner.

    My take-home message is to relax, follow the advice of your Dell attorney, and work hard to provide an accurate and detailed explanation of the impact your symptoms have on your work and your ability to earn a living.

    Dell Client Feb 4, 2015  #76

  • I have had numerous difficulties with LFG. I had surgery to repair a torn pectoral muscle Nov.18th 2014. I was told by my surgeon that it would be at least 4 months before I could be able to return to work. In a letter they, LFG, sent me it read that “At this time your benefits are being allowed to 12/30/2014. This date represents the recovery period that has been suggested by your physician or the usual and customary recovery period for your disability or occupation.”

    My doctor told me that he had made it clear when he sent out the forms that it would be at least 4 months and he did not suggest that I return by 12/30/14. I had to call LFG and get progress report sheets to have my doctor fill and send back to them. LFG is denying that they have not yet been received. I only received payment from them in December and have gone without any form of payment all of January. My FMLA up February 10 and I am not able to return to work yet or keep up with bills.

    I feel like others who have gone in for surgery at my work had no problems with short term disability which will now turn into long term for me fairly soon. I am lost and don’t want to lose my home or be in more debt than I am already in. Please help.

    John R. Feb 3, 2015  #75

  • MB,

    First and foremost, I would recommend that you obtain a copy of your short and long term disability policy and contact our office to provide you a free review and consultation as to same. Without reviewing your policy and discussing your current status it would be impossible to give any direction as to how to proceed with Lincoln.

    Stephen Jessup Jan 28, 2015  #74

  • I have a group LTD policy through Lincoln Financial. It goes through payroll deduction. Basic plan docs are same occupation, 60% of salary. I am an Accountant and have been with my current employer for 14 years. I currently have 5 cervical fusions c1-c2 and c3-c7. Had c6-c7 fusion in May of 2014 and have permanent nerve damage according to neurologist at c6 and c7 nerve root. The pain is getting worse and I was told by the orthopedic surgeon that did c3-c6 and neurosurgeon that did c6-c7 that I have a 100% chance that c7-t1 will fail from pressure. I have not yet discussed with my surgeon his willingness to support a disability claim but I don’t think I can do this any longer. Surgeon referred me to pain clinic for steroid shots, stellate Ganglion shots, meds, etc. I am currently trying to work but I end up going to my car approx. 3 hours a day to lay the seat down and get the pressure off my neck. I am salaried so my income does not fluctuate. I worry I will be let go and lose the group coverage and my ability to file the claim if I don’t act. How would you recommend I proceed with Lincoln?

    MB Jan 27, 2015  #73

  • Michelle,

    We would need to see your disability policy and all correspondence from Lincoln to be able to determine how we may be able to assist you.

    Stephen Jessup Dec 29, 2014  #72

  • I’ve worked for the same company as a can for 13 years and paid for short & long term disability through Lincoln Financial. I woke up on July 17 2014 with severe pain from my lower back all the way to my toes in my left leg. I went to the Dr. and was diagnosed with sciatica, DDD, and buldging disks. After all the rigorous testa, and complying with everything the Drs and Lincoln Financial’s requirements also physical therapy (lots of stress and being told that’s not enough) they finally sent me a payment for 2400 for the dates July 31 – Sept. 1. Then they told me I would have to have more evidence to continue to receive money. In the meantime I had to wait to be able to see the neurologist. When I finally did he got me in to get the MRI I needed along with other nerve test procedures he did. I also explained to him my situation with the disability people he assured me that I have nothing to worry about my MRI proved I was truly hurt and he would do whatever he had to do to explain to them that. He also said that he didn’t want me to go back to work yet until I’ve seen the surgeon which was December (with all this I lost my job because FMLA didn’t last that long). Well, they ended up sending me another check in October for 2200 and told me I wouldn’t receive anything else unless I completed another month of therapy. The surgeon I went to see didn’t recommend any more therapy, he said my disks were severely bulging and surgery is my best route. I go back in Jan to talk to the other surgeon he works with, to discuss the surgery. What do I do from here? I have no income, and I’m physically and emotionally tore up. They approved the first 2 payments, how can they deny me and try to make me do something the surgeon didn’t say I needed to do all over again? Therapy didn’t help me. What do I do? Please help. I’m about to lose everything I own along with my sanity.

    Michelle S. Dec 28, 2014  #71

  • Jason,

    The continual request for information is by no means unusual, the not receiving STD benefits for over a month is. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your claim in greater detail.

    Stephen Jessup Dec 4, 2014  #70

  • I have been off work since Aug. 1st. I got my short term disability payments started. Then in the middle had to have it reevaluated. I have received benefits up til Oct. 30th and now they keep saying they need more paperwork from the doctors. They have received paperwork from my PCP nearly every time I have seen him. Since he sent me to get a second opinion from another rheumatologist they are wanting the records from the first one. I have gone over a month without benefits and the doctors are still trying to find what my illness actually is. Is it typical of them to ask for this much paperwork and for it to take this long?

    Jason Saddoris Dec 3, 2014  #69

  • Norman,

    Please feel free to contact our office in order to discuss your claim in detail to determine how we may be able to assist you.

    Stephen Jessup Nov 17, 2014  #68

  • I have been denied LTD by LFG even though I have been seen every month for the last three years by a doctor who states I cannot work and I was approved by SSD the first time I applied because I have short term memory loss as a result of chemotherapy and radiation from head and neck cancer and hypoxia due to three separate cases of double pneumonia in which I was hospitalized an average of seven to nine days each time. I was declared unable to take care of my financial or physical or medicinal daily responsibilities. I also developed a blood clot from my hip to my ankle which is still unresolved. LFG cherry picks whatever information benefits their needs to deny my claim. If the doctor states that I am improved from the pneumonia they use this to say that I am able to work when in actuality it means I am improving from the severe illness and am able to work when in fact she states each time that I am still ill and unable to work. They stated they could not accept her word for it. Then I send them records from other physicians especially my psych doctors that state I have major depressive disorder, cognitive disorder and anxiety and they had a doctor review my records and state that while I have had extensive psychiatric treatment he could review these as they are outside the scope of his expertise.

    I have demanded from them an IME which I know are biased towards the company but I have extensive records regarding my loss of teeth due to radiation which gives me daily problems in chewing, eating and loss of weight. I also have a history of atrial fibrillation which was exacerbated by my double pneumonia, DVT of the right leg, use of oxygen on a daily basis, ground glass opacity iews of both lungs, major depressive disorder, chronic back pain due to herniated discs, short term memory loss due to several bouts of severe hypoxia, double pneumonia four times this year alone, insomnia and neck spasms due to denture implants.

