• Liberty Mutual Wrongfully Denies Disability Benefits for a Pediatrician with Depression

Liberty Wrongfully Denies Long Term Disability Benefit Depression Claim Based on Filed Review

Mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression are two of the most common causes of disability. In a recent case against Liberty Mutual, a pediatrician claimed he was unable to work due to anxiety and depression. Liberty Mutual evaluated the doctors claim by hiring a doctor to review the medical records submitted. Based exclusively on their own psychiatric medical review, Liberty Mutual determined that the pediatrician did not have any restrictions or limitations. An ERISA appeal was denied and a subsequent lawsuit was filed in Federal court. Upon review of the ERISA lawsuit, a Federal judge ruled that Liberty Mutual conducted an unreasonable review, but instead of awarding benefits to the claimant, the court remanded the claim back to Liberty Mutual for further review. This is a partial victory for the claimant as it gives Liberty Mutual another chance to review and deny the claim again. This lawsuit was not handled by our law firm. Our lawyers have helped hundreds of Liberty Mutual claimants to obtain long term disability benefits. Contact any of our attorneys for an immediate free phone consultation.

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