• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Long Term Disability Claim InformationChronic Fatigue Syndrome Long Term Disability Claim Information

A Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Disability Claim Will Be Challenged

Disability insurance companies will often turn away claimants with chronic fatigue syndrome due to a supposed lack of evidence. Even if you submit valid medical testimony from your treating physician, your short or long term disability company could make a decision based upon its own in-house doctor… even though this doctor probably never met you. Chronic fatigue syndrome’s lack of objective medical tests and physical symptoms make it especially difficult for the claimant to support their claim.

Many disability companies have drafted two year limitation provisions in the long term disability policies in order to avoid paying CFS claims for more than two years. Our lawyers know all of the tactics that the disability companies rely upon in order to deny CFS claims. You need to be prepared in order to secure your disability benefits for the long term.

Our Disability Lawyers Understand CFS

As many of our resolved cases show, the law requires insurance companies to make their decisions based on reasonable grounds. They cannot ignore recommendations from your treating physicians just because it makes the most sense for their bottom lines. They also cannot limit your benefits to a shorter period for arbitrary reasons. We have helped hundreds of claimants with CFS and know what it takes to prove your claim. The symptoms of CFS can be similar to numerous other medical conditions and we like to make sure that our clients rule out all other medical conditions in order to make sure that CFS is the correct diagnosis. There is extensive medical literature discussing CFS and our lawyers are constantly keeping up to date in order to improve our client’s chances of getting approved for disability benefits.

Our disability insurance lawyers can help you receive the benefits you deserve, whether that involves helping you fill out the initial application, appealing a denied claim, or filing a lawsuit in state or federal court.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Disability Claims

We regularly review disability insurance court opinions around the country dealing with Chronic Fatigue. On this page you can read case summaries, our resolved cases, CFS articles and public comments from disability claimants dealing with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

To find out if we can help with your case, you can contact our disability insurance attorneys online or via phone. During a free consultation, you can learn about your best chances for receiving chronic fatigue syndrome disability benefits. We have helped claimants seek benefits since 1979.

What Are The Common Symptoms Of People Disabled By Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Chronic fatigue syndrome, also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis (CFS or ME/CFS), is much more than just being tired all of the time. People with chronic fatigue syndrome become so run down that it interferes with every aspect of their lives and can make it hard to function at all. Most of our clients with CFS report that attempting to work aggravates their symptoms. There are eight official symptoms for chronic fatigue syndrome:

The condition is tentatively linked to Epstein-Barr virus, enteroviruses, human herpes virus 6 and Lyme disease. However, studies have not been able to link a specific virus as the primary cause of chronic fatigue syndrome. Chronic fatigue syndrome makes your body thinks it is fighting an infection, whether it is or not. That utilizes a lot of your body’s energy, resulting in most of the symptoms listed above.


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  • It seems this is for people who has had head injuries as well. I have these symptoms, the fatigue is unbelievable. I can not function, I use everything I have to function and wears me out for days.

    TracyJun 22, 2014  #1


Do you work in my state?

Yes. We are a national disability insurance law firm that is available to represent you regardless of where you live in the United States. We have partner lawyers in every state and we have filed lawsuits in most federal courts nationwide. Our disability lawyers represent disability claimants at all stages of a claim for disability insurance benefits. There is nothing that our lawyers have not seen in the disability insurance world.

What are your fees?

Since we represent disability insurance claimants at different stages of a disability insurance claim we offer a variety of different fee options. We understand that claimants living on disability insurance benefits have a limited source of income; therefore we always try to work with the claimant to make our attorney fees as affordable as possible.

The three available fee options are a contingency fee agreement (no attorney fee or cost unless we make a recovery), hourly fee or fixed flat rate.

In every case we provide each client with a written fee agreement detailing the terms and conditions. We always offer a free initial phone consultation and we appreciate the opportunity to work with you in obtaining payment of your disability insurance benefits.

Do I have to come to your office to work with your law firm?

No. For purposes of efficiency and to reduce expenses for our clients we have found that 99% of our clients prefer to communicate via telephone, e-mail, fax, GoToMeeting.com sessions, or Skype. If you prefer an initial in-person meeting please let us know. A disability company will never require you to come to their office and similarly we are set up so that we handle your entire claim without the need for you to come to our office.

How can I contact you?

When you call us during normal business hours you will immediately speak with a disability attorney. We can be reached at 800-682-8331 or by email. Lawyer and staff must return all client calls same day. Client emails are usually replied to within the same business day and seem to be the preferred and most efficient method of communication for most clients.

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Dennis W. (Florida)

If it weren’t for Attorney Rachel Alters, I would have probably been living on the streets, living in a cardboard box, or maybe not even be here today. I was denied numerous times by my own Short Term and Long Term Insurance Company that I had paid years of premiums to. I figured that since it was my Insurance Company that I wouldn’t have any problems with submitting a claim and getting it approved. Was I wrong… Then the claims adjusters started playing head games with me each time I contact them or mailed them any additional information. Nothing seemed to matter. Eventually I would always get a rejection/denial letter in the mail. I was so irritated and frustrated as I also had to deal with my illness and go without any income for almost 2 years.

I even researched and contacted numerous local lawyers. They would either state that they wouldn’t take the case, take the case and either do nothing with the file or at a later date contact me to inform that they didn’t practice in that particular area. This included all the Attorneys and Firms that you see advertising on the television, including the Large Law Firms. Theses firms actually didn’t have the expertise nor the experience in the area of Traumatic Brain Injury, as it was a fairly new unknown area. This was prior to the publicizing of Traumatic Brain Injuries regarding NFL Football Players committing suicide (retired or ex-football players) as well as Professional Boxers. Now all of the sudden those same Attorneys and Large Law Firms are advertising for cases with Traumatic Brain Injuries and Insurance Disability Claims like they dealt with them in the past, which is definitely not the case.

I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. So I went researching on the internet and found Dell & Schaefer and watched their videos and so on. I contacted their company and was given an appointment with Attorney, Rachel Alters. She went to bat for me. Fought the Giant (Insurance Company) and won, whereas all these other Attorneys and Large Firms wouldn’t even touch my case. Attorney, Rachel Alters was even willing the take the case to court. She went to battle against a Large Insurance Company and won without going to court!

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