    Their decision is that I can work six hours out of an eight hour day, no lifting over ten pounds and possible lifting of small objects. My job that I was fired from while on STD was for General Motors Technical Assistance helping mechanics fix cars over the phone. My first problem was getting into a computer that required ten different passwords to be changed every 30 days and I haven’t the short term memory to remember these and they cannot be written down.

    It’s disgusting that LFG can take only the good part of a dr visit and then tell me that the dr was not available to speak to and they didn’t answer their phones and the Dr did not try to call back when a voicemail was left. I spoke to my dr and I don’t want to call anyone a liar, but if the shoe fits. She tried to call them several times with no answer and no return call.

    I would continue to appeal but they have given me until November 17, 2014 and they are going to try to close mY case which is why I requested, in writing, an IME. I will be ready for the IME with my over 50 pages of medical records. If you have any advice at this point I would appreciate it with gratitude.

    Norman Collins Nov 16, 2014  #67

  • William,

    Please feel to contact our office so we can discuss your claim in detail to determine what we may be able to do to assist you.

    Stephen Jessup Aug 23, 2014  #66

  • I paid into a private disability policy with Jefferson-Pilot, Lincoln National for 25 years. It was understood when I took out the policy that I was going to retire from my Law Enforcement job due to injuries sustained in a high speed chase 3 years before. My retirement would be so low that I would have to keep working in light construction, which I had always done. I could not ride in a police car for 12 hour shifts, or do other strenuous activity, such as arresting suspects, etc. I listed on the application that I was doing construction work.

    I developed severe carpal tunnel in both hands, which came on over a long period of time. I was tested by a Neurologist, and had surgery on my right hand a week later. I filed for disability with the insurance company, Lincoln National. I had gone by my employers a few times to explain what needed to be done to the people I lined up to do the work I used to do. They used this to deny my claim, which I suppose they could do. When I appealed, I told them that I had not done any work since May 29, 2014 and intended to re-apply, since after 2 months of therapy, I still have a great deal of trouble with my right hand, and can not have surgery on the left until the right is functional. I was advised they would probably turn me down because I am an elected official (Town Councilman), in the small town where I live, and get a $1,300 per year allowance for expenses, which they consider income. They also subtracted the losses of my company, which is a C corporation from my income to claim I did not make anything last year. I intend to hire an attorney, as I do not believe what they are doing is legal.

    William Jones Aug 22, 2014  #65

  • Jen,

    Insurance companies cutting corners to save money on medical reviews is all too common. Please feel free to contact our office in the event Lincoln denies your appeal to discuss how we may be able to assist you moving forward.

    Stephen Jessup Jun 19, 2014  #64

  • I just talked to the head of appeals today because there were nurses that denied on the first level of appeal. He told me that he’d, personally, make sure a doctor reviewed my next level. That leads me to believe that it’s not normally their practice! I did ask him if he’d ever Googled the company, that there are pages and pages dedicated to their shady practices! Silence and then a subject change followed :).

    Jen Jun 18, 2014  #63

  • Jen,

    It is all too common that insurance companies you nurse case managers to review an initial claim for benefits. If the claim is denied and the insured appeals, then the carrier will use appropriate physician’s to review all of the medical information. It’s just another way the insurance companies try to save money in an effort to deny claims.

    Stephen Jessup Jun 18, 2014  #62

  • Just an FYI to anyone out there whose also fighting the lunacy that is this company!

    I stumbled upon a Job Opportunity notice for Lincoln. The position is Psychiatric Nurse Disability Consultant and the minimum qualifications are “Undergraduate degree OR 4 years of comparable work experience, RN required”. I have sent emails to the Director of Short Term Disability berating him for their use of nurses to question the decisions and recommendations of my neurosurgeon and in the back of my mind I wondered if they were nurse practitioners. Although not the “Physicians” required to fill out your claim, they do treat, prescribe, etc so I didn’t want to feel like an idiot. After finding this, I am more disgusted! In your policy, it details exactly what type and how much education your ‘Physician’ must have in order to fill these forms out and they let someone with less review them? What kind of sense does that make? And their claims representatives are have an ‘experience level’ of ‘entry level 0-2 years’. I have words to describe how I feel about these individuals to make an initial determination on my life!

    Irritated in Ohio!

    Jen Jun 17, 2014  #61

  • Cindy,

    I am truly sorry to hear of your ordeal and hope that at the time of this post your health is improved. You indicate a legal battle with Lincoln. Have you already appealed/filed lawsuit over the denial of benefits? If not, please feel free to contact our office to discuss how we may be able to assist you with same.

    Stephen Jessup May 24, 2014  #60

  • I had been taken out on STD on 03/24/14 by my psychiatrist for depression and anxiety after being under extreme stress with caring for my adult son with schizophrenia, whose condition has been deteriorating in the last 6 months, and my elderly handicapped father. I have been their primary caregiver for 15 years alone without any help. I was also experiencing issues with my gallbladder, bile duct, and liver at the time of my being taken off work. I was exhausted emotionally and physically to the point that I was a complete emotional wreck and my body pretty sick with abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, headaches, etc etc. I had numerous procedures and tests with my gastroenterologist and then referred on to a surgeon.

    I was paid initially my STD for the first month. My psychiatrist continued my disability for another 8 weeks as I was still experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety in addition to my continuing health problems. My surgeon then ordered a CT scan of my abdomen and pelvis at which time they found a mass in my right lung, cysts on my ovaries, and a mass in my uterus. I was referred immediately to a pulmonologist, a gynecologist, and for a PET scan. I have not received any STD pay in a month and I am now currently awaiting the PET scan tomorrow.

    Lincoln Financial first tried holding up the continuation of my claim saying they didn’t receive medical records that were documented to have been sent by all my physicians and my surgeon and had to be resent. A week later they denied my claim saying that I was able to return to work and not disabled and that I could “file an appeal.” I was sent a letter from the benefit specialist outlining their findings and the reasoning for the denial. As a medical professional with 30 years of experience in the medical field, I can clearly say what that letter was, it was a scam and a fraud to the highest degree. The letter omitted any and all findings of my CT scan and my being referred to another specialist for the mass in my lung and uterus. I verified with the benefits specialist that yes INDEED THEY HAD THESE CT FINDINGS AND DOCUMENTATION.

