Berkshire Approves Application for Disability Benefits to Sales Manager

Our client, an accomplished outside salesman, had built a stellar reputation in his industry after building his company over a period of many years and then after he sold the business to an international company, and continued to work in his capacity as a salesman. Throughout his entire career he was always focused on building relationships with his clients and despite his role as the owner, was always traveling himself to ensure that his relationships with his clients would continue to prosper. He was the definition of a hands-on business owner and employee. However, his drive and dedication to his business and life’s work did not come without a cost. The years of constant movement, stress, and long hours eventually resulted in multiple back and neck problems. At first he was able to push through his problems but as time passed on the problems began to accumulate and worsen leading to a plethora of orthopedic issues to including multiple herniated discs with associated cervical and lumbar radiculopathy. The pain levels he was experiencing were nothing short of excruciating and were only compounded by his non-stop traveling, driving, and the myriad of physical duties required in his work. Coupled with strong pain medication that negatively affected his cognitive ability he was soon faced with very little choice but to take a leave of absence from his lifelong career to focus on his health.

The application.

Our client was fortunate enough to have listened to his agent many years ago and purchased individual disability insurance coverage through Berkshire. Pre-occupied with his health and concerned with making sure that his disability application was presented to Berkshire in such a way to ensure his claim being approved he was referred by his insurance agent to Attorney Stephen Jessup. In the process of preparing our client’s application for disability insurance benefits, Attorney Jessup and our client met on multiple occasions to review the policy documents, medical records, occupational and financial information in order to gather and analyze all information that Attorney Jessup knew from experience would be required by Berkshire in order to process our clients claim as quickly and efficiently as possible.

As we have indicated on our site, Berkshire Life (or as often referred to as Guardian) is one of the most reputable individual disability insurance carriers. This reputation is due in large part to their thorough reviews of disability claims and their heightened attention to detail. Having handled numerous applications and disability claims with Berkshire, Attorney Jessup knew what information Berkshire would require to process our client’s claim. This information goes well beyond the application/claim forms provided by Berkshire to include medical records for a certain period of years, occupational information relating to job duties in which material duties are determined, and financial information used to not only verify employment and occupational duties, but also to establish any potential residual disability benefits to be paid. In turn, Attorney Jessup and our client were able to work quickly to gather the requisite information needed to fully and expeditiously process our client’s disability claim.

While the final pieces of information requested from our client were pending, Attorney Jessup provided notice to Berkshire of our client’s intention of filing a claim for disability benefits. True to form, Berkshire acknowledged our office’s representation the same day and forwarded the necessary application documents. However, given our extensive experience with Berkshire we had already been in possession of claims forms and had the documents completed and ready to submit prior to notifying Berkshire.

The approval.

Upon receipt of the final information requested from our client, Attorney Jessup submitted our client’s entire application package to include not only the requested claim forms, but also our client’s medical records, financial documents and occupational information. Although, Berkshire made several additional requests for information/clarification after the application was submitted, Attorney Jessup was able to present the claim and provide all information in a manner that we secured a notice of approval of our client’s claim prior to the end of the policy elimination period, which ensured that our client received his first benefit check as of the first day benefits were payable.

When working with Berkshire it is crucial to be organized and detailed as it relates to your disability claim. If you have a long term disability policy with Berkshire and are contemplating filing an application for benefits or are at any stage of the claims process with Berkshire please feel free to contact our office and speak with one of our disability insurance attorneys.

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