Disability insurance Attorneys Dell & Schaefer resolve lawsuit against Unum on behalf of ophthalmologist suffering from bi-lateral carpal tunnel syndrome

Our client, an ophthalmological surgeon, was diagnosed with bi-lateral carpal tunnel syndrome following a traumatic accident.  The client attempted to continue working for a few months following her injury in hopes that her hand numbness and pain would stop. While the pain stopped, the lost of sensation in her fingers remained. The client was forced to stop performing all eye surgeries a few months after her injury, but she continued her practice in a non-surgical capacity.

Approximately six months following her injury, the client submitted her claim with Unum seeking long-term disability benefits. Over the next several months, our client provided Unum with all of the medical and financial documents they had requested. These documents included medical records, monthly profit and loss statements, CPT production reports and tax returns. After evaluating the claim for several months, Unum requested that the client attend an Independent Medical Exam with a hand surgeon, in order to further evaluate her medical condition. Due to scheduling conflicts and advice from her prior attorneys, the IME exam never took place and Unum advised that they were unable to make a claim determination.

Our client had retained the services of three different attorneys prior to retaining Attorneys Dell & Schaefer. A lawsuit was pending at the time that Dell & Schaefer was retained. Once retained, Dell & Schaefer immediately amended the Complaint in order to submit additional allegations which our client’s prior attorney failed to plead. Within approximately two months of being retained, the case was resolved with a confidential settlement.

We are passionate about helping individuals that have been denied Unum disability insurance benefits and we have resolved more than 1,000 lawsuits against Unum.

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