    This denial letter twisted all the wording to minimize my conditions, critique my doctor’s treatment of my condition, and even to the point of pretty much lying regarding my medical condition at the office visits that it cited in the letter. It was quite clear that they were never going to pay me anything past the first month for my extreme stress, anxiety, and depression, which is ridiculous considering the very difficult situation I have been in for so very long; but any information that would have supported my STD claim medically was blatantly omitted completely from this denial letter even though the benefit specialist admitted that they had these records and were supposedly reviewed by their so called “review board.” What kind of review board ignores clinical findings of probable cancer and omits it from the report?! I will tell you what kind. Not a professional one that is actually made up of ethical practitioners and nurses and medical professionals.

    This company is committing fraud and is evil to the core. They are blatantly manipulative and deceptive to scam the policy holder. So now not only am I dealing with the stress I had initially and I am more than likely looking at a possible battle with cancer, now I can add a legal battle with Lincoln Financial. This is not what people need when they are experiencing an illness and/or tragedy in their life. The company that employs me wanted to save a few bucks on the bottom line and this is what we get. We should have kept the Duck! I know they are a lot better to deal with than this. I think when this is all over, I most definitely will make a career change and use my almost 30 years of nursing experience and my skills as a medical writer to help take this giant down. They are crooks and they need to be dealt with like the evil that they are.

    If any lawyers need a vastly experienced medical professional in all aspects of medicine and medical specialties dealing with this Goliath of corruption called Lincoln Financial or any others of their kind, just give me a shout at seeclif@msn.com

    Cindy May 22, 2014  #59

  • Lincoln Financial group is a scam, people! I know firsthand and could list examples for hours. Do not trust these crooks!

    Nichole May 19, 2014  #58

  • Cathy,

    Please note a disability insurance policy is NOT a health insurance policy, and is not subject to the recent changes in the law.

    Stephen Jessup Apr 15, 2014  #57

  • if the is NO PRE EXISTING on policys due to the obamacare how can they deny me my short term disability on my hysterectmy they say there is a clause how can i fight this

    cathy Apr 15, 2014  #56

  • Kathy,

    Lincoln is certainly stalling review of the claim. However, I would caution you that under most policies, it is the duty of the insured to provide proof of disability, which means it is ultimately your obligation to provide medical records to the insurance company. As such, I would make sure that you provide any and all medical records from any doctor who has treated you for your condition to them. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our office to see how we may be able to assist you.

    Stephen Jessup Jan 4, 2014  #55

  • I have been out of work nearly 6 months now due to several illnesses/surgeries. I have LTD with Lincoln and after the 90 day waiting period I submitted my claim on oct 16. It is now Jan 3rd and my claim has just went to the reviewers earlier this week. The claims specialist sent a request to the hospital and the 4 doctors I’ve been seeing back in Oct but she filled out the requests incorrectly which has caused an extensive delay in receiving the records they need to review my case. LFG received an invoice to pay for the records but didn’t make the payment for 20 days which also caused part of this delay. So now it’s been 79 days and still no decision on my claim. I call daily to check the status and as of yesterday I was informed that a letter had been mailed earlier this week stating they are checking to see if I had a pre-existing condition! At the time I got sick I had not been to a doctor for several years because I was in good health. I feel like all they’re doing is trying to stall until I’m able to go back to work then deny my claim anyway. Is it normal for LFG to take nearly 3 months to process a claim? They need to be exposed!

    Kathy Jan 3, 2014  #54

  • Yvana,

    If you are continuously disabled before termination, then you should still be eligible for STD and possibly LTD benefits even if you are terminated. You need to appeal the denial and if you win, then past due benefits should be paid. If you file for unemployment then the chances of winning your claim are slim as you are certifying that you are ready, willing, and able to work.

    Gregory Dell Dec 19, 2013  #53

  • I applied for STD in August. Lincoln dragged their feet and took about 30 days to review my claim and after many calls to them they finally paid me for 4 weeks. After that it continued to be a struggle to get additional benefits paid. They wanted medical records from my doctor almost every week, my doctor only sees me on a monthly basis and stated so in a letter he wrote to Lincoln. In addition it also takes some time to get the office visit notes from the doctor’s office since they do not give it you on the same day as your visit. Lincoln still continued to only extend my claim at past 1-2 week intervals and by the end of October I was 4 weeks behind in STD payments. In the meantime my FMLA for the year ran out and my employer of 17 years terminated me on November 1st because I was still unable to perform my job due to my disability. Since at the end of October it had been 4 weeks since Lincoln had received any medical office notes from my doctor they closed my case. In November I was able to send them all of my treatment plan and office visit notes from my doctors but Lincoln denied my appeal because according to them I am no longer eligible since I was terminated on Nov. 1st. I asked my HR representative if this was true as per their policy and they said it was, no STD eligibility after termination. Seems unfair and illegal that an employer can fire someone for being disabled and then the insurance carrier turnaround and deny benefits on a case that began in August prior to termination. This almost seems like fraud to me for letting employees believe they have STD for up to 26 weeks when they have the right to fire you after 12 weeks of disability and make you ineligible for any further benefits. My former employers STD was self funded could this be the reason? I feel like I’ve been totally screwed by my employer, can’t collect STD and since I am not able to work, can’t collect my unemployment benefits either The state of Florida has no state disability so what is a person to do if they have no other resources, become homeless?

    Yvana Dec 18, 2013  #52

  • Karen,

    The majority of Lincoln policies require a two-step appeal process, so if your claim is denied on the initial appeal you will have an opportunity to submit a second. In the event your claim is denied please feel free to contact our office to discuss how we may be able to assist you.

    Stephen Jessup Dec 9, 2013  #51

  • I worked as a Diagnostic Technician, Registered EEG Tech. I began to have pain, weakness in both hands. I saw my Orthopaedic Physician. I underwent bilateral basilar joint replacements in both hands. I was unable to return to work due to lifting restriction of 50 pounds. I was in therapy trying to strengthen my hands. Unfortunately they became weaker. I was on long term disability with Lincoln and in July they terminated my benefit. I did however get Social Security Disability. I saw my Physician and he ordered a FCE. The results of this were compared to my job duties. I am unable to do any of the duties because of weakness and loss of fine motor skills. I sent theses results to Lincoln and evidently they sent the results to a independent Orthopedic Physician. If they deny me again what is my next step?

    Karen Gilchrist Dec 8, 2013  #50

  • Debbie,

    If the claim is in fact denied you will have to go through the administrative appeal process. Although SSDI is strong evidence of disability and must be considered by Lincoln when reviewing the claim, being awarded SSDI it is not a guarantee that a private insurance carrier will continue to approve disability benefits.

