Chiropractor receives total disability benefits despite neck exclusion language in a Trustmark Insurance Company disability policy

Our client, a chiropractor, was severely injured as a result of a mountain bike accident, which left him temporarily paralyzed. While he was only temporarily paralyzed, this accident has left him with permanent spinal cord and lower back injuries that render him unable to work as a chiropractor. The days that he once spent running from room to room, greeting people, and adjusting and manipulating his patients were now filled with various doctors appointments, different kinds of therapies to aide his pain, and even surgery.

However, this client’s disability policy has an exclusion for any injuries related to the neck, and the insurance carrier was working to try to have our client’s injury fall under this exclusion to avoid payment of his disability claim.

Our Firm fought tirelessly, working with his treating doctors and the insurance carrier to show how his disabling condition was more than just his neck; that his back and shoulder conditions were equally disabling, and thus that his medical condition was not excluded from coverage. As a result of our representation, our client’s total disability claim was approved and he continues to receive long-term total disability benefits.