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CIGNA Disability Claim Denial: A Claimant’s View

Every day disability claimants around the country contact our disability attorneys about a CIGNA disability claim. Many individuals tell us similar stories about the manner in which their CIGNA disability claim has been handled.

We wanted to share with you a recent comment that was posted on our website about a CIGNA denial:

From: Laura S.

It saddens me to hear all the stories of individuals who worked and in the time of need were denied benefits by the company, CIGNA (who has been well compensated for their services many times over the amount of our claims) due to an uncontrolled life changing event.

I thought I was alone and that I had done something wrong. I have complied with everything CIGNA has asked from me and I to have been denied because my Dr., according to CIGNA’s medical team, did not include the “information they are looking for”, CIGNA’s words not mine.

I was told to wait for the denial letter so I can present it to my Dr.s so they can see why I was denied and why I’m not getting paid. This was 2 weeks ago and no letter yet. I have been calling and unable to get anyone to speak to me. According to the Rep, the letter was going out on March 23 and no letter yet. In the mean time I have been without pay since Feb. 21 and that check was only for $217.00. According to CIGNA my application for supplemental social security benefit paperwork was not turned in (I have sent in paperwork 3 times) so they only paid there part which was $217.00, not even enough to pay my light bill.

I had multi level Anterior Cervical Decompression and Fusion to C3/C4 C4/C5 C5/C6 on June 24, 2011 and have not been able to recover. Suffer from pain to shoulders, neck, back, numbness and tingling to fingers, daily migraines and my vision is progressively getting worse since surgery (20/20 vision prior to surgery). Unable to drive, I am unable to turn due to extremely poor range of motion to left side and new procedures have caused extremely poor range of motion with pain, popping and spasms to the right side.

Referral for PT by Neurosurgeon after surgery caused so much pain and spasms that physical therapist had to stop therapy because the spasms were so strong he was unable to work with me and was afraid to injure me further. He then referred me to a Pain management Dr. for Epidural Steroid injections to get rid of pain so I could continue my PT, that was an even worse recommendation. The injections have left me with more pain and less range of motion. The PM Dr. explained to me that my facets were damaged already due to deterioration and that the first two injections did not work because the lower end of the surgery side (Cervical area) is completely closed from scar tissue not allowing the medication to enter the pain inflicted areas. They then had to bypass the scar tissue going up higher and that has been the worse decision ever.

With no pay and no medical insurance (can not afford COBRA fees, still trying to find a way to pay it before period ends) I can’t see the Dr. for further evaluation. I’m glad I’m not alone and I’m extremely happy that I am not crazy. I am at the end of my rope and out of ideas.

To CIGNA, from all of us who suffer due to your injustice and lack of compassion, it’s not about the money for us who go to bed in pain and wake up with pain that never goes away, those of us who pretend everything is fine so that our children and family don’t worry, those of us who on top of the pain have to worry about what will I feed my family today, will my kids be able to bathe tomorrow or will they disconnect my water, will my children be able to see their homework or will they disconnect my light, those of us who can’t sleep due to the pain but more because of the fear of losing our home, or worse worrying about if something happens to us who will take care of our children and those of us unable to carry our baby, hug our children, play with our dog, run with our best friend, go to work, go on a date. What we want is the benefits that we have already worked hard for to pay so that we can continue to afford medical assistance who, God willing, will eventually lead us to a full recovery or close to it; but most of all, CIGNA, we want to be able to provide at least the basic necessities to our children/family. The only luxury I ask for is my health, if I have my health I get my life back. We are not about the bottom line, we are about family, good health and good quality of Life.

Human Being (in case you were not aware of that) Mother’s, Father’s, Son’s, Daughter’s, Grandparent’s, Uncle’s, Aunt’s, Friend’s…

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