    Stephen Jessup Nov 17, 2013  #49

  • My husband Tom is 60 1/2 and his employer has LTD coverage through Lincoln. Lincoln insisted that Tom file for Social Security Disability (SSD). Tom was awarded SSD the first time without an appeal or hearing based on his condition. SSD benefits have offset all but $500 a month of Lincoln’s payment. Tom is still on it and SSD is not an issue.

    Lincoln has said now that we are approaching the 2 year mark, they will terminate disability payments and said Tom should be able to get another job in another field such as a dispatcher. He was an account executive, outside sales in multi-media. Tom has spinal stenosis documented by two MRIs and has had two total knee replacements, one with complications. The spinal stenosis condition causes Tom to have to lay down every few hours for relief of pain. Who would hire him for any job with this issue and his age?

    He has to file an appeal. I thought SSD was the highest standard but Lincoln’s seems to be more. What do you advise and what options do we have?

    Debbie G. Nov 16, 2013  #48

  • JMP,

    If your policy is effective January 1, and you attempt to file before that date, chances are they will deny the claim as you would not be covered.

    Stephen Jessup Nov 16, 2013  #47

  • I just signed up for STD from my work; it will go into effect Jan. 1. I want to have another baby. If I was to get pregnant before Jan. 1 could I still file?

    JMP Nov 15, 2013  #46

  • Lincoln Financial Group has handled my LTD case fairly and with professionalism. I wish to thank Mr. Steven Dell for his expert assistance in planning for my long-term disability due to Parkinson’s disease. He worked hard to ensure that my employer’s group LTD plan added an option for employees to choose to receive benefits free of income tax. He also worked hard to ensure that my coverage was not interrupted when my employer changed LTD insurance companies, from Standard to Lincoln. I have nothing but praise for Lincoln Financial Group and for Mr. Dell. His fees were reasonable, and I have already recovered them due to his outstanding performance and suggestions. Thanks again!

    David L. Keller Aug 14, 2013  #45

  • Dale,

    Thank you for sharing your story. It is unfortunate that you (and others) experience such treatment. It is even more unfortunate that Lincoln is not legally liable for your losses.

    Stephen Jessup Aug 13, 2013  #44

  • Lincoln Financial is a bunch of crooks.

    I received STD through Lincoln Financial for I believe 26 weeks (roughly). Once I used the STD it changed to a LTD claim and I was approved and received LTD for one month. It was the Denied pending the outcome of my Disability claim. I have long been approved and receiving SSDI since July,2012 and to this day still denied.

    I am entitled through my old employer (released from employment when I accepted the LTD) up to two years from Lincoln Financial.

    I have since lost a vehicle to repossession and in the process of loosing my house.

    I believe that Lincoln Financial is responsible and if I do loose my house I will go postal.

    Dale Pincumbe Aug 12, 2013  #43

  • Josh,

    Please feel free to contact our Office at 800-682-8331 to discuss your claim and how we may be able to assist you.

    Stephen Jessup Aug 12, 2013  #42

  • I was in a car accident in August 2006; not my fault. I had to use Lincoln for about a year after my back surgery. Well, I returned to work after my accident, still in pain lower back and neck pain. I worked as long as I could and I knew I was going to have neck surgery in 2010 for the same accident so I was on light duty no lifting, twisting and a lot more restrictions. The company I worked for was like family I was with them for 14 years. Military before that. My employer decided to let me go before my neck surgery I think they let me go on Feb. 24 2010. They laid me off so I talked to SO family that are attorneys and they told me to check my LTD policy with Lincoln so my employer instead of laying me off the let me go with my LTD knowing I had a neck surgery coming up soon well after a few month I had the surgery which left me with metal rods in my neck and lower back. I used a company that Lincoln Financial recommended me to the Social Security Law group. Well, we won the case with the state of TN with no problem at all in July 20th 2012. With all my medical records that I have, well Lincoln LTD has stopped paying me in May 2013 and I have done everything I could do far as medical records and doctor’s note saying I am disabled. Lincoln Financial says I am not and I am about to lose everything – home, car and everything I worked for my whole life. I have sold to keep my house but it’s all gone, I need help. I can’t tell you all the stories of how they were rude to me they said they didn’t care what medications I was on I could walk to work not real professional for me being their customer. There are several different stories I have during my appeal, I thought for sure was going great they sent all my records to a new specialist last week after fighting my appeal since they know not one thing about my case. I think I was treated wrong by my last employer and Lincoln LTD. I have not been denied yet during my appeal but they have quit paying me. Please call or e-mail me. Thanks.

    Josh Jackson Aug 11, 2013  #41

  • Debbie,

    I am sorry to hear that Lincoln Financial had denied your disability benefits. If you contact us, then we can immediately take a look at your denial letter and let you know if we can help you. In most cases we are able to assist you on a contingency fee basis, which means that you will not need to pay us a fee or costs unless we are able to recover disability benefits for you. We have handled hundreds of claims against Lincoln Financial and I am confident we will be able to either assist you or direct you to someone that can.

    Gregory Dell Dec 6, 2012  #40

  • I have been receiving my long term through Lincoln Financial for 2 and a half years. I was just notified I would no longer be receiving my payments. I have several disabilities and I am in no way capable of working. I am only 48 years old and would much rather be healthy and physically able to work. I would not choose to be in this condition, I am blind in my right eye, had a cornea transplant done in May of this year, the transplant failed, I will have to have my eye removed but without insurance this cannot be done. I also had two rotary cuff surgeries on my right shoulder. Both of those surgeries failed. My monthly benefits stopped this month, LFG thinks I should be able to work. I have to live with someone or have someone live with me because I cannot drive in the dark and now, because I have no income, I also have chronic neck and back pain that never stops, and there is not any organization out there to help people like me that has been drawing a disability and all at once it’s gone, no income, not able to work. What are we supposed to do? I don’t have anybody financially able to take care of me. I need my disability back!

    Debbie Dec 5, 2012  #39

  • Jennifer,

    Thank you for sharing your experience. We are assuming you will be pursuing a lawsuit if you have exhausted all of your appeals. Let us know if we can assist you.

    Gregory Dell Aug 13, 2012  #38

  • Just letting everyone know that Lincoln Financial Group originally allowed my long-term disability application and then suddenly decided, based on a nurses review, that I was no longer disabled in spite of no evidence that I had gotten any better. In fact, my doctor stated that he felt I would not get any better since it had been months since my fourth spine surgery.

    Now, I appealed and received a denial based on a “independent” medical review from Dr. Jamie L. Lewis in Spokane, WA, who was “purchased” by National Medical Review, an Examworks company. His was a typical boiler-plate denial. Interestingly, Examworks’ stock is sold by Lincoln National Life, the parent company of Lincoln Financial Group. Examworks has been aggresively buying out independent IME businesses and has already purchased many other companies in order to control the IME market.

    Anyway, just trying to expose Lincoln Financial Group and their ties with Examworks, National Medical Review and probably 50 other IME businesses across the country.

    Jennifer Aug 12, 2012  #37

  • Chronic Patient,

    You have asked a lot of good questions and we have some videos on our website that generally discuss your issues. Lincoln would need to say that you could perform a job based upon your experience, education and training. It would be unreasonable for them to say that you could work at McDonalds. You need to advise Lincoln you were approved for SSDI. They will likely seek an overpayment. See our FAQs on overpayment issues. We usually recommend that our client go to the doctor a minimum of once every 3 months. Please see the following page to learn a lot about ERISA, which is a federal law that may govern your disability policy. Please contact us privately if you would like assistance with the handling of your claim. The change of definition from own occupation to any occupation is one of the most common reasons for a claim denial. Please watch the video on this page for more details.

    Gregory Dell Aug 3, 2012  #36

  • My Lincoln claim for LTD was approved, and there has been no really big problems. I just got a phone call telling me I have been approved for SSDI. At the end of my two year “own occupation” period, can they still try to say that even though I was an engineer, I could still work a McDonalds?

    The other thing that worries me is they won’t give me any guidance on how often I need to see a doctor. I am sick of doctors. I have chronic pain that three years of doctor visits and six surgeries has not helped. How often to you recommend Lincoln clients go see a doctor?

    Also, what exactly is an ERISA claim?

    Chronic Patient Aug 2, 2012  #35

  • Lisa,

    While the disability company is required to respond to an ERISA Appeal within 45 days, it not uncommon for them to take longer. You have the option to file a lawsuit immediately, but it may be in your best interest to wait. This is a strategic legal decision that needs to be discussed with your attorney.

    Gregory Dell Aug 2, 2012  #34

  • Greg, I appealed a denial from Lincoln Financial put together by an attorney, the 45 days are up with no contact from them whatsoever. Are they allowed to just ignore an ERISA appeal? I know the next step is taking them to court, but how can they just not answer an appeal? They denied me over one day where they said I did not become disabled until one day after I quit my job, YET they did not respond to the appeal and it has been 45 days. Is this common practice?

    Lisa Jul 30, 2012  #33

  • Stephanie,

    You need to deal with Lincoln Financial in writing and demand that they pay you interest on the money they owe you. Send your letter certified and via fax.

    Gregory Dell Mar 23, 2012  #32

  • I had a baby on Feb. 1st. I filed a claim with Lincoln Financial for Short Term Disability on Feb. 2nd. It was approved and I received a check about a week later. Problem is, the check was short by about $1,100. Last year my disability claim would have got me about $1,150 per week. This year it was upped to $1500 per week. However, they processed my claim at last year’s rate.

    They say that they are aware of it and that they still owe me almost $1,200 but say that because it’s the beginning of the year they are “busy” and the broker and National Account Manager have not updated my companies account yet.

    It’s now almost 8 weeks later and I still don’t have the money that they owe me. What should I do? When I call, they won’t let me speak to a supervisor, yet the girl I talk with typically calls me back – but just to tell me she has no updates yet.

    Stephanie Mar 22, 2012  #31

  • Chronic Patient,

    If your definition of disability changes from own occupation to any occupation than Lincoln will definitely take a very close look at your claim. You should watch our video on the Top Five Reasons That Disability Claims Are Denied. You need to make sure that your treating doctors are aware of the change of the definition. You need to continue treating with your doctors regularly and document that you cannot do any work as a reliable employee. If your definition changes at two years, then the disability company will usually begin their change of definition evaluation at 18 months. We regularly represent clients on a monthly basis in order to prepare for changes in definition and dealing with the carrier on a daily basis.

    Gregory Dell Mar 15, 2012  #30

  • I have been getting disability benefits from Lincoln for about a year. My understanding is that after two years they make you get an evaluation and if they decide you can do any type of work, you lose your benefits. Are there things that can be done proactively to ensure this evaluation does not disqualify an insured? I have a chronic condition, but to a casual observer I seem fine. The medical treatments I have received are all well documented and my doctor finally seems to understand that there is no way I can work. My case manager always talks to me like I am some kind of malingerer, and that makes me very nervous. Compared to some of the horror stories on this site, I feel blessed by the treatment I have received thus far – and I want to keep it that way.

    Chronic Patient Mar 15, 2012  #29

  • Lisa,

    There is a good chance that we would be able to assist you with your Lincoln Financial disability claim denial. The reason that Lincoln denied your claim is because your long term disability coverage probably requires you to be employed on the date you became disabled. From the facts you describe, you were obviously employed at the time you were suffering from your medical issues. We will need to prove that you were disabled while still employed. We have handled numerous cases with your same fact pattern have been successful in obtaining a claim reversal. Please submit our Free Consultation form and upon receipt we will contact you. We will need you to send us a copy of your denial letter and disability policy.

    Gregory Dell Feb 22, 2012  #28

  • I have been seeing a psychiatrist for 13 years for major depressive disorder, panic and OCD. I worked at the same company for 13 years and Lincoln Financial was the LTD carrier. Over the summer I was on FMLA with my son who is autistic and had major surgery. During this time my employer cut my job due to a funding cut, the employer offered me another job, with double the work and about 4 dollars less pay per hour. I had a major set back and was crippled with anxiety and panic, I ended up quitting my job when I was ready to go back after the FMLA was up because I was throwing up from the anxiety, I wasn’t sleeping etc.. I was humiliated about the job change and all of my symptoms from my conditions came racing to the forefront.

    I quit my job on the 11th of August, I saw my Dr. on the 12th of August because that was the soonest he could get me in. He changed my meds and agreed that I was unable to work. I applied for LTD through them after calling them, explaining my situation and was told it was within my right to apply based on the 13 years of coverage. After 3-4 months and my ex-employer dragging their feet on getting the paperwork in, I was approved on February 9 for 2 years at 60 percent of my salary. They sent me a retroactive check for two months and approx. one week after getting the approval letter and the check, they called me and told me that they made an error and they were denying my claim, because I quit on the 11th and I did not become disabled until the 12.

    I am devastated and scared to death. Why would they do this? I was so relieved to get some help and they even offered to help me with my SSD claim. They have records that I had pre-existing conditions but they claim my disability didn’t officially start until I had the emergency appointment with my Doctor who could not see me until the day after I was to return to work. This has set me back miles with my mental health. It seems like a cruel joke someone has played on me, dangled an approval letter sent me a check and called me and said oops we made an error, so forget it, you are denied. I can’t stop crying, I am riddled with panic and anxiety. I would have rathered they denied me from the start because this is just too much for me to handle.

    Is this a common practice, they said it was done during a routine audit. Do they do a routine audit on a claim that was only approved for a week. I am back to square one, no money, no way to work and humiliation at thinking I was approved. I called all of my bill collectors and let them know, I would be OK financially and that my bills would be payed on time etc.. Can you help?

    Lisa Feb 22, 2012  #27

  • Candi,

    If you have exhausted all your appeals then your only option is to file an appeal. Please contact us if you would like for us to consider filing your lawsuit.

    Gregory Dell Feb 6, 2012  #26

  • I was let go of my job (RN) because I could not perform the duties of my occupation. I was paid for 2 years and then they stopped the payments. I appealed and it was denied. I have many health problems and I have just had major surgery. After looking at the posted list of health conditions used for disability, I meet 20 plus another 2 that weren’t listed. They even used me being able to make my own appeal with the denial. I don’t know what else to do. I did speak to an attorney, but he does not know whether or not he will take the case. Any additional recommendations?

    Candi Feb 5, 2012  #25

  • Lincoln Financial is a joke, no doubt about that. My company, Bioreliance, had my policy through them. When they put me on STD, my job told me that once the paperwork was with Lincoln Financial, it was out of their hands. So daily I had to call about my claim, and all the while they kept saying “Oh, your paperwork is in review”. After months of not getting paid, I was evicted from my apartment, forced to move out of state and in with family. Finally, after 6 months, I received a denial letter stating that I do not work in harsh weather or climb ladders so they didn’t pay me. None of that was in my working job description that Lincoln Financial demanded. My medical documentation states I can not work, so I don’t understand how they denied me.

    Leslie Nov 30, 2011  #24

  • Suzanne,

    If you were disabled and not working at the time you were terminated, then you still may be entitled to long term disability coverage. We need to review your long term disability policy and obtain more facts from you in order to determine if you have a claim. Give us a call.

    Gregory Dell Nov 18, 2011  #23

  • My question is about portability. I became ill and went on STD. I was terminated from my job. At the time my claim was being processed. I was told that LTD was portable but STD was not. Since I had a claim in process I was then told, that because of that my LTD was not portable and sent a refund for payment for LTD. I do not have anything in writing that states this. What I had stated that LTD was portable when leaving a job.

    My STD was approved and I am now maxed out at 26 weeks. To me, it doesn’t seem fair that they can denied my LTD when I obviously need it. I had been paying 150.00 a month for LTD for years.

    I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Thank you!

    Suzanne Nov 17, 2011  #22

  • I think all the cases posted are valid. I have another problem. My husband had a hip replacement in July. He recuperated and is doing great. He now runs and is in the gym at least two hours every day. Lincoln keeps extending his benefits. I do not understand why people who really need the benefit cannot receive it and people who clearly do not need the benefit receive extended benefits.

    Frustrated Wife Oct 27, 2011  #21

  • LFG is a joke. I have been paying for short/long term disability for the last 3 years. My OB doctor put me on bed-rest at 22 weeks due to premature contractions. I have had 6 miscarriages and my son was delivered premature. I am starting to experience severe vertigo and constant headaches. LFG denied my claim as well. I am the sole provider, now 7 months pregnant with a 2.5y old to feed. They continue to drag their feet and do not return calls. I call twice a day. I have not received my denial letter but rather a verbal by phone. I know a RN reviewed my case… How is it possible for my doctor to put me on bed-rest to prevent further complications with my pregnancy, yet a RN can say “Nope, you can work.”?

    Katie Oct 26, 2011  #20

  • Concerned Daughter,

    I am sorry to hear about the claim denial by Lincoln Financial. It is not surprising that they relied on a nurse and did not have a physician review her file. Your mom need to be very strategic in the way she handles her appeal. You should watch some of the videos on our website about ERISA appeals (see here and here). If you would like for our law firm to review the claim, then please send us the denial letter and we will provide a free phone consultation. If you have already submitted the appeal, there may still be time to add additional information before Lincoln closes the administrative record.

    Gregory Dell Oct 19, 2011  #19

  • I have a family member who has been out of work since July 2010. She had been receiving STD and is now receiving LTD benefits from Lincoln. She had 3 episodes of septic shock in a 6 month time frame and since has had numerous health issues arise as a result of the septic shock. She has been under the constant care of her primary physician, an infectious disease physician, an internal medical physician at John’s Hopkins, an endocrinologist and a therapist. All of these individuals have indicated that she is not about to return to work and have provided numerous letters/evidence to support their findings.

    On Sept. 14 my family member received a call from Lincoln stating that as of Sept. 13 (yes the day before the call was made) her LTD benefits were no longer being paid and her claim had been denied. It then took Lincoln another 2 1/2 weeks to send out the official denial letter/appeal package. The denial letter indicated her case had been reviewed by a RN, not a physician familiar with her particular issues. In her appeal she has submitted additional letters, medical records, etc. indicating the issues she is still having and the reasons why returning to work is not an option at this time. Each physician has also requested that a physician review the case, not a RN, given the complex nature of her issues.

    She has no other income at this time and is struggling every day just to keep up. She is very scared that this appeal is going to be denied and has not other source of income. Help Please!

    Concerned Daughter Oct 19, 2011  #18

  • Lincoln insurance short term disability is the worst insurance company, it’s through my job, I work at a nursing home. I have been off work for twelve weeks and have receive two payments and the payments are only eighty dollars a week. The woman over my claim is named Patrica Harris, she orders medical records every two weeks. I have a rotator cuff tear and I need surgery. The doctor have faxed everything that she ask for. She still found a way to denied the claim. I don’t know what’s next. If you are thinking about buying insurance for your family please don’t buy from this company, you may really need it and trust me it won’t be there for you.

    Carolyn Oct 12, 2011  #17

  • Lincoln Financial Group is, by far, the worst company I’ve ever dealt with. Very poor customer service, never return calls, delay benefit checks, etc. I am a dentist who developed hand tremors about one and a half years ago. I had an “own occupation” long term disability policy that I paid for myself (through Northwestern Mutual Life), and the employer I worked for had a group “own occupation” long term disability policy through LFG. I have had absolutely no problems with NML, but nothing but problems with LFG. I received my first disability check on time through NML and LFG delayed my first checks 4 months. Since then, my checks from LFG are typically 1-2 weeks late. Most recently they sent me a check and before I received it in the mail they called me saying the amount was incorrect and I need to shred it when I receive it. I expect that the “corrected” check will arrive 1-2 weeks late, if not later. Finally, I believe LFG misrepresents their “own occupation” policy. My understanding is that an”own occupation” disability policy will pay benefits if you are unable to perform the material and substantial duties of your occupation. A couple of months ago I began teaching at a dental school. I am not performing the duties of a dentist – ie doing fillings, root canals, crowns, etc., but LFG is deducting my benefits from my earnings at the dental school. I highly recommend not doing business with KFG.

    Jeffrey Stefani Sep 30, 2011  #16

  • Janey,

    It is somewhat unusual that Lincoln Financial Group has not requested any medical records, but they may just rely on the IME exam and then request medical records if they want them. Depending on the state you live in, they may be violating the insured’s right to have the IME exam videotaped. You can be assured that they are videotaping the claimant without permission. Most disability carriers conduct a change of disability definition within 6-8 months of the change of definition. Your doctors need to contact you if they are contacted by the disability company. You may want to send the medical records to Lincoln Financial and force them to look at the records.

    Gregory Dell Sep 28, 2011  #15

  • A family member on claim with this company has several disabling conditions all documented by proper objective medical tests (MRI, CT scans, EMG and more). This company has refused to allow the family member to send treating Doctor’s medical records, much has gone on since inception of claim for LTD, it’s been a battle and I mean battle for them to continue to receive benefits.

    The Company has not requested ANY updated medical records in 6 months, yet scheduled an IME with their chosen providers through examworks, whom bought out MES in January I believe or the reciprocal of.

    Exam works has language on their website stating things like “expertly coordinated and scheduled”, “authoritative resolution of medical claims”, “resolution of disputed claims”.

    They also have claim forms for adjusters that have a section for special instructions, however nothing stopping them form just verbally dictating what the carrier wants and needs and verifying this verbally so no record exists.

    Would you not find it odd LFG would schedule the party for an IME, yet request no records from treating Doctor for 6 months, have refused to let the IME be videographered? The claim is 6 months shy of 24 month duration, not even the own occupation portion tolled yet and a huge battle as said since inception.

    Janey Sep 27, 2011  #14

  • D. Haywood,

    In order answer your question we would need to see the plan documents and summary plan description for your policy. The Lincoln Financial must explain in writing why they redcued your disability benefits and your employer must provide you with a copy of the plan documents. Send your request in writing.

    Gregory Dell Sep 5, 2011  #13

  • Myself and one of my former co-workers both had to go long-term disability. According to the hospital we both worked for we were to receive 50% of our salary for long-term benefits. The benefits booklet and employee benefits coverage sheet states the same thing. If a person wanted to receive 60% of their salary they could pay for the additional 10% supplemental. Upon applying for LTD we were then told that we would not receive 50% of our salary. We never received a policy about coverage until you first receive the initial paperwork from Lincoln Financial. According to a benefits rep. with the hospital we were to receive 50% of our salary. My monthly amount went from a little over $1700 to $497.74. I called back to the benefits dept. again and was told that many people were calling in because they were upset about the outcome of receiving LTD. According to the benefits rep. they were expecting to receive 50% of their salaries also. What can we as LTD recipients do about this situation?

    The people that paid to receive the 10% supplemental will not get 60% of their salaries. They are very unprofessional and stressing. They reduced my check without sending me paperwork stating why or when it was to be reduced. My former co-worker is being stressed to mail in paperwork even though he recently had open heart surgery. Please let me know how we take this matter further.

    D. Haywood Aug 30, 2011  #12

  • I have had the same issue with LFG I have been diagnosed with a very rare intestinal disease where I can not control my bowls and they still cut me off. I have a lawyer working on my my ERISA case but it has been almost 2 years with no end in sight. They used a nurse to close my claim which is against federal law. Medical science knows very little about my disease the one thing the Mayo does know is there is no cure and no certain way to treat it.

    Tom Aug 27, 2011  #11

  • I was told by my doctor on May 9, 2011 that I had to quit working because of my disability. I have been paying Lincoln Financial Group for 4 1/2 years for short term and long term disability insurance. I have had to struggle to get paid from LFG every step and then they quit paying as of July 21, 2011. I have 2 doctors stating I cannot work and I have even gone through the appeal process and I have still been denied. When I did get paid with LGF May 9 – July 21 the checks were never consistent and there were periods of 4 weeks before I would receive a check. This company is horrible.

    A. Visitor Aug 23, 2011  #10

  • Tamara,

    I am sorry to hear about your situation with Lincoln Financial. Your experience is unfortunately identical to what most claimants go through.

    You need to have good medical documentation form your doctors and everything needs to be in writing. I have not seen your disability policy so I don’t know your policies definition of disability. You should not be discussing your medical treatment with the disability carrier as your doctors are the ones that know your medical conditions.

    If the carrier does not approve your claim, or continues to drag your feet, then please contact us.

    Gregory Dell Aug 16, 2011  #9

  • My Doctor took put me on restrictions, on 4/30/2011, my employer would not comply, and said I could not come to work like that, they sent paperwork to Lincoln Financial, I qualified for 2 months through a plan with Unum, for $800.00 a month, I paid for this plan, payroll deduction. My doctor then extended my restrictions to 7/30/2011, and said I needed surgery that he did not do, and basically cut me loose. I did ask him to extend my offwork note, to 8/29/2011, to give me time to find another doctor.

    I received a letter from Lincoln, that I did not qualify for benefits until I had been out till 8/29/2011. I talked to a supervisor, Jan Brown, and she said all she needed was a note faxed to her and I would qualify for $1,800.00 a month, that would pay out the first week of August. I called Lincoln to see if they got the note and talked to another claim rep, that said the note wasn’t enough, and they needed my medical records, which I sent. I thought the Doctor was sending these.

    I get a call from Lincoln last week and this claim rep. actually accused me of demanding surgery from my doctor, and told me I hadn’t talked to anyone there, he had no record about me talking to anyone and now I have to file an appeal. So I pulled my phone records and show an incoming call from Jan Brown, and also another call to LIncoln for 15 minutes. I send a letter to Risk Services, giving them another copy of my doctor’s note and the phone records and the fax no. I was given to the Supervisor Jan Brown.

    Today I get another call from Lisa Kirk, saying she needs all my medical records and that my doctor saying I need surgery is not enough, and why hadn’t I seen a Doctor from 6/29/2011 till now. I went to a Doctor last week and she is trying to get me a referral to a surgeon, to address the problems she suspects are going on.

    I don’t know how long this is going to go on, this did start as a workmen’s comp. issue last October, he cut me loose and said there was nothing wrong, so I had to go on my own insurance. This is my first go-around with disability insurance and didn’t catch on this is a scam just to get you back to work. This is also aggravating the anxiety I have been diagnosed with, result of workplace harassment. Any advice would be helpful.

    Thank You,
    Tamara J. Bloomhuff

    Tamara J. Bloomhuff Aug 9, 2011  #8

  • Dustin, our disability attorneys regularly work with individuals throughout the application process. Please take a look at the disability application section of our site and watch our disability application video. It is to your advantage to have legal representation at all stage of a disability insurance claim. Call us at your convenience for a free consultation and review of your disability policy.

    Gregory Dell Jul 27, 2011  #7

  • I have been on FMLA since June 27th. I am set to go back to work on */1/2011. It has taken Lincoln Financial Group 30 days so far just to process my paper work. They denied me originally, before even receiving my doctor records. At this point I have gone a month without pay, I am not sure what to do anymore. Should I retain an attorney, since I have a chiropractor and a medical doctor who state work was acerbating my situation and I needed time off?

    Dustin Johnson Jul 26, 2011  #6

  • Randy, since I have not seen your policy I cannot provide an opinion on your specific issue. If a disability insurance policy states that the pre-disability earnings will be based on the 6 months before disability, then this cannot be changed. The key in this situation is to select the appropriate date of disability. In most cases, it is possible to select a date of disability that a includes a period of time when the person may have still been gainfully employed. The factual scenario you have described is rare. It is possible that you may want to reconsider your date of disability. When selecting a date of disability it is also essential to take into consideration the notice requirements in the policy.

    Gregory Dell May 19, 2011  #5

  • Greg,

    (ERISA governed policy) If the plan documents of LTD policy define a benefit calculation determined using BASIC monthly earning or HOURLY pay and the determination date is the LAST DAY worked prior to disability. The insured earned xx dollars per hour and was RFT employee, but misstated by former employer to be VFT (less then 40 hours a week) to insurance company. Then this was corrected and statement from employer notified the insurance company the employee was a RFT. However, the insured raised the issue of incorrect benefit amount in an appeal (no attorney) the findings of appeal were revealed and stated the insured had been overpaid, this finding was based on reviewing 6 months of employee earnings from determination date and a showing that insured had earned less then originally thought, thus reducing the already reduced benefit amount.

    At the inception of the policy contract STD/LTD employee paid full cost of STD and employer full cost of LTD. A chart was given showing how much the benefit would cost employee and what the employees wages were and the premium to be paid for insurance. The employee paid an insurance premium calculated as a RFT 40 hour employee x hourly pay. 60k yearly. After this appeal regarding the incorrect benefit amount, insurance company comes back to say they reviewed 6 months past earnings and reducing insureds benefit amount.

    The insured had lost many hours of work in that preceding 6 month time they used to re-calculate benefits (also no where in policy does it state they go back 6 months or use a weekly average wage, only that benefits are based on basic monthly earning or hourly pay. Understandably the insured had been having serious medical issues in that 6 month time frame used to re-determine benefit amount, having been on STD for 6 weeks (receiving % of regular pay) having been on workers comp during same time frame reducing regular pay as well missing many many hours of work due to all the disabilities that escalated and disabled the insured to be employed at all.

    If an insured is covered under a policy and paying insurance premiums on a RATE of pay and salary 60k, should they be able to reduce the benefit amount and use 6 months past wages to re-determine a new benefit amount, when also the premiums for the policy were never reduced and they continued to receive payments covering same insured for the 60k salary as determined by 40 hours RFT x hourly wage.

    It seems very wrong, hence anyone struggling to remain gainfully employed before becoming totally disabled would be a in a fix if they used this calculation, some would end up with a 0.00 benefit, as they may have missed so much work that their wages were non existent.

    Please offer your expert opinion.

    Randy T.T. May 18, 2011  #4

  • Lincoln Financial Insurance Company must be ran by a real creep. I hope the CEO enjoys the money he rips off from the policy holders. I’m sure he or she needs it. They are expertise at doing what they call “slow walking”. They someway manage to screw up your benefit payment about once every 4 months. Then you go without a check for two to three month. Their hope are that this breaks you down due to the fact that you cannot keep current with your most basic financial responsibilities, you know, utilites, mortgage, vehicle etc… Now this is not how they sell your policy and they are wonderful when you are putting in a percentage of your earnings year after year as I did. When you have a claim they are good for about three months then the tactics start. Good job Lincoln. It’s a shame for them to use the word integrity in their mission statement or use the name “Lincoln” to compare the company to. Pathetic.

    Linda Kelley Apr 27, 2011  #3

  • Antonetta, at this point you need to ask you current disability lawyer to file a lawsuit based upon the denial of the short term disability benefit claim. If you have already submitted an ERISA of the long-term disability denial, then there is nothing we can do right now. If your brother was a state or government employee, then his disability policy may be exempt from ERISA. If his policy is exempt from ERISA, then he will have more legal options available. At this point you should wait until Lincoln Financial makes a decision on the long term disability Appeal you submitted.

    Gregory Dell Feb 21, 2011  #2

  • My brother moved to California from Indiana to help me with the death of my husband and decided to stay here permanently. Before moving, he had been terminated from his job in April of last year at Indianapolis International Airport due to suffering several heart attacks on the job and his resulting inability to perform all of the tasks necessary as a Public Safety Officer – the position for which he was hired and trained. Originally when he was terminated, their Disability Carrier – Lincoln – paid him Short Term Disability but suddenly stopped a couple of months later in June stating that he was not eligible for the benefits. Of course, he was not making any money since he could not work and has since that time lost his car, his home is in foreclosure, has lost all of his furniture and has a mountain of medical bills. He has an attorney working this case in Indiana, but the claims they have filed have been turned down – twice. There is an administrative review pending for the Long Term Disability in April, but they were recently denied the appeal of for the Short Term. Is there something that you could do?

    Antonetta Boyd Wohl Feb 18, 2011  #